Bayarma Buduga

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Bayarma Buduga
The Bull of The Buduga

Name... Bayarma Buduga
Alias... The Bull
Age... 31
Gender... Male
Race... Xaela
Clan... Buduga
Orientation... Straight
Marital... Single
Deity... - - -
Nationality... - - -
Occupation... Warlord
Alignment... Neutral Evil

Bayarma stands at 7'1 tall. Unlike most of the Buduga, the man has brown tanned skin. The colour of his eyes are orange, and his horns are curved forward. Through years of training, Bayarma is very muscular. He gained most of this muscle mass during his two years of declaring and waging war against any who opposed him in Yanxia and the Steppe.

As is often the case, he wields a Doman curved war axe, though he is known to wield other axes as well, such as the overly large chromite axe.

Scars & Markings: Two very small scars along his cheeks. Barely visible. Three larger scars along his chest, fully healed. He often has a three-striped face-paint across his face.

Voice: Somewhat pompous. Not what most would expect from a 'warlord' persona.

Clothing: Very often, the warlord wears his armour during the day, having grown into that habit long ago during his years of preparation to wage war against any tribe that opposed him. Otherwise, he either goes shirtless, or wears a leather hempen strap across his chest. Often wears hemiskin trousers, along with some boots and gloves.

He is mostly known and recognized to always wear his Yanxian horns, giving many the illusion that the warlord had four horns, instead of two.

Bayarma was born as a kind-hearted, extroverted brat. However, throughout his many years of hardship, his personality was shaped to be more cold and direct, as was dictated by both war and the circumstances that came before it.

Nowadays, Bayarma is very direct in his confrontations with people. Extremely dominant and assertive, the warlord always puts his needs above everyone else. A man with strong leadership values, Bayarma is known to take control in most situations, and is not afraid to boss people around. This is especially the case in combat.


  • Combat.
  • Travel.
  • Armour and weapons.
  • Sex.
  • Acts of sadism.
  • Defeating others in combat.


  • The Buduga and the Oronir.
  • Pirates.
  • Mages.
  • Being bested in battle.


  • Death.


  • Favorite Food: Anything with meat.
  • Favorite Drink: Whiskey.
  • Favorite Color: Dark brown.

Color Key
In A Relationship: Bayarma is romantically and/or sexually involved with this character.
Sexual Attraction Bayarma is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Bayarma considers this person family.
Friend: Bayarma considers this person his friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Bayarma considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Dislike: Bayarma doesn't consider this person a friend, but will confront them nevertheless, albeit in a not so pleasant way.
Hate: Bayarma consider this person an annoyance. Conflict will happen upon confrontation. There is a strong possibility that Bayarma will attempt to kill this character.
Rivalry: Bayarma consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time he sees them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Bayarma.
Business: This character is either Bayarma employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.


Sorghaganthi Oronir () ( NPC ) - Bayarma's father.
Sorghaganthi was a very strict general of the Oronir, and extended that strictness to both of his children, Bayarma and Enkhturja. The general was known far more for his cunning than actual battle prowess. Sorghaganthi would always think before he would leap, which had earned him a lot of respect with his soldiers. This in turn also allowed him to live a long life into old age. It was Sorghaganthi's intention to train his two children to follow his footsteps, as all Xaela are known to be prepared for battle. Sorghaganthi passed away, after having been struck by an illness which he did not recover from in his old age.
Enkhturja Oronir () ( NPC ) - Bayarma's sister.
Bayarma's younger sister. The two siblings could get along extremely well in their younger years, playing together, and laughing together no matter if the sun was shining or the rain was lashing down on their skin. After the unfortunate incident involving Bayarma being taken from the Oronir, Enkhturja became less attached to her brother. This was further reinforced by Sorghaganthi, who now intended for Enkhturja to be the sole heir of his fame and former status as warlord.


Altana Noykin (Gilgamesh) () ( 'Beast Tamer' ) - Bakhantur Beast Tamer and mate of Bayarma
The Bull met the beast tamer by pure chance in Eorzea. Though she had her own reasons for being in Eorzea, the Bull and herself grew attached to each other over time. Though they dueled twice, their second fight nearly resulted in the Bull losing his life against her and her strongest beast of choice. The confrontation solidified his belief in the Noykin, and as a result, has chosen her not just as his mate and partner, but his Moon. He intends to complete an ancient Steppe bonding ceremony with her, as he intends to have her as his wife, believing her to be the only one worthy of such a close and intimate position. (Gilgamesh)
Kukiko Kha (Omega) () ( Mate of Bayarma ) - Trader of the Kha
Having met Nona Kha, the current head of her own small branch of the Kha, he too met Kukiko, her granddaughter. Though they met under intense and daring circumstances, they have since grown more fond of one another overtime. He has chosen her as his primary mate, but often subjugates her to intense mating sessions.
Odvali Noykin (Balmung) (  ? ? ?) ( Beast Tamer ) - Captive of Bayarma
Through pure chance did he meet the Noykin, when he was looking to recruit Xaela to his cause. She saw herself fit to spit at his cause, to curse his name, and throw multiple insults at him. She challenged him several times in a fight, and ended up losing in every single scuffle they had. She issued him one final challenge: To find, and kill, the warchief that plagued her family branch of the Noykin in the Steppe. Heavily underestimating Bayarma and his knowledge of warfare and conquest, he saw the prime opportunity to corral the Noykin branch to his cause. Venturing to the Steppe, he was guided in his way to the warchief, killing him in single combat, effectively bringing the entire Noykin to heel. They offered one of their own for mate-ship, to ally themselves to the Bull. Upon returning to Eorzea, he flung the head of the warchief at Odvali, and has since made her wear a collar to discipline and humiliate her, leading to their relationship being tense as a result.
Kaala Mizhu (Gilgamesh) () ( 'Former slave' ) - Scientist. Apothecary. Drug Dealer.
The Miqo'te was unfortunate to be in the Steppe, when she was in search of plants and vegetation particular to the Steppe. It was during those years that Bayarma had stumbled upon her after having conquered a nearby tribe. She too was taken as a slave, and did not escape Bayarma's legion for two solid years. Only when there was sufficient discord in his camp did she and the other slaves escape. And though Bayarma has found her in Eorzea since, he has been severely limited in any attempts to reclaim her as a former slave. The two have an intense dislike for each other, and yet are sexually attracted to one another.
Astrid Wolfe (Gilgamesh) () ( Chakra-driven Warrior ) - The Wolf
The two have dueled against one another on multiple occasions. Astrid Wolfe, also known as 'The Wolf' by Bayarma's words, has earned a lot of respect from the former warlord. Though he believes he would undoubtedly kill her in an actual battle, she has shown to be able to best him in honour duels. Astrid is one of the few people that Bayarma would consider if he was to rebuild his army. If such a day would ever come, he would undoubtedly grant her the position of General.
Madilyn/Owyn Karst (Gilgamesh) () ( Ally Warlord ) - The Monk of the Colosseum
Having met Madilyn Karst / Owyn during their assault on Yanxia through the Envisage, they have become allies as a result, even though they tolerate a rivalry between one another. Both are blood thirsty warriors with a notable amount of respect to one another. Madilyn was brought in as an ally, and wished to be proclaimed as a warlord, on the same level as Bayarma. Though this request was in theory impossible, as Bayarma was Khan of the Bakhantur clan, the Hyur was still crowned as a warlord for his skill in battle. Bayarma agreed to have him as an ally to the clan in respect to his ability on the battlefield -- all under the promise that Bayarma will deliver him plenty of enemies to rend asunder.
Baatu Tumet/Bakhantur (Gilgamesh) () ( Father of Erden Tumet ) - The Pale Rider
- To Be Filled In -
Erden Tumet/Bakhantur (Gilgamesh) () ( Son of Baatu Tumet ) - The Pale Rider's Son
- To Be Filled In -
Sasha Elune (Gilgamesh) () ( Aetheric Healer ) - The Witch
Having been dealt grievous wounds on several occasions, Bayarma was left to the 'care' of Kaala. Bayarma was left with little faith in the Miqo'te's healer, to which he sought the healing of another: Sasha of the Envisage. She healed him with ease on several occasions, to which Bayarma has asked her to become an ally of his clan, much to Altana's chagrin. Dubbed 'The Witch' for her incredible affinity for magic, Bayarma was left wary of whether to have her be directly involved with the clan. Though hints have shown of areas of similar interest, such as companionship, which have led to Bayarma taking the risk, and only time will tell what will come of the entire ordeal.
Cisun'dai Dotharl (Gilgamesh) () ( Blood-thirsty warrior ) - The Beast
Cisun'dai is one of the few warriors who Bayarma will not fight in an honour duel. The warlord believes that an honour duel would be an insult to them both, fully aware that both the Dotharl and himself are capable of far more in battle. He has given him the nickname of 'The Beast', for his ferociousness in battle. He has since then bested the Dotharl in battle on several occasions. The two Steppe warriors share a blood-thirsty respect for one another. As of late, Cisun'dai has pledged himself to Bayarma's cause, and has been placed in charge of the vanguard of the Bakhantur clan.
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Bayarma Buduga? Can't say I have heard of him... oh! Wait, you mean that Xaela with the four horns? Yeah, I see him walking the streets once in a while!" - Ul'Dahn merchant
    "That guy gives me the creeps... his stare made me uncomfortable." - Goblet resident
    "Can't say I know much about him, yes? You couldn't pay me to tussle with a man that tall, with so much muscle mass. Unless it was in the bedroom." - K'ghuya Tia

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Yes, I do recall someone like that... he stepped on a boat to Limsa, and I haven't seen him since. The Au Ra with the four horns. Last I saw him, he had blood on his clothes and hands..." - Kugane resident
    "The moment I saw him, he gave me the creeps. I was just glad he was not interested in my wares. First time I ever said that before in my life..." - Kugane Spice Merchant
    "Can't say I saw him myself. But I heard of our units coming into trouble with a massive band of Xaela once. We thought it was a resistance effort at first. But they were just a bunch of barbaric warriors. Our units never came back from their missions... they were probably killed in action." - Garlean Embassy Agent

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "No... no, do not speak of him! T-The Bull.. has he come back? Please, say it is not so... you must stop him. You must!" - Urumet Elder
    "They attacked our ranks before, long ago. We fought back with all of our might and avoided them from defeating us in the field. We had lost many that day, and were it not for the Orben to give us support, we would have otherwise suffered defeat at the hands of the Bull and his army." - Gesi Warrior
    "Yes... I know of whom you speak. The Bull... of the Buduga. He is truly evil. When he waged his war across the lands, many families were fractured. Entire tribes, devastated. Children came to us without their parents... or sometimes, without their siblings. And what were we to do? We of the Kahkol could not refuse them when they sought shelter. Even more came, after his apparent defeat... the slaves had nowhere to go." - Kahkol Elder


◢ Player Character Rumors - Got a rumour about Bayarma you want to start tossing about? Let me know and I will add it!

    "Yeah, I know that lecherous piece of chocobo dung. Worst lay of my life." - Kaala Mizhu
    "Your rumor here." Name
    "Your rumor here." Name

History is in chronological order.
Images are neither in historical nor chronological order.

    Bayarma img1.png
    Relaxing at the fireplace.

    Bayarma img4.png
    The Bull without his armour.

    Bayarma img2.png
    Engaged in battle.

    Bayarma img5.png
    Relaxing in a yurt.

    Baya altana.png
    The warlord on his throne, with his mate. (Gilgamesh)

    Bayarma img3.png
    The Bull charges.

    Bayarma img6.png
    Gazing at the night sky.

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