Black Wolf Company

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Black Wolf Company
{The Wolf Queen Meows...}
The Queen Rules.png

In the Company of Wolves, No One is Alone...



Vital Information


CURRENT LEADER... Nova Gallendan, also known as the Wolf Queen, and the Head of House Gallendan.

HELL KNIGHTS... Javairea Sabah, Velvet Velour, Maria Inverse, I'delia Tohka.


Other Statistics

OCCUPATION... Mercenary group, private army, elite fighting force

ALIGNMENT... Neutral


FLAGSHIP... The Defiant

"We are not for hire, nor are we for sale..."
In the city state of Ul'Dah, located within the Goblet is the home of Black Wolf Company, a fairly small but powerful free company that specializes in expensive, private, paramilitary operations. Under the guidance of their Wolf Queen, Black Wolf Company is famed for their active community and their prowess in battle. Despite being registered to the Maelstrom, Black Wolf Company holds no loyalty to any Eorzean city-states, with their leader deciding that the politics are slow, cumbersome and prone to corruption, and that the company would operate more efficiently independently.

That being said, the company has been known to charge high prices for their services, ranging from armed escorts to espionage. And despite matching offers, their leader has been known to be notoriously selective, preferring to pick assignments that fit with her strong sense of justice; a trait that few company leaders share. Yet, none of her subordinates disagree with her judgement or choices, trusting her wisdom and experience, despite being relatively young, though some say that she is much older than she looks.

Aside from their extorting fees and selectiveness, the Wolves are known to be extremely secretive, holding irregular meetings in the safety of their home, Wolf Manor. Yet, it's no secret that a good number of these mercenaries wander the land, helping those in need without any fees, usually charging the wealthy, and the people that govern these city-states. Whether it's true or not, therein lies a rumor that one such aristocrat hired Black Wolf Company to bring a massive shipment across from Doma. The aristocrat refused to pay them; Nova calmly gave an order that would become a cautionary tale; the Wolf Queen had ordered her Wolves to sack the aristocrat's estate, keep the shipment and finally had the aristocrat and his family locked in his manor and put to the torch; the only survivors being one, young Viera, whom Nova lovingly adopted for a time. This is all a rumor, however, and whether it came to pass or not, remains to be confirmed.

Fight alongside the Company of Wolves
The Wolves
Mercenaries with a code
Black Wolf Company consists of exiles and outcasts, the strange and dysfunctional, yet dynamic and organized in their structure, also prepared for nearly anything that comes their way, the Company of wolves is fierce, rebellious and flexible, completing any task handed to them without hesitation. Its motley members, though varied in temperament, are not without their own set of ideals; some fight for money, for glory, to find purpose or just merely to fight. One thing is certain: the majority of these Wolves, particularly her officers, are fiercely loyal to their Wolf Queen and House Gallendan, strongly supporting her in the toughest of times, going so far as willing to fight to the death just so their leader can be safe from harm.
Tactics and Structure

The Company of Wolves specializes in defense, but can also dwell into more offensive scenarios, usually created with diversion and flanking techniques, giving a smaller group enough time to complete their objective without the enemy knowing. In most cases, the Wolf Queen will join her Wolves in the frontlines, and rally them to victory or a rare loss.

Depending the size of the Company's forces, their ideal defensive scenario often consists of a balanced force of armored frontline, rapid response skirmishers and aetherial support specialists. While the frontline team forces the enemy into first contact, the skirmishers move in to flank with artillery and thaumaturgical support.

Though powerful with seemingly impenetrable defenses, Black Wolf Company and House Gallendan are not invincible. Though, Nova is a revered strategist and tactician, she does make mistakes, some more costly than others, especially if the situation starts to become more dire, forcing her to take up a more defensive posture to make sure her Wolves come out alive.

Becoming a Wolf
Becoming part of the Company of Wolves is to be accepted into a eclectic family of rebellious misfits, outcasts, and exiles. Veterans from all roads of martial and aetherial prowess are welcome. Loyal to their Wolf Queen, House Gallendan, and to eachother and their namesake, the Wolves aren't out to cause malice but also aren't exactly out to charter peace between factions. There is no established way to become of the pack, however the Wolves are always on the lookout for new talent.
Mess with a Wolf, the Pack will Bite
Many times, few have tried to provoke, or threaten the Wolves of Black Wolf Company, usually with their Queen putting a stop to it right then and there; individuals have disappeared since and have not been heard from again. Usually, if the Wolves are being harrassed or threatened, the Company goes into full lockdown with its members being placed to guard the premises and eachother.
Base of Operations
The Den of Black Wolves
The Goblet ward 17 plot 26  : Holding their main headquarters near Ul'Dah is a medium-sized structure known as "Wolf Manor", a safe haven for Wolves, their friends and allies. A place where individuals can interact and socialize with eachother, it is also a place where meetings are held every now and then. It's under eternal vigilance by the gunbreaker Praetorian Xelene, one retainer to Nova.

Command, Structure, and Offices

Wolves in a Meeting.png
Wolf Queen: Nova Gallendan - Warm, welcoming and cheerful, but suprisingly stoic, calm, patient; traits worthy of a leader. Nova had found Black Wolf Company after becoming disgruntled with her previous company, implementing harsher policies and a more defined structure that has been working well for her, lately. Aside from her more benign traits, Nova has also proven to be cold, calculating and incredibly ruthless to the point of ordering her own men to kill one of her own should they fail to follow orders or to prevent them from captured by the enemy. Though, she is not without compassion, she does whatever it takes to win, only retreating if battles become a fight of attrition. The Wolf Queen's duties include administration, handing advice to the newer recruits, and putting her Wolves and pups in line with a firm, compassionate hand, absolutely refusing to deal more harsher disciplines unless called for; typically, the discipline involves dismissal.
Hell Knights: Javairea Sabah, Velvet Velour, Maria Inverse, I'Delia Tohka - The Hell Knights are the Wolf Queen's council of second-in-commands. Typically, company leaders usually have just the one second-in-command officer, Nova did not fully agree that an entire command structure should be run with merely one or two people. Therefore, bringing four, unique individuals to aid in making decisions and to help guide the Wolves of Black Wolf Company, though, final decisions are left to Nova.
Wolf Praetorian: Serenity Vess - Praetorians are typically the Wolf Queen's personal force, acting as a group of bodyguards and armed escorts, though Nova can easily hold her own. Other times, Praetorians are sent on Black Op missions, to bring back hidden loot, and on occasion, perform assassination missions or become elite guards to Nova's guests and envoys.
Wolf Princess: Xion Tohka and Historia Nyx - It is not known if these are the children of Nova or not, but there are always two and share no traits to the Wolf Queen. It is speculated that the Wolf Princess is a high rank equal to that of a Praetorian without many special privlages.
Wolf Commander: Multiple names - Wolf Commanders are special officers that will lead packs of Wolves to victory, typicaly in the frontlines, or answering challenges from other companies with deadly force..
Wolven Ranks
Wolf Knight: - Wolf Knights make up the bulk of Black Wolf Company, carefully selected by the Wolf Queen herself. To become a Wolf Knight, one must perform feats to impress the Wolf Queen, though it's never specified which sort of feats there are. However, there is one trial individuals might have to face: dueling the Wolf Queen.
Wolf Commando: - Commandoes make up a special branch that perform special operations outside of the usual questlines. Individuals can easily become a Dire Commando after serving a certain length of time.
Wolfguard: - In short, the Wolfguard are the main police force, effectively going out on patrols, helping other individuals in need, etc; they also police Black Wolf Company, keeping a lookout for certain Wolves who may not be a Wolf at all.
Wolf Pup: - Wolf Pups are Wolves in training, the fresh recruits who have joined Black Wolf Company.
Code of Wolves
To Hire a Wolf is to Hire the Queen and her Wolves

OOC Note

Our Story

Ffxiv dx11 2019-10-05 02-05-19.png

In the beginning, a despondent, lonely warrior had been wandering through the snowy plains of Coerthas, having just left a free company she helped form. That warrior was Nova Gallendan, a lone wolf who was looking for a new home and a new sense of purpose. Throughout her travels, she bumped into a master crafter, Ochimi Kikyo, who was dismissed from the same company. After a lengthy discussion in a secluded Gold Saucer booth, the pair decided that they would form Black Wolf Company. Samiillhi Nelha, a long-time friend of Nova, had been wandering as well, having left the same company Nova left. Fate being what it is, Sam, conveniently found Nova and Ochimi discussing plans for the future, along with Ochimi's brother, Sacred Silverwind. Silverwind, a face unfamiliar to Nova, was Ochimi's estranged brother who had arrived to Eorzea upon hearing of Ochimi's exile from her former company. In a short time, the nascent Company was able to rapidly climb the Gridanian free company ranks. With the funds she had saved up, Nova bought an estate, providing a permanent home for future recruits. However, with a brighter light the darker shadows, it would soon come to an end.

Sacred and Ochimi had been homesick, pining for their family across the sea. Nova, a fairly green behind-the-gills leader at the time, was understandably worried for her compatriots, yet also worried about the state of the Company. Friends come first, so she had asked if they would need anything, such as an armed escort, or financial resources. Ochimi, having the private wealth and resources to ensure a safe passage, politely declined. Nova continued, and wondered aloud how is she possibly even able to lead the Company by her lonesome. Ochimi, smiled and reassured Nova that the young commander would make for a great leader, as she was brave, strong, and with an aptitude for inspiring others. Ochimi had stated that they would come back as soon as they can; to this day, Nova and her Wolves still await their return.

Resolving to live up to the ideal, the Company had slowly started to form, with new recruits trickling in. Among the first to join was Serenity Vess and she would later become a Fang Captain in the coming months, and later, a Praetorian. Despite the successes, the early weeks of the Company had left Nova on the edge of a shadowy void, feeling alone for the first time, no longer feeling welcome at her old company or around the company of friends from said company. Nova had found herself numb to the cold and wandering listlessly through the snowy wastes of Coerthas, seeking to find herself before recruiting any more individuals. There, she saw a familiar face belonging to Javairea Sabah, an acquaintance from Nova's former company. Here warmth was found, and Nova's frozen spirit would begin to thaw, and a more defined friendship would begin...
A History of Wolves
Form and Function


The Wolf's Bounty

Where to Find Us
What You Need to Know

OOC Notes
Who are we? [OOC]

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■ Game of Thrones
■ The Black Company(Novel Series)
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