Blazing Orchid

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Blazing Orchid
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 36
Marital Status Single
Occupation Professional Alcoholic/Sword-for-Hire
Height/Weight 7'5" / 310 lbs
Orientation Bi
  • Thundering Mountain (Father)
  • Iron Ash (Mother)

Blazing Orchid (16th Sun 3th Umbral Moon (June 16th)) is a Hellsguard Roegadyn from Abalathia's Spine who has traveled south to Ul'dah in search of coin, a little fun, and booze strong enough to get her right properly drunk.

Basic Info


high-end cuisine
getting paid
a good tumble and/or tussle ("fuckin' & fightin', it's all the same...")


cold & rain
large bodies of water
bureaucratic bullshit


alignment: Chaotic Good
vice(s): a whole bunch (chiefly drinking & smoking)
favorite food/drink: raw oysters, anything spicy & a good whiskey
favorite color: red & gold

Appearance & Personality

A massive hulk of a Roegadyn woman, Blazing Orchid cuts an impressive figure in whatever she's wearing. When not out splitting skulls for Coin & Country she prefers baggy trousers in a garish red-and-gold and a thin excuse for a shirt to better advertise her formidable bosom. There's really no point in pointing out the various scars that cross the woman's tawny amber hide, they're numerous and varied. From neck, to shoulder blade, to mid-forearm she is marked with a set of complex tattoos. Done in bold black ink with deep red accents, they depict what a more banal non-Roegadyn might call sand worms, though if asked she'll offer a word in (presumably) the Roegadyn tongue: were-menhir, deadly subterranean worms of lava and stone from her volcanic homeland. The ink versions on her skin are constructed from intricate knots set on a field of ... more interlocking knots. The whole effect is bewildering to the untrained eye, though two more common symbols are obvious. On the point of each shoulder set amid the design is the Sun Disc of Azeyma the Warden, though it's rendered in a similar knotted fashion.
Her hair and eye coloration are a distinct giveaway as to her name - both are a rich shade of purple, her short-cropped mop of hair streaked with gold. Speaking of jewelry: the woman clearly has a bizarre affectation for it, chiefly in her favorite thing. Gold. Most commonly she wears a braided and hammered torque and matching cuffs, with long jointed rings on her middle fingers.
Orchid (sometimes shortened further to a vulgar "Orki") is, in the broadest sense of the term, tolerant. She knows what she likes (a very long list) and doesn't like (a considerably shorter list), though she can be persuaded with logic and reason. She's not as dumb as she looks - and given that she's at least a good forty-five percent drunk one hundred percent of the time, there are times when she looks pretty dumb. ...or at least like a perfect example of another Roegadyn brute out to kill for coin.


What Came Before
From the sun-and-lava blasted mountains of Abalathia's Spine, Blazing Orchid was born on an especially hot day and with a head spotted with a fine layer of very bright purple fuzz. And while her name is far more descriptive in her native tongue (but much more cumbersome and nigh-impossible to pronounce for Southerners), Blazing Orchid she was so named. Life would have been much more uneventful for Orchid had her mother not been a goldsmith of some talent. Her business partner, another goldsmith, had a son of a similar age. The pair grew up as partners-in-crime from their first namedays. As these things tended to happen, a lifelong friendship turned to genuine affection, prompting them to promise to share the eternal bond with one another when they reached their eighteenth nameday.
Wanting to earn a rich and respectable name for himself to add to her already impressive status, her would-be husband left their homeland while Orchid remained, now an apprentice to her mother. ...well that was a Calamity and nearly two decades ago, and Orchid had begun to feel faintly jilted halfway into the first. Leaving her career as a smith behind, Blazing Orchid left her home at 22 to track down the thicknecked son-of-a-puk who ditched her, ready to accept only "sorry, was dead at the time" as an excuse. The goldsmith became a mercenary grunt in the south to fund her search, where her natural towering stature made her stand out - at least where there weren't many other Roegadyn. An itinerant swordsman, a refugee from Doma, taught her all he knew of swordfighting, which she'll deferentially claim is "enough to not cut her own feet off". She took up with a company for a time, mundane mercenaries with mundane targets. The long years of searching were proving fruitful, having heard rumor of her lover in the City-State of Limsa Lominsa in league with "corsairs". The Calamity put and end to that, all leads (and nearly her life) were lost in the chaos.
What Comes Now
Running for your life and trying to survive the initial post-Calamity hellscape Eorzea had become is surprisingly good for organizing one's priorities. Sick to death of pursuing her Promised, the Hellsguard came to realize that honestly? It wasn't worth it. Besides, any moral high ground and outrage she would have retained had been left discarded in the floor-bed area of every bunk she'd fallen into with someone. (Hells, sleeping her way across the South was way more fun than being married, anyway.) Now thrown into this adventuring mess, Orchid is improvising as she goes along. There are parts of it that align well with her pre-Calamity life (she's very good at making things dead), a comfortable amount of off-hours for indulging the various vices she's riddled with, and most surprising of all, being a big damn hero makes a solid amount of coin. Though, that's not to say she's above some honest work on the side...


VA: Jennifer Hale
FC: Antje Traue
Theme Song: Trouble in Mind - Larkin Poe
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