Blythe Foxworthy

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Blythe Foxworthy
Captain of the Ironthorn Fleet

Name: Blythe Foxworthy
Alias: Fox
Gender: Female
Race: Hyur/Elezen
Clan: Midlander/Wildwood
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital: Unmarried
Deity: Nophica, the Matron
Citizenship: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: Captain
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Shadowed by the brim of her cap, Blythe's freckled face betrays her tender youth. The weathered crown peaks at an insurmountable five fulm, insulting her composed display. Strawberry blonde hair and coy eyes punctuate her roguish attire. Gold embellishments contradict the tattered sail adapted into her skirt and sash, evoking a mixed sense of prestige. A fat amethyst crystal burdens her belt and pulses with raw potential. Although an arcanima tome hooks to her hip, a dagger is never out of her reach.

Keen on representing her suggestive name, Blythe is an ill-tempered woman without the physical presence to back it up. Understanding her weaknesses, she twists it to her advantage, relying on her alluring looks. Motivated by only her needs, she manipulates others to gain the upper-hand and takes without remorse. So dedicated to the farce, she sometimes forgets her true nature and tricks herself into playing the role of a bright-eyed lass. In the comfort of solitude or familiar company, she is bitter and broken and lost in her own faults. A product of her upbringing, Blythe lacks the tools to rise above the vapid tag of vixen. Somewhere inside, empathy for the helpless prevents her from falling further from grace. At the crossroads of adulthood, the mounting responsibility on her shoulders seeks to make or undo her entirely.

  • Gullible men
  • Sunshine
  • Trees


  • Fellow thieves
  • Pants
  • Eggs


  • Losing her mother
  • Heavy thunderstorms
  • Vulnerability


  • Favorite Food: Honey lemons
  • Favorite Drink: Brandy
  • Favorite Color: Adamantoise green

Dusk 4.jpg

Dusk's life has not been easy. She was abandoned by her mother as an infant and left as a foundling on the doorstep of an Elezen couple in the Black Shroud. Growing up she was fairly typical as a child and it wasn't until the elements raged that she knew loss again. Lost once more she came into the care of a coven of witches who lived in the swamp between the Black Shroud and Garlean controlled Ala Mhigan territory. She grew and studied and learned much of what is hidden but it wouldn't last. Now forced out of her home she hopes to find new purpose and a chance to live life unburdoned.

Youth: Abandoned by her birth mother, Dusk was raised by an Elezen couple deep in the Black Shroud. She was given the name Genevieve then and was raised in a fairly idyllic environment. The family was not wealthy but at the same time they did not want for anything. Her father tended the flock of dodo and the pair of aging aldgoats they kept for milk and her mother handled growing enough vegetables to keep their bellies full and health in good condition. Dusk recalls this time very fondly as it was a time of peace and happiness. She loved her adoptive parents very much and hoped to be a woman very like her mother some day. Unfortunately that would not come to pass. She was only a girl when the growing conflict with Garlemald led to the raging of the elementals in the shroud. In their blind fury that knew naught friend from foe her parents vanished in a shriek of bloody wind. Dusk fled as fast as her legs could carry, eventually coming into the dark swamps along the border of Ala Mhigan territory. There she stumbled onto the coven and they took her in and became a new family to her.

Becoming a Witch: Dusk grew into womanhood learning the ways of the coven and of the ancient aetherial manipulation techniques colloquially called witchcraft. She quickly became enamored of her craft, learning her own power as she perfected techniques passed down from coven to coven over centuries. This was not thaumaturgy or arcanima, this was what she liked to think of as 'Will Working'. Through the use of various foci and the aether and potentiality of sacrifice she gained great skill and power through her magic. She even imagined a time when she would become the leader of the coven but as with all her imaginings this did not come to pass.

Also in the coven were a pair of twin sisters, Elezen witches of great skill and power. On one occasion Dusk came to know their brother, a handsome young man named Emil, and Dusk became enamored of him. The pair became lovers and it was happy for a time but soon Emil became jealous of the power that Dusk and his sisters kept from him. After a long night of drink he convinced Dusk to begin sharing the secrets of the coven with him but his will was too weak for such endeavors.

The darkness that always lurked around the edges of their magic claimed him and in his greed he demanded more and more until Dusk refused. He became violent and in the fight that followed he was grievously wounded. Finding their brother hurt and blaming Dusk for his wounds the twins became enraged and sought vengeance. Their attacks battered Dusk and drove her deeper and deeper into the black waters of the swamps until exhausted, bloodied, and broken she slid under the dark tides for whatt she thought was the last time.

The Unspoken One: And then she died. Or rather, she became undone. She felt herself slipping from her body, felt the pull of the lifestream, but then something else came. A great darkness rushing towards her from the depths of those black waters. Ancient, terrible, and unwilling to pass up this opportunity it's power seized her in the moment between. It used no words but it communicated as clearly as any other. Accept the gift, or know nothingness. Accept the gift, or be kept from reunion. In the moment, amidst the pain and fear, Dusk made a decision and suddenly her eyes were opened and she was vomiting up the black bile of the swamp before gasping for breath. A new infant, reborn in terror and burdened now by purpose that was not her own. The agreement was made but the seal was yet uncomplete. There would be a sacrifice.

Dusk felt her strength returned along with power unlike any she had ever felt before as she moved towards the covens camp. She found him there, wounds being tended to as he slept and his sisters hunted for Dusk's own corpse. It was then she felt the blade in her hand the first time. The black thorn blade, the obsidian dagger, the mouth of the Other. She grasped the handle and felt the thorns pierce her skin, the blood lending power already as she claimed not only her former lovers life but also his soul. The blackness within him was devoured and rendered to the One that Does Not Speak in the stillness of the black swamp.

With the contract sealed and the sacrifice made The Unspoken One became quiet and Dusk wandered for some time. She moved into Eorzea and finding the weather in La Noscea favorable she decided to stay. She knew it wouldn't last though. This was but a moments reprieve before she was called to her duty again. For now though she could breathe and try to forget.

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