Brendt Fowkes

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 Brendt Fowkes
Brendt Flames2.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Thanalanian
Age 32
Height 6'7"
Profession Enlisted Officer of the Immortal Flames
Patron Deity Oschon the wanderer
Server Balmung

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Brendt is tall, and built. He walkes with the confident gait of a pit-fighting gladiator, and stands with the dicipline and attentiveness of a solider. His hair is a muddy sort of red, looking a lot like rich clay, but also appears lightened by extensive amounts of exposure in the sunlight. His darker skin is started to look a bit weathered, breaking away from the soft youthfulness as time wears on. He has a few facial scars, a light one across his right eye, another through the left corner of his mouth. Tatoo on left side of face. Deep scar on his back, from his left shoulder blade down and across to near his hips.

Being a former Ul'dahn gladiator, Brendt has a varying amounts of miscellanious, pale scars that litter his visable flesh, contrasting heavily on his dark skin. If caught without clothing, (and ladies, you barely have to give him reason to strip so watch out!) the deep scar mentioned before is quite the sight, looking to be a wound caused by a heavy, bladed weapon.

Though he has mis-matched eyes (left is brown, right is bright green,) he wears an eyepatch over his left eye so it's a detail often missed. He is rarely ever found without his weapons of choice: A sword (which is typically a scimitar) and shield. When off duty and roaming to what he can at best claim to be adventuring, he wears a full, sturdy suit of armour. When he's out boozing, it's usually casual and comfortable clothing. More often than not, its his favorite pink shirt.


Birthplace: Ala Mhigo, Gyr Abania Family: Brendt actually doesn't talk about his family.

Backstory: Brendt will tell you that he was a young refugee after Ala Mhigo was lost, a shared plight for most Highlanders. He wandered and struggled to survive for about five years until he arrived in Ul'dah. He started to earn a living by becomming a gladiator and fighting in the ring. Deciding he wanted to fight with purpose, not just fame and glory, he found his way into a mercenary group made up of former Immortal Flames until the Grand Company was reformed, where he officially enlisted and has been since.


Brendt is generally very care-free in a lot of aspects in his life. He doesn't tie himself down in a place of residence, and is always ready to move if needed. He has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and his deepy wounded if others are in obvious pain around him. Brendt always tries to do right, and do the right thing, even if he knows it might be futile. He has a hard time "turning the other cheek," which is usually why he spends very little time in Ul'dah.

Brendt is loyal and dependable to a fault. If he says he's going to do something for you, he will. To strangers, he mades good on his word within reason. To friends and family, there is no "within reason," he'd find a way to move that mountain, or die trying.

Though, every good man has his vices. And this man loves to drink, and hates sleeping alone. He can be quite a flirt, and it only gets worse with the addition of alcohol. He knows he's a decently attractive man, and in that sense he can be a bit full of himself.

He also LOVES chocobo. If he could be anything in the next life.... He'd beg and plead to the Twelve to be a Chocobo.

Player Character Standing

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
N'herys Kavvah - Their relationship started as a one-night stand, and though it may seem strange when Brendt mentions that she never really left... Their relationship really isn't as odd as it sounds. The two got to know one another, and came to the conclusion that exploring possibilities didn't seem so bad. The two laugh about the beginning of their journey together.
? Averett Gerralt - Brendt's possibly first real friend since his arrival in Thanalan. Averett and Brendt were inseparable for years, so much so that Brendt was basically a part of the Gerralt family. They both enlisted into the Immortal Flames together when the Grand Company was reinstated, and both served in the Battle of Carteneau. The two confide in each other, and Brendt may be the only person outside of family that Averett lets his guard down around.
Oswain Gerralt - Averett's sister and youngest sibling, which means she's practically Brendt's little sister as well. Brendt is usually tasked in "babysitting" her, which usually means making sure Oswain doesn't get herself in trouble or injured. He cares for her deeply, as if she were his own blood and would drop everything and come to her if she ever needs it.
Jethas Zykyri - It was happenstance that these two would meet. In passing, he found the Miqo'te sitting in the middle of the road and decided--though strange-- he would join him. He'd never guess then that Jethas would become like a brother, and an invaluable friend. If friends were like crutches when you can't seem to stand on your own, Averett would be one and Jethas would be the other. Brendt confides in Jethas, who possibly knows the most about the Highlander save for Averett.
Corbec Dreyn - A like-minded Ala Mhigan monk whom Brendt enjoys hanging around with. Having similar interests in ale, fist-fighting, and senses of humour, the two joke that they're two sides of the same coin.
Sharanna Burwani - Jeth's mate. Brendt has spent some time flirting with Sharanna--playfully, just for clarification. The two have a very good, friendly relationship and share their love (well, different kinds of love) and concern for Jethas.
Vianne Marinterre - The Elezen loves to torment Brendt, and Brendt loves to be tormented by Vianne. The two have a pretty good friendship, spent in friendly jibes, flirts, threats and competition. Not to mention, trouble. Vianne is good at getting Brendt into trouble.
Remimont Portier - A young Elezen Brendt met in the Quicksand, got drunk with, flirted heavily with, and possibly would've taken him home that night had the both been less drunk... And Brendt less taken by Herys. Despite that, Brendt and Remi were starting to form a friendship.
M'ikal Tia - (Coming soon.)
Ludutena Torotena - (Coming soon.)
Nathaniel Graves - (Coming soon.)


  • Nicknames: To this day, he still doesn't have one. Often called "Fowkes," but that hardly counts.
  • Age: 32
    • Nameday: 28th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Everything that moves...
    • Marital Status: In a relationship.
  • Alignment: (Mostly) Lawful Good
  • Height: 6'7" ish
  • Weight: relative for a tall and muscular male
  • Body: Muscular, robust and well maintained
  • Hair: Ginger
  • Eyes: Brown left eye, green right eye.
  • Skin: Dark, and has seen a lot of sun
  • Clothing: Depends on the day. Typically, standard Flames Uniform.


  • Chocobos
  • Miqo'te (>_>)
  • Booze
  • Long runs / jogs
  • Hardy food


  • An empty cup and an empty bed.
  • Nights without Herys
  • Garleans and Amalj'aa
  • Fighting for the sake of fighting.

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Straight blades, scimitars, hand-to-hand
  • Crafting:
  • Other: Chocobo raising / wrangling.


  • Smiles easy, charitable
  • Loyal
  • Kind and selfless
  • Tenacious and dedicated
  • Trusts freely, but...


  • Stubborn
  • Selfless to a fault
  • Once trust is broken, it's almost impossible to mend
  • Poor impulse control in particular subjects.
  • May have an addictive personality

Other Notes


Brendt is a devoted follower of Oshon the Wanderer.


There's so many... Brendt suffers from severe plant/pollen allergies. He loves Miqo'te ears and tails.


He has heavy armour that he's been piecing together as time and money allows. Otherwise, he uses rather standard Flames issued equipment, though he prefers the fluid curve of a scimitar. He has a sword fashioned in what could only be described as "paladin-y." It was given to him as he became a free-paladin, so it symbolizes his journey as a paladin. It's a story all of its own.


The following rumours can be heard about Brendt, predominantly in Thanalan / Ul'dah. (If your character has an opinion about him, feel free to add it here!)

Common rumours

  • "Sergeant Fowkes? He's a drunk and a flirt, but I think his heart's in the right place."
  • "Brendt? Oh! The Highlander with the adorable chocobo! It's cute how much he loves his bird."
  • "Brendt Fowkes? Oh, he's some sergeant some class or the other in the Immortal Flames. I think he might be Chief Sergeant? I don't know."

Uncommon rumours

  • "Brendt might have a drinking problem. I'm not sure, he's always here for drill in the morning, so..."
  • "Considerin' 'ow much foolin' 'round tha' lad's done, an' he's sired no children... I wonder if he's, erm, I'm not sure 'ow t' say it kindly. Poor sod."
  • "I hear he sleeps around... a lot. But, you didn't hear that from me."

Rare rumours

  • "I remember a Fowkes from the Blood Sands some years back... He was a brilliant kid, pretty damn good too, till some Roe marauder damn near killed him. I don't wanna say it, but I think he may've been hired to put an end to his career. Nasty business."
  • "I remember a kid named Brendt in the streets. He carried a fledgeling chocobo with him in a baby sling. Odd pair, the two of them, both skin and bones. Definitely one of those Ala Mhigan refugees. Can't help but to wonder if he stole the bird..."

What PCs are saying

  • "He's rather tall" - Akama Kharn
  • "If it weren't for Brendt, I don't know where I'd be today. I could never ask for a greater friend." - Jethas Zykyri

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Brendt from:

  • Ul'dah, anywhere really. (In that rare time off he has.)
  • Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan (currently stationed and active duty)
  • Horizon, Western Thanalan (Former resident)
  • Most bars, pubs and/or taverns in the Thanalan area.

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