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C'rookh Nunh

Name: C'rookh
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual, Prefers Women
Status: Works Alone
Race: Miqo'te (Seeker)
Tribe: Coeurl
Deity: Worshipped Azeyma


Looks: Perhaps the feature most would see first would be C'rookh's moon hued eyes. Though, the color is usually marred by a bloodshot state. To anyone perceptive, a light discoloration has made his right eye less saturated than the left. C'rookh refers to his as his bad eye, probably due to the fact his vision is noticeably worse in that eye. C'rookh has a full head of muddy lavender colored hair upon his mug. As to be expected with any Miqo'te, two feline shaped ears stand proudly above his hair. Each ear has a blue metaled piercing. Despite what some might comment, it is his natural hair color. His hair it typically unkempt and messy with only a rough backward styling to it. Dirt and smoke smudges adorn C'rookh's face more often than not as he typically roughs it outdoors either in alleyways or at a camp in the wilds. C'rookh frequently reeks of booze and Fogweed but he would have a waft of vetiver to his scent after he washes or freshens up.

Scars & Markings: Everyone has scars, either mental, physical, or something else. C'rookh is no different. Ignoring the general scars of scraping up against a sharp object, C'rookh has a few noteworthy scars each with a story to tell. The most noticeable scar would be a sizable puncture scar below the left side of his chest that is loosely rectangular in shape. A few slashing scars adorn the sides of his frame along with a short distance scar that mars C'rookh's face. C'rookh's final set of scars are of the laceration type. The scars are rough compared to the clean cut slashing scars. Should any of these scars be touched, C'rookh would wince in pain. Each of these scars possess nerve damage in varying degrees due to inadequate treatment of his wounds in days past. Despite the fact he downplays his tribal heritage by suppressing his native accent, C'rookh possess his tribe's hunter tattoos on the outer sides of his eyes. The markings follow a theme common with other Miqo'te family tribes.

Clothing: C'rookh's sense of style favors durability over beauty in both his clothing and armor. The Miqo'te is likely to wear a article of clothing until it becomes utterly tattered, only replacing any article of clothing should repairs be impossible or infeasible. C'rookh choice of fabrics is linen for his shirts, any sort of durable leather for trousers and boots. C'rookh's shirts are typically loose fitting to make the Thalanan heat more tolerable. His trousers are typically made from patchwork leather from all sorts of species due to the fact its common for him to patch his pants with different sorts of leather that aren't matching to the base leather. Should C'rookh spend a ample amount of Gil on his attire, most of his funds will go towards a good pair of boots. Preferring both durability and weather resistance, C'rookh's boots are a step up in quality over the other articles of clothing. C'rookh typically wears a belt of two to act as a holster for his weapon. Several pockets adorn his top, bottoms, and belt (In the form of pouches) which offers C'rookh plenty of carrying capacity for small belongings. Its rumored that one of these pockets is always filled with sand.


  • Deft
  • Silver Tongue
  • Defensive Duelist


  • Impious
  • Acrophobia
  • High Functioning Alcoholic
  • Near Sighted (Right Eye)
  • Exploitable Vices
  • Magically Null


  • Bill Proficiency
  • Cutlass Proficiency
  • Pick Pocketing
  • Stealth
  • Charismatic Deceit
  • Herbalism (Vylbrand)
  • Alchemy (Paralyzing Potions)


  • Favorite Food: Any Finger Foods
  • Favorite Drink: Any Highball Derivative
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Birthplace: Vylbrande
  • Accent: Two Parts Tribal (Suppressed by C'rookh) and Two Parts Vylbrand

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Deceased: This character has passed away.
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C'jixh - [+] - Father

C'rookh's Father. Fought at C'rookh's side during the ravaging. C'rookh succumbed to wounds before his father. A charred corpse was found with C'jixa's identifying earrings. C'rookh presumes that C'jixa had fallen when he blacked out.

C'sheeldi - [+] - Mother

One of the first to be fall during the ravaging. C'rookh had never gotten his closure.

C'zhiwi - [+ ? ] - Sister

C'rookh's older sister. It is unknown if she: had escaped, been taken, or had been killed during the ravaging. C'rookh has given up on finding her.


Distant Thunder - [] - TBA

C'rookh had first ran into Distant Thunder after being catcalled by her at the Coffer and the Coffin during a flash storm. While Distant Thunder had assumed all Miqo'te were women, the Roegadyn woman still offered C'rookh a drink after realizing that C'rookh was actually a man. A good time was had and laughs were shared between them during the short duration of their run-in with one another. Distant Thunder seemed to have appeared to adopted the title "Little Rook" for C'rookh despite C'rookh's protest.

  • Gifted Magitek Gutter to C'rookh
  • Lost to a Ceruleum shot wager
  • Invited C'rookh to her 'Hunt Up North'

Esie Hienane - [ + ] - TBA

Esie and C'rookh first ran into each other in back of Quicksand. The two hit it off rather well despite the fact Esie turned down C'rookh's offer for drinks. C'rookh looks forward to their next meet up and to learn more about her mechanical prowess. Esie figured out Crookh's tribal heritage.

  • Introduced C'rookh to Sultansworn and to Hearth and Anvil for atonement.
  • Taught C'rookh the basics of airship hull patching
  • Is considered by C'rookh to be his best friend.

Koromyn Wylde - [] - Healer

After his first mission with the Hearth and Anvil Free Company, C'rookh happened to land under Koromyn's care. Her politness and eagerness to help despite not receiving any payment had obviously left a good impression on C'rookh. That is to say she left a good enough impression for C'rookh to entrust her conjury abilities in regards to healing. The Free Company's healer would be the one who first came across the metallic object that had lodged itself into C'rookhs rib. C'rookh is immensely thankful for her discovery and considers himself to be in-debt to her for potentially saving his life. It is likely she will be the one who will be tasked to remove the shard so that C'rookh wouldn't need to live on borrowed time.

  • Patched C'rookh's Wounds.
  • Located a metallic shard within C'rookh from days past.
  • C'rookhs expects her to remove the shard in the future.

Lunelle Thibault - [] - Sapphire

C'rookh came across Lunelle after being drunkenly puzzled at her species. Fortunately for C'rookh, he did not get slapped after blurting out. "What are you?!" C'rookh was enthralled by her public display of wealth and he was quickly to offer his services for a cut of her wealth. Though, Lunelle had none of it. It is likely C'rookh will reference her family name to attempt at avoiding to having to pay for drinks in the future at the Quicksand establishment.

  • First Duskwight that C'rookh remembers meeting.
  • C'rookh knows of her fondness for wine and for burning down taverns.
  • Possible name dropping for free drinks?

L'ohba Tia - [] - TBA

C'rookh attempted to pickpocket a fellow Miqo'te after a string of bad picks. Typically speaking, C'rookh avoids pick pocketing other Miqo'te. However, L'ohba was surprisingly well mannered during C'rookh's deceit. C'rookh couldn't bear to steal and so the purse was subsequently returned to L'ohba. This resulted in them sharing drinks with one another at Quicksand where L'ohba Tia introduced C'rookh to Fogweed; or in other words, another vice. Fortunately, the Fogweed helps calm his scarred nerves. L'ohba figured out C'rookh's tribal heritage.

  • Assisted C'rookh.
  • Introduced C'rookh to Fogweed.
  • Offered C'rookh insight regarding his tribal heritage.

Mohli'to Maimhov - [ ? + ] - Manqo'te in White

At Vesper Bay, Mohli'te had caught C'rookh tampering with the cargo that Mohli'te had been tasked to protect. It would not be C'rookh's lucky day as he didn't get caught by a Brass Blade but rather a Sultansworn knight. What was even in those crates? Holy trinkets?! Mohli'te gave C'rookh a stern warning after searching him for any of his client's stolen goods. C'rookh had a pinch of luck due to the fact Mohli'te didn't seem to care about the other goods he had. C'rookh doesn't exactly know how to feel about Mohli'te. One one hand, he is grateful he let him off with a warning but, if that is the case, why didn't he just look the other way? Due to the fact Mohli'te is apart of the Sultansworn, C'rookh sees Mohli'te as a possible connection into knighthood. A connection that he intends to exploit for his gain.

  • C'rookh envies him for being a Sultansworn.
  • Mohli'to informed C'rookh about the Free Company avenue into joining, so long as he cleans up his act.

Ophelia Cauldris - [] - TBA

C'rookh happened upon Ophelia at the Quicksand after spectating the Grindstone. Ophelia had impressed C'rookh with her drinking capabilities and eagerness to get rounds. During the rounds, C'rookh learned that her life style of street living is very similar to C'rookh. Finally, someone one who can relate! This left a good impression on C'rookh. Considering her ability to stitch up wounds, C'rookh will most likely seek her out for medical treatment. This character has unfulfilled wager with C'rookh and does not possess knowledge of C'rookh tribal background.

Steel Bison - [+] - Steel

At first, C'rookh mistook Steel Bison as a lowly guard. Fortunately for the Manqo'te, Steel Bison had not taken that as a insult. Good thing too, C'rookh certainly wouldn't offend someone nearly twice his size. Although their introductions were cut short by a refugee rescue mission, C'rookh had proven (and bluffed) his talents to land himself a role within Steel Bison's Free Company. C'rookh primarily sees Steel Bison as his employer. Steel Bison's cheerful attitude left a positive impression on C'rookh.

  • Fought Alongside C'rookh
  • Employed C'rookh and offered him a dormitory bedroom.

◢ Common Rumors
Easily overheard. Use these freely!

"C'rookh? Watch your pockets around that scamp."
- Shopkeeper

"Hes cocksure, definitely. Though, I'm not sure if he can walk the talk. Hired him once and he arrived completely thrashed. Last time I pay him in advance."
- Adventurer in need

- Name

◢ Uncommon Rumors
A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly!

"Don't embrace him too hard, you'll hurt him.~"
- Womanly Friend

"Want to win his heart? Buy him a Gin' tonic."
- Mr. Butch the Butcher

"He called you a 'Colt'? Sounds like thieves cant; means inexperienced."
- Shady Dealer

◢ Rare Rumors
Very rarely overheard. Use them but be mindful of their rarity.

"Could'a sworn he took a shot of Ceruleum for some Gil."
- Onlooking Peddler

"Those tatsss; near the eyess. Those are hunter markingsss. He should be in a Hunter's Ton, no?"
- Nameless Miqo'te

"If you see him, tell me. I'll make it worth your while. That damn rogue stole my blade."
- Theft Victim Vicks

Player Characters
◢ Player Rumors
Add your own or message me to add it for you!

"Ah, it's wonderful that not every Miqo'te around here has abandoned their roots. Certainly a man worth trusting!"
- L'ohba Tia

"Rookh? He...well. I just hope he finds what he's looking for, and realizes that it wasn't his fault. Though I worry hes going to drink himself to death."
- Lunelle Thibault

"He once took and downed a flask of Reaper fuel just to win a Gil wager.."
- Distant Thunder

"Beware... Tracks mud in the house."
- Opal Nashe

"Text here."
- Name Here


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