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C'therin Sapa
Live Fast, Die Young


A Seeker of the Sun exiled from her tribe due to her passion for technology, Kitty was left to a life of crime and poverty on the streets of Ul'dah until by happenstance, she formed ties with an underground crime syndicate.
Name: C'therin Sapa
Nickname: Kitty
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seeker of the Sun
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital: In a Relationship
Deity: None
Nationality: Ul'dahn
Occupation: Mechanic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
C'therin by Lunasilveria@tumblr

C'therin--or Kitty, as she usually goes by--stands tall for a female Miqo'te at 5'2" with a frame that is slender and fairly toned, with just enough meat on her bones for some womanly curves and average-sized breasts. Her skin is bronze and tanned, marred with several light scars across her body, though none of them particularly stand out. Her hair is black and straight, falling to just below her shoulder blades and typically separated into several braids and ponytails, often adorned with beads and feathers. Her bangs are cut choppy and a bit uneven across her forehead. The fur of her ears and tail are the same silky black as her hair, ears pierced several times and nicked in a few places, her tail long and slender with short fur. Someone who is not a stranger to handling both weaponry and machinery, her palms are rough and calloused, fingernails kept cut short.

Afflicted with her heterochromia, her left eye is a golden brown and her right an earthy green, both possessing the telltale slitted pupils of the Seekers of the Sun. Her eyebrows are thin and dark, arched above her large, round eyes, lined with long eyelashes and a smudge of black eyeliner. Tribal face paint in an off-white color adorns her cheeks, covering most of the natural, brown Seeker stripes with two stripes on each side, running from her jaw across her cheek to end in points at the bridge of her nose. Above the stripes, three white dots are painted below her eyes on either side, another three circles above her left eyebrow, though they are mostly hidden beneath her bangs. She has a heart-shaped face with a small, pointed nose and thin lips, glossy and just a couple shades darker than the rest of her skin.

She opts for clothing that is flattering to her figure but still practical, suited for moving freely and enduring the heat of Ul'dah. Skirts and dresses are rarely a part of her wardrobe, and while none of her outfits are terribly revealing, she's not overly concerned with modesty, either. Black, golds, purples, and browns seem to be her colors of choice, the fabric of her clothing typically cotton or leather. She does not wear any sort of armor, preferring the freedom, flexibility, and comfort of normal clothing instead. Her style is not particularly girly, shying away from frills and lace and anything delicate or dainty. She almost always has a pistol and dagger at her side, and typically has even more weapons stashed away somewhere on her person or in her satchel.

Speech: Kitty speaks in a tribal accent, often rolling her r's and slurring her words slightly, sometimes speaking with a bit of a hiss or purr every now and then. Her grasp of grammar isn't the best, and she sometimes struggles with large or unfamiliar words. Profanity and slang are not uncommon within her speech.

Kitty by Ruran Vas

Kitty's life and character has long since been shaped by the motivation of survival. It was ingrained in her by her tribe as they banded together to survive the harshness of the Sagoli desert, and it became her life's purpose when she was cast alone at a young age onto the crowded and unkind streets of Ul'dah. She has learned to be wary and suspicious of everyone, no matter who they are, even if she keeps up a friendly facade with them. She is vigilant, searching for any signs of deceit or ill will from others and constantly on edge no matter how relaxed she may seem. Due to her wariness, she has a curious nature, wishing to know plenty about the people around her. She does her best to hide any weakness and reveal very little about her true self, often getting flustered or embarrassed when she fails in this and shows any sort of insecurity or attachment to any person or idea. In social interactions, she was taught the hard way to walk the thin line between not coming across as naive or a pushover, or not being too abrasive with others and earning their ire, a careful balance to keep for her own survival.

She is generally friendly with others, but she can get rather feisty if the person in question is making threats or being obnoxiously rude in general, not the type to take nonsense from others. When words get her nowhere, she's not afraid to come to blows, but she's been doing her best in more recent times to "behave" and not cause any undue trouble. She has a bit of a temper and can act rashly when provoked despite her best efforts to only pick worthwhile fights. Otherwise, however, she is a very laidback and easygoing person. She is a bit of hedonist and enjoys the earthly pleasures of life, from sex with men and women alike, to alcohol, to drugs, to smoking, to a nice meal. While she's learned how to sate her appetites with a minimal amount of gil, she certainly doesn't mind some extra coin to spend. She's a free spirit and independent person who does not like to be tied down with responsibilities or controlling attitudes from others.

Her time spent homeless in Pearl Lane has left her with some questionable morals, not above using or hurting others if necessary to survive or get ahead, or selling services some would find immoral or degrading. She is not proud of the things she has done for gil or food, but she also feels no remorse nor shame, deeming them acts that were necessary and pragmatic. She believes most things are justified if they were done to get by, but she does draw the line on acts that completely ignore another's freedoms and consent, such as slavery and sexual assault. While kind enough to help out in a person in need if it's no great risk to herself, she can often seem unsympathetic to others' plights if she believes it's something they could fix themselves or something she considers part of the usual woes of life. She can be somewhat closed-minded or presumptuous about other races and cultures or any individual who falls outside the 'norm' in anyway, having spent almost all of her life in Thanalan mostly either with her tribe or keeping others at a careful distance. Due to her lack of a proper education, her understanding of most more advanced subjects unrelated to technology is poor, but she is not dim-witted, quick to think on her feet and in possession of "street smarts."

Now that her circumstances have improved and she has a roof above her head and food in her belly, she is trying to lead a more "righteous" life, free of harming anyone who doesn't deserve it or selling herself for coin, able to finally focus her ambitions on her dream of learning to be an engineer and inventor. She often keeps her aspirations a secret for fear they will seem naive or lead someone to take advantage of them, but when the topic does creep up, she is happy and dreamy, genuine and almost childlike in her excitement.

Motivations: Becoming a mechanic and inventor.
Disposition: Laid back, but rough around the edges.
Outlook: Survivalist. Self before others.

Positive Personality Traits

Persistent, straight-forward, hard-working, ambitious, quick-witted, easygoing, down to earth, fun-loving, friendly, hopeful.

Negative Personality Traits

Indulgent, paranoid, distrustful, stubborn, wary, reckless, trigger-happy, hardened, selfish, greedy, ill-mannered, mouthy, profane.


  • Alcohol
  • Causing mischief
  • Gil
  • Sex
  • Technology
  • Drugs and smoking


  • Cold weather
  • Magic
  • Anything Void related
  • Obnoxious people
  • Helpless people
  • Slavery

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Warning! Kitty's story involves mention of (violent) crime, drug/alcohol use, sex and sex work. Please read at your own risk if you are sensitive to such themes.

C'therin by Yumemoria@tumblr

C'therin was born to a sect Coeurl tribe who called the Sagoli desert of Thanalan their home. Getting by in such a harsh of environment was not easy, and from an early age, Therin was taught survival skills, hunting, and several fighting and weapon disciplines. While she didn't struggle with these things in either skill or contentment, she soon found her interests lay elsewhere. Her tribe often traded with Ala Mhigan refugees, and it was not uncommon they would have Magitek bits and scraps among their wares. Therin found the technology fascinating, and was eager to get her hands on any of it and learn more about it. Much to her tribe's annoyance, as C'therin grew, so did her obsession. They were agitated that her time spent tinkering could have been better spent doing things they saw more beneficial to the tribe, such as hunting or gathering, helping to raise the younger members, or spending more time with her Nunh. Rumors flew that she might even be a Garlean sympathizer.

Therin was warned several times to abandon her pursuits, but refused. Eventually, the teenage Seeker found herself kicked out of her tribe, nothing to her name but the clothes on her back and the personal possessions she could carry. She knew full well she could not survive out in the desert alone, and she made for Ul'dah and the safety of the city instead. However, her prospects were not much better there. There was no small amount of competition counting both the Ala Mihgan refugees and Ul'dah's own abundance of impoverished natives. She quickly found she had no allies nor friends. Those who were more fortunate than her were far more likely to throw insults or things much more tangible her way than they were to offer a helping hand, and she detested receiving handouts, especially as she came to realize that nothing ever came "freely." Her fellow street-dwellers of Pearl Lane were no less unhelpful, likely to steal what little another had if left unattended, be it a small sum of gil, or a knife or a blanket, or a comfy sleeping spot. When so many of those she met in the city could not (bring themselves to care to) learn her name, she adopted the moniker of "Kitty." After all, most everyone would call her by slurs and petnames related to her race no matter how she introduced herself, and she had no use for her tribal name anymore, did she?

Kitty had long since learned survival skills, but it was a different kind of survival, where she must support her tribe, and in turn they would support her. Now, she was entirely alone. However, she was not the type to accept death or failure, and she quickly learned how to make it on her own, doing whatever she must. She made use of the talents she had learned with her tribe, selling both her blade and her body. When there were no harmless odd jobs to be found, she did work she took no pride in: brawling for coin, assassinations, acting as a hired goon making threats to people she knew deserved no such thing. She found little more enjoyment in pleasuring wealthy Ul'dahns or adventurers passing through the Quicksand. And when work came too slow or paid too little, she would steal, pickpocket, and mug for what she needed. The guilt and shame was never as painful as starving, dying, losing. Regret and morality did not make for a full stomach or a peaceful night's sleep.

She was resourceful enough to survive, but it was a constant struggle, and no lavish nor luxurious life. It was doubly frustrating for the Seeker who did not just want to scrape by, but had aspirations of becoming a mechanic, and engineer or inventor. How could she afford tools, parts, or a workspace when she couldn't even afford a meal every sun? She distracted herself with the most base pleasures of life. Provoking bar fights at the Quicksand and enjoying its more attractive patrons for a night was fortunately free. When she had some extra coin, a nice meal, some strong alcohol or somnus could keep her entertained and occupied. But outside of her leisure time, her life was a perilous one. There was no safety on the streets, no doors and windows to lock, no one to care or notice if she went missing or was hurt, and Ul'dah was full of plenty less than savory individuals who would seize any opportunity. She steeled herself and learned to trust no one, honing her instincts and fighting abilities.

However, missteps and misfortune still happened. One evening in the Quicksand, she met a man named Melfice Vainchelon, who awkward and polite as he seemed, she assumed would make for a harmless and easy client. She quickly learned otherwise after she'd accompanied him back to his home, and he attempted to drain the aether from her body. She resisted him, and he offered a deal to let her stay in his home and provide her with any gil or items she needed were she to regularly allow him to take her aether, which she discovered he intended to use in some plan to revive his deceased fiancee. Begrudgingly, she agreed. It could be her chance to pursue her dreams of becoming something more than a whore or hired blade. However, having the life quite literally drained from her was not something she found favorable. She grew increasingly unhappy with arrangement, bitter with Melfice for using her and sapping her strength, and frustrated with herself for ever agreeing in the first place. However, things were finally looking up for Kitty, when soon came the announcement of the Manderville Gold Saucer. Kitty saw opportunity there for a more wealthy clientele with less competition.

As the Gold Saucer's doors opened, Kitty spent more and more time there, continuing her old work, and less time at Melfice's home lounging about or providing him with her aether. As he grew closer to bringing his plans to fruition, he had less need of it and by extension her, anyhow. Before long, she broke away from his home and their bargain entirely, cutting ties with him and returning to her old life, albeit frequenting the Gold Saucer more than the Quicksand now and having a bit more gil to her name. It was there she met a man by the name of Vincent Laurentius, his stylish and formal attire catching her eye; obviously he was someone with no small amount of coin! She'd heard rumors of an organized crime group that operated from the Gold Saucer--The Turks--and had thus far had no run-ins with them, but she was certain he must be one. Fortunately, she caught his eye as well, and he sought her out with some rather immediate flirtation that she eagerly returned, happy to net him as a customer for the night.

As Vincent ordered their drinks, rather than pay in gil, Kitty noticed him simply flashing a small, golden card about. Ever the opportunist, after they'd headed back to his suite atop the Gold Saucer, as soon as she was able to get her hands upon him--which didn't take long--she snatched the card from his pocket and hid it. After they'd concluded their "business" for the evening, Vincent revealed her pickpocketing had not gone unnoticed. Expecting a lecture or something far worse, Kitty was surprised when he instead offered to let her stay with him and buy her whatever she wished if she would in turn see to his pleasures with exclusivity. She agreed hesitantly, wary of her last live-in situation, but the two quickly hit things off and proved to have much in common.

Learning about Kitty's talents and aspirations, he quickly put them to use for the Turks, hooking her up with a job at the Gold Saucer where she worked part-time as a server, part-time as a mechanic doing upkeep on the game machines, secretly rigging them for the Turks. To further her skills and fill her desires, the two began seeking out deals with anyone who could supply them with Magitek parts and information, or similar technologies. Before long, Kitty and Vincent's relationship become less an exchange of services, and more a genuine romance.

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  Color Key
  ♥ In A Relationship: Kitty is romantically involved with this character.
  ♥ Romantic Attraction: Kitty is romantically interested in this character.
  ♥ Sexual Attraction Kitty is physically interested in this character.

  ♥ Platonic Love/Family: Kitty considers this person family.
  ♦ Friend: Kitty considers this person a friend.
  ♦ Friendly Acquaintance: Kitty considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

  ● Good Standing: Kitty has no specific feelings about this character, however, they left a good impression.
  ● Neutral: Kitty has no specific feelings about this character.
  ● Bad Standing: Kitty has no specific feelings about this character, however, they left a bad impression.

  ♠ Dislike: Kitty doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
  ♠ Hate: Kitty considers this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
  ♠ Fear: Kitty is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all costs.
  ♠ Rivalry: Kitty considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

  ♥ Family Member: This character is related by blood to Kitty.
  ✔ Business: This character is either Kitty's employer, employee, or coworker.
  ✖ Deceased: This character has passed away.
  ? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Kitty isn't fully aware of it yet.


Melfice Vainchelon () - Mel
A man who lured Kitty in with the promise of buying her time for the night only to try to steal the aether from her body. When she resisted, he offered to house her and provide for her in return for her repeatedly contributing her aether to his experiments in hopes of reviving his deceased fiancee. She reluctantly agreed for a time before tiring of the deal and heading off on her own. Despite his recent attempts to make amends, she is bitter toward the man for how he treated her and her feelings that he took advantage of her and used her for her own life energy.

Acquaintances and Allies

Vincent Laurentius () - Vinnie
A man she met the Gold Saucer who quickly showed an interest in sharing a night with her. It took a turn from regular business when he caught her pickpocketing from him and instead of confronting her with anger or violence, he offered to let her stay with him and provide for her if she saw to his physical pleasures and remained exclusive to him. She hesitantly agreed, and Vincent pulled some strings to hook her up with a job at the Gold Saucer and get her involved in the Turks. The two grew close to each other, and their relationship soon turned to love rather than just business.
Personal RP Limits
I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug/alcohol use, crimes, gore, profane language, innuendo, nonsexual nudity, death). Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Fake/temporary character "deaths." Anything likely to deal permanent and severe psychological trauma to my character. Pre-established relationships.
I won't play permanent character death. Erotic role-play. Fetish fulfillment. Lolicon/shotacon. Any sexual themes involving children, objectively child-like characters, or animals. Any sexual themes with players who are minors OOC. Excessively detailed and overly descriptive gore. Long, drawn out, descriptive torture scenes. Sexual/romantic relationships or requited feelings when my character is already in a serious relationship.
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About Me as an RPer
■I am on the Balmung server.
■I am over 18.
■I do freestyle posting, most often para-RP with a paragraph or two. I will typically try to post-to-match, but if you do nothing but one-liners or nothing but huge multi-para posts, I may settle on something more moderate. I do not mind your post style, so long as your posts have interesting content I can respond to and I do not have to struggle through long descriptions that are useless to me or make no sense. I do like posts that are lacking in empty, flowery verbage yet still contain some description and artistry, so I would ideally like to find other para-RPers, but I am not picky!
■I am primarily looking for in game role-play, or at least RP with characters also from Balmung, but I am open to role-play via RPC PM's or threads, Enjin PM's or threads, Skype messages, or Discord messages or channels. Please send me a PM on the RPC or a /tell in game to ask for my handles.
■I am in EST timezone. My schedule is somewhat sporadic, so I am on at odd hours. I am usually online somewhere between 2PM - 3AM EST. Most often, you can find me online between 9PM - 2AM EST. I recommend starting any RP by midnight, since I am often winding down and getting ready for bed after that point.
■Along with RP, I am glad to just chat or maybe do some PvE content, or play other games outside of FFXIV. Please don't ever feel you're bothering me if you send me a message. I suck at socializing so I will probably never message you first, but that doesn't mean I dislike talking to you.
■I like long-term relationships and story-heavy plots. I suck at making my own plots, but I am always happy to be a part of someone else's story!
■If you do not like Kitty, or if she doesn't mesh well with your character, yet you would still like to role-play with me, I do have other characters who are vastly different.
■I like to bend lore for the sake of story if called for, but not break it. If someone not conforming to the lore to a T sets you off, you may want to skip on anything more than brief, casual interactions with my characters. If your character is a Miqo'te Dragoon female Nunh WoL Voidsent, likewise, you may want to find someone more up to your speed instead of me! I prefer a healthy middle-ground.
■I typically try to avoid combat RP. If somehow it happens despite this, I am often flexible between freeform, rolling, etc. and prefer to do whatever feels best in each individual situation.
■I am okay with (loosely) planning RP if you have an idea you want to bring up. I do not like RP that is highly scripted, or gives my character a narrow choice of options to react for no discernible IC reason. I am also okay with walk-ups. If you see me anywhere, even if you've never spoken to me before, feel free to post at me! If I am not IC, I will let you know. If I don't respond, it just means I'm afk--sorry! I afk a lot.
■If you ever have any questions or need clarification about anything whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask. I am a very open person and in the odd case anything does make me uncomfortable, I will simply tell you that. Even if it's mid-RP, I am not one of those "muh 'mmersion!!" people, so I promise I won't be bothered!
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell letting me know immediately. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion or avoiding "metagaming." I do care about your feelings, comfort, and enjoyment of the RP! I am fine dialing things back, or dropping a role-play with no hard feelings if we are just not compatible.
RP Hooks
Friends and acquaintances? Friends, acquaintances, allies, and business contacts are always welcome. These will need to happen naturally rather than our characters being forced into a friendship that might not suit them. Kitty is easygoing and can get along with most characters, but tends to get along best with characters who are neither very arrogant nor very helpless. Kitty is always glad to make business contacts, typically anyone who can help feed her hobby of tinkering (supplying information or parts) or those who want to patronize her services as a mechanic and engineer. Kitty rarely leaves Thanalan, so contacts that are often in Thanalan are preferred, but I can have her travel if need be.
Enemies and rivals? Enemies are always welcome, pending certain conditions. Kitty tries to avoid trouble with most people, but she will step up if someone is being harassed or someone is acting like a genuine asshole, and she will not take being harassed lying down, which can lead to conflicts. I am not interested in RPing with anyone who will harass my character to the point of me having to avoid public RP in the name of "antagonist" RP. I also do not want to RP with anyone who will be sour or demand to retcon if harassing Kitty lands their character in trouble they didn't expect. PLEASE, PLEASE do not ask to take an antagonist role if you are not okay with this and what it might mean for your character (I will try to avoid situations where your character might be killed or permanently imprisoned and give your character an out if possible, and I ask you do the same for me, but disbelief can only be suspended so much before the RP stops being fun).
Family? I don't have much pre-established for Kitty's family, so the roles of her family, close or distant, are open. Parents and siblings (half-blooded or full-blooded) are available for play as are less close relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Her father's name is C'sapa Nunh. Any relatives would be need to be Seekers originally from the Couerl tribe, preferably her sect in the Sagoli. A slight physical resemblance to Kitty would be nice, but less important the more distant the relation. Any family members will need to be discussed to work out the details and receive my permission.
Lovers? Kitty is in a long-term, committed relationship, and will not cheat or leave her lover for anyone. That said, her relationship may not be entirely monogamous, but this only applies to female characters (and any interest would likely be more sexual than romantic), as her spouse is a heterosexual man and would likely not want to be left out. Any sexual scenes will be faded-to-black. If you want your character to have romantic/sexual feelings for Kitty for any reason, that's fine, please just respect me and the player of Kitty's spouse OOC, and do not expect your character's feelings to ever be returned or fulfilled.
Past connections? I am open to past connections with some discussion to work out the details and my permission given, if you would like to have some pre-established foundation for our characters to build upon rather than starting fresh. Some likely connections would be other members from the Coeurl tribe (particularly her sect), others who lived in the Sagoli that she might have bumped into in her time with her tribe, those who frequented Ul'dah after her exile from her tribe (particularly other street dwellers, or Quicksand lurkers she might have shared a drink or a night with), anyone who might her hired in Ul'dah as a prostitute or goon during her time spent homeless, or anyone who she might have pickpocketed from, been confronted by (law enforcement i.e. Brass Blades), or been hired to rough up during that time. I am open to any suggestions not mentioned here.
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■ My RPC Profile: RPC
■ Kitty on the Lodestone: Lodestone
■ My Enjin Profile: Enjin

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