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Ceridwen Cinderblossom
Explorer of Twin Worlds

There's only world'ah mine. Jus' one, an' I'm gonna do all I can t'save it.



Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... ce-rid-wen sin-dr-blaa-sm


RACE & CLAN... Drahn / Au Ra, Raen

GENDER... Female

AGE... 24

NAMEDAY... 32nd Sun, 5th Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION... Pansexual

MARITAL STATUS... Single...but it's complicated.

Other Statistics



FAMILY... Parents are deceased, only child. Has a family amaro named Feathers. Considers the kids of the Silverblade family as her own family as well, but on different levels.

RESIDENCE... The Crystarium while on the First; on the Source, she's recently acquired a dwelling in the Goblet.

OCCUPATION... Crystarium Guard Lieutenant; caretaker; explorer


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms. Seems like she's ninety ponze soaking wet.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good

General Information
"I wish that someway, somehow, that I could save every one of us...but the truth is that, I'm only one girl."

Just another soul caught up in the maelstrom of the plight of Primordial Light plaguing Norvrandt, Ceri plays the part of a Crystarium Guard lieutenant that is doing all she can to keep everyone's spirits uplifted. Normally just an adventurer trying to fill out the corners of the map that her father left her, all while maintaining her job as a caretaker and the free-spirited woman that many have come to know and love in their lifetime, Ceridwen, or "Ceri", Cinderblossom refuses to let people worry about her well-being.
There's so much t'see beyond Kholusia an' th' Crystarium...will I even be able t'see it all?
Ocean Blue, with vibrant teal limbal rings Orange with red-violet highlights Very slight tan, with a receding ivory scale pattern Small, fit for a mage, but definitely not muscular A very evident "country twang", unless she is carefully thinking about her words.
Confident, but relaxed Ambidextrous, Right-leaning A strange, crest-like etching between her shoulder blades in the shape of small wings. It is sweltering to the touch, but doesn't affect her clothing or herself. The only "markings" of note are that her scale patterns appear slightly receded compared to most Drahn. Fashionably functional. Could be considered "punk" or even "early cyberpunk" fashion by modern standards.
Hair & Eyes
Ceri's hair is very well-kept and, for the most part, straight until the edges, where it tends to curl slightly inward. She tends to keep it fairly short--at, or just past her shoulders--for both style and ease of maintenance. After all, if it gets too long, it's a hazard if she needs to see! Her eyes are a bright ocean blue and have equally dazzling, teal limbals that vary in hue according to her mood or the environmental light. Most of the time, however, her eyes mimic the surface of water, crystal clear and piercing.
Physique & Markings
Ceri is surprisingly more fit than the average mage, owing it to her constant treks through Lakeland and Kholusia--scaling cliffs, crossing vast fields, and, like most armed adventurers and members of the Guard do, hunting Sin Eaters. She's got the rough and tumble markings of a woman with a sense of adventure, and her skin, while not wholly marred by her lifestyle, is not perfectly clear of complexion, either. Mostly boasting small nicks and cuts from an unfortunate tumble or a rough battle, the biggest scar she has is a slash across her upper right arm, nearer to her shoulder--a blade wound garnered from an attacking Eulmoran soldier during the raid across Lakeland, and bears a single, telling marking, a "warning" she calls it, as she is a hundred percent certain it is derived from magic: a small, crest-like marking that emits great heat, shaped like small wings and centered between her shoulder blades. Other than the strange temperature variance, the marking looks like any other old scar, darkened but still lighter against her skin.
Hygiene & Attire
While she's not afraid to get down and dirty, Yuri understands the importance of hygiene and tries to maintain as such. She bathes as often as she can, and doesn't like to go more than a few days without a proper shower or bath, as it makes her scales itch something fierce. Anything she uses to bathe with errs on the fruity and spicy side, and it was said at one point that her scent is reminiscent of mulled cider--though whether that's from her bathing or drinking habits, it's hard to say. Yuri is rarely seen in her Guardsman gear; instead preferring thick leather jackets and gloves, high boots, and oftimes a pair of shorts or a short skirt to throw the ensemble together. While she does wear glasses, the lenses are fake or missing--Yuri can see just fine, and she uses them to accentuate a sexier or cuter look.
Psychological Profile
Like most of those who live on Norvrandt, Yuri has lost many to the Eaters--family, lovers, friends, and patients. Still, you wouldn't know it by talking with her. She keeps an upbeat, cheerful personality around most people, in public or private, and very rarely does she let the mask crack and show the real Sayuri underneath--a woman who is struggling to make it in a world that doesn't want anyone to live, where the next day or hour could be your last.
She tends to have a very active voice--always sounding cheerful or excited, her upbeat tempo that matches her outward persona is infectious and inspirational to others. She has a habit of speaking before thinking, which leads to either nonsensical musings, or putting herself in hot water if the wrong thing is said around the wrong person.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
There's not a lot of room for philosophy in a world on its last legs. Yuri recognizes that her world could end at any time, and as such strives to live in the moment, and live each day like it was her last--it very well could be, for all she knows! As such, she is surprisingly one of the first to dive headlong into danger, letting others do the thinking while she acts. Outside of combat, she has a lust for life that cannot be quenched, and values the smiles of her friends and loved ones over all else--that's why she always does things for them, such as cook, run errands, drink with them and listen to their stories.
● Fishing
● Cooking for others
● Swimming
● Art -- Specifically, she does so in her spare time.
● Paissa and any subgenres of them (Phooka are the only faefolk she likes)
● Faefolk (the Fuath especially, with exception to phooka)
● Sin Eaters
● Eulmore at large
● Chef
● Artist
● Herbalism
● Carer
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Wisdom
Above Average: Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence
Average: Constitution, Strength
Low: None
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: Arcanima
Average: Thaumaturgy
Novice: Conjury
Untrained: Blue, Red Magic
Weapon Training
Mastery: None
Expert: None
Average: Archery, Guns
Novice: Unarmed Combat (A mix of kickboxing and street fighting styles)
Untrained: Everything else
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Spellcraft (Arcanima), Bravery, Improvisation
Above Average: Fearlessness (or Bravado/Recklessness)
Average: Spellcraft (Conjury), Archery, Self-Preservation
Low: Tactics, Diplomacy, Espionage
Non-Combat Abilities
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Combat Abilities
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