Chidori Farcloud

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 Chidori Farcloud
Gender Female
Race Au ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Othard
Place of Birth Small Village called Orozo
Nameday 30th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Marital Status Taken by Roger Holmes.
Occupation Assistant to the Knoltros.
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Basic Info


Height: 5'5

Weight: 105 ponze

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Ice blue

Character History


Chidori Farcloud is from a small mountain village called Orozo. She is from a long line of priestesses that protect the village, her mother being the previous one. Chidori being the daughter blessed with the strongest magical aptitude, would someday follow in her foot steps.

The future never comes to pass, however, as a roaming band of Chaghan attacked her clan and their village...

Chidori and Minori looked on as one of the village guards wielded his sword, trying to keep the two sisters safe. Chi watches the horror as panic rises. "Kumo?! Where is Kumo?" She frantically tries to pull away from Minori, looking for their younger sister. Minori tries to keep her grip. "Chi no, Kumori is fine, Arashi and papa are still out there too, will keep Kumori safe."Chi manages to pull away only to bump into a very large Chaghan. She timidly looks up at the male. "O-oh.." In that faithful moment, a wandering shinobi seemed to appear out of thin air, stiking the man down. The sisters only managed to catch a glimpse of bright blue eyes and a masked lalafell before he threw himself back into the fray.

Haru, their father, rounded up the two sisters ushering them away. Chi fought against their father. "W-what of Arashi?! Kumori? Need to find." Haru shakes his head. "Not now little one, I saw them on the battlefield. Arashi has Kumori, he will keep her safe. For now..we must away." The three managed to escape their home village, making their way to Kugane. With whispers in the wind of revolting against the Garlean empire in the air, their father felt it best to send the sisters off while he went in search of Kumori and Arashi.

In the rush to see the sisters off, the sisters were separated. Minori clung to her sister as they were ushered to the boat. The two torn apart by force. A guff hyur barked. "That boat is full now, one must take another. Chi pleaded with the man. "N-no wait, that is Ch-..." but it was already too late. Chi was pushed on to the boat, leaving Minori on the dock to wait for the next.

Once on Eorzea land, Chi looked around at the sea of strangers. She sat on the ground, curling up, she softly started to cry. A small hand touches her arm, she jumps as she looks up. A lalafell smiles at her, holding out his hand. "Do you need a work? A home? I can help you." Chi looks uncertain for a moment, before taking the mans hand. "Y-yes. Can help find sisters?" The lalafell tilts his head at the strange way she spoke. "You lost your sisters?" Chi nods. The man hmmms. "I am quite the clever fellow, I will see what I can do. For are you with mechanics." Chi shakes her head in a no motion. The lalafell pats her arm. "I will teach you. Chappa is the name by the way."

Chappa and Chi spent a good year together, before he introduced her to the Knoltros. This is where her life at the Wandering Tonberry began.

The Wandering Tonberry

Life at the Wandering Tonberry has been fairly pleasant for Chidori. She is a very hard working little raen, getting up in the wee hours of the morning to make sure the lodge is in shape for the day. A quick sweep of the poach, doing a bit of paperwork for the Knoltros and any errands they may have left her, she does it all. She even serves at the lodges tavern or cooks if her sister, Sayo doesn't show up. She even comes on hunts if another healer is needed, sometimes even despite Roger's protests.

Chi also spends her time tending to her flowers and the small shop she has inside the lodge. She adores all kinds of flowers and loves to arrange them in small pins to wear. She travels out to Morabay docks once a moon to sell her wares at the Seabreeze Bazaar with her sisters. Sayo tends to give her little sister a hard time since Chi sells her pins for low cost. Chi does it for the smiles more than the gil, she loves to brighten peoples day.

Chi recently started to work part time at Stellazzio Pizzeria. A favorite restaurant among those at the Wandering Tonberry lodge. Chi jumped at the chance to work there, making a little gil on the side.


• Loving, bubbly girl.

• Bit shy around strangers, tends to be quick to warm up.

• Talks in third person, doesn't use pronouns. This is a Chi trait, not a reflection of where she is from.

• Very polite, uses honorifics.


• Naive

• Clumsy


• Losing people dear to her.


• Despite how she speaks, she is highly intelligent. Books are a passion for her.

• Artistic.

• Loves to dance.

• Loves to grow flowers and make items from them, such as hair pins.

Fun Favorites

  • Color: Pink.
  • Food: Salad.
  • Drinks: Mulled Tea.
  • Scent: Ocean breeze.
  • Place: Costa del Sol, Limsa Lominsa.
  • Festival: Moonfire Faire.

Abilities and Skills


• On her person she usually has a sketchbook. Sometimes flowers and/or flower pins.


• Pets/furry friends: Chi has a fair few pets and furry friends. Spiritual animals seem drawn to her, often falling her around. Rudy - fish, Rex - pug, Rue - terrier, Rosemary - sheep, Randell - dodo, Rocco - tanuki, Riley - sparrow, Rowan - fox, River - chocobo.


• Chidori isn't one for weapons, however she does have an old staff that did belong to her mother.


• Chidori has magic ablities she has barely scrapped the surface of. In combat she tends to summon the use of wind, at times earth as well. Giving the choice, she would prefer not to fight as that isn't something she is skilled at.

Rumors and Relationships


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
■“That girl must have something wrong with her, she seems to struggle with simple sentences.”
■“That girl?! I saw her at a tavern once with a lalafell. They set a miqo'te on fire with some weird device.”

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
■“You know, she works at The Wandering Tonberry, that lot always is getting into trouble.”
■“Oh...her. She is always following around this white haired miqo'te with stars in her eyes.”

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
■“I heard she was very sheltered as a child, only was around her family til she was in her teens."
■“I saw her in a confrontation with this male Au ra. She made him just vanish! How!”

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"I've had quite the pleasure getting acquainted with the Farcloud Trio. May their mastery of flowers guide them to a prosperous future!" Thiji Higuri


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Haru Farcloud : Haru Farcloud, Chi's dear papa. Haru is a some what stern man with a strong sense of duty. Haru would carry and soothe Chi whenever she had a bad dream. One of Chi's favorite sounds is the soothing beat of Haru's heart as he held her against his chest.
Kaori Farcloud :(Deceased) Kaori was a kind woman with the most gentle of smiles. She loved all her children dearly, often watching them play in the gardens as she looked on. Kaori was a bit too easy going on Chi's training, the young girl would often get out of it by just using the sweetest of smiles on her mother.
Sakashi Farcloud : (Deceased) Chidori's sister in-law. (WIP)
Minori Farcloud : Chidori's little sister. Even though Minori is the younger of the two, Minori knows much more about the world than Chidori does.
Kumori Farcloud : Kumori is the second youngest of the sisters, often mistaken for Chi's older sister due to her more serious nature.
Sayori Farcloud : Chidori's elder sister. The most wild of the five Farcloud siblings.
Arashi Farcloud : Arashi is the eldest of the Farcloud siblings. Chi loves her big brother Arashi very much and worries for him often as he still resides on Othard.
Keyu Ishikiu : The lalafell that helped the Farcloud sisters leave Orthard. Recently reunited as the girls ran into a bandit on the road, Keyu revealed himself, chasing off the bandits.
Chappa Rappa : Chappa found Chi among the refugees,taking the bright eyed raen as an assistant. He became very dear to her. They would often be seen tinkering with this and that, most the time having a ill response to something they built. She regarded him as her sensei, learning much from him.
Roger Holmes : Roger was the first friendly face Chidori met during her arrival. The two became every close, shifting from a friendly relationship to one of a more romantic nature. She loves him with all her heart and would do anything for his happiness.
Flynt Knoltros : Chidori's boss at The Wandering Tonberry. Their first meeting was a bit rocky, however now they have more of a mutual respect for one another.
Ritsu Arlow : (Knoltros) Chidori's boss at The Wandering Tonberry.
Aden Dellebecque : One of the lodge members Chi enjoys being around. Chi often plays tag along when Aden mentions going out to Stellazio Pizzeria.
Marcette Lavellen : A fellow mage at the Wandering Tonberry. The two had a rocky beginning, but the two are more or less friends now.
Leah Carsen : (Leyweaver) Another mage that once worked at the Wandering Tonberry. Chi admires Leah and her extensive book collection. Even some of the more..a-hem.
Sirius Cicero : A friend of Chi's who wears many a hats. Author and adventurer. He often brings Chi a present or two when he passes thru the lodge. Sometimes a new book? Sometimes a fancy dress from an exotic land.
Luthrose Nailothain : Luth and Chi met near the Bismark on a rainy day. Minori and Chi took shelter from the rain, bumping into the miqo'te. The two share a love of books and often speak on various new ones that they have read.
Lalara Lara: Lalara is a ward taken in by Doctor Marcette. Chi views her as a little sister even though Lalara could more than likely protect Chi better than Chi could protect Lalara.
Merrick Lockwoord: Merrick is a fellow Chi met at the lodge. He came around looking for Flynt. Flynt wasn't around so Chi played tour guide, showing Merrick around and offering a roof over his head. Chi likes the man, from her point of view he is kind.

Music Themes

Touch the Sky


♥ Chidori & Roger themes


Music Video

♥ Chidori REALLY REALLY likes Roger


Roger & Chi



Artwork Other

Other Notes


Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

  • For Chi specifically, friends are always a good thing. Possibly a teacher/mentor as well.
  • Chi the flower girl - Chi loves to make flower pins! Should you want her to give them out at an event or party, just give notice to get her stock up. Chi(& possibly sisters)is happy to come hand out. Please keep in mind, 18+ event aren't something she would attend, so those are out for her.

More info on Chi's flowers here!


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