Roger Holmes

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 Roger Holmes
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Sun
Citizenship N/A
Place of Birth Unknown
Nameday (Prediction) 20th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Occupation Investigator/Hunter
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Basic Info

"My sense of humor could be considered odd…" —Roger Holmes


Height: 5'11

Weight: ~145 ponze

Complexion: Bronze

Hair: Black with Dark Blue Highlights

Eyes: Emerald Green

Character History


Holmeless Holmes

The young miqo'te did not know when he was born, didn't know where he was from, knew not of family or friends, he didn't even know his own name. He was practically a blank slate for anyone that so happened to stumble upon him. A single man came across this miqo’te near the boundaries of Eastern Thanalan and The South Shroud, it is not known whether it was planned or mere coincidence that he found this child all by his lonesome but he offered his hand to the miqo’te, promising him a home and a place to do some good. The young child looked at the man’s hand not knowing what a home felt like nor did he have a reason to think that he was a bad person. He took the man's hand and accepted his offer, being taken back to his group and his 'home'...

The Organization

This organization trained him at a very young age the art of espionage, using his innocence and age to their advantage. They tasked him to completing various missions for them in order to further advance their own goals. The missions he was tasked with always involved never inflicting harm or seeing harm to the target as to prevent most of the adolescent members to feel remorse for their actions. They wished to control them in every aspect possible, making them believe that this was the only way of life.

The young miqo'te continued completing any and all tasks given to him, honing his skills and quickly rising in the ranks of the organization. His intellect was his greatest asset as it let him surpass several adults within the group. His curiosity was one of the reasons his intellect was ever growing; he was always curious as to how things worked, trying to learn whatever he could as he came across them. He would sneak into the organization's library at night with a makeshift lantern of a large lightly-corked vial containing several glowflys, making sure to provide them with air as he sated his curiosity of learning by reading as many books as possible.

He was also very quick to adapt to situations, aiding him in acclimating himself in various environments and scenarios which called for quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. All of these traits helped him complete many missions for the organization, believing that he was helping them do some good in this world. That is, until one night...

Eyes Wide Open

He was on a mission to search for an individual and to relay his location back to the organization. The miqo’te found the man rather quickly and observing him from a distance as he wandered around the market, trying to find some form of work. The man would beg several people as he seemed desperate in earning gil to no avail. The young miqo’te was curious as to why the man was such in dire need of gil, following him until the man returned to his shack of a home. The young miqo’te peeked in one of the window, looking around the room as he set eyes on another child. However, this child seem to look rather ill, constantly coughing and asking if his father brought any food home today. The father sadly shook his head, his eyes began to water as he was beginning to lose hope.

This would have saddened the young miqo’te, if he ever experienced emotions before. He was taught to never feel them whenever he was on a mission, the organization’s attempt to control its members to perform at the best of their abilities.

However, the child did feel something towards this father and his son, but was unable to pinpoint exactly what it was as a small pain filled his heart. He quickly returning back to the organization to complete his mission. This should have been like all the missions he had completed countless times in the past, but his curiosity and this feeling in his heart finally got the better of him, causing him to return to the location after finishing his mission. He wished to see the result of his objective as he hoped that perhaps the father would be assisted in some manner or taken in by the organization along with his son. He finally witnessed the results of his actions…

He saw one of the senior members approach the individual, examining him for a brief moment before speaking to the father, stating that a merchant in the city accused him of stealing her merchandise. Rather than speaking to the authorities, the merchant decided that the father needed to learn the errors of his ways. He quickly struck the father down on the ground before he could utter a single word, blood beginning to pool around the body. The young miqo’te could not believe what he just saw, the result being nothing like he thought would happen. The assassin then turned to the sickly child, the young miqo’te hoping that at the very least they would take the child into the organization and give him a home like they did for him. However, the assassin gave the child the same look he gave to his father, slowly raising his blade as the son screamed out in horror.

It was then when the young miqo’te reacted, finally coming back to reality as he barged into the home, shoving the assassin into the wall and causing him to drop his blade. The assassin quickly knocked the young miqo’te to the ground as he used his strength over this child. The young miqo’te hit the ground quite hard, shaking his head to try and collect himself, his eyes beginning to focus on the blade on the ground as the assassin unsheathed a dagger from his side. The assassin knew his code well; a member that attacks another member whilst in the middle of a mission was punishable by death. This was both to send a message to the rest of the members of the organization as well as removing any possible loose ends...

The assassin quickly attempted to stab down towards the downed miqo’te, but the child quickly used his tail to wrap around one of the man’s legs and kicks off the man’s other leg with his both of his own to cause the man to miss his mark. The assassin stumbles as the miqo'te propelled himself off of the leg and towards the sword to take hold of it. The young miqo’te tried to hold the blade with one hand, but it was too heavy for him to wield with a single arm. He quickly adapted himself and gripping the lower end of the hilt with his other hand, bringing the blade slightly upright as he looked back to the assassin as he made his approach. The dashed in try try and slash the boy down to the ground. The boy quickly calculated that the man’s swing was too wide, stepping in just before he could complete his swinging arc to stab him in the chest. The assassin suddenly stopped moving, but his arm continued swinging, causing the dagger to slice the chin of the young miqo’te before falling over to join the father on the ground.

There was too much that just occurred that he didn't have time to process his actions. He could have saved the father, he could have prevented his death and possibly the death of another member, the son did not have to become an orphan... Many thoughts began to race through his mind. He left the child most of his possessions he currently had on his person, telling him to leave this house, to sell these possessions to buy some food, to find an orphanage nearby, and to never speak of what happened in fear that the organization may look for the son for answers.

Curiosity Ensues

This is when the young miqo’te ran, leaving the organization as he paid special attention in covering his tracks as he hid himself in the woods of the Black Shroud. He avoided direct contact from other people to prevent being found and to avoid having to be put in another situation to kill another person again. He began to lose himself, feeling that the time he spent with the organization was all a lie, that all of his actions there could have possibly led to the deaths of many people, not just the father of that night. He later came to terms with some of his actions, knowing that he had to stop his fellow member from killing the boy and that it was the right thing to do. However, he still wished that it could have been solved without violence.

He stayed in the woods for many years, learning to hunt his prey on his own as it was a necessity to living. He fashioned his own traps, testing them time and time again until he discovered that specific traps were more effective on specific creatures. He lived off the land for quite some time, but something was missing for this growing miqo’te; his thirst for learning. After he became well-versed in hunting his daily meals and of studying the local wildlife, he grew bored of the repetitiveness of his lifestyle.

His curiosity began to draw him towards the nearby towns and the merchants which passed through them, observing them whilst being in the shadows in an attempt to learn how people interacted with one another. He was intrigued to hear of their stories of family, conflicts, and the other aspects of life, never truly knowing any of these things in his own life. After some time, he decided that if these merchants came from the main city-states, then that would be the perfect place to learn of similar experiences in which they regaled to their acquaintances about. This was when he began his journey to Ul’dah and fashioned his own name on the journey there. The meaning behind his choice of name was something he would keep to himself, but he was to be called Roger Holmes.

History After First Appearance

Sai's Guys

Roger would spend his time in and around the Quicksand during his recent return to society. One to learn what topics people would speak about to one another as well as learning how one was to speak to other people. One sun, he came across a female miqo'te named Ari which seemed to be troubled by a multitude of issues. His curiosity began to entice him to figure out what those issues were, figuring out that her mother named Sai, was attempting to steal her children away from her. Roger could not necessarily relate to the issue at hand since he didn't know anything about family, but he saw that speaking about it caused a series of intense emotions to emanate from the woman. He decided that he would do what he could to help this woman and to protect her children.

He used his perceptiveness as well his adaptation skills to be trick Sai into thinking that he was interested in her as well as her goals, being hired by her in her team to retrieve the children. He kept an ever watchful eye on the team's movements, relaying information to the Ari so that she could plan accordingly and keep her children out of arm's reach from the mother, Sai. Eventually Sai would halt her endeavors for stealing the children, at least for a time, and Roger's new friend could have a moment of respite.

Blue-collar Job... Collars are Optional

After his previous ordeal, he took some time to learn about the people he has encountered since his return to society. One of them, Raik, mentioned something about his employment in a cafe by a certain lalafell named Gus Pumpkinweed. Just as soon as Raik mentioned the name, the man appeared out of nowhere and began promoting his business as well as looking for possible employees. Being employed at a cafe would make it easier to learn how people spoke to one another, what current events were being spoke about, as well as give him an opportunity to learn what being an employee involved. He took the lalafell's offer and was employed as a waiter/model, little did he know what the job actually entailed...

He learned quite a bit on how to make people feel more comfortable around strangers as well as having more confidence in using his assets to his advantages (taking off his shirt during a gathering comes to his mind), doing what he felt he needed to do to make people happy as well as their bellies filled. He also met quite a few new people in the process.

Deep Reflecti-ah!

It seemed like a normal day for him, sitting just outside of the Quicksand in front of the nearby fountain. His eyes were focused on the flowing water, wandering to the edges of his mind until he was snapped back to reality. A blonde miqo'te wearing an eyepatch and a weirdly shaped piece of metal at her side, and a tall elezen with a bow on her back. They both approached him, the former asking him what he was doing on the ground. He barely finished his explanation when the female miqo'te shoved him into fountain, causing him to get out of it soaking wet. The miqo'te was gone before he could respond angrily, but the elezen stayed long enough to apologize on her behalf before running off after her. His anger subsided due to the apology, but his confusion and curiosity remained as he began to wonder why it happened in the first place...

A few days passed before he ran into the elezen once again, seeing her inside the Quicksand this time around. He approached her and they began speaking to one another, learning that she was the bodyguard of the blonde-haired miqo'te as well as that the miqo'te had an unusual personality. He asked the elezen named Ritsu about the piece of metal that was on her side before, learning that it was something called a gunblade. This intrigued the miqo'te, trying to ask more about the gunblade until...


...A lalafell approached the pair at the table. Blonde hair, looking refined but yet casual at the same time. Cool, calm, collected. He addressed Ritsu about their 'task' and how the process was coming along. They exchanged a few words, but their vagueness caused Roger to believe that the task was more than what they were letting on. He offered to help Ritsu with the task if she would allow him, learning that the lalafell tasked her in guarding his sister, the blonde-haired miqo'te (among other things). Despite his anger with the miqo'te from before, he indirectly tried to help Ritsu with obstacles that came in the way until realizing that the smaller tasks pointed towards a grander scheme. A plan that the lalafell envisioned for quite some time on how to make Eorzea as great as it could be. It was only then when he learned that the lalafell was actually a Garlean in disguised and with the codename "The Coyote."

He spent quite a long portion of his time trying to figure out The Coyote's true intentions, seeing that he was trying to influence groups as a whole as well as shifting the blame from himself onto others. Roger would fail several times from stopping The Coyote, only seeming to slow him down with the help of Ritsu and a few others. Different appearances, changing motives, unknown accomplices. Anything and everything seemed at the lalafell's disposal and it almost proved too much for Roger to handle, let alone comprehend. Trying to follows the Coyote's each and every move caused Roger to develop the ability to predict people's moves or actions... Or become paranoid. Perhaps a combination of the two, but the end goal was always to protect the people as a whole from this Garlean's plans.

The Wandering Tonberry

He eventually ran into the leader of a hunting lodge called the Wandering Tonberry during one of his investigations pertaining to a particular garlean. The leader, Flynt Knoltros, was looking for able-bodied individuals who had experience in hunting or anything that would assist in hunting. Given Roger's previous life living off of the land during his days in the Shroud, he thought that this might have been more stable work than the jobs he was doing previously.

He ended up joining this group whilst continuing with his other side jobs but as time progressed, the Wandering Tonberry became his main focus due to the people there. Mark were tracked, past histories of himself and his friends resurfaced and were dealt with... All the experience he has had here made him the person that he is today, as well as gaining a family he never had in the past.



• Feeling Emotions (past). Emotions inhibiting his logical side.

• Tends to over-analyze.

• Unable to resist telling a joke or pun, even in unfavorable situations.


• The well-being of the people who are dear to him.

• Being alone again, as he was when he was a child and during his time in the Shroud.


• Can quickly adapt to situations.

• Able to discern certain information which may not be apparent a normal individual.

• Self-taught in the way of the sword, using unorthodox techniques depending on the blade in hand as well as the situation in front of him.

Fun Favorites

  • Color: Blue.
  • Food: Yes.
  • Drinks: Pumpkinweed Ale.
  • Scent: __________ .
  • Place: Costa de Sol, Limsa Lominsa, Mist Beach.
  • Festival: Moonfire Faire.

Abilities and Skills


• Blue Booklet – A small tome which he takes out and jots down anything of importance or interest which he wishes to review at a later date.

• Tail - Roger has an unusually high dexterity with using his tail, using it as if it was another hand at times. Sometimes it could be seen moving about on it own as if it was its own separate entity with a mind of its own, or so he would lead people to believe.


• Blades – Roger has a small variety of one handed swords at his disposal, using specific ones for certain scenarios in and effort to understand the strengths and weakness of certain match-ups of weapons.

• Hand to Hand – Has been known to have an unusual style of martial combat, using unpredictable moves to confuse his opponent.

• Dagger – Although rarely used, if the man appears to be unarmed, he most likely has a small, concealable dagger on his person, alternating the position at where he conceals it to prevent anyone from knowing its exact location if seen once.


• He began with just a minor ability to tend to people wounds with a chant at the cost of his own wellbeing, but after somewhat recent events he has been able to tap into his aether which was previously locked. Ability to use healing magic to mend injuries as well as able to use wind magic. While not as powerful as other mages, he tries to make up the lack in power with his adaptability, using his surroundings as well as sometimes using his opponents spells against them to turn the tides of battle.

Rumors and Relationships


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
■“He likes to joke around quite a bit.”
■“I thought I was bad at puns… But this guy makes me cringe sometimes.”
■“He can be quite smart at times, but he tends to overthink things.”
■“I think I seen that guy shirtless at the Piquant Pumpkin Café a few times.”

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
■“My friend told me that this miqo’te used to work for Gus Pumpkinweed as a model.”
■“Sometimes he seems to try and make people laugh in an effort to make them forget about their troubles.”

■“I heard that he doesn't even know how old he actually is. Isn't that weird?”
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
■“This man jumped off a cliff and injured both of his legs just to see if his friend was alright.”

■“ I heard that he stabbed his girlfriend once...”
■“ I’ve seen him put up a front for his troubled friends to not make them worry, but I saw the pain within his eyes.”
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
■"Cheating bastard! He told me he was over that elezen..and then!!" *shakes head, sighing.* - Mokuren Eldrid (Aka Ren)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
/ Chidori Farcloud : It firsted started with the pair bumping into one another in Ul'Dah. She was learning under a inventor/engineer lalafell named Chappa, but ended up needing a new line of work as the lalafell seemed to have disappeared. Roger offered her a position at the Wandering Tonberry without really asking if there was a position to give, wanting to help her in any way that he could. They slowly ended up learning more about one another, Roger teaching her about Eorzea's society and common practices people did there whilst she showed him how to see the good in everyone despite their previous actions. Eventually feelings began to develop within each of them for one another, causing them to become a relationship as well as now living together.
/ Ritsu Arlow : The first person in which Roger could confide in after his return to society. Although their first encounter was unusual with Ritsu’s friend Ilithyia Aureus pushing Roger into a water fountain, he felt this unusual aura around her, feeling that she wasn’t like her brash friend, peaking Roger’s curiosity. Roger emotionless streak began to dissipate upon meeting this elezen, showing him that logic wasn’t the only method to making one’s choices; sometimes you have to do things from the heart. He began being drawn to her, feeling an attraction that he had never felt before, beginning to realize that he was in love with her. His feelings were returned to an extent, but to prevent causing her future harm and ruining the friendship which they all had, he let her go in hopes that she would have a more peaceful life, not having to worry about choosing who she loved. Regardless, Roger has assisted her in her hardships and obstacles with various foes and beasts, as well as helping her find her sister, Karin Arlow. Ritsu introduced Roger to Flynt, leader of the Wandering Tonberry Trading Company. They usually are on the same wavelength about certain topics, abstaining from violence unless necessary, looking to understand something before jumping in headfirst into danger, as well as both having a sense of justice. Ritsu is Roger’s dearest and closest person to him and he is willing to do anything to ensure her safety and happiness.
Flynt Knoltros : Roger’s second closest individual, previous rival, and leader of the Wandering Tonberry, a hunting/trading company which Roger joined at a later date. Roger and Flynt can usually be seen being at odds when it comes to how to approach scenarios, but they do so based on their own experience on such matters. This has caused them, as well as Ritsu, to form a bond of understanding, using their collected opinion and thought processes to overcome obstacles which would have most likely ended in their own demise if they acted on their own. Roger is always a bit hesitant on Flynt’s actions, but it is more due to concern than anything else.
Karin Arlow : Sister of Ritsu (Arlow) Knoltros. They met one another on the Isles of Umbra in Western La Noscea in the trio’s attempt to search for Ritsu’ missing sister. Karin and Roger share an unusual relationship; Karin is sometimes seen criticizing Roger in public. This is not due to spite or anger however, which Roger realized later; it was Karin’s attempt to try and make Roger understand his flaws and weaknesses in order for him to better himself as a swordsman and as a person. Although they do not speak much due to Karin’s nature of wandering off randomly, Roger thinks highly of her due to her insight. Also, Roger feels that she shared a similar lifestyle of being unable to act properly in normal society, both seeming to not have emotions at one point, but slowly beginning to become more open with them, Roger moreso than Karin.
Raik Samil : Another of Roger’s close friends, someone that has always been there whenever Roger has been in need of further assistance. Their meeting came from a common acquaintance which then began to grow as they became coworkers at the Piquant Pumpkin Café, then fellow hunters later down the road. Roger tends to joke with Raik on a regular basis, feeling a somewhat brotherly bond with him, although not as close as Roger is with Flynt. This is Roger’s go-to miqo’te if he needs help with confrontational encounters.
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You’re Not Alone


Other Notes

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