Flynt Knoltros

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Flynt Knoltros
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Unknown
Nameday 14th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Marital Status Married
Occupation Ex-Dragoon/Monster Hunter

Basic Info

"What have I done for The Sky?" —Flynt Knoltros


Height: 5'11

Weight: 172 ponze

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Character History

The Brothers Knoltros (0-14)

Flynt was born in the 1548 year of the Sixth Astral Era, in one of the many cramped row houses that line Limsa Lominsa lower levels. His mother was a trained seamstress, though in truth she had not worked as one in some time. For several years before Flynt's birth she had worked as a prostitute, frequenting the bars and taverns that adorned Limsa's docks and shadier districts. His father was a privateer, and died without ever knowing he was a father. After his birth, Flynt's mother gave up her newborn boy, leaving him on the doorstep of one of Limsa's many orphanages.

Flynt was left with nothing, not even a name. The name Flynt came from one of the wet nurses who worked in the orphanage, who claimed as a young boy he had a knack for "sparking trouble" like a piece of flint. Like most orphans in Limsa, Flynt grew up fast. Stealing bread and fish with the other orphans and fleeing the city guards was an almost daily ritual. That was until the day a young Lalafell by the name of Nipan arrived in Flynt's orphanage. Nipan was small, even for a Lalafell youth. On top of that it was obvious that the child hadn't spent the first six or so years of his life in the same circumstances as the orphans he now found himself surrounded by. The other orphans quickly descended onto the frightened newcomer, all of them excited to introduce Nipan to the struggles of his new life personally. For some reason unknown even to himself, Flynt couldn't allow it. Armed with an old broom handle which he had fashioned into a makeshift polearm, Flynt took the small Lalafell under his wing.

The two quickly became inseparable, and over the next six years the two boys began to consider one another brothers. They called themselves "The Brothers Knoltros", taking the name from that of a small alley which the two had claimed as their own. Flynt kept food in their bellies when the orphanage wasn't able to do so, and Nipan found the most creative ways to make gil in order to put something other than holes in their pockets. This was until an aging merchant, and prior orphan, saw Nipan explaining to Flynt a complex plan that would earn the two more gil than they had accrued up to that point. The merchant, Dallet, saw potential in the clever Lalafell and spoke with him about coming on as his apprentice.

Flynt knew that his younger brother would never accept the offer unless Flynt was to come along as well, and after meeting with Dallet himself he knew that was not an option instead. So he wrote a letter to his bright young brother, gave it to Dallet, and spent one final day wandering the streets of Limsa Lominsa with Nipan. He then explained that he would not be have to stay a few days before leaving for Ul’dah, but that Dallet had chartered safe passage for him with another caravan. Upon their arrival in Ul’dah, Dallet would give Nipan the letter Flynt had written to him, explaining why he did what he did, and that some day he would return for his brother.

To Ishghard (14-16)

Everything that could have once been considered Flynt's was now gone. What surprised him about this however, was the strange sense of excitement it made him feel. He was still lonely, and a large part of him worried that he might not survive the journey that he was preparing to take. Over the years Flynt had discovered a passion for sparring and combat, specifically with the spear. Flynt spent countless mornings and afternoons training with the bronze skinned spear fisherman who lined the various piers of Limsa's lower quarters. In addition to their fishing techniques, these men had developed a rudimentary combat system based around their tools of the trade. Flynt trained fanatically with these men, doing whatever odd job or menial task they asked of him in exchange for more time to learn the way of the spear.

During that time Flynt had heard stories of legendary warriors in the north who had taken the art of the spear to a new level, and who fought in the skies themselves against evil beasts in order to protect their land. Flynt had always dreamed of leaving Limsa and travelling north to train with these majestic warriors. With nothing left but a simple spear and travelling supplies (purchased by the kindly Dallet), then seemed as good a time as any to make that dream a reality. It took months for Flynt to reach the outskirts of Coerthas, and there was more than one occasion where he was certain that he would not make it. He nearly found himself posting up in Gridania upon seeing the Wood Wailers and discovering the Lancer's Guild located within the city. He spent close to two months in Gridania, studying almost non-stop with the instructors of the Lancer's Guild. He took whatever jobs they would give him, from searching for lost pets to exterminating minor vermin that migrated too close to the city's limits.

All of this preparation was in pursuit of one goal, and though he had gotten a bit sidetracked he had not forgotten. Feeling more confident than ever Flynt finally arrived in Falcon’s Nest. It was a small town, south of Camp Riversmeet and less than a day’s ride from Ishgard itself. It was here that he sought entrance into the prestigious ranks of the Ishgardian Dragoons, and where he also discovered the incredible distrust and xenophobia commonly found in Ishgardian citizens. Flynt spent the first three weeks sleeping in barns and living off of the little gil he had, coupled with what he could hunt for himself. The largely Elezen and Hyur population seemed to be very unhappy with a young Miqo’te in their midst, with the kindest people ignoring him and the worst openly berating him in the streets.

Out of the Darkness (16-16)

Then the ebb and flow of the Dravanian attacks began to increase, and all those who could fight in Falcon’s Nest were “summoned” to the Holy City. Flynt had tried multiple times to get into the mighty city of Ishgard, only to be turned back every time by the Gate of Judgement’s sentries. Now however, bodies were needed and homeless Miqo’te’s were good enough to die for The Arch-Bishop. These new recruits, most of whom had never held a spear, spent the next four weeks in a simple training regimen that made them just competent enough to die without looking foolish. Flynt however was a different case. His previous training and experience, coupled with his natural affinity for the spear enabled him to spend less of his time reviewing the basics and more of it training with career foot soldiers and lower knights. After the completion of their training, the new recruits were sent south again to augment the forces of a mid level lord in House Dzemael. Fate however had something else planned, and most would never make it to Lord Calieur's however.

While on the road south, Flynt's Company was attacked by a roving pack of wyverns. Nearly all of Flynt's Company was killed in the initial attack, and Flynt saw firsthand the horrors of battle as the scaled beasts tore apart and devoured the men around him. Flynt fled with two other men and their Commanding Officer, Dalinat Calieur, the eldest son of Lord Calieur and fledgling Dragoon, whose first assignment had been to collect this new batch of recruits. The young Lieutenant was injured in the initial skirmish, leaving Flynt and two others to carry the man to safety. A few hours after they fled it became apparent that they were being hunted, and decisions needed to be made on how they would continue. The forest which they had fled into granted them some safety, as it forced their scaled foes to track them on foot and the density of the trees slowed the Goobbue sized creatures. They were pursued into the night, and the other two men, fearing that the rogue wyvern or wyverns that were gaining ground, left Flynt and Dalinat to die.

Redemption and Rebirth (16-28)

The details of what happened within those woods and on the roads back to Camp Riversmeet are unknown. What is known is that a week after the entire Company had been declared dead, Flynt and Dalinat arrived at Camp Riversmeet. Dalinat was near dead, the wound he had sustained had only gotten worse due to a lack of treatment and constant movement. Flynt, while in better shape, looked far worse. He returned nearly delirious, covered in blood and gore, with his chest and hands covered in first and second degree burns. In near delirium the two were rushed to the camps healers and nursed back to health over the course of a week. During this time Flynt battled endless Dravanian foes in his fevered dreams, standing on the very edge of death and defeat. In his brief moments of lucidity, he remembered being visited by a kindly old priest who assured him that as long as he were to believe, Halone would continue to protect and guide him. His final fever dream ended with the bronze shield and three spears of Halone coming to him at his most dire moment and vanquishing the enemies that tormented him. When Flynt awoke he immediately pledged unending faith in The Fury, and prayed on the side of his bed until the nurses and healers forced him to stop and rest.

A few days after Flynt was taken off of bed rest, Dalinat awoke. A few days after Dalinat and his father, Lord Calieur summoned Flynt to appear before them. It was there that Lord Calieur gave his thanks to the young Miqo’te who saved not only his son, but his legacy. Hardly a heartbeat passed in between the time that Lord Calieur asked what he could do in return and Flynt’s response. He wished to become an Ishgardian Knight, a Dragoon in the service of Lord Calieur. He swore fealty to Lord Calieur and in turn, Halone. Though initially hesitant, Lord Calieur honored Flynt’s request and ensured that, if he completed his training he would be a Knight Dragoon under his service. For more than two years Flynt underwent the vigorous training that would turn men to Knights of the Sky. Though trained, Flynt's skills with the lance were far inferior to that of his peers. These men had received formal training with the spear since they could stand, whereas much of what Flynt learned was either self taught or from the little instruction he got in the Lancer's Guild and in the Holy City before his run in with the wyverns. Daily sparring left Flynt nearly paralyzed by pain and injury. He continued to train however, and with every duel, every exercise, he grew more skilled. Lord Calieur was not happy with Flynt only being competent in the martial sense however. At night, Flynt's tutor would arrive to instruct him on the history of Ishgard, the teachings of the Arch-Bishop and Halone, and of the famous works of Eorzea.

Upon completion of his training, Flynt was assigned to Dalinat's Company. Now a Captain, and a battle hardened Knight of Ishgard, Dalinat had become a respected Company Commander who fought on the frontlines against the Dravanian horde. Then Dalamud fell. Bahamut's rage swept over Eorzea, and the very landscape of Coerthas bent to his will. Bitter cold swept in, and snow fell with seemingly no end. The Dravanian beasts became emboldened, attacking outlying towns and cities in numbers not seen in hundreds of years. In these dark times the Dragon Knights of Ishgard fought tooth and nail to secure their borders and protect their people, but as time passed, the grim reality of their situation began to sink in. With every victory, tens of people were exposed to dragonkin capable of tainting the hearts of men. These men, women and children were branded heretics, and their execution mandated by the Arch-Bishop himself. Those suspected of hiding these heretics were tortured and killed to ensure no tainted citizens roamed the streets. On behalf of Lord Calieur and Halone, Flynt committed unspeakable acts, acts that he cannot to this day ask redemption for.

The exact details of Flynt's depature from Coerthas and how he came into possession of the Red Wyvern, a Calieur family heirloom, are unknown. What is known is that Flynt resurfaced in Limsa Lominsa, working in a tavern as a doorman until the company went out of business and many of its members disappeared. He then disappeared for close to a year along with his brother Nipan, their destination and goals unknown. Now the two have returned, with only a plan and a pocket full of gil to achieve their goals.

Tonberries in Stride (29-31)

The return of the Brother’s Knoltros to Limsa Lominsa went largely unnoticed, and why wouldn’t it? The two were far from well known, and even further from successful. That however, was about to change. During their travels the two had stumbled upon an idea so simple and perfect, it had to succeed. They would go in business together, with Flynt hunting large and dangerous game and Nipan trading the goods and exotic items that Flynt stumbled upon in his work. But just as moderate success came to the two, Nipan saw his brother falling into old habits. Nipan had hoped their time away would have helped his brother heal, but it seemed to only delay the return of his subconscious desire to die. Flynt had returned to taking the most dangerous marks he could find and drinking far too much when he could not find work he deemed worth taking.

And then he met her. Later, Flynt would reflect on the significance of that moment and how it affected him. At the moment however, it really was that simple and that profound, then he met /her/. She'd been working as a bodyguard for an incredibly frustrating young woman Flynt had met several days prior, mid binge. He'd wouldn't admit it, even to himself, but some part of him knew the moment he met her that he was in love. His limited social skill coupled with his 'prickly' demeanor however did him few favors, and after nearly coming to blows with another group of men after their first meeting she'd look at him like everyone else: A monster.

He began to ask about her more, discovering she was both a skilled hunter and tracker, and took a lot of side work out of Limsa as well. As such, he began taking more and more jobs out of the City-State and pretending he was not doing so in the small chance she would also be there. Finally, after a few failed attempts at summoning up some courage, he met with her at the Bismark and struck up a conversation. While she initially seemed rather guarded, they seemed to hit it off rather quickly.

Ritsu Arlow was the youngest daughter of Genma Arlow, a wealthy and renowned bowyer from Gridania. She had fled from her life in the Shroud to avoid an arranged marriage and escape her father's overbearing nature. For a few brief hours Flynt's fears and anger were washed away. Before departing he mentioned his work, asking if she would be interested in working together to split the earnings on a few marks. It was truly at this moment, that the Wandering Tonberry Trading Company was born.

For the next few moons, Flynt found himself spending more and more time with Ritsu. While he'd thought himself a skilled tracker, he found himself nowhere near as skilled as her and quickly learned everything he could from her on the art. He shared with her his knowledge of various beasts and means in which to fell them. She also helped in getting him out more, meeting new people. She introduced him to Roger, a friend of hers and a man who would quickly become both Flynt's close friend and personal rival.

The three would become the base of the company, though many other staples of the Lodge were soon to follow. Tah'al Rael and her daughter Celestus soon joined their ranks, skilled warriors with a mysterious past. Raik Samil, a cheerful mercenary and friend of Roger's who aided The Wanderers on more than a few occasions before joining up. Things were good for a time, and slowly Flynt found himself feeling less alone and less angry...

It was then Flynt met Canis Latrans.



• Is very critical of himself, and his failings when it comes to being a leader.

• When it comes to those closest to him, he can many times default to the simplest, and often most ruthless, course of action in order to protect his people.

• Holds others often times to his own standards, and gets angry when others don't agree with, or meet them.


• Losing his wife, or having her grow to fear or hate him.

• Failing as a leader, and getting those he's charged with hurt or killed.

• Slowly changing, as Dalinat did.


• He is an incredibly skilled spearman, and trains several hours a day to master his art. He has taken on several students now, and spends several hours a week at the Lancer's Guild in Gridania aiding as a guest instructor where he is needed.

• Excellent composure & tactically savvy. Years of fighting Dravanian hordes has made him difficult to shock in a combat scenario, thus providing him impressive decision making skills in small, fluid engagements.

• Over the years, Flynt has slowly accepted his role as the leader of his people. Previously he hid behind the idea of 'just being in charge', and only recent events have forced him to come into his own and sees himself as a true leader. While he doesn't see it, he's apparently proven to be rather good at it.

Fun Favorites

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Food: Wineport’s Dragonbreath Chili.
  • Drinks: Yarb’s Fall Pumpkin Ale.
  • Scent: Decomposing/Burning leaves.
  • Place: Knoltros Abby, Limsa Lominsa.
  • Festival: All Saint’s Wake.

Abilities and Skills


• Bestia infirmitatem – A large tome (that is mostly blank), which Flynt hopes to fill with information on the various monsters that wander Hydaelyn.

• Coin Pouch – Typically with little to 500-2000 gil in coins or notes inside.


• The Red Wyvern – Once a modified Guisarme and heirloom of the Calieur family as well as the focal point behind Flynt's departure from Ishgard. The weapon was damaged heavily in Flynt's battle with Dalinat Calieur, and Flynt had it reforged soon after converting it into materia to affix to the next. This less perfect version was also badly damaged after the last battle with Canis Latrans, and for some time the weapon's legacy seemed all but gone. Nearly a cycle later Flynt found himself prepared to remake the Calieur family heirloom, and the newest iteration of the Red Wyvern was born, melded with the materia of its forerunners.

• Mythril Boot Knife – A simple boot knife... Not nearly as cool as his spear.


• None in the traditional sense. That said, years studying the ancient arts of the spear and the dragoon have instilled in him the ability to perform some of the extraordinary feats associated with the order of the Dragoon. His weapon, The Red Wyvern, also seems to have some magical properties though the extent of which is known only by his wife, Roger and few others.

Rumors and Relationships


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
■“He seems to travel a lot for work between Ul’Dah and Limsa.”
■“I’ve never seen him without that spear on his back.”
■“I heard he got in a street fight not too long ago and nearly skewered a man.”
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
■“Someone told me that he used to work as a bouncer for some tavern in Limsa before the company fell apart.”
■“I’ve heard he has scars all over his chest, back and forearms.”

■“I know someone who said they grew up in the same orphanage as him. Said he was a real troublemaker back in the day.”
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
■“A maid who works at the Quicksand’s Inn told me that he wakes up screaming almost every night.”

■“I once saw him stare into an open fire for over an hour, then storm out gasping for air.”
■“I know o' a merchant in Gridania who claims t' have fled one o' th' towns surrounding Ishgard after th' Calamity. Claims he'd recognized Flynt, an' that he 'ad personally seen him execute all manner o' men, women an' children.”

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"He's pretty paranoid. I mean, I took him out for a walk once and he secretly had someone shadow us because he figured I was leading him into an ambush. It was pretty funny in an "I can't believe you thought I was going to rob you" type way." -Tikka Swift
"Flynt's a good and honest man and one of my dearest friends. He and Ritsu were made for each other." J'Maaira Tuhl


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Ritsu Arlow : Flynt's right hand within The Wandering Tonberry Trading Co., one of the first friends he made upon his return, and the love of his life. Upon their first meeting, Flynt felt an immediate connection with the Elezen archer. Her stoic and somewhat quiet demeanor matched his own, and two seemingly cold people found companionship in one another. As they spent more time together, first hunting and then fighting side by side, Flynt slowly found himself falling in love with what he considered to be the woman of his dreams. They have had their fair share of trials, both nearly losing themselves along the way and those closest to them. Now however, even with things still in chaos, Flynt finds himself slowly piecing himself back together and becoming the man he thinks she deserves.
Roger Holmes : Flynt's closest friend, and the third key piece to the Wandering Tonberry's continued success. On the surface the two appear to be almost complete opposites, Roger much more at ease in social settings and not as outwardly gloomy or brooding as Flynt. Underneath these superficial differences, the two are much more alike than different. Roger has helped provide Flynt with countless insights, as well as valuable advice on how the three should proceed when Flynt's own vision was clouded by anger or fear.
Asura Anata : While Flynt would never admit it, other than Roger Asura or "Ta" is one of Flynt's closest and most trusted friends, and the two seems to share a bond of nonverbal means of communication. This however does not stop the two from butting heads from time to time, or almost coming to blows. Ta (as Flynt calls her) has served a lot of roles for Flynt, from informant, to advisor, to teacher and friend. She has been there at Flynt's weakest or most broken, and has drug him out of his own funk whether he liked it or not.
Celestus Shinozaki : Flynt and Celestus have always had an interesting dynamic, similar to that of Flynt and Asura's, but very different at the same time. Early on, Flynt found Celestus to be a very calm, level headed and agreeable sort. He spoke with her on more than one occasion to get her opinion and insight in regards to certain problems or situations he faced. Flynt had promised her, and Ta that he would protect them, and as long as they were in his Lodge, they were his people. An ill fated day in Coerthas changed all of that, and for months Flynt believed her dead and blamed himself for that completely. Since her return however, that small weight has been lifted, though he still secretly blames himself for making the call that nearly got her killed.
Raik Samil : Raik, like Roger is like a brother to him. Since they've met Raik has been not only fiercely loyal, but incredibly effective. Even in the face of incredible danger and almost certain death, Raik has kept his laid back and happy demeanor. Raik serves as the Lodge's Sergeant at Arms, and takes his work protecting the Lodge very seriously. Flynt loves sparring with Raik, even if his body doesn't and in many ways is jealous of the man's outlook and how he handles his own past and demons.
Reiner Dorn : Flynt's relationship with Reiner has always been rather complex, but through it all he has no doubt that every piece of it was for the better. Reiner first came to The Wandering Tonberry looking for work and a place to stay. He also met Flynt's soon to be sister-in-law, Karin, who offered to aid in teaching him more about magic and how to utilize his own. As Reiner and Flynt interacted more, the two fell into a natural rhythm, with Reiner serving as the Sergeant to his Lieutenant. Flynt felt comfortable having someone with a traditional military background who could relate and understand both his mannerisms and reasoning behind his actions. Events outside both of their control forced them onto different paths, but both men still consider each other brothers and make themselves available however and whenever they can.
Leah Leyweaver

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Music Themes

The Choice

Obokuri Eeumi


Other Notes


Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

  • Other Ishgardians
  • Monster Hunters
  • Skilled Lancers/Dragoons
  • Bounty Hunters/Contract Killers


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