Chiya Niji

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Chiya Niji
The Living Niji Twin

Known Name: Chiya Niji
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Au Ra
Clan: Raen
Nationality: Doman
Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Single
Class: Shinobi
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
((Last Update:: 01/19/19))

Chiya stands around 5'. As for build, she is toned, but seems to be getting slightly on the thin side without being unhealthy. Such a thing may alarm those that had been around while she had some extra weight. Her hair is almost always an odd color or two and she's known to put on various beauty products to change up her appearance. Usually lipstick or face paint is her go to. Her eyes are blue in color and her limbal rings seem to reflect that.

Scars & Markings:Any scars or identifying markings she has are kept hidden. However, she does tend to be bruised or cut up in various areas. Some of these are easily visible.

Voice: The once bubbly raen has does her best to suppress the liveliness in her tone. So, it is doubtful the same life can be found in her words.

Clothing: As of recently, most of her bright clothing has been lost. She wears black and orange as far as clothing colors go. Though, she does prefer her clothing to be more traditional in overall style even if the color looks off on it. Accessories are also a main thing she enjoys wearing. She doesn't own much, but does cycle through the jewelry and other little things that she does own regularly. Boots are also something that she loves to wear just as much as her clogs. Most of her boots tend to add several ilms to her height. Perhaps that is what pushes her to her near five fulm height. All RPC Art done by: Fay

Chi used to be a happy, affectionate oddball. Part of that may be true. However, she has recently taken to brooding after the death of her twin. She isn't some evil monster, but is merely a lonely lizard coming to terms with the one person she had around even before birth no longer being there for her.

  • Mud
  • Birds
  • Feathers
  • Flowers?
  • Rainbows?
  • Butterflies
  • Abandoned Places
  • Horror Stories


  • Alcoholics
  • Most Miqo'te
  • Most Xaela
  • Most Male Au ra
  • Most Children
  • White Knights
  • Lurkers
  • Curses
  • Guards
  • Ovens


  • Betrayal
  • Sleeping
  • Airships
  • Tigers
  • Fire


  • Favorite Food: Curry
  • Favorite Drink: Milk
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Animal: Owl
  • Favorite Place: Plum Spring

Color Key
In A Relationship
Romantic Attraction
Sexual Attraction

Platonic Love/Pseudo Family Member
Former Interest
Clan Member
Biological Family Member

Former Contact

Good Standing
Neutral Standing
Bad Standing

Ö Fear

? Hidden Feelings/Unknown


Aika Niji ( ) ( NPC ) - "Mother"
Chi and her mother are no longer close. At one point, that wasn't the case, but after some problems in the past, they have become distant and Chi seldom speaks of her mother. She couldn't tell you the last time she visited her.
Daiki Niji ( ) ( NPC ) - "Father"
Just like with her mother, Chi and her Father are no longer close. At one point, that wasn't the case, but after some problems in the past, they have become distant and Chi seldom speaks of him. Chi couldn't tell you the last time she visited him.
Chiyo Niji ( ) ( Former PC ) - Twin
Chiya and Chiyo were identical twins. Sometimes they used to try to trade places to mess with people. They seemed to be identical in every way and very close to each other. Chiyo's death a few moons back has turned Chiya's world upside down.
Rin Seno ( ) ( PC ) - Older Sister
Chiya and her older sister don't get along well. Chi has a knack for making her life a world of chaos and Rin doesn't appreciate her antics.
Zuiko Inoue ( ) ( NPC ) - Daughter
The last time that Chi was able to see Zuiko was when she was two. Despite doing everything she could, she has never been able to find where Hideki took her all those years ago. Each year, Chi finds herself going through a week or two of mood swings and sadness when it gets close to Zuiko's nameday. It falls on the third sun of the second astral moon. (3/3) This year, Zuiko turned eleven. Having her daughter taken away has also caused her to dislike other children as it reminds her of her daughter.
Hideki Inoue ( ) ( NPC ) - First Love
Chi and Hideki met when they were quite young. Grew up together and eventually began to date. When they were sixteen, they had a daughter together. However, things turned sour when Chi made it clear that she was not changing her lifestyle just because they had a child. She believed they could still be a family despite what she did. He, however, did not agree. After their daughter turned two, he couldn't accept Chi continuing on her path and ran off with their daughter, leaving behind only a note to say goodbye. Aside her clan and Ryosei, nobody else knows about this part of her life.
Shizumi Yuko ( ) ( PC ) - The Betrayer
Once upon a time, Chi looked up to Shizumi. She felt like they were close in some form even if they hadn't really been all that close. Yet, out of nowhere, Shizumi betrayed everyone and destroyed their home. Chi has a lot of memories now that have turned bittersweet and now because of Shizumi (and Hideki), truly struggles to feel a connection with anyone out of fear of betrayal.
Kato Matsuko ( ? ) ( PC ) - Pretty Boy
Kato was once in love with the betrayer. He was another person that Chi came to look up to. She'd known of him and talked to him at times growing up, but she never actually got closer to him until after Hideki left. Her training was suffering for awhile and she didn't want to go through it all with someone so strict, so she sought Kato out for help. With time, more feelings did come. And even now, it's hard to say -exactly- how she feels about him, but she is worried that he will betray everyone as well.

Friends/Other PCs

Miguel Thunderfist ( ) ( PC ) - Fake Beau
While Chi was off drinking, she had the monk notice her. With some talking, they realized that they both knew Kato. The night they spent together was odd to say the least as Chi used him to try to hurt Kato. Naturally, her friend could see through her bullshit and knew that she wasn't really dating Miguel. Still, he went along with it all. Will they end up friends? Who knows. Chi wasn't sure how to speak to him after all that.
Nico Cirque () ( PC ) - Former Roomie
Nico offered Chi a place to stay along with Shio and Ryo. She took the offer, but no longer stays there due to recent personal issues. The two talked off and on, but Chi's bad at talking to her as of late.
Shiori Yoihana ( ) ( Retired PC ) - Princess
Shio is someone that Ryo and Chi met through her sisters. While not close to the rest of her family, Chi does get along with the bubbly little raen well enough and considers her to be a friend.
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    "She seems too oblivious for her own good."
    "Is she ignoring me or spacing out? I can't tell."
    "I swear, she has an endless pocky supply."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "She seems almost -too- nice."
    "Ever catch her grinning to herself? Awkward."
    "Her otter is weird. Think she abused it to get it to act that way? I do."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "I saw her bloodied up one night. I don't get why. Maybe she's mixed up with a bad group."
    "She moved so fast that I swear she became invisible for a moment."
    "Do you know pressure points? I think she used those against someone."


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