Dalton Spicer

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Dalton Spicer
Wanderlusting Privateering Traveller

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Name... Dalton Spicer
Alias... Seawyrm
Age... 30
Gender... Male
Race... Hyur
Clan... Midlander
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Llymlaen - The Navigator
Citizenship... Limsa Lominsa
Occupation... Privateer, Explorer, Adventurer
Alignment... True Neutral

Appearance: --- While mainly having the appearance of a Midlander Hyur he is somewhat on the larger end of their size, on account to his mixed heritage. Standing around 6 fulms and 2 ilms he usually can look down at others in a very physical manner.

He is solidly built, though not excessively massive in musculature, he carries a lot more strength than his frame might suggest initially. Broad shouldered and slightly longer in limb than the norm he can cut an intimidating figure when he wants to. Despite spending years at sea in the open air his skin is almost sickly pale in complexion. No matter how long he remains in the sun it seems he does not tan, nor does he burn curiously.

His hair is an oily jet black, dishevelled and usually under-washed. It does occasionally grow out after leaving it while on voyage, making it look even messier. His facial hair is limited to a pair of rather luscious sideburns along his cheeks, though again occasionally he will let a small beard grow. His dark hair on his pale skin also makes his body hair look much more prominent than it actually is. Only one of his eyes are usually present, with his left eye covered by a leather patch. His visible eye is a turquoise colour, a bright mix of blue and green. A rather deep scar covers the right hand side of his face over his covered eye. He is usually hesitant to remove his eyepatch and generally attempts to distance any talk about his apparent lack of a second eye.

Along next to his right eye a small black tattoo is etched into him as well. His only main weapon he is usually seen keeping around his person is a large axe, although not always present. He carries a small knife on his belt but otherwise prefers to fight with his fists.

Scars & Markings: --- Scar over his left eye. Tattooing on the right of his face.

Voice: --- Coarse, harsh and commanding, with a charming Lominsan lilt.

Clothing: --- Not one to dress formally, he tends to wear whatever is practical and comfortable over style. Often his attire appears less than it should for most occasions. Used to being out at sea in the heat and cold he has remarkable tolerance for extremes of climate, leading to a situation where he often wears little above the waist. That is not to say he is dull in appearance. His torso often is shown bare to various the various paints decorating his skin in obscure patterns.

Background: A straight talking, hardy, seafaring Lominsan. Nothing too outlandish to think about. Born some thirty years ago into rather meagre, although not impoverished conditions. The first child of a transient nomadic reaver of the tides and his native Lominsan crewmember he took as a fancy.

Dalton was born at sea, so it would be little surprise to say there’s more than tradition for nautical travel in his blood. While his mother hailed from his native Limsa Lominsa his father’s origin was never revealed to him, nor was he entirely bothered. Most of his childhood memories are of his father’s brutish and uncouth behaviour, little of it positive. All that he knew was he wasn’t a native to La Noscea, a Highlander man from distant shores.

From the age of seven he began journeying with his father and mother’s crew, from the age of fourteen he had participated in his own reaving of foreign lands. A few years later he had found a different crew to sail under for all manner of purpose: trade, piracy and exploration to name a few.

The young privateer sailed far and wide, visiting lands many Eorzeans hear solely from accounts in books. From Sharlayan to Kugane he would voyage, and most lands between. The Sea Wyrm, the vessel he was a part of, as swift in travel as It was dangerous to fight was his home for many and its crew his surrogate family. Roughly ten years ago however did a major change come into his life. Commissioned by the East Aldenard Trading Company, the Sea Wyrm along with a small flotilla of other ships of various origin made an exploratory journey southwards through the Sea of Ash towards the scarcely known continent of Meracydia.

The voyage was rife with trouble. Intense humid heat stifled and debilitated crew members, a host of strange diseases swept through the flotilla and intense storms threw many off course. Even upon arriving on the bleak continent did they find little of apparent worth, hostile savage natives, and an unforgiving barren landscape prompted the mission to return having scarcely penetrated the Meracydian coastline. Less than half of the ships who made the journey returned to port in Eorzea.

The odyssey had a profound effect on Dalton’s psyche, not only for losing many fellow crewmates who he cared for deeply but he was thrust into captaining the Sea Wyrm following the demise of the captain and his subordinates through a bout of so called “Meracydian Flu” that ravaged the vessel. The disastrous expedition hardened his heart to many things about life, and upon returning to Limsa Lominsa with a half-ruined ship he had the Sea Wyrm redesigned to its modern shape.

Since then he has remained captain, leading not as a superior to his crew but as one of them across the world under contract for various factions and individuals from The Maelstrom, Ul’dahn merchants and more, transporting goods and people, waging war on Garlean vessels and his personal favourite – raiding and plundering distant lands.

--- Not one to shy away from voicing his view on something, Dalton can come across as blunt, excessively so at times. He is however not someone to force his views onto others rather being quite content to live and let live. His upbringing has left him with a harder outlook on how to behave, rarely showing visible weakness or being overly sentimental. At times he can come across as quite turbulent and stormy when his stony façade cracks.

He keeps his “professional” life away from his personal life as much as possible. “What happens on the ship stays on the ship” is a line he often reminds his myriad crew. A natural leader type figure, he prefers to show by example rather than dictate to his fellow sailor considering himself an equal amongst peers rather than a ruler.

For those he considers near and dear he has an inexhaustible amount of patience, understanding and even, more surprisingly for some, tenderness to them. His granite like exterior covers what is someone with a great capacity for compassion. On the opposing end however, to those who have his scorn or the object of his wrath he is without mercy, like a vicious tempest. Such bloody violence is rarely seen however on home shores and is conserved typically for his voyages.

As a sailor he wouldn’t be complete without a healthy love (or dependence possibly) on liquor and ale. He has a remarkable tolerance for his alcohol and rarely seems to slip into inebriation. On the rare chance he hammers himself to that stage his usually concealed kind-heartedness leaks out in an un-tempered, often messy manner. ---

Personality Type: [ESFJ] - Consul.

  • Oathbreaking
  • A man of his word, be for better or ill, Dalton takes particular ire at those who go back on their word, even in practical situations where it might be considered permissible. Personal honour is important, and breaking that is more unforgivable than other crimes in his eyes.
  • Weakness
  • He carries a disdain for those who exhibit weakness, be it to whims, of the mind or in lesser cases, the body. He especially shows contempt for those who are enslaved to their weaknesses and will not, rather than cannot, improve their station. Above all else the weak leading the strong incenses his sensibilities.
  • Zealotry
  • As one who has travelled far and wide and experienced many people of different race, creed and belief he has a far more cosmopolitan view on people’s natures. As a result dogma and strict scriptural belief don’t sit well with him. In particular he despises those who use their creed or faith to manipulate the most vulnerable.
  • Decadence
  • While partially related to his dislike of weakness he has a dim opinion of those who squander wealth into frivolous pursuit. There is indulging in life’s finer pleasures and falling into an enervating cycle of debauchery.
  • Cruelty
  • Not above using violence to serve an end, and indeed prone to using it frequently, Dalton resents with a particular passion those who are needlessly cruel for the sake of being cruel. He understands use of cruelty or barbarism to defeat an opponent but once a man is beaten it is vile to continue. Nothing will make him fly into a rage more than seeing women and children being unjustly (in his view at least) being tortured and brutalised senselessly.


  • Exploration
  • One of the primary drives for his profession, as much as he enjoys the visceral nature of carving opponents up with his axe, the fundamental motivation is the thrill of exploring the seas and finding something no others have seen. This also translates more recently into land-based exploration too.
  • Avarice
  • Second to his wanderlust is his desire for wealth and material goods. This has led to his willingness to pledge his service to anyone willing to pay a pretty price, whomever they are is of little consequence for him.
  • Family and Crew
  • There is little he wouldn’t do for either, indeed a good portion of his plunder goes off to his family to support them. As for his crew he treats them much in the way of his family away from home. He is a captain who cares.
  • Intellect
  • While he wouldn’t consider himself particularly “smart.” He has a fascination (sometimes even infatuation) with those of a bookish, erudite mindset. He will quite happily sit himself down for hours on end to listen to sages, scholars and mystics and take in their stories or theories, their parables and teachings. Not the most conventional man of learning, but it is this type of interest that taught him his favoured forms of hand-to-hand martial skills.
  • Strength
  • His respect is usually granted to those who show they have strength, be it of the body or mind. He appreciates those who have suffered and endured. This emphasis on strength goes down even to his crew, they don’t become a member until they can get up after taking a beating from him and still punch back.


  • Being Helpless
  • Being unable to stop or prevent a terrible thing from occuring is something that carries substantial weight on him.
  • Magic
  • With no mild superstition he does not give magic an easy time, treating it at best with suspicion.
  • Bloodlust
  • All too aware that he has a self-control issue he actively tries to stay out of situations that would cause him to spin out of control.


  • Favorite Food: Meat.
  • Favorite Drink: Most Spirits.
  • Favorite Color: Red.

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Sihtric the Far-Fathomed ( ) ( NPC ) - Father
A mysterious man from distant shores and captain of the Bitter Wind. A cunning reaver with a penchant for brutality, briefly made La Noscea his base and in time fathered Dalton. Abandoned his wife and child for more piracy and plunder further afield. (Unbeknownst to either he hails from the cold regions of Abalathia’s Spine.)
Maria Spicer () ( NPC ) - Mother
A former crewmember of the Bitter Wind. Lominsan native, fiercely proud woman and astute. Seduced from a fairly young age by her captain and wed in a less than legitimate ceremony, she suffered on and off for a decade by her unpredictable husband. Currently happily married to her second husband.
Joseph Hawke () ( NPC ) - Step-Father
Customs official at Limsa Lominsa’s docks, A straightforward, honest family man. A strong drinker and deceptively intelligent. Somewhat younger than his wife, with a limited age difference to his step-son.
Leo Hawke () ( NPC ) - First Half-Brother
A young man of nineteen summers, Leo has recently taken a heart to sailing himself, although more legitimate and more peaceable with fishing. He greatly admires his elder brother and often seeks to emulate him. Less physically gifted however he has taken up the craft of an Arcanist.
Rose Hawke () ( NPC ) - First Half-Sister
A young lady recently of sixteen summers past, with a knack for sums and a keen eye for mercantilism she has recently become part of a merchant guild within Limsa Lominsa, handling all manner of trade for the guild. With a sense of wanderlust like her eldest brother, her intent is to travel all the same, by land or sea.
Calvin Hawke () ( NPC ) - Second Half-Brother
The youngest sibling not yet thirteen winters old, yet by far the scrappiest of the three. Still too young to take up a formal trade the lad mostly spends his time helping with his mother’s culinary and hospitality business while taking combat training from the Yellowjackets and, occasionally, his eldest sibling.
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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    “Spicer? Y’mean Seawyrm Spicer? Heard his crew is all blokes, doesn’t fancy himself beatin’ up lasses apparently and since that ship only takes the ones who can take a thrashin’….” – Crewmember of the Red Ivy.
    “He doesn’t need to be loud or obnoxious, he commands the respect of his crew through merit and magnanimity. Mind though, being a tough sea-devil helps as well.” – Ship inspector at Aleport.
    “Might look like a brute, sound like a brute and even act like one… but there’s a clever brain ticking behind that pale-skinned mug of his.” – Patron of the Bismarck.
    “He ain’t fond of people drawing attention to that eyepatch of his. Probably a pride thing in all honesty but he doesn’t –move- like a one eyed pirate, that’s for sure.” – Observant street peddler.
    “Bit of an odd one really, seen him wearin’ makeup and paint on himself. Considerin’ where some of the paint is on him he’s had to have someone else in on it helpin’ im.” – Waitress at the Drowning Wench.
    “Always a disinterested boy in his younger days, never picked up Arcanima very well. A shame, he has unusually massive amounts of bodily aether, he would have made an excellent student.” – Former tutor.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    “Overheard one of his Wyrms say his right eye is his ‘smiling’ eye, and his left is the ‘angry’ one. I’ve seen him, and that smiling eye isn’t a warm smile…” – Gossiping fishmonger. .
    “Seen him fighting before, he’s not just your normal axe twirling marauder. He can fight with his fists like something else, heard his hands glow even!” – Bored Yellowjacket.
    “Heard he’s got a thing for smart lads, hired a handful of scholarly sorts for his crew and still lookin’ for more. Which bleedin’ son of a siren takes a bookworm when he’s reavin’ and pillagin’?” – Intoxicated merchant.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    “Brother was in his crew a few years back when they went across the Indigo Deep to the New World. Apparently that’s when he “lost” his eye to natives there. Truth be told, he was trying to learn their special ‘magic’ and apparently messed up half his face in the process. Tried pressing for more but my brother was tight lipped, scared even.” – Snooping Lominsan socialite.
    “Spicer? Dalton Sihtricsson? Can’t blame the lad for being the way he is. Far-Fathomed never stayed in one place, though he only had daughters before the little Sea-Snake came about. Sihtric the Red doesn’t care for aught but himself, his son though – his tough shell conceals his soft-heart. He’s more his mother’s son than his father that’s for sure. Could tell all those years back what he would be like.” – Former crew member of the Bitter Wind.


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

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