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This is mostly placeholder copied from another of my characters right now for me to start filling in, so... NOTHING TO SEE HERE YET FOLKS




Dayuuqi is certainly a stranger in a strange land. Born far in the east, she grew up on the Othard steppe and knew nothing else until a few years ago, when her father, in an abundance of caution in the wake of the destruction of Doma, sent her and her twin sister to Eorzea. It was his hope that either their clan of Himaa would survive through either resisting Garlean incursions into the steppe, or in the case that they were destroyed, that his daughters would find a way to rebuild the clan from afar with any other survivors and refugees.

While Dayuuqi misses home, she has certainly embraced her Eorzean adventure, and has become absolutely enamored with foreign artistry, especially kinds that are impractical or even impossible back home. Architecture, painting and sculpture, even the written word is a thrill. She's become literate in Eorzean during her time here and understands it fluently enough, but she doesn't speak it perfectly well, her mouth sometimes just refusing to make the sounds, or being unable to find the right word for the situation.

She fashions herself as an artist herself, often spending her gil for various supplies, and dreams of having a studio of her own someday, either here in Eorzea or back home. She often provides translation services for less-integrated Xaela to supplement her income.


Like most Au Ra women, Dayuuqi is relatively sort in comparison to the races of Eorzea, though considered much taller than average for a female Xaela. TBD


Character Diamond: Progressive, Sociable, Paradoxical, Epicurian

Dayuuqi is a young woman made up of opposites. She holds old values still carried with her from the steppe: of putting one's clan above all; of honor, tradition, and combat; of wandering and traveling. At the same time, she has embraced Eorzean life, making her home inside the city of Ul'dah, which despite its sometimes-intolerant view of foreigners, she still sees as the center of culture and therefore the most worthwhile place on the continent. This contrast of past and present exists within her without terrible difficulty, which can, at times, confuse both traditional Xaela and native Eorzean races. Dayuuqi herself shrugs off such conflicts. When in Ul'dah, she might say, do as the Ul'dahns do - but she simultaneously has not forgotten where she comes from and views things through a distinctly Othardian lens.

She is generally a pleasant-enough woman to speak to with just about anyone, which is a deliberate choice on her part. While she does not like every single person or enjoy them, she usually can find something interesting to appreciate about them enough to avoid being intentionally insulting.

She is similarly adventurous when it comes to romance and sex, though this has been purely influenced by her environment, as she has reached her adulthood in a place where most people she meets do not match her scales and tail. Dayuuqi is a curious sort and is open to "trying" casual relationships with myriad types of people. However, she would not ultimately look for a long-term relationship outside of the Au Ra.


Foods. A good meat stew and a glass of mulled wine would make his night.
Color. Green, mostly. Sometimes yellow if he's feeling really, really colorful.
Beauty. He has a wandering eye for lovely, and it's easy to catch him offering compliments for the mere sake of watching someone blush.


Idealism. "You know what's more important than your ideals? Living."
Gridanians. He doesn't hate them or anything, but their smug elemental nonsense rubs him all the wrong ways.
Teetotalers. If you don't want to drink, that's fine, but telling him not to drink? That'll just earn you his ire.


Manual Labor. Most people would find this to be 'work', but for Amalric, keeping his hands busy with a task like construction or mining or even hunting is time well-spent, and he is always proud to have something to show for his efforts.
Self-Indulgences. Alcohol is the biggest vice, but he's been known to shop for just about anything if there's gil burning a hole in his pocket.
Pets. A gift from Yhah, the little turtle is, bit by bit, getting much bigger...


Tough. He's been through a lot of scrapes, many of them he started himself, and come out the other side alive.
Adaptable. He's got flexible morals and a variety of weapons for any situation. Sure, he's not a specialist, but if you could afford that, you wouldn't be coming to him.


Uneducated. He can read and do simple arithmetic... and that's about it. While he's not stupid, he certainly doesn't show much intellectual curiosity on a lot of things. Topics such as history or philosophy will often fly right on over his head as he fails to realize their importance.
Rash. There's two things about a general lack of forethought. The good thing is, he never misses out on a good opportunity. The bad thing is, he never misses out on a bad one, either.


Money. Unsurprisingly, he's more interested in eating and sleeping comfortably than just about anything.
Challenge. When he has the latitude to do so, expect him to be seeking out something interesting or someone to butt heads with. He likes to test his limits.
Sentiment. Heavens help the one that tries to get between him and his loved ones.

Platonic Involved Interested Attracted Positive Negative Neutral Unsure Deceased
Sassur, father. ()
Character's Thoughts: "He should never have left if this was the life he planned for us."
Sassur took Amalric and Kemma when he escaped the Garleans, raising the two in Thanalan instead. The difficult upbringing has left Amalric with conflicted feelings about the man, even long after his death.
Merethe Farstrike, mother. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I sometimes remember her in my dreams."
A fierce lancer, Merethe stayed behind to fight the Garleans in Ala Mhigo as her husband and children fled. She was never heard from by any of them again. Amalric took her name in her memory instead of earning his own.
Kemma, older sister. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I hope that she rests easy now."
Without their mother, Kemma took an active role in helping to raise the younger Amalric. Her fate remains a sore spot for Amalric to this day.
Ethla Defiant, aunt. ()
Character's Thoughts: "That busybody needs to leave well enough alone."
Aunt Ethla is Amalric's closest living relative. Also a refugee in Thanalan, she checks in on Amalric from time to time, much to his chagrin. The woman is in poor health, but she never misses an opportunity to preach about the virtues of resisting the Garleans.
Ilsabet Wildshot, cousin. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I hope she hasn't had any 'accidents' lately..."
Daughter of Ethla, Ilsabet is a promising thaumaturge. True to her adopted surname, however, she wasn't always as precise with her aim as she is today. She is close to Amalric's age and the two grew up together. Unlike her cousin, though, Ilsabet is a supporter of the resistance.
Cynelith / "Tullia", Revolutionary. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I will never forget her. Never."
As a youth, Cynelith made a living out of conning wealthy visitors to Ul'dah out of their gil, a skill she taught well to the other Foundlings. She and Amalric were particularly close, and his younger self was devastated when she disappeared without a trace. Years later, he heard from her out of the blue and they struck up a frequent correspondence. Sadly, this had come to a sudden end at her death - an event in which Amalric holds no small part of responsibility. He is still in mourning over her.
Saldgeim Wynsathwyn, Junior Matron ()
Character's Thoughts: "Doesn't act her age. Not even close."
The two of them are, in some ways, both fish far out of water amongst the opulence of life at the Host Club, a theme that has caused them to clash and bond at a faster rate than one would expect two strangers to do. They've handled this in quite different ways, but all the same, they lean on each other constantly to get through the emotional gauntlet that comes with becoming a Star. As of late, an attraction has formed between them, but Amalric has not acted on it.
Sehki, Cheerful Cub ()
Character's Thoughts: "If I'd had a daughter, I'd want her to be like Sehki."
To the unfamiliar, perhaps they are an unlikely pair, but Sehki, Nihka Mioni's young daughter, seems to bring out the best in Amalric, rarely missing an opportunity to play with the little miqo'te. He seems to relish their time together, and on some level, treats her like the child he wishes that he could have if his life had been different.
Yhah Dazkar, Sweetheart Agitator ()
Character's Thoughts: "She makes me worry more than I want to."
How does a character that can't speak well and a character that can't read well make fast friends? Such is the impressive charm of Yhah, who has the skill to disarm Amalric's grumpier nature. Recently, though, Yhah has begun acting out and pushing him (and others) away, which has him more than a little concerned about her well-being.

D'ranmaia Shenn, Least Star ()
Character's Thoughts: "Suspiciously far too nice to me."
Maia is the kind owner of the Host Club that has, by some decree of fate, offered Amalric room and board in the large estate she holds in the Goblet - asking for nothing in return. This degree of unbidden generosity makes him very, very uncomfortable, as it feels like charity, but he's not in a position to turn down a free bed. Over time, he has started to find reasons to respect her, and even care about her well-being.
Flora Valerian, Naivete Star ()
Character's Thoughts: "What a difficult... mysterious woman she is."
Flora had the misfortune of having to be the messenger that brought the unwilling Amalric into the Stars. Their relationship has been nothing but contentious ever since, as the two share much in background but have chosen completely different paths and ideologies. He is slowly learning, though, that while they may never seen eye-to-eye, she is ultimately an indispensable ally.
J'loh Tia, Rat Star ()
Character's Thoughts: "There's more to him than I expected."
J'loh has become an ever-increasing sight around the estate, and has a tendency to pop up whenever there's troublemaking to be had. The two bicker frequently, but in a surprising turn, J'loh defended Amalric from one of Yhah's 'tantrums', leaving the highlander somewhat confused as to the true nature of J'loh's interests. He suspects that the two have far more in common than either realizes fully, and has taken a decidedly protective view of the miqo'te now out of growing curiosity and true gratitude.
Klynestyn Ketteram, Inferior Star. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Blink and you'll miss what he's trying to tell you."
Klynestyn seems to a permanent feature of Stars life, usually involved in some endeavor or another to raise morale, be it with bath parties or bartending. The Roegadyn's approachable and easygoing nature obscures a higher calling, though, as Kly has, on more than one occasion, made Amalric stop in his tracks and turn away from a self-destructive action with merely a few words and a smile. It is the rare individual that can disarm Amal's bad habits with grace, and now that Amal's seen that for what it is, he's deeply appreciative.
Mijah, Instructor ()
Character's Thoughts: "Why does she expect so much out of me?"
Mijah appeared out of almost nowhere to offer herself as Amalric's teacher in conjury. Her background remains a mystery, as do her true motivations, but for now Amalric can only conclude that she must have at least some good intentions, as she has already taught him much while asking for very little in return.
Nadegenne, Foundling Betrayer. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Those were both the brightest and darkest days of my life, when Nadegenne ran the Foundlings... I can't believe what she's become, now."
Amalric ran with Nadegenne's gang of misfit youth for about two years before its disbandment, and her fate was unknown until very recently, when she suddenly plucked Amalric off the docks in Limsa and contracted him for a job. That job, he discovered to his horror, was working for the Garleans, and it led to the death of a dear friend. He has since vowed to find Nadegenne and exact justice for her trickery.
Nihka Mioni, Star of Wisdom ()
Character's Thoughts: "Her presence makes the whole estate brighter."
Nihka's welcoming attitude and kindly demeanor have been no small influence on how Amalric feels about the Rendezvous and its residents. For her part, she seems to believe him a far better man than he actually is - something that both embarrasses him, and makes him want to try to live up to the expectation.
Yvain Desrosiers, Former Companion ()
Character's Thoughts: "He was... a beautiful puzzle that I never could find all the pieces for."
A Sharlayan mage, Yvain would likely never have crossed paths with Amalric, given how different they are - except that they were both "stars" at the Host Club. The two warred like fire and ice at first, but their attraction was obvious as they spent increasing amounts of time together. Unfortunately the two couldn't seem to make it work, with their goals and ideals leading them in opposite ways, and when Yvain left the Rendezvous to return to the old world, Amalric found to his distress that many of his memories of the man he once held dear have faded out, as if done purposefully by some outside influence.
Fehlis Yhonli, Saucer Wizard? ()
Character's Thoughts: "Enthusiastic enough, but why does she talk like that?"
The two of them were paired up during a Host Club outing to the Golden Saucer. Despite his initial thought that she was dimwitted due to her referring to herself in the third person, Fehlis went on to utterly school him in nearly every game on the property - earning his respect.
Khira Lhizahla, Spy? ()
Character's Thoughts: "Suspicious, yet polite."
Khira has a way of seeming to show up suddenly whenever the newer stars get together at the estate. While her presence is never disruptive, and she's easy on the eyes, Amalric is increasingly convinced that these are no mere coincidences, and that the new stars are being purposefully and deliberately "watched". Whether the initiative is Khira's, or someone else's, he doesn't yet know. All the same, he's beginning to feel uneasy talking around her, a sentiment that he has not shared with his new-star friends.
Khunbish Adarkim, Healer? ()
Character's Thoughts: "Odd, but at least I'm glad he's around."
Most of Amalric's interactions with Khunbish come from Amalric's frequent visits to the infirmary. Amal isn't a fan of Khun's choice in women, but so far he's concluded the Au Ra is a standup dude.
Li'to Mewrilah, Socialite? ()
Character's Thoughts: "Is there anything he doesn't look good in?"
Li'to and Amalric haven't had too many direct conversations, but whenever they do, it seems to turn into light and flirtatious banter, usually held in the middle of one social event or another. In truth, though, he doesn't have a clue what Li'to really does around the estate, other than look uncomfortably attractive for a miqo'te.
Noveh'to Zhoba, Foundling Brigade. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I wonder what he's up to these days..."
A miqo'te of mysterious background, Noveh'to had the quickest hands and smoothest tongue of anyone in the Foundlings. While he and Amalric were never close, Amalric owes him his life for getting them all out of sticky situations. He disappeared after the dissolution of the gang.
Sasamuni Kapamuni, Smuggler. ()
Character's Thoughts: "If I ever see him again, I'll kill him."
A shadowy merchant with whom the Foundlings used to work. It is highly suspected that Sasamuni was the one that set up the Foundlings in order to save his own skin with the authorities. Afterward, he left Ul'dah and Amalric has not seen him since. As of late, Amalric has begun to doubt what he believed was the truth about the betrayal.
Thundering Word, Foundling Brigade. ()
Character's Thoughts: "He frightened me, but it frightened me more when he was caught."
A serious-minded Hellsguard with incredible magical talent, Amalric often was accompanied by Thundering Word on Foundling jobs. He was caught by the authorities and sentenced to the oubliette. His fate is unknown.



Please note: Any of these rumors may be untrue, speculative, or greatly exaggerated, and should not be treated as factual unless confirmed by the character.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"A troublesome child to be sure, and not much better now. A poor upbringing's to blame, I'd say." - Thanalan trader
"He's got his mother's eyes... and borrowed her name, too. Don't tell anyone I told you, though!" - his Aunt Ethla
"I heard he pissed off the Resistance, and that's why he stays away from Little Ala Mhigo." - Little Ala Mhigo resident
"Yeah, he comes by to pester the mail Moogle at least once a week, but most of the time he walks away empty-handed." - Yellowjacket
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly, or ask first!
"Careful, he's so aggressive that the Elementals threw him out of the Twelveswood! You know how Highlanders are." - Ul'dahn mercenary
"Yeah, he's cute, I suppose, if you ignore the eyebrows, but heed my warning, you do not want to get involved. He's got... issues." - Limsa Lominsan barmaid
"A shame what happened to his sister. Oh, you didn't know? His father sold her to slavers." - Quicksand patron
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"He tried to go straight once, joined the Miner's Guild and everything. They threw him out after a month. You'd think a refugee would be more grateful for a job and work to keep it." - Thanalan ore prospector


Readers: feel free to add your own rumors to this section. The rumor does NOT have to be true - just keep it reasonable to the interaction you've had with the character.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"A good man. Even if he will not believe it." — Yvain Desrosiers.
"[Very gentle and kind. He's just scared, and needs people to cook him a home made meal every now and then.]" — Yhah Dazkar.
"Beneath the dark skin and muscle beats a kind heart, bound by chains of fear and pain. The fact that it beats on is proof enough of his strength." — Saldgeim Wyznsathwyn.
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Amalric is a new character to Balmung as of January 2017. As such, some information is lacking, as he hasn't had enough interactions with others to fill it out further. Please feel free to seek him out for RP - I would rather RP with you than do gameplay! Please note that, while he is being actively leveled, he may not be of a high enough level or have the expansions necessary to RP in all locations. Thanks for reading!
Usually online between 7pm and 11pm Central most nights, with sporadic daytime availability on weekends. Not opposed to "scheduling" RP for other times if I'm available to do so.
Personal RP Limits
I generally try to be flexible with others, and I care more about the craft of storytelling more than I care about arbitrary limits on what "good" roleplay is supposed to be. Let me explain: I do value lore highly, as do I value the concept of keeping a character's ideas and wants separate from my own. However, I will bend (not completely break, but within limits) the rules of best practice if it helps make a valuable or interesting roleplay scene. For example, I might send a character to an event just for the sake of going for my own fun, and without too much care of whether my character would want to be there. Similarly, I have a tolerant attitude towards characters and concepts that teeter on the fringe of community-accepted lore, and won't break off an RP connection just because I find out your character is outside the norm (even if it isn't something I would roleplay for myself). The best policy is simply just to communicate with me OOC if you're worried about anything RP-related. You'll find me to be accommodating, on the whole.
I will play... Most things, so long as they're communicated about OOC if they're seriously character-altering. I'll do romance, and I will let the characters break up or cheat on one another if it makes sense, and won't take it personally. I'll do fight scenes, and I will let my character lose if that makes for a better scene or the dice rolls aren't on his side. I'll let my character get sick or injured (even seriously!) or down on his luck. I'll let him be hired out by both good guys and bad guys and everyone in-between. I'll be the boring security guard at your party if you need one and I'm not doing anything else that night. In short: just ask. The odds are in your favor that I'll work with you.
I won't play... Graphic scenes of the sexual or violent variety (or the sexually violent variety for that matter). Additionally: I don't like children in my roleplay. This is a Japanese RPG so characters capable of kicking butt and acting like adults is probably a bit younger than the norm, but if you're RPing your character as a minor (as in, someone that still should be in someone's guardianship, roughly under age 15 or so) I will politely steer clear of that character. This differs from someone playing a character that HAS a child that is invisibly doing whatever it is children do somewhere in the background of a scene, that's fine. I just don't enjoy engaging with kids, sorry, not even IRL. Personal preference.
Character Lore Adherence
The information in this profile is intended to be within the realm of reasonable possibility in a Final Fantasy title and without major contradictions in known XIV lore. Amalric is currently involved in the storyline of the Rendezvous of Stars linkshell, which contains fantastical plot elements that are set apart from the official plot of XIV, but are not (to my knowledge) incompatible with the world state, nor give him any particular special powers or distinction outside of the bounds of the plot itself. If you find any of this information to be incorrect, please do not hesitate to let me know, as I strive to be lore-compatible, and wish to be up-front with any elements that might not be acceptable to stricter lore adherents.


Backstory Hooks
I am definitely interested in creating opportunities for characters to have heard of or met Amalric in the past. If anything catches your eye below, feel free to contact me to set up an association.
Ala Mhigo: As referenced in this profile in more than a few places, Amalric is originally from Ala Mhigo. He was a young child at that time, so it's unlikely your character would know him pre-Garlean occupation, but you might have run into him, his father, or his sister in the refugee-filled area of Little Ala Mhigo approximately sometime between 10-20 years ago. He has not, however, visited often in the past decade. His aunt and cousin still live in Little Ala Mhigo and may have mentioned him, but they do not share his surname, so one would not automatically know the connection between them. Also to note, he is not connected with the resistance movement at this time.
Petty Ul'dahn Crime: Around 12-15 years ago, Amalric ran with a "gang" of misfit teenagers that called themselves "The Foundling Brigade". Some of the NPCs are listed in his Relationships section, but there were undoubtedly a few more members. The size of this gang was left intentionally vague for the purpose of backstory connection with others PCs. If your character was 1) a teenager in the Ul'dah region at the right time (12-15 years ago), and 2) the kind to get into trouble with pickpocketing, cons, minor destruction of property, or the like, you're welcome to add the Foundlings to your backstory - just please contact me first so we can detail out their involvement.
La Noscean Mercenary. For most of the past 10 years, Amalric has been a lance-for-hire operating primarily out of Limsa Lominsa and all over Vylbrand, and has shed most of his more criminal leanings in favor of legitimate work (though not all of his employers have been law-abiding, the letter of law can be a bit messy in a freetrading haven). There are innumerable ways that you might have met or seen Amalric during this time period. Perhaps you hired him to protect goods or stand guard, or to retrieve "lost cargo", or clear a road. Maybe he was a guy you occasionally saw at The Drowning Wench when times were good or sleeping on a crate at the docks when they weren't. Maybe you patched him up after a job gone wrong, or fixed his weapons, or sold him a new vest. Just about anything is possible. This backstory connection requires very minimal OOC details to work out.
Present-Day Hooks
Things that are happening to Amalric right now that one could get involved in...
Host Club: Amalric has unwittingly found himself in the company of the Stars of the Rendezvous Host Club. On the days the property is open to the public, one might easily find him there.
More to Come? One can only hope.

Name - Dayuuqi of Himaa
Race - Au Ra/Xaela
Age - 18
Name Day -
Deity - Nhama, the Moon Goddess

Citizenship: Himaa Tribe
Occupation: Artist
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: One yellow-green, one green-yellow
Marks or tattoos:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Straight
Beliefs: Traditional
Free Company: None
Linkshell(s): None

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