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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Yhah Dazkar
"All men have good hearts-even the bad."
Dreadwyrm Dazkar

Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Occupation Arcanist and Historian
Orientation Pansexual
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation None


Yhah Dazkar (Pronunciation: ya-daz-car), A heart of gold and soul full of song, you can find a quiet Au Ra at the Wench, or in the Arcanist's Guild. If be with her friends, or by herself, she always seems to have a crazy tale to tell. From Dragons to Princesses and-Oh, wait. She's just reading you the book she just picked up.Yhah is a novice-adventurer, her full time job being at the Arcanist's Guild while her part time is with her friends. The starry Au ra loves to travel the world, meet new people, and especially make new friends. Her adventures go from grand and wild, to short and sweet, but always leave a good impression. If you are ever looking for a good slice of childish fun- just search up Yhah Dazkar and she'd be glad to help!


Yhah keeps her midnight hair usually short, or tied back in a tribal fashion; the tips fading into a lighter purple. Her eyes are seafoam green, and hold bright limbal rings around them. Her face is adorned with scales that match her hair, and little white freckles show up around said scales. Her stature is small, not being much taller than a miqo'te, and she could be described as fragile in build. Often, her attire is eccentric robes, and always belts with pouches upon pouches. More often than not, she has a satchel with her carrying gods know what.


Observant. Silly. Courageous.More often than not, Yhah is known for her childish personality. She approaches people, striking up conversation no matter their status. When she speaks, she speaks as if a child talks to an adult, using the prefixes "Mister" and "Miss" accordingly. Catch her during a study moment, and you will see her more "adult" side. When not near friends, or in dire situations, she is often quiet, fairly cold, and highly professional. Her tone shifts, and her voice subtly becomes deeper as well.


LIKE. Terrible puns.

. Her many pets.

. Anything historic, Allagan or Arcanima related.

. Dragons.


DISLIKE. Ishgardians (specifically Elezen)

. Ishgard in general

. Liars

. Garleans


STRENGTH. Adept with magic

. Aether-sensitive

. Incredibly smart!

. Quick on her feet


WEAKNESS. Small-stature

. Light weight

. Emotionally Driven

. Often recalls bad memories

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When Yhah's older brother Lhotus had reached the age of 2, Yhah's mother fled from Othard. She knew the Garleans were going to doom them sooner or later, so she took her small tribe while she could, and boarded a ship that took them on a long, arduous journey. In order to blend in, Yhah's mother studied multiple forms of disguise, quickly learning of "glamours." Just after Yhah was born not even a few months after their escape, her mother glamoured her into a miqo'te and took them to Limsa. Yhah was not the only child born after her older brother, her mother bearing three more children while they sailed around La Noscea on their merchant ship. The family lived in harmony for quite some time, before the calamity struck.

Yhah was around the age of 15 when the Calamity hit. She and her family were safe from the initial chaos that happened with the Fall of Dalamud; having been sailing far off the coast of Limsa. It was when the Sahagin summoned Leviathan that things took a turn for the worse. Leviathan wreaked havoc to the ship that Yhah had called home, splitting it in two and sending all of the crew flying. Her brother, Lhotus, saved as much of the crew as he could, quickly swimming them to the nearby La Noscean shore. Yhah had unfortunately been struck with a piece of the shipwreck, but was healed. The healer, a dear friend of her's, spent his last bit of his life saving her's- leaving a large scar on her stomach as a grim reminder. Within the last cycle or so, Yhah has been traveling all over Eorzea in search of her missing brother. Her journeys have taken her all the way from Dravania, straight to the Far East. Recently, she appeared to have a...problematic run in with him, resulting in her returning to Eorzea for the time being.


Yhah has recently been working around Eorzea once more. She is often found doing side jobs for the Arcanist Guild, while also looking for sellswords who are willing to "put their neck out there."

Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust
Joqali Dazkar, mother. 🔒
Yhah’s Thoughts: "Ma!The most important person in my life!"

Yhah's mother is a bit of an oddball like herself. Joqali is rather energetic and childish, a state of mind that's often used around her customers.She runs a successful business in the Shroud, importing and creating Far East goods for those in the area. Before Joqali fled with her husband and Lhotus to Eorzea, she was a proud warrior. She knew bow and steel, defending her small clan with her life. Yhah loves and respects her mother, and constantly gets letters from her.Whenever prompted about why she took a masculine name, Joqali responds that it is due to her "being the man of the house."

Yisugei Dazkar, father. 🔒
Yhah's Thoughts: "Pa!The second most important person in my life!"

Yhah's father is probably the exact opposite of his daughter- calm, collected, and almost saddened. He helps his wife Joqali with running the family business, along with their three other children. Unbeknownst to most people, Yisugei is also a warrior. He helped his wife defend their clan until Lhotus was born, then he took a step back and took over household duties.His favourite thing to do is to send Yhah frilly and unconventional dresses, to which he is slightly saddened when they end up with her younger sister.

Lhotus Dazkar, sibling. 🔒
Yhah’s Thoughts: ”Probably crazier than me!”

Lhotus is Yhah's only sibling older than her. A young man around the age of 26 years, he's just as hyperactive as his sister, if not more. The young Xaela often follows his sister in her footsteps, making sure to keep her safe.Because of this, he's picked up being her retainer and a bodyguard duty-making sure he can provide for his sister. He feels immense guilt over what happened during the Calamity, and wants to somehow make it up to her.

Qaru Dazkar, sibling. 🔒
Yhah’s Thoughts: "I wish there were more of you-you're the best sister I've ever had!"

Yhah's only sister. Qaru is much more brash than her sister, being at the age of 13 years. She's quick to anger, and glares at people. In truth, Qaru is a very loving person. She just has a hard time being taken seriously by her family.

Sechegur Dazkar, sibling. 🔒
Yhah’s Thoughts: "You might be younger than Qaru, but you're definitely more love inclined."

The fourth oldest sibling. Sechegur takes from their father more than the others. He's quiet, always seeming to read a book or study a map.He has deep interest in the family business, even expressing his want to run it in the future. Despite his cold demeanor, he's actually very kind and loves most people he encounters.

Orda Dazkar, sibling. 🔒
Yhah’s Thoughts: "My mini-me!Isn't he cute?"

A rather effeminate Xaela. Orda is the youngest of the family, barely at the age of 11 years. He still retains a childish personality, and shares Yhah's morbid curiosity. Orda looks very similar to Yhah, prompting his older sister to often call him "mini-me" or "mini-Yhah."

Gilawafe Archimtirios, Best of the best.
Yhah’s Thoughts: "The stalwart but lovable Gilawafe Archimtirios."

Gilawafe was one of the first people Yhah met when she set out from home.Understandably uneasy around her, she was glad when he started to open up to her.In a rather ham-fisted love confession one night, Yhah set in motion a rather interesting relationship between the two. There were some bumps in the road, and Yhah had to flee from Limsa at some point, but she has returned. She seems to still love and care for him, but understands that he has moved on.

Travanaire Levesque, Father-figure.
Yhah’s Thoughts: "Dad away from home! I miss him a lot.."

Travanaire was the first person she met when she set out to Limsa. A kind and reliable Elezen, Yhah has grown fond of Travanaire. She wishes that he'd stop worrying so much about her-and for him to stop getting hurt all the time.

Khunbish Adarkim,Spirit Star()
Yhah's Thoughts: "He's like my big brother away from home."
One of the only other Xaela Yhah comes into contact with. She appreciates Khunbish' company, and the fact they can share conversations no one else will understand. Sometimes, she feels he's a bit unfair...but deep down, she knows it's tough love.
Li'to Mewrilah, The Dissolving Star ()
Yhah's Thoughts: "He makes me feel calm."
A Keeper man who has yet to ever hurt Yhah. The man has been nothing but patient with her and her antics, making Li'to one of the few people Yhah can trust.
Piers Hayward,Forward Star()
Yhah's Thoughts: "What a great person! I think I scared him though..."
A Midlander that never fails to make Yhah smile. Piers is overall friendly, and one of the first people Yhah interacted with. She finds his want to learn sign language very endearing. Unfortunately, Yhah thinks she might of scared him with her attempt to speak the last time she saw him.
Yuki Kusakki,Austere()
Yhah's Thoughts: "What happened to you?"
Yuki and Yhah chanced a meeting when she 'hosted' for him one day. She thinks the man is a good symbol of hope...but wonders what his story is for being missing for so long.

Nihka Mioni, Star of Wisdom ()
Yhah's Thoughts: "Does she know that I don't mean to be rude?"
A Keeper who speaks in song and rhyme. Yhah was instantly amazed by her ability of speaking, despite the obvious struggles. She looks up to the woman, and has even tried speaking again because of her. As of late, the Xaela feels she's caused too much distress for the woman.
PERSON NAME, Placeholder ()
Yhah's Thoughts: "placeholder"

Placeholder, Something ()
Yhah's Thoughts: "Placeholder"


These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to CHARACTER. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "That little lass? She's harmless. Nothing but still a kid." -- Wench Patron.

  • "She practically knows everything and anything-get her going and she won't stop!" -- Arcanist Guild Worker.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "They say that she's studying the Allagan art of Summoning. She doesn't even have the Echo!" -- Arcanist Guild Patron.

  • "Girl is damn crazy-way back when, I remember her getting worked up over her pet slime." -- Seventh Sage Merchant.

  • "I hear she's apart of some crazy cult." -- Docks frequenter.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "That girl is something else. She goes on about Summoning " -- Camp Overlook Watchman.

  • "I swear I saw that girl in the Mists-tried to murder her friend in cold blood!" -- Mists Resident.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

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You are not permitted to re-use this artwork for your own characters or purposes, whether on Final Fantasy XIV or on other games, forums, etc.


I adore walk ups! If you see me RPing, feel free to approach me.

  • Limsa Resident: Yhah primary area of affairs is Limsa. It's her home and her life- so if you live there, she'll talk to you.
  • Ishgardian: Yhah has a morbid curiosity about Ishgard and their people. She wants to get to know the Elezens better.
  • Summoner/Caster: Yhah's morbid curiosity extends to Summoning and most magicks. If you're a caster, she'll probably like you.
  • Garlean Connections: Yhah is suspect someone close to her has been kidnapped by Garleans. Any information on this person or the Garleans would interest her greatly.


Overall, I'm pretty chill as far as guidelines go. I don't have an extensive list of 'Do's or 'Don't's or things that I personally find triggering. So chances are, you won't offend me or make me uncomfortable unless you're trying to or just being really skeevy in general. Still, for the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page here, let me make a few mentions in particular:


ERP without plot. Yhah isn't just an ERP character. In fact, she's not very likely to get down and dirty with someone for no reason. I have an adverse nature to ERP as is, and still most likely will not do it.
Character Death without prior discussion. I am ALL down for people dying. That being said, I am not comfortable with my character NOR anyone else's character being killed off unless it was discussed prior.
Sexual Violence. This ties into the ERP thing, but I will NOT do dubcon/sexual violence. No discussion, no convincing me.


do limb loss/mature themes/RP with violence. Mature themes being ones DISCUSSING violence, acts of violence (minus sexual violence), the whole works. For limb loss, I would like discussion before hand though.
Walk ups! I love, LOVE LOVE LOVE, love walk ups. Please, don't be afraid to walk up and RP with me!
Multi Para and deep plot RP. I love being involved in arching plot lines and multi paragraph RP! That said, I'm savvy with most RP styles.


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