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Born into a life of boredom and brine, Saldgeim swiftly found herself chafing under the lifestyle of a fisher-woman on the Bloodbrine sea.

She was born into a small community on the small isle of Swargybal which housed no more than a three dozen souls at a time. Her early life was as typical as one could expect, wreaking havoc among the fisherfolk on the shore, and getting far too up close and personal with the sea life that would brave the sandy stretches that were the outskirts of her world.

By the time she was old enough to be given responsibility she began doing her part in the community by fishing along the shore, cooking, mending clothing, and fending off the more ornery seakin who were drawn to their foodstores. On her eleventh summer she found herself joining her father on his fishing boat, pulling in nets due to the sudden absence of her mother who had left the isle looking to return to the lifestyle of a reaver.

Sadly for both Saldgeim and her father she never again set eyes on her mother, why it's quite likely she'll never know. Her absence made what was already a tough lot in life grew all the harder. Through grit and dire determination she and her all suffering father pulled through as well as they could, though there were more than few nights where they went to bed with nothing but sore muscles and empty bellies. Instead of dampening her spirits all this stoked the desire to see and do more than live in a tide-blasted hut on the sand, pulling in nets and sitting around a meager fire listening to old men tell tales of the glory days.

On her nineteenth summer Saldgeim's chance came, she took it without a moment's hesitation. She stole her way off her father's ship after feigning a sudden sickness during a trip to Limsa-Lominsa, and set out on her own.

In the short moon and a half since her departure, Saldgeim has learned much and met many folk who have set her along a new and interesting path. She finds herself serving both as a member of the Rendezvous and a Junior Assessor for the Arcanist guild, with a wealth of opportunities open before her.


While certainly on the short side for a Roegadyn, Saldgeim is an excellent example of a Sea Wolf in the prime of her life. The grey-blue skin covers her strong frame carries its fair share of scars and calluses from a life of honest work. A light dusting of freckles begins around her collarbone and ends on her cheeks where it is most prominent, framing a pair of eyes which bear a color similar to a faerie apple's skin.

Fishing, fighting, or fraternizing she'll always be wearing light-weight clothing and gear of durable materials. While she certainly feels the siren call of fashion she lacks the means to truly indulge in it. Instead, she'll often wear a simple shirt, pants, and boots with at least one article dyed a shade of purple, and oft with the collar splayed open to display her torso and proportionally undersized bosom.

When battle arrives she'll often be carrying a bow with a quiver of rather messily fletched arrows slung over her shoulder. Though she certainly has the strength to use more direct weapons she's always found using her sight and coordination to be more satisfying, doubly so when it irritates traditionalist father.


Driven and oft Sanguine, Saldgeim seeks one of the world's most elusive of treasures: A full life. Her pursuit of that goal has made her talkative and friendly, often leading her to striking up conversations when something catches her eye or when in a new place. She's even-keeled and warm to anyone she believes is a respectable, though when dealing with authority figures or ne'er-do-wells she'll reveal that she has quite a knack for politely worded insults and willingness to take a beating should she bring it on herself.

Though kind and often law abiding, her morals are a strange blend of Sea Wolf tradition and Eorzean politeness. In her mind might is not always right, but there's absolutely no reason why one shouldn't consider the short and brutish solution to a problem. Many a scourge has been put to rest by a well placed arrow or the edge of an axe. While she thinks the strong should not prey on the weak, the weak should not simply accept their lot in life when faced with adversity. If they are unwilling to better themselves or their community to be able to stand against their troubles then they deserve what comes to them.

Her willingness to let the weak get their just desserts begins to fade when she catches sight of young folk, animals, or a friend is in danger, and she'll sheepishly refuse to answer to anyone who questions the arbitrary limits to her rules.


Foods. Frumenty and anything drizzled with honey.
Color. Adores purple, doubly so if it is a darker shade.


Belly-Aching. "If you truly care then there's aught you should be doing to fix it."
Peistes. The first thing she set eyes on in Thanalan was a Peiste. She promptly turned around.


Fishing. The familiar sensation of a fish tugging on her line has yet to bore her, even when most of her years were spent with a pole in hand.
Indulging Curiosity. There'll be many a year to come before she runs out of places to see, shops to visit, people to chat with, and trouble to get into. Assuming she lives through it all.


Resilient. With her youth spent fishing on a boat she's grown accustomed to cuts, bruises, rope burns, and all sorts of nasty things. Given time she'll be back on her feet and ready to head out again.
Generous. What little she does have she's more than willing to share. There's no plate too small, or mug too shallow to share with someone who needs it.


Unskilled. If it's not fishing or being mediocre at archery then Saldgeim hasn't a single iota of experience with it.
Stubborn. Once she's set on something it will take an exceptional orator or a good bit of muscle to keep her from her task, even when self-destructive.


Excitement. The idea of facing, learning, or fighting new and interesting in new and interesting locations is a great draw.
A Home. While her wanderlust can often lead to her being carried away by an errant breeze, she seeks a group, a home, or a niche to call her own.

Platonic Involved Interested Attracted Positive Negative Neutral Unsure Deceased
Wyznsath, father. ()
Character's Thoughts: "He knows who's daughter I am, he knew this was coming eventually."
An old fisherman turned (assumed) widower who greatly values tradition and stability over all else. He strove to be a good influence on his daughter, though it's hard to say if it took.
Keimbryda, mother. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Not sure if she'd be proud of me or not. Not even sure she cared."
Once a fearsome Reaver, she found herself falling in love with Wyznsath and bearing Saldgeim into this world. Tiring of life on the isle she took to the sea once more and was never seen again.
Amalric Farstrike, Incorrigible Bastard ()
Character's Thoughts: "When I first met him I'd never think he and I would feel so similarly about love and the future. Mayhap one day I'll talk to him about that, or.. just keep reminding him of just who is in charge of whom."
Though their relationship began with a rocky and tumultuous, Amalric has slowly found himself being one of the people that Saldgeim cares most about amongst the Stars. When his life was at risk she did not hesitation to sally forth alongside Yhah, and she has kept an eye on him ever since. As more suns began to pass the two grew closer, and have since begun to view each other as members of a fledgling family.
Yhah Dazkar, Her Honey-Drop ()
Character's Thoughts: "If only.. things had been different. At the least we're back to being friends."
An Au Ra who happened upon Saldgeim as she was practicing with her bow, a warm embrace and mutual curiosity towards one another led to a long conversation that stretched on for several bells. Despite speaking only a single word, Yhah's bubbly sweetness and body-language led to Saldgeim paying her earlier affection back in kind. As the pair continued to interact the Roe found her feelings for the Xaela blooming from simple attachment to outright love but it was not to be. A messy fight and failure to communicate saw the two drifting apart. It is only recently that they have reconciled, though now only as friends. Though that does not Saldgeim from hoping..
Khira Lhizahla, The Black Blossom()
Character's Thoughts: "When I first met her I never thought things would turn this way, that a friend could become so much more. I'm glad I gathered my courage and told her."
A marked Miqo'te that warmly helped the wayward Sea Wolf as she dealt with her feelings towards Yhah. Her honest advice has stoked Saldgeim's courage more than once, and when her ill-fated romance lead to tears the two of them grew closer than simply friends. Now more than ever Saldgeim relishes the moments with her, talking, gossiping, and being passionate.
Nihka Mioni, The Guiding Moon ()
Character's Thoughts: "One of the pillars of the family that has formed in this estate. Without her I'd be lost, or.. worse."
The self-titled Hearthmistress who wasted no time in mothering Saldgeim and helping her to come to terms with her newfound mark. As they continued to interact Saldgeim began to view the Keeper as the ideal she wished to pursue within the stars, a kind-hearted pillar of the community. She saved Saldgeim from herself during a dark moment, and the Sea Wolf has pursued a non-exclusive relationship with her.

Anstarra Silverrain, The Shining Sun ()
Character's Thoughts: "Intense, beautiful, and passionate. The only one I willingly submit to. I wonder if she realizes that..?"
Having met this senior star on her first day at the estate, it was not long before the sun-kissed miqo'te began to catch Saldgeim's eye. An unexpected show of affection, and a moment of vulnerability turned passionate helped the Sea Wolf come to realize her attraction towards femininity. As of now Anstarra and Saldgeim are non-dedicated lovers, and she's happy to share any moments she can with her.
Flora Valerian, Bride of Rhalgr ()
Character's Thoughts: "The talk I've had with her has already imparted more wisdom than I had expected, including ways to understand her. Mayhap in a moon or two I'll no longer feel so.. confused by her choices."
A senior Star bearer who has guided Saldgeim both in the use of the bow but also spiritually, though the latter is a newer development. Their similarities are oft buried 'neath their contrasting views but the Sea Wolf thinks fondly of her, and is eager to learn more.
Khunbish Adarkim, Sober Shaman ()
Character's Thoughts: "Atop that steed of his he struck quite a gallant figure. I'm glad he's a Star, knowing that he can be relied upon is a relief beyond words."
A star who oft tends the wounded at the estate, having met the Sea Wolf during Amalric's rather serious spate of injuries. Her closeness to Yhah and her time out in the field with him has caused her to grow fond of the man, though she finds him harder to understand than most other Xaela.
Madame D'ranmaia, Master of the Palace ()
Character's Thoughts: "She's not what I had expected, not even close. Even so, I want her to know that I respect her and what she has done for me, for this community I've found myself in. At least that disastrous dinner hasn't seemed to set her against me."
The soft-spoken master of the palatial estate Saldgeim has found herself inhabiting. She ran into her purely by coincidence, her cooking drawing the Miqo'tes attention to her. She did her best to try and make a good impression only for flaring tempers and unfamiliarity of culture to make a mess of it. Saldgeim won't rest until she can truly return the favor for her hospitality.
Piers Hayward, Smartass Farmer? ()
Character's Thoughts: "Even after that threat we still swapped barbs. He acts unassuming, but I don't buy it. Still, he was just as kind."
A midlander that had the misfortune of running into Saldgeim as she was driven to a sour mood by an unfortunate circumstance. Despite the Sea Wolf making a dire threat to the well-being of his eyes, he was more than willing to deliver her from her misfortune. They parted on friendlier terms than they met, but only time will tell if that continues.
Yvain Desrosiers, Strange Sorceror ()
Character's Thoughts: "The mark.. I can barely remember the man he was, but I know that he helped to inspire me to learn Arcanima. Even though we quarreled I'm glad we met."
An ex-star hailing from Sharlayan, he was among the first that Saldgeim met and seems to be just as unfamiliar with it as she. It was through his guidance that she learned basic aetheric manipulation, though the training did not go off without a hitch. When his mark was lost, the two of them have begun to drift apart.
Rielle Sirielle, Sweet Li'l Popoto ()
Character's Thoughts: "I hope that in time I'll be able to help him feel welcome, feel like he's a part of things. Or at the least be friendly enough that he doesn't jump and flinch when I reach to touch him."
A newly marked star who Saldgeim has tried to be warm and encouraging to. She finds the little fellow fascinating, and feel sympathetic to how he feels about the sudden shift in his life. Sadly for the two of them her usual showing of affection only causes him to flinch or flee, something she wishes to remedy in time.



Please note: Any of these rumors may be untrue, speculative, or greatly exaggerated, and should not be treated as factual unless confirmed by the character.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Heard that lass is poachin' fish right off th' docks in front of us! Not sure if she's ig'nant of what that means or jes' rude." - Fishing Guildsman
"That one? Oh yes, I see her all the time passing through. Always carrying fish or some sorta tidbit from the markets humming a tune. I'd tell you where she goes but that'd be against regulations. But if I were to, say, find a small gil pouch on the ground.." - Goblet Patrolman
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly, or ask first!
""Oh I know who she is. Gave her father the slip when he came in to do some tradin'. Shoulda seen him runnin' about the docks, actin' like the world was endin'." - Yellowjacket Patrolman
"Yeah, yeah I seent her. She was assigned to tha gate when I was comin' through with some wares, all legal stuff of course. All legal, all legit-a-mate-ly gotten too! But she finds this one damned thing while she's assessin' and those red eyes start glarin' at you, swear she can summon the spectre of me mum, gods rest her soul." - Peeved Packrat
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"When she was born she was already'n ilm from death. Seems Keimbryda ain't much fer birthin', just killin'. Didn't hear that from me, 'course." - Swargybald Fisherman


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◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.
"There is much potential within her. I pray that it shall not be squandered." — Yvain Desrosiers.
"Softer than she looks. And no, I'm not talkin' about her body. ... I can't speak to that. I tried, though." — Amalric Farstrike.
"[Great woman. Very nice and very adorable. Needs more friends to help take care of her in return.]" — Yhah Dazkar.



Player Note
Saldgeim is quite a new character as I'm sure you can see. As time passes expect to see more people and information added in. If you want to gain a connection or correct a mistake on the profile don't hesitate to message me!
Personal RP Limits
My primary drive when roleplaying is to tell a good story, to (in a fashion) live and think as my characters would in that one given moment. As such I'm more than willing to interact with others who bend the lore here and there. You simply have different expectations and desires than I do, and so long as there's no serious ruining of each other's time I don't think there will be much trouble.
I will play... Nearly anything, the most important thing to remember is it is a matter of serious consequence I'll be far more accepting of it if there is OOC communication beforehand. Fighting, romance, betrayal, scandal, cheating, and gossip? So long as we've already spoken of it by all means! In terms of more casual interactions I'd say there's nothing that immediately springs to mind that I find unacceptable. Walk on up if you see the RP tag!
I won't play... Over the top violence - If it's something you'd expect to see in SAW you're probably going to strike out. Sexual assault that is slipping past clumsily copping a feel or pinching (Or other such tavern rudeness) is not something I'm going to accept.
Character Lore Adherence
I'm aiming to be as accurate as possible to pre-defined lore limitations and expectations. If I am at any point running wild past the boundaries of this please inform me and don't hesitate to correct me!


Backstory Hooks
If you have an interest in getting to know Saldgeim or taking part in a plot hook then by all means get in contact with me.
Bloodbrine, Born and Raised: Having lived in the home waters of the Sea Wolves, it's quite likely that Saldgeim has run into those who might frequent the area. Years aboard he father's fishing ship, and along the shore of her little home isle has given ample opportunity to make connections.
Limsa-Lominsa, A Decent Place to Rest Your Head: While it has only been a around two weeks since she has set out on her own, she's spent the lion's share of her time on the streets of Limsa-Lominsa. If you're likely to prowl the brine-soaked paths of the city then you could easily run in to her. Doubly so if you enjoy fishing, as she can be found doing just that in the evenings.
Player Activity Times
I am available from 5 PM CST to 11 PM CST on weeknights. I skew later on weekends!

Name - Saldgeim Wyznsathwyn
Race - Roegadyn / Sea Wolf
Age - 19
Name Day - 12th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Deity - Rhalgr, The Destroyer

Alias: The Empty Star
Citizenship: Swargybald Isle
Occupation: Drifter
Hair color: Sandy Brown
Eye color: Light Red
Complexion: Greyish Blue
Marks or tattoos: Odd tattoo on the right side of her collarbone.
Alignment: True Neutral (For now)
Sexuality: Bisexual (Kinsey Scale - 5)
Beliefs: Burgeoning worshiper of the twelve, Rhalgr and Nymeia above the others.
Free Company: None at present
Linkshell(s): Rendezvous of Stars

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