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Deahfel, Protector of Halone

Deahfel Pharasma is a fierce warrior of Halone with an oath to protect her friends from any harm. She is quick to trust and likes to meet new people while out in the field questing where she demonstrates her accomplished martial skill.


She is average height with an athletic build from her consistent training regimen. Her mauve colored hair is often pulled back to keep it out her way while she is out in the field. She has a small scar on her face from a training accident when she was younger. A sword blow that bounced off her shouldpads sliced into her cheek and left a lasting scar. Her face is soft and normally wearing a warm smile that is quite inviting. She has brilliant emerald colored eyes that are quite inviting to stare into.

Deah is normally found in her field clothes which consist of a light armored jacket that hide dark brown leather pants and a pair of rugged boots. She almost always has a boda bag around her waist filled with her favorite cider. When she is expecting trouble or a fight she will wear her Valkyrie armor that is quite an impressive site to behold with its large helm crafted in style of Halone. For more casual encounters she will don her comfy red and white yukata.


Born to simple Miqo’te parents in Limsa Lominsa, Deahfel spent her early years on the coast outside of the city, learning how to use farm tools and keeping in shape with the physical labor that life on the farm entails. Her father, Byron Pharasma, taught her the value of hard work and always expected a lot from Deahfel. The precious down time she had she spent playing with her rambunctious little brother, Dirk. Dirk was 4 years younger, and always looked up to his older sister, who was primarily in charge of keeping a watchful eye on him. Her mother, Deirdre, was the comforting parent, who the kids could always find solace in. She taught them manners and kindness. It was from her that Deahfel garnered an inner strength that matched her physical fitness.

Deahfel was about 10 years old when that strength was tested. She and Dirk had been playing on the outskirts of the farm, when she suddenly lost track of him. She looked everywhere, assuming he was playing a prank as usual. But dread started to set in as her search drew her closer to the wilds. If he’d wandered out there, he could be lost. She spent hours searching for any sign, frantic. Then she found him. She dropped to her knees, tears streaming down her face as she took in the image of his mauled body. She could not speak, she was hardly breathing. The crushing responsibility overloaded her. This had been her fault. She had shirked her responsibility, and this was the result.

She didn’t know how long she sat there in shock. Then, through luck or sheer willpower, she found a way to draw upon her inner strength. Wiping her tears, she swore an oath to her fallen brother. She swore to never let this happen to anyone else again. Her friends and family would be her charge, and she would see to it that nobody need suffer as she had over this loss. She would be a protector!

The family was left in shambles in the aftermath of the accident. They picked up what little they had and moved to Gridania, trying to escape their tragic memories. Deirdre never fully recovered, retreating into a daze of rote housework. Her life force seeming to drain out of her day by day, and months later she passed away.

Deahfel could not handle it. To escape her idle grief at home, she joined the Twin Adders, chasing any small bit of adventure she could handle. She trained every day, practicing her skill with an axe out in the field. Eventually, she was skilled enough to set off on her own, pursuing work on behalf of the grand companies. She did quite well for herself, becoming self-sufficient financially. Her joy in her success, however, was short lived.

Checking back for contracts as usual, she was surprised when a senior Serpent Officer handed her a letter. With a confused look she pored over the letter until she realized what it was a killed in action report. In her absence, her father had joined up with the Wailers. He was killed in a bandit ambush on a frontier outpost, all for some measly supplies. Yet another loss, it fueled a fire inside of her, driving her to excess. She went back to training and took on dangerous contracts on the Dravanian front, desperate for distraction.

It was only years later she realized this lifestyle of distractions left her empty. She had to end it. She had to pursue something meaningful. No more adventuring in the field for months at a time. It was time to put down some roots and do some good for the people of this world, honoring her family’s memory rather than pushing it away. She joined up with the Celestine free company as the head of Expedition Security, drawing on her field experience to keep her new friends safe from any danger. She became a protector, just like she promised.

Feeling the warmth of redemption and community, she strived to do more. She wanted to bring protection and salvation to even more people. She began a small order of volunteer knights known as the Hydaelyn Protectors. Although a small order at the moment, they are taking on as much work as they can handle while growing their ranks.


Deahfel is a peaceful warrior, at home quietly savoring lifes simple pleasures as much as the challenge of battle. She greets the world with an open heart, making friends wherever she goes. She will guard her friends fiercely and loyally to the end. Be wary those who would take advantage of her kindness, as she is quick to anger once a threat is discerned. When she is not actively working she can be quite playful. She does not seem to be bothered by water like some miqo'te and enjoys relaxing in the hot springs or picnics on the beach.


Travel. She especially loves being near the water or in the forest.
Art. Her favorite work is the stained glass at the Gridania roost
Stability. She loves stable relationships and knowing what to expect


Oppressors. Anyone who uses their strength to take advantage of others.
Change. Surprises and sudden changes put her off kilter.
Masks. Obfuscating clothing makes her nervous as she cannot readily discern friend from foe.
Cold. She dislikes being in cold climates especially the snow.


Gambling. Although she is a terrible gambler she enjoys games of chance.
Rest. Nothing is more fitting to end a long adventure than sleeping in late at the inn.
Social Gatherings. She loves spending time going out with her friends.


Martial. She specializes in defensive fighting with the greataxe and has bested many opponents.
Loyalty. A friend is a lifelong appointment to her.
Selfless. She is always willing to lend a hand and make sure others are taken care of first.


Magic. She has always wanted to learn magic, but lacks any sort of talent to utilize it.
Deception. She has a hard time picking up on deception and its cues.
Loss. Losing a friend once was enough for her to learn not to want to experience that again.


Valor' She always strives to maintain security and protect her friends wherever they are.
Training' She is dedicated to her martial training and maintaining good physical shape.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Nathan Fletcher, Boyfriend. ( ) - Kindred Spirit.
Character's Thoughts: "I haven't known Nathan for the longest time, but for as long as I have known him I have felt like he is a kindred spirit. He is always looking out for me and supporting me in my endeavors however he can. He might just be the sweetest man in Eorzea."
N'aomi Kett, Stand in sister. ( ) - Rolemodel.
Character's Thoughts: "I see a lot of myself in Naomi. She is a great leader, strong fighter, and the life of any party. We both use the same designer and Naomi stole a fabulous design that rightly should have been mine. I am not sure I will ever let her live that down."
Aya Foxheart, Friend. ( ) - Gal Pal.
Character's Thoughts: "Aya impressed me from the moment I first met her with the finesse that she carried herself. There is a lot more to Aya than meets the eye, and I haven't quite figured her out yet. She does seem to spend a lot of time with Benedict, although he reassures me that it is simply coincidence."
L'rinhi Kett, Friend. ( ) - Ambitious Entrepreneur.
Character's Thoughts: "Rini is someone who really surprised me with how much she has accomplished and how experienced she is for her age. I owe a lot to Rini for her generosity and support. She has helped to save the life of an injured friend when I needed it most. For that I will owe her forever."
Faelen Etin, Friend. ( ) - Loyal Instigator.
Character's Thoughts: "Not the most politically savvy, but Fae is a loyal companion that I can always trust to have my back. We sometimes butt heads when our approaches differ, but his combat ability is impressive."
Kei Malaguld, Ex-Girlfriend. ( ) - Trusted Advisor.
Character's Thoughts: "Things didn't work out how I thought they would with Kei and she ended up taking off. I haven't really seen her around lately. Hopefully she is able to find some peace and someone who makes her happy."
Benedict Whiteraven, Redeemed Sage. ( ) - Fate Crossed Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "A myserious fortune teller I met in Gridania where the fates brought us together for some reason. He is a reformed man of his own admission although his past holds a dark secret. I have joined my path with his to ensure he walks the road of redemption and does not falter. "
Alyria Winchester, Friend. ( ) - Armored Accomplice.
Character's Thoughts: "Aly seemed somewhat secretive and reserved when I first met her at Wayfarer's. She seems to be getting used to bartending and tends to be more talkative when she is tending. Although I do not know much about her, I respect that she feels naked without her armor much like I do. It will be interesting to learn more about her and see what kind of fighter she is."
Aestridh Wynter, Friend. ( ) - Engineer.
Character's Thoughts: "Aestridh is an interesting character that I am still trying to understand. She seems to have a lot of drive and talent for the inventions she makes. I want to spend more time with her to get a better understanding of the woman. "
K'toree Tohm, Ex-Girlfriend/Friend. ( ) - Ala Mhigan Brawler.
Character's Thoughts: "Currently it is a bit awkward to be around her after the recent break up. Aside from her recent indiscretions, she has a good heart and has helped me through some tough times. I hope things return to normal with her soon."

Kazukata Go, Mentor/Friend. ( ) - The Lion.
Character's Thoughts: "He is a fierce and wise warrior. I thoroughly enjoy sparring with him and learning new techniques from his unique fighting style. He has also been a loyal friend and always been there for me when I was in need. Lately I have been starting to see a bit more of Kazu's darker side as his hatred of Garlean's has come up."

Fiona Glide, Friend. ( ) - Rebellious Lancer.
Character's Thoughts: "She is an agile fighter and a good sparring partner. She can be quick to act on her emotions and be a bit rash. She has encountered the void darkness on a mission and seems to be getting sick more often lately."

Hikari Miyuki, Mentor. ( ) - Inspirational Paladin.
Character's Thoughts: "Hikari is a truly well balanced individual and is an inspiration to always better myself. Her leadership and calm demeanor are something I hope to someday master."

Sileas Bishop, Friend. ( ) - Social Butterfly
Character's Thoughts: "Was the one who welcomed Deah into Gridania of other like minded individuals. She is very social and loves to get groups of friends together for fun outings. She has a bad habit of sneaking up on Deah and scaring her half to death ."

Aurelle Surlaint, Friend. ( ) - Researcher.
Character's Thoughts: "Aure seems to have a calming effect on Deah as her magical talents contrast with Deah's martial skill. Deah has great respect for her skill with magic having never been able to master it herself. She often impressed with her book smarts and ability to research"

Tyll'a Starr & Nightstar, Adventuring Ally. ( ) - Adventurer.
Character's Thoughts: "Deah has been on several missions with Tyll'a now and they seem to have a good rhythm working together in combat. She is always happy to see Tyll'a and his mount Nightstar at any occassion. "
Albus Beaularoix, Mage Artillery. ( ) - Contract Thaumaturgist.
Character's Thoughts: "Albus and Deahfel have teamed up a few times for missions and training. They are a powerhouse combo of destruction when their teamwork aligns"



Some of rumors surrounding Deahfel.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Some woman went flying by me on a blue chocobo in a full set of platemail in the marketplace. Nearly knocked over my whole wagon of foodstuffs too busy chasing after some hooligans!"
"You mean that guard with the eagle helmet? Yeah I see her around Ul'Dah from time to time just watchin' people like she thinks she is a Brass Blade or somethin'."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"That woman with the greataxe. I have seen her fight before in the grindstone tournament. She took down a Roegadyn three times her size in the first round!"
"Be careful getting drunk and handsy around that lass. A friend o' mine ended up with a rearranged face after messin' with her friend on the way home from the tavern."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I ran into her on a bounty hunt once. Her and her chocobo damn near killed me trying to steal my mark! "
"I saw her on the beach at sunset with another miqo'te a few moons ago. Looked like they were getting awfully friendly with each other. "


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Fate has directed me to her twice now when wandering about Eorzea . . . I believe there is more meaning to be had there besides casual conversation or "chance" encounters." — Benedict Whiteraven.
"Oh, I know the woman you mean! Fierce red hair, and fiercer eyes. She may seem unassuming at first, but you should know better!" — Aya Foxheart.
"She is a plethora of emotions. I've seen her at her best and in her worst, and trust me. You do not want to be on the receiving end of her worst, I've danced with that devil a few times already." — Alyria Winchester.
"Feel free to insert your own rumor here!." — Name.



Player Note
I love meeting new people and am always willing to lend a hand. So if you see me in game please feel free to send me a tell or join me in RP. If you have an active plot that you think I would be a good fit in, I would love to hear about that as well!
Personal RP Limits
I am very flexible when it comes to RP styles and have no restrictions on L/M/H/E RP as long as it fits my characters and what they would deem acceptable. I am a relatively new RPer so if you have a character that is very challenging to interact with I may struggle with that.
I will playRight now my favorite plots are centering around relics and other magical artifacts that might fall into the wrong hands. I do not mind gritty/dark plot lines as long as they are driven and not dark just for the sake of being dark.
I won't play Any plots that would downright contradict my characters background. I generally dislike extremely structured events where there are limits to when RP are allowed. Plots involving PC villains will need to be discussed prior to starting them.
Little Tidbits.
I am a pretty busy person and value my game and RP time heavily. Please do not waste my time and yours, if you plan to be part of a plot with me or vice versa know that I will be there and be giving 100% of my attention barring any unforseen circumstances.


Potential Plot Hooks
An ancient artifact under armed guard was being transported through the thanalan desert. Several days overdue nobody could find a trace of the caravan or its mysterious cargo.
Seeming to dissapear into thin air, details are quite scant. Inquiring around ul dah seemed to garner some unwanted attention as she noticed she was being followed and conversations were being eavesdropped on.
After tracking down the agency hired to guard the missing caravan, she tracked down a name of a guard who had been gone missing for several days and suddenly reappeared.

Character Lore Adherence
I am not very lore strict, but I will attempt to adhere as best as possible to the current plots established lore. If you have a cool idea that is outside of established lore feel free to let me know as I might be interested.

Deahfel Pharasma
12th sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

Alias: Deah
Pronunciation: Dee-Uh-Fel
Server: Balmung
Citizenship: Gridania
Occupation: Head of Security (Bodyguard)
Hair color: Mauve
Eye color: Teal
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: Small scar on face
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good
Key Items:
Favorite Food: Gridanian Pork Stew
Favorite Drink: Hot Apple Cider
Favorite Color: Green
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