Deitrych Dragonfang

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Deitrych Dragonfang
Deitrych Dragonfang.jpg
The Voyeur Ninja
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 23
Namesday ?
Patron Deity Oschon
Orientation Mixed
Marital Status Single
Occupation Heroic Assassin



Full Name: Deitrych Dragonfang (formerly Brownlowe)

Nicknames: N/A

Pronunciation: Dee-i-trick Brown-low

Origins: Deitrych is the name that was given to him by a woman that died in front of him moments after he opened his eyes for the first time in his memory, though he frequently worries that she may have mistaken him for someone else. Brownlowe, the surname he used, is merely a nod toward the burned ruin of a village he found himself in. More recently, he took the name Dragonfang as a step toward moving away from events in his recollected and more recent past.


Height: ~5'8"

Weight: ~180 ponz

Body: Well-toned, lithe build of a man engaged in regular highly exertive physical activity.

Hair: Wild and unkempt, brown

Eyes: Green

Skin: Lightly tanned

Clothing: Tends to gravitate toward blacks and grays, or earthen tones, in simple and unadorned clothing.

Marks: Some light scarring here and there, but nothing serious. More recently, he is missing his left eye. There is no scar, simply an empty socket.



To his mind, Deitrych first opened his eyes in the year 1572, to a very peculiar world – one covered in fire, smoke, and ash, filled with the sounds of the dying, and split by a distant roar. He found himself lying in the ruin of a small village, Brownlowe, named after the man who settled the area and dubbed himself its mayor. By the time he could stand and move, he found those that had been dying to have passed on except for one, a woman, who seemed moved to tears that he had survived. She called him by name, expressed her joy, and passed on. He never learned her name.

He would later learn that Bahamut had scorched the land with its flame and claimed the lives of countless innocents in doing so. How he had managed to survive where so many others lost their lives, he could not begin to guess. With only a blank emptiness filling his mind, he did not even know where to go, now that he had lost the last person in the world who could possibly give him some semblance of direction. And so, he did the only thing he could and set off toward the horizon he just happened to be facing, trusting somewhere in the back of his mind that Oschon would show him the way.

He would spend the next five years moving from place to place, rescuing survivors and fighting any who chose to take advantage of the chaos. A silent protector, giving neither his name nor reassurances that everything would be okay, only pointing them in the direction they should go, in the direction that others before them had gone.

Hazy Memories

Through a series of events, Deitrych managed to unlock a fraction of the memories that were lost. He remains unable to remember his parents, his hometown, or his childhood up to his early teens. At some point, he began accompanying a group of men and women as they traveled from place to place, who trained him in various arts. The reasons why they were teaching him remain in the fog of his mind, while the lessons they gave him come and go, not unlike normal memories -- some detail in the present bringing up a memory of the past, taunting him with limited details and slipping away again when he tries to focus on them.

Despite the hazy memories, he returned to his friends somewhat changed, the boy from before Bahamut rather than the man from after it, who had struggled to find a life with no memories of the past. Dissatisfied with how his life had turned out, so different from what he expected -- though how different he is not sure, only that it is -- he lashed out at the ones who he had befriended in the time since. With time, however, he stopped lashing out and began to work toward adjusting to this "new" life. Different from the man he had become, who had practically given up on retrieving his lost memories, he has since renewed his search for someone who might remember him, some trace of his previous life.


Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: One-handed Weapons (High), Shield Use (High), Two-Handed Weapons (Moderate), Pole Weapons (Very High), Archery (Moderate), Hand-to-Hand (Moderate)
  • Magical: Conjury (Weak)
  • Crafts: Cooking (Moderate), Leatherworking (Moderate), Fishing (Moderate)


  • Combat Specialist: He is extremely proficient with a wide variety of weapons, though lacks any memory of how he came to gain these skills, and has refined them over the last five years. Since recovering some of his memories, he now has a stronger grasp of how he came to learn these skills and how to teach them to others.
  • Talented Cook: Though he did not begin with any particular skills in this area, he grew rather talented in it over the five years of having to fend for himself. He can only thank Oschon that he did not eat anything too poisonous within that time.
  • Driven: When he decides on a course of action, there is nothing in the world that can dissuade him.
  • Observant: Staying quiet and watching others has awarded him a surprising skill at discovering things that would normally go unnoticed.


  • Fear of Fire: Any large, uncontrolled blaze is enough to send him skittering off into a dark corner, likely as a result of some dark, repressed memory of Bahamut's flames and more recent traumas that have strengthened this fear. A cooking fire, or even an Aether-woven fireball, are not usually enough to set him off however.
  • Socially Inept: If ever put on the spot and forced to speak in front of a crowd, he will likely clam up or possibly even run away.


  • Animals
  • High Places
  • Watching Others (from a distance)


  • Social Situations
  • Speaking
  • Responsibility
  • Fire
  • Commitment


Previously, the man that was born after Bahamut was a blank slate, who grew into a shy and somewhat innocent young man. In some ways, he was a child, and in other ways, one that was forced to grow up quickly, presented with the darker side of the world and the people in it. He came to be with a strong sense of justice, despite being largely raised by Seth Honeybrew and his family, who were anything but just, and strove to become a hero of justice.

After regaining some of his memories, he has since reverted to his teenage persona, though some vestiges of his amnesiac life remain at the edges. His social ineptitude seems largely gone, at least in small groups, and he has proven to be talented at manipulation, more for the sake of mischief than anything truly sinister. He is more violent with a tendency toward cruelty, though only to those he feels deserves it, while remaining kind and caring to others.

His habit of watching people at a distance, studying their behaviors and noting their quirks, has earned him something of a reputation as a voyeuristic pervert. Since it amuses him, he has done nothing to dissuade this notion, and frequently comments on things he has noted others doing in what they believe to be private, in part to encourage the notion.

While rather innocent and virginal prior to regaining part of his memories, he has since begun to engage in open relationships, preferring to remain as friends rather than commit to anything. He considers marriage, and any form of monogamous relationship, to be one or both partners' need to collar their mate; a ring, for instance, is nothing more than a leash and collar in his eyes.



Clalaris Sil Laris - "An aggravating Lalafell woman that's always happy to push buttons but hates it when others push back. She's got some good qualities, but I can't be bothered to list 'em. When I didn't want to kill her, she was a good enough friend."

L'yhta Mahre - "A cute and crazy Miqo'te mage. I can't understand half of what she talks about, because I'm sure half the words're made up, but we do agree on a lot of things. I'm fond of her."

Eamont Desormaux - "The current Voice of the White Tower. He's a stiff Elezen with a shady past, who's struggling to be a better person than he was. It's a struggle to get him to ease off the goody-goody path, but when you manage it, he's fun enough."


Other Notes

The Rumor Mill

  • Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
    • "You know that knight that never says a word? They say he's a hero. A lot of people that survived the Calamity owe him their lives."
    • "He used to always save people and never ask for a reward. Lately he's changed."
    • "He is always sitting up somewhere high and watching people. If you blink, he is already gone. Creepy."
  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
    • "Remember that festival a few months back? He turned white as a sheet when we lit the bonfire and couldn't get out of there fast enough. Strange, yeah?"
    • "Some people talk about him like he's some kind of hero, but I hear he takes jobs to kill people. Then next thing you know, he's dragging some escaped criminal back to stand trial. I don't know what to believe."
  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult to overhear):
    • "I passed through Brownlowe several times 'fore the Calamity. Dusty little hamlet, not a gil 'tween most of 'em. I met Mayor Brownlowe an' he ain't had no boys. Just girls. Who's he tryin' to fool?"
    • "I heard the knights up toward Ishgard way are keeping an eye out for him. They won't say what he did and they don't have his poster up like a criminal, but you'd think he was a dragon with the way they're ready to pounce just at the mention of his name. Weird, yeah?"
  • PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!):
    • "I know he seems like some sort of creepy stalker, but it's all just a big act. He's really just a very kind, playful person!" -- L'yhta Mahre

Miscellaneous Info

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