Domino Farino

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 Domino Farino
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"A man is nothing more, than what others claim he is."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul’dah
Age 33
Alignment Neutral Evil[1]


Domino Farino was born to two loving Lalafells, Maximilian Farino and Victoria Farino. A merchant class family, Maximilian Farino had made a small name for himself in his city, and traveled near and far to spread his influence. And while the Father had not always been around due to work, Domino was loved greatly. He was schooled at the best places money could buy, and much like any child born into money, combat was taught. Not to fight, but to be proven that he was useful in the world. And so, the child from a young age took up the blade as well at a young age. And for some time, it was grand. His life and all about him. And as he came to his tenth year, his father had even started taking him on business, something he showed a great skill in. Goading others and luring them into schemes that had them buy goods they might not have truly needed. And for some time all was good.

It was upon his fourteenth year that a routine trip he had met a lone Thavnarian stray woman. A natural distaste of the Keeper variety had been instilled in him from a young age, but this Seeker had peeked his interest. This woman had lured him in with words of glory and fame. Power and money. The young male had shifted his pack and leaned over that glass orb, watching the woman’s gold dusted hands and many pieces of jewelry clink about. But what he saw in that orb was nothing of what he had saw before. And the shrill laugh of the woman had near disturbed him. The desert accent had only made the phrase worsened. “You are on a journey without rest.” She spoke to him as if he had already known, but as he stared at her, she grinned only wider, barring those fangs of sharp dagger like quality. “The stone calls to you, Child. You will end up searching for it. It is fate and the strings have been pulled, do not let them be cut though.” Domino had merely nodded, and paid forth a small amount of gil. Something felt heavy upon him, but he could not tell. And so began the journey and the hunt for the stone.

Domino’s life had seemed to be consumed, supplementing into his studies books about a red stone, and the powers and abilities it brought with it. The books he had read amazed him, and so followed the further attempts and learnings of an old style of alchemy based on transmutation and entropic values. But he was still a child, and so he stayed with his family and did so for another four years. But at his eighteenth summer, he left. Told his family he must go, and strike out. And with smiles, he left. A lie told to a degree, he had told them he wished to start a shipping business with the money he had earned working with his Father. And with smiles they sent him off. And so began his journey, first set in Ul’dah as he searched for a stone in the ruins of desert and abandonment.

His first set of hunts, had landed him in a moderate amount of trouble, beaten and bruised but out alive with some money and relics he had counted himself lucky to a degree. But the rush of the hunt always brought him back. And back. And back again. And upon some of these hunts did he find himself at the face of a woman. A lone tall, Elezen who attacked first and questioned later. Many a time did he nearly lose to her, and many did he actually. They hunted as opponents and slowly found themselves growing closer and closer as he grew into the scene of the hunter. She was Kezia, and together slowly did they come to work together, and grow as something more. But that was some time away. Then at the current time, Domino had found himself on a particular hunt deep in the desert. A run through a ruin deeper and deeper, so much so that he found himself lost. The feeling dwelled on him but he pushed forth. And then, the faulty footing he had found, had landed him careening through a pit, and with each layer seeming to break on his back was he sent spiraling into the depths with a scream. But with pale green light, and a moving beneath him, that he had been too disoriented to look to, did he find himself alive. Being brought to a wall with intricate symbols, and one large overarching etching into it did he feel compelled to reach out. But with the pain of a burning on his hands, and a scratching feeling that had blood spew forth on to the wall, did he recoil, and then, he was gone. Passed out to be left in the dark alone for some hours. And when he woke up, did he feel empty, cold and alone, the light of the moon shined down through the many holes he broke through. He felt groggy and pushed himself to stand, hands looked at that he had odd markings on his palms, that arched out soft verdant lines over his skin that gently pulsed a softer emanating green light. He threw up from the feeling of standing too quickly, and then after, pushed on home. He still had supplies thankfully, and would make it back.

Months would pass as Domino realized the abilities of the markings presented to him by the depths of the ruins. The seals on his hand no longer burned, but felt cold to the touch. And with the passing of months after the incident, he had sought to confide in Kezia, and with it, did they grow closer. His amazement of what had happened showed fully, and with nights came to days, and weeks did they spend more and more time together. Working on hunts and tips, and even the small business of selling the goods they found, fully blossomed. And so it seemed they would be inseparable. For years they stayed together, meeting each other's respective family, and slowly growing to the talks of family. But, upon one fateful eve, one wrong hunt did she succumb to something unleashed from the depths of the void. And it forever had changed Domino. He felt as if it was his fault, felt as if he had to do something. And so, on the overall goal, he did not want power. He wanted, her. His second half back. And so for some time did he search for the stone for himself.

Domino has gone through many groups and further still had he seen many come and go. From the Order of the Sword and Rose to the Wayfinder’s caravans which had finally brought him to find his first shard did he wander. Until he had been consumed by a Sand Wurm and found his second shard within the beast was he assumed dead. But he is back, seemingly changed and not so hung up on the past. No, only the future days are left for him. And he will use it to obtain the stone, and further his own goals.

"I stand here, and beg the question, why had it happened like this? " -Domino Farino
"Back once more, in this oasis I call home."

Current Roleplay Events
Domino is back. After a grueling journey to find the stone, he has finally been successful. Alone, he used his shards to locate the others, but yet. He feels empty. The cause of insanity, the cause of pushing friends and alienating others away has left him hollow. Only to find that, once was lost can never be retrieved. The stone only preserves life, and never will it bring back what can no longer be preserved. But now, he holds on. Seeking for life a new. No longer will it corrupt his mind. It is his, in its entirety. He can say that the impossible has been done. yet what is his purpose now? Now? He searches for a new purpose.

Noteworthy Information
Domino is a silver-tongued male with a medium fuse. Though he is extremely short, probably the shortest of his race, he tries to overlook it and compensate by going after tall women, namely Elezen, in hopes of filling some form of a void.
Domino doesn’t particularly care for Miqo’te. Though his time in the desert had showed not all Seekers are as bad as the city makes them out to be, he still holds a distaste ingrained in him from a child in the Shroud about Keepers of the Moon.
Domino is a merchant at heart, and will use this to goad people into his ploys. Whether it buying an item they don’t need or simply getting them to aid him in his journey for a short while, he will try and use people as best he could.



Domino has multiple light scars on his face, and across his body. He has always been a soldier of fortune, and in that way, he hunts for relics and things that will get him paid quite well when he sells. His freckles on his face give him a boyish charm to his appearence.


Domino’s eyes had not always been a sublime, sickly, iridescent pink and had only been so after his encounter with the wall. But, he uses it to his advantage, as many do not like to stare for too long, and he, he always keeps eye contact.


Domino’s hair is a quick to grey mess usually, though as he had come back to civilization he had once more dyed it jet black. It is often a mess, and usually looks like he had just turned out of bed.


Domino’s figure is one at the peak of its prime. He trains vigorously to keep his body maintained. But, even despite that he is somewhat weak physically, able to lift a large amount and likely throw a good punch. But it has been some time since he had picked up the blade and might be rusty in that area of combat. Needless, he would be considered a good looking by many. But sadly, he is short even for a Lalafell, a curse upon his form.


Deep, silvery and far too deep, a voice that lures a person in with soft words or jumps at the throat of one who angers the small Midlander man. Ideally he is voiced by John Cygan, or more easily heard, sounds like Yuyuhase from the MSQ; atleast to the same varying degree of deepness. Yuyhase Example


Not very surprisingly cold, Domino Farino seeks out surface interactions with beautiful women to use as he sees fit. He does not truly care for friendship and compassion and merely seeks to get what he wants by any means. He is a very good liar, and unless he truly values a person’s companionship which is extremely rare he would not hesitate to cut ties when he sees fit.

◢ L I K E S

Moko Grass
Elezen Woman
Swords (She has a good eye after spending so much time with a knight.)
The Rain
The Sunset

◢ D I S L I K E S

Miqo’te Keepers
Elezen Men
Someone touching his things
Drinking (She'll partake now and then.)

◢ Talents

Half Swording (rusty)
Gem Crafting
Selling to Lalafell things which they don’t need
Being the densest material on Hydalen


Shiny gil pieces
Color: Green
The Sunset
A good book


Domino's main power comes from his contact with an ancient Belah'dian rune. The wall had inscibred itself upon his body and granted him immense aether manipulation. Though this takes a large toll on the man's body it has gotten better with time. A rune of a heavenly deity, he had been granted their light. A powerful radiance that calls forth the heaven's own judgement through immense electrical control. From small bursts of lighting to powerful 'thunderous' waves. The strongest of such attacks being a spear of light itself. Harnessed in to the palm of the Lalafell's small hand, and thrown forth to strike down his opponents leaving them naught but cinder and smoke. Yet such magiks take a toll on the man's form, and thus he relies primarily on a revolver. Kept and cared for the bullets are hefty, and carry immense recoil but they do the job.


Weapon Specialization Specialized Jobs
■ Greatsword ■ Lightning
■ Sharp Shooting ■ Weapon Specialist
■ Static ■ Imbued
■ Heavenly Power ■ Swindler
■ Sword ■ Merchant

OOC Note Domino's skills do not mean he is at all the best of the best. Nor does it mean he is a Paladin or Dark Knight if he uses a greatsword. He's dabbled like most fighters. He is a mage though, and if he hits you, it will hurt. In comparison he is like glass to a degree. More tempered but still easily broken.


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  Exmaple (  ●) - Nickname

R E L A T I O N S (PC)
  'Exmaple (') - Nickname
  Khutani Oronir (  ●) - Scales.
A large Au Ra male of purple skin. A bard and friendly in his nature despite being a Xaela.
  Blank. () - Blank.
  Blank. () - Blank.
  Blank () - Blank


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