Dren Ghonne

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Dren Ghonne
"H-hello. Who are you?"
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung

Primary Class

Eye Color
Hair Color

Unknown (18 - 20)



Extremely Shy
Chaotic Neutral
None (Uneducated)

Basic Info

A shy, mysterious Lalafell, Dren wanders Eorzea in search of companionship and happiness, two things he has seldom seen during his extremely traumatic lifetime. Having been separated from civilization for the majority of his life and almost entirely uneducated, he is quite strange; he may act in a way that no normal person would, or avoid social situations (almost) entirely. He is not accustomed to interacting with others, making him very shy and timid, and the few interactions he has had have caused his moral values to become distorted. He means well in all he does, but may suggest unusual, disturbing or violent actions, but his intentions are mostly pure and innocent.

Having lived through such a traumatic upbringing seems to have created cracks below the surface... His voice occasionally sounds a little off, and he will sometimes not act like himself at all, but he'll swear it's nothing. After all, it may be just so, a bit of anxiety caused by his upbringing. Or maybe something much, much worse...

He will occasionally act in ways which may suggest he is not entirely as innocent as he seems, and he definitely holds some dark secrets... An innocent, shy little Lalafell, or a monster with an ulterior motive? It is uncertain what truths lie below those shimmering eyes, but he is passionately protective of his friends and those he cares about.


Appearance and Personality

Dren is albino, giving him bright white hair and skin, as well as pink eyes. He usually wears light clothing, (robes, cloaks, cloth) and tries to keep his head and face covered as much as possible, due to to albinism making his skin extra sensitive. He barely notices his albinism though, and attributes the strange looks he occasionally gets to being a Lalafell instead. He is tall for a Lalafell, but is still relatively short compared to the other races. He does not mind his short stature, thinking instead that all others are tall and that Lalafell are normal. His gaze almost constantly appears curious and he is always observing the world around him, trying to learn how Eorzea and all the people living within it work.

His expression is generally neutral, nervous or happy, most often without obvious reason. His lack of knowledge of social conventions and cues leads him to be very open with his emotions at times, especially with those he has opened up to. It is not often that he meets new people (he is too shy to start a conversation most of the time) but he will interact or step in if he sees someone in danger or being threatened. He spends most of his time wandering, but feels Limsa Lominsa is the closest thing he has to a home, as it was the first piece of land he remembers setting foot on.

He appears innocent most of the time, with his large, sparkling pink eyes gleaming in the silence of his shyness. There is something else hidden beyond the innocence, something dark. Though not formally educated, he is intelligent and adept in the ways of magic. Through the veil of innocence and ignorance, an entirely different demon peers through those bright, shiny eyes. Rarely does he ever get angry, but when he does...


(Will be updated as his story progresses. This includes YOUR actions that impact him! Should be updated regularly...)

Dren Ghonne was born to two Lalafellin sailors who operated a large fishing vessel that roamed the seas, docking to make trade and never settling anywhere longer than they needed. Dren's parents were never wealthy, spending all the money made on supplies for their modest crew and furnishings for the massive vessel that was their livelihood. For years, Dren grew alongside his humble parents, learning to fish and occasionally gather berries on land.

Such a large ship surviving unarmed on the open sea for so long was mostly blind luck, and they were eventually raided by a group of vicious pirates. Dren hid in a pile of fishnets, while he peeked out, he witnessed the execution of both his parents and most of the crew. The pirates then dumped their bodies off the side of the ship and proceeded to take over the large fishing vessel and convert it into a pirate battleship.

Dren was eventually discovered, and the pirates told him to walk the plank. He paced out to the edge of the board, his young, tiny body leaning precariously over the edge, peering into the deep blue of the ocean and it's seemingly never-ending reach, with no land in sight. He slowly turned, and peered back at the pirates, who stood gaining entertainment from attempting to make a child to leap into the ocean. He understood that jumping would mean certain death, and that returning to the men would mean much worse. As the water swooshed and swirled below him, he began to see the reflection of himself distort into the bloodied face of his father, sinking into the blackness. "Just do it, kid!" shouted one, "Your parents are down there! Go see 'em!". Dren's arm twitched. He felt something welling up inside him. Anger? No. Fear, or something akin to it, combined with a sadness as deep as the watery void he was staring into. He turned back towards the men, his gaze fixed on theirs. His expression was blank, and in an instant, so were his emotions. He waddled slowly across the plank, back towards the men. They watched in silence as he passed them, making his way to the center of the ship. He bent over, and picked up a small, chipped dagger, and slowly raised it between him and the group of men. They began laughing, loudly. Dren blinked, they charged at him. Before he could react, they took the dagger from him, tears silently streaming down his face, bound his hands and feet and threw him in a small, dark room, where he lived for quite a long time.

They would come in and feed him from time to time, sometimes often, sometimes not for what seemed like days. At first, they would threaten him, belittle him, saying things that would make a grown man cringe, but he never seemed to listen. His mind seemed to be elsewhere, or vacant, not that it mattered to the pirates. They just needed someone to take out their anger on, and a small, defenseless prisoner was a prime target. After a while, they began to release him and allow him to perform medial tasks for them (cleaning blood off the deck of the ship, moving loot onto the ship, etc.), before forcing him back to his cell of a room. Over time, they began to treat him better, and eventually, they stopped binding his wrists and feet, then after a while, allowed him free movement throughout the ship. He was given a set of rules, and was monitored for a while, but earned their trust and nearly became a member of their crew. Then, he found a strange tome. It contained magical signs and symbols that seemed to call out to him, as though beckoning him to learn more. He hid the tome from his captors, and when he knew he was alone, he began to study it. Eventually, he attempted to read one of the passages aloud. It summoned a strange, mischievous creature, which seemed to respond to his commands, whether he spoke them aloud or not. He began summoning it whenever he had the chance, and practiced reading other passages from the strange book. He prepared himself, and upon next seeing shore, he leapt off the side of the ship and clung tightly to his newfound friend. He passed out before the arrival on-shore, and awoke to the sight of sunlight and the sound of arguing merchants and pirates, haggling on prices. Someone had dragged him ashore and left him, likely assuming he was dead. He stood, looking around in attempt to make sense of his surroundings, but could not. He had never truly seen a city so large, and Limsa Lominsa was quite a sight, but he knew it would be better than where he came from. He ventured out, in search of purpose, in search of happiness, and in search of someone - anyone - to provide companionship which he has always been in such desperate need of.

During his travels, before he could work up the courage to venture into town, he wandered the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa. He was quick and quiet, afraid that anyone he passed may be a pirate, ready to haul him back to the watery prison that he had grown all too familiar with. He never allowed anyone to approach, keeping his distance from passers-by, be they friendly or otherwise. He would, however, attack animals whenever possible, for their meat. This included some owned farm animals and such, but he was never caught. He often states that he would never steal, but this is not entirely true. He was a summoner, and sometimes he can not find food, he wonders if it is really stealing if it is for a good reason, or the act is committed by an 'innocent' summoned creature instead of him. Although most believe that summoned creatures are a manifestation of aether and therefor are not truly living beings, Dren wholeheartedly believes his summoned minions are his friends, and is very protective of them.

Shortly after his arrival in Eorzea, Dren met Virara Wakuwa, who befriended him and provided him with a place to stay. This was the first genuine act of kindness Dren had ever really seen, outside of the acts of his captors, and at first, he was suspicious of her intentions. She told him of her similar upbringing, and he began to trust her. He was inspired by her strength and ability to fight with her fists, so he decided to train with his fists as well, though for a much different purpose than hers. He also met Virara's friend, Memeli Meli, though he currently does not feel safe being around Meli, as he feels she is hiding more than he is...

PC Interactions

Common Rumors
Work in Progress
Virara Wakuwa, (or occasionally, "Vee-rah-rah!") was the first person to open conversation with Dren, and even invited him to stay in her room at the inn in Ul'Dah while he lacks a place to stay. They both grew up under similar circumstances, and he feels as though she harbors a 'dark side' quite similar to his own. He feels safe around her and her friends, and having seen Virara smash an adamantoise with a single hit, he believes her in particular to be terrifyingly strong.