Virara Wakuwa

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Virara Wakuwa
✿ Scattering Apricot Blossoms ✿


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RACE Plainsfolk Lalafell


NATIONALITY None (Doma in Exile)

AGE & NAMEDAY 18-19, Unknown

ORIENTATION Indeterminate



OCCUPATION Vagrant, Laborer

CURRENT RESIDENCE Neverfar's Tavern, Mist

HEIGHT & WEIGHT 3 fulm, 7 ilm, 52 ponze

BUILD Toned, slim (For a Lala)

Guardian Llymlaen

ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral


At a glance, one would typically first notice her height. Still growing and scarcely more than a few inches away from 4', Virara marks among the tallest and leanest of her species. While easily lost in a crowd of mixed Spoken, she carries a statuesque impression among other Lalafell. Raven hair, dyed haphazardly to resemble Doman black, done up in pigtails frames a round, immaculate face disinclined to expression. Her skin carries the healthy flush of frequent exertion, and her body bears many faded scars, mostly upon the arms and trunk, forgotten marks left by an endless cycle of training and hardship. Compared to other Lalafell, Virara's ears are rather smallish and soft to the touch. Her enigmatic looks lend her a unapproachable air that diverges sharply from the gregarious and welcoming nature of her kin. Her stride is long (relatively speaking) and stable, her posture firm, as befitting a seasoned martial artist. Not a single breath is out of place, no unnecessary movements are made. When idle she becomes so still as to be easily mistaken for a doll, her breathing and blinking the only trace of life. Virara has a demeanor of severity so intense that despite her size, the sheer 'wrongness' inherent in her presence can be oppressive enough to elicit fear.

Her eyes are an asymmetrical red, similar in shade to ruby. Virara's left eye appears slightly brighter than the right; this is due to partial paralysis of the iris, which is permanently dilated due to an old injury. The eye is frozen permanently in a withering, bestial glare, but few, if any, ever observe this characteristic, for the girl refuses to be seen by anyone without her characteristic eye patch. Virara's visible eye is rarely much more inviting. Sharp and glistening with unspoken intent, Virara's transfixing eye struggles to contain an undercurrent of invisible energy. At times it is dull and muted like brackish water. At times it is hungry like the eye of a jackal. Set in a flat affect that seldom changes, that eye is the only point of escape for what fugitive traces of emotion lie prisoner within Virara's eternal stoicism.

Virara's voice rarely raises above a murmur or whisper, displaying a breathy, soft tone that is easy on the ears and even more easily overlooked. However that same voice is capable of monstrous force when yelling, far out of proportion to her size.


Martial Arts
High Places


Her Height


Being Bound
Ghosts (Minor)
Bald People (Minor)


Uncanny Strength
Talented Fighter


Aetheric Incapability
Emotional Dependency


Unnerving Atmosphere
Cultural Ignorance
Taste for Spiciness
Horrible Singer


A girl apart from any culture, whether it is the Doman Far Eastern one she was raised in, that of Eorzea, Hyur or her own kin, Virara is a perpetual foreigner. At times the sharp hunger within her endless glaring is more Beastkin than Spoken, and her wired, tense posture always seems one step away from pouncing. Even at her most placid moments, Virara is fervently alive, a dynamic energy circulating beneath her tranquil surface.

Virara's first language was force. Having communicated through her fists since she was old enough to walk, a lifetime of hardship has left Vira a profoundly stunted, socially incomplete being. Unable to read the mood, explosively brusque, and prone to indiscreet staring, Virara blunders her way through conversation with the grace of an Aurochs. Outwardly at least, this doesn't weigh heavily upon the girl. Others are not necessary. Her Master is the only human connection she's truly been able to enjoy for any length of time, and between them lies a nebulous morass of blind worship and murderous animosity. Perhaps because of this chaotic river of sentiments, Virara seeks to distill all emotions into an indistinct, uniform fuel. Growing up, feelings were merely a burnable resource, consumed to lend strength to her blows. Precisely what she felt was never a question to her, but rather how hard she felt it.

It is never certain whether Virara is truly capable of, or merely imitating, sentiments like compassion or love. Such feelings were in low demand for most of her years, and they perplex and irritate her in their complexity. When she finds herself thinking to an unnecessary degree, Virara always seeks to simplify the process to stimulus and reaction, the fabled paradise of the "no-mind" state of mushin sought by many martial artists in its myriad forms and names. However, this intense focus can lead to inflexibility and obstinence. Combined with her general social ignorance and almost child-like curiosity, Virara can give the impression of being quite dull.

Though she is trained to exercise an exacting, machine-like level of self control, one look at the black thirst radiating from her visage in combat speaks more than she has in her entire sentient life. To pursue the path of the fist is to exist, to think, to breathe; all else is vanity, an illusion meant to lead the student astray. The Master's teachings are absolute. Yet even after being 'civilized,' a feral undercurrent courses deep within her, whether calm or galvanized. She hungers both literally and figuratively, seeking new stimuli to reject again and again as "vulgar," her term for knowledge not passed down from the immaculate being and absolute foe that is her Master. Despite the negative appellation, she seems to appreciate utility in all its forms; it's simply a denotation of the difference between infallible truth and fallible principle, to Virara.

Virara is courageous to such an extreme that one could be forgiven for thinking she has forgotten her own mortality, but she is shrewd rather than brash, and often is merely redirecting fear into action. Still, she loses her nerve when it comes to supernatural things (Because she is too much of a materialist and fears ghosts which she cannot punch.) and typhoon/hurricane weather. (A faint memory from before her childhood on the Necklace.) Her overly literal and realist way of thinking also makes her more or less a complete dunce when it comes to the magic arts.
Virara's first language was the fist. Trained by both the predators of the wild and a "monster" whose path is littered with over a thousand corpses, to judge her by her size is to court instant death.


Packed inside the tiny body of this Lalafell is unusually dense, plentiful muscle. With her wiry frame and toned trunk, Virara's strength far exceeds that of the typical member of her race. With training, her natural agility and stamina too have risen beyond the expected. Though she cannot compare to the sustained physical exertion of a larger race such as a particularly hale Hyur or a Roegadyn, in short bursts Virara is capable of generating incredible explosive muscle power. Power enough to shatter bone, wood, stone, or even tempered armor.
It is not known from where her unnatural power originates. Perhaps something 'broke' within her from struggling to survive at such a young age, leaving her with no ability to naturally limit her strength. Some suggest she is a mutt, with anything from Roegadyn to Gigas blood in her veins, somehow. A particularly outlandish suggestion was once made that she is a Garlean Magiteck experiment wearing borrowed flesh. Often the unpleasant word "freak" is involved.
Alarmingly, Virara's strength seems to increase to even greater levels if enraged enough, or if exposed to outside aether; her body tenses, her skin flushes, and her breath becomes so hot it visibly steams. Virara's abnormal height combines the strengths of being a small target, common to her race, with enough reach to strike the vitals of larger species. Her limbs are longer than that of others of her kind, granting her at least some extra striking range, though it is still paltry in comparison to the lankier species. In addition to this, her already impressive constitution, honed by years of survival and borderline sadistic training, gives her great fortitude, even against poisons, but she still does not have the body mass to resist for long. Her master made a habit of lacing her meals with deadly compounds as a child, building some resistance to common toxins.
Virara suffers regularly from sores, muscle cramps and pain in her hands from constant training. Her skeletal structure endures incredible stress. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how she manages to stay in one piece, but she soldiers on without complaint. This disproportionate power defies reason, and witnessing it at times feels like feverish dreams apart from sanity. It engenders awe in some, particularly those close to her. Pity in others, who know how much she had to burn away to achieve such heights. And in at least a few, a twisted fascination...


As weak in magic as she is powerful physically, Virara is utterly unable to manipulate aether in any form or shape. It seems that the faint, minute traces of aether that does circulate deep within her tissues is completely given over to some chaotic process, flowing freely and erratically through her flesh at seemingly random. Virara is so incapable of aether use that she cannot use an aetheryte without the aid of others nearby, and even when used successfully, suffers considerable discomfort and may teleport a short distance away or even into the air.
Virara is keenly aware of this weakness, and seems to be working to mitigate it, but even were she to somehow overcome this apparent physical and mental block it is unlikely she'd ever make more than an unremarkable mage. Her understanding of magical offense and defense is poor as well, and is an area Virara seeks to study harder. In addition, Virara's resistance to outside aether makes healing her with common spells difficult, and, given careless over-application of healing aether, may worsen her condition to the point of steaming hot feverishness and convulsions. Lack of aetheric sensitivity means that Virara struggles to detect traces of magic in her environment, even when her intuition tells her something is wrong.
The strange trickling of aether throughout her body intensifies when she exerts herself, and yet somehow does not seem to originate from her barren shell of a body. It could be that Virara did once have aetheric potential, but whatever she possessed is all accounted for now, constantly circulating in use somehow. The leaky faucet that couldn't be fixed. She has begun training with a Fist of Rhalgr to stem the primordial chaos within, but she is already racing rapidly to her limit, more inferno than warm hearth.


Virara is trained in a virtually unknown fighting style from Othard: "Shichisei Meikyuuken," or Seven Stars Labyrinth Fist. It differs from the typical Aldenard pugilism forms by shying away from rapid waves of successive strikes and focusing instead on killing in a single hit. It emphasizes stability, powerful core muscles, deflection and redirection of enemy attacks, and explosive, direct blows to the enemy's vitals along the body's center line. It draws strength from spinal compression, and abdominal and leg muscles, which coincidentally, Lalafell may posses in excess, given their impressive jumping height.
Virara tends to be direct and brusque. A straightforward style fits her, despite its name, but it is rumored to incorporate elements from many different forms of martial arts across Othard, and thus cultivates a subtle complexity. It is stable and calm in outward attitude, yet possesses rapacious speed. Its linear motions incorporate hidden fluctuations in velocity and angle that betray the opponent's sense of spacing and hobble their footwork. Its guards are flowing parries that transition unpredictably into fatal strikes. It is a merciless style intended more for killing an unaware victim or an ignorant combatant before they are able to discern the nature of the labyrinth. This betrays its true nature as an assassination style. Despite all this, it is a "hard" martial art, with little attention paid to manipulating Chakra compared to the vaunted Fist of Rhalgr, which should make it objectively weaker. That did little to stop Virara's Master from becoming one of the most deadly fighters in existence. The labyrinth's exit remains undiscovered.
As practiced as Virara is, she is still a learner, and her combat experience doesn't compare to that a of a veteran. She tends to adhere zealously to whatever Master taught her, even to the point of inflexibility. Although much craftier than she initially appears, Virara is a reductionist with an unfortunate tendency to favor the most direct, most simple approach. She is not without a faint sense of pride either, as while in a formal duel Virara will generally avoid underhanded tactics, she will stoop as low as a Lalafell can to survive in a real combat situation. Without the influence of her recent acquaintances, she would never hesitate. That she is able to make as strong a showing regardless speaks volumes of the incomprehensible terror her Master embodies.
With training, Virara's strength continues to grow, spiraling outward from some primordial darkness at her core. She has always been hated by animals, but recently some wild beasts will avoid her or grow hostile at her approach. Her Master, who claimed her fists were 'The King and Queen of Beasts," was rumored to suffer from a similar, almost supernatural condition. Although it pales in comparison to her Master's supposedly incredible sakki ('Murderous intent'), Virara's intense hostility seems so potent as to imbue a particularly murderous glare from her with a subtle form of unconscious hypnotism. The principle is similar to that of many species of basilisk, inducing paralytic shock in the nervous system of an onlooker, but the actual mechanism behind its effects is unknown.

Her monomaniacal focus on training has allowed what few peaceful skills Virara possesses to atrophy, but she's diligent if little else. If only she could stop breaking things...


Virara has an incredible metabolism. At times, she seems perpetually hungry, and at any given moment likely has a secret stash of preserved fruits, jerky and other easily kept snacks on her person. Keeping her developing appetite sated wasn't a task for any one person, especially one as given to sloth as her Master, so she gave Virara a perfunctory course on how to prepare meals. Less time spent helping feed her pupil meant more time at the gambling shack or in the bath.
Possessing almost no useful cooking utensils, Virara first learned to cook with whatever she had on hand and brute force, to put it delicately. Using her bare hands whenever possible and sometimes her head, at least Virara is often clean enough to not present much health hazard. Truly no chef has ever yelled so loudly when tenderizing meat. Perhaps it is her barbaric palate that led her to seek out the spiciest possible flavor regardless of what she cooks... Even dessert. Some instruction from Chuchukepa Hohokepa and watching Zaius Rhalseer at work has helped normalize Virara's unique culinary methods. The Quicksand was substantially less forgiving, and the culinarians guild at the Bismarck did not even give her the dignity of a single glance. Either way, here is the culinary 'talent' that demanded so many replacement plates, pans and utensils from her free company acquaintance Jajara Jara.


The Necklace is a harsh place, despite all appearances, a dense tropical jungle studded with hard rock and strangled with vines. In the early years before Doman refugees came flooding to its shores in successive waves, the young Virara sustained herself gathering fruits and nuts and killing small animals for sustenance, as if she was hardwired to do so from birth. Though luck had much to do with it, she managed to at least eke out a wretched existence for a few years. She let these skills go to rot after she found readied food could be more easily obtained by harassing and stealing from the Domans.
The time spent in captivity under her future Master did little to reverse the decay. It was not until her Master insisted she help feed herself that Virara learned to fish, and again, only with her bare hands. Her most proud moment is catching a shark with her bare hands, though to other races it was a modest specimen. In the end, the fishing training was more a method to condition Virara's reflexes and endurance than anything else. These skills, however, translate poorly to rod fishing, and she is not familiar enough with the flora and fauna of Eorzea to do much with her old hunting and gathering skills.


Due to much time spent laboring for her Master, from dusk to dawn and always without thanks, Virara endures menial and backbreaking work without complaint. She's been employed as an extra hand at the Quicksand and Bismarck, though largely to keep her out of the kitchen, and aided with tasks aboard the vessel that brought her to Eorzea for pocket change. As a diligent student, she is a voracious learner that picks up new knowledge rapidly, so long as it is presented in a straightforward manner, though her inability to use aether cripples her in many Eorzean professions.
Virara, being aware of how to survive on her own, has a keen sense of direction and is highly observant, and can usually fare for herself well enough for a short while in the wild, even with her dilapidated gathering skills. In addition, Virara possesses an unexpected talent: bonsai tending, the only skill in which she is her Master's better.
Never make Virara sing or act. These are skills she did not inherit from her Master, and they are atrocious indeed.


These rumors do not necessarily need to be accurate, or even true. They are rumors, after all~! Use with care.
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard.
"Aye, that one-eyed Lala? Biggest one Oi've ever seen, she wus. Bloody near bought me ou've Dodo skewers, she did! 'Er craw 'n stomach were sommat else, Oi tell ye... Methinks a portal to the void..." - Lominsan Grill Stand Proprietor
"A Lalafell who wears an eyepatch?... S-sorry. I know of no such person. Please excuse me, I must get back to work. - Crippled Doman Fisher
"I remember a girl like that, practicin' some sorta dance what them Mighans play 'cept diff'ren, top the city wall. Even from far 'way, I could tell. Didn't like the look 'o that one. Ain't many Popotos that shady, or hungry. - Platinum Mirage Strongman
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear.
"Ah, I remember her. She came to the guild, asking for information on a customer of mine. That look in her eye... it troubled me so much, I nearly refused her. I am glad I didn't, but for why I cannot say..." - Lominsan Fishmonger
"The purple girl brings great bags of food for us to the priest! But she's a bit scary... She reminds me of home. I'd rather she not look at me..." - Orphan With Two Missing Teeth
"Yeah, I know her. She's the one who enrolled in th' guild just to challenge Ol' Hamon. He jus' laughed her off and told her to run about Ul'dah doing this chore and that job... Ain't too bright, that one." - Pugilists Guild Member
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard.
"I saw it... a hunched old man followed her home one day. She kept looking over her shoulder, but he shifted just out of view... The way he moved made my skin crawl... Just who is she? Who was that man?" - Yellow Jacket Officer
"Oi! I know her! Ye, that girl fought Mirke in the first round of the Grindstone some time ago and lost after a right slugfest... But that same girl, I hear, shattered the packed earth for yalms 'round a month before fightin' some Lala boy in heavy armor... Her yells went much further..." - Ul'dahn Adventurer
"I've seen that stance. It is heresy. Let us not speak of it." - Doman Veteran
◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"There's something more to her than she's letting on. She seems to feel might makes right. Perhaps in time she can be made to see it is the other way around." - Warren Castille
"Ms. Virara's strong, there's no doubt 'bout that! I mean, a punch that can shatter armor!? I jus'... I jus' hope that she can learn ta use that strength ta halp others, rather than just herself." -- Chachanji Gegenji
"There's somethin' about her... I dunno. Kinda unsettlin'. But don'cha go an' tell 'er I said that! She's got enough t'worry about besides what Aunti-- wait. Lemme ask ya somethin'. Do I look that old to ya...? Be honest." -- Jajara Jara
"I care about her greatly. Very much so. We see eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart. Simply must needs to hear it. Pray echo that to her. Every time you see her. Every time." -- Jancis Milburga
"Many time I think we are same. Some things we like together. We not need city people ways. But then she talk about Master person. I remember we are maybe not same. Master is how she know. Desert is how I know. Master ways are sad. I want know Vira ways. Maybe after she will know love too." -- Flickering Ember
"Ser Chachanji's friend, yes? Strikes me as the spunky sort, for some reason. I'd like to fight her too." -- Jana Ridah
"I am not sure if she has an innate propensity for causing trouble, or if it is merely Memeli rubbing off on her… I do worry for her – the next time she decides to attempt to uproot a table from the ground, she may not be in the presence of those who… understand." -- Edda Eglantine
"Nyoo? Virarara? She's super tough and super cute! Nyahaha! Got plenty of that HOT-BLOODED YOUTHFUL SPIRIT! Gets so fired up that she's smokin'! ...Really, where does that steam come from?." -- Memeli Meli
"She may be small, but she packs a punch that could knock men twenty times her size off their feet. I wouldn't mind having her at my side in a fight. Her way of handling emotions is strange though - at least to me. I can't help but feel that there's much more to her than meets the eye." -- Tiergan Vashir
"She's really big, and very tough-looking! But she's a little strange, too, like she's not sure how emotions work. I'm also pretty sure she doesn't know my name, just my eyebrows." -- Shoshopu Shopu
"From what little I know of her, she seems honest, if not a bit severe. Perhaps it is her foreign nature, for which I would never begrudge someone." -- Roen Deneith
"I like her. She's so straight about everything. Takes everything literally and speaks her mind without shame. She's unintentionally funny-- but intentionally deadly. I've never met a more intense Lalafell in my life." -- Eaubront Shopont
"She was a big help with Chachanji and I. I do not think we would have ever stopped the Ruby without her." -- Jancis Milburga
"A strange small Outsider, she enjoys being fed. Like a wayward kitten, as just as dangerous." -- X'cinna Ares
"I see in her something... I could have turned out like her, I think, with that Master she does not like speaking of. I feel for her, but don't know how to help her, so the least I can do is respect her. She's reliable when serving on the Bitch, and good to have in a scrap." -- Anstarra Silverain


  Color Key

Note: Sorry to those who don't have a wiki profile yet. If I added everyone my character new, this list would be endless, so my rule is to only add PC who have a page themselves.

  ♥ Romantic: A budding, nebulous emotion that she knows poorly.
  ♥ Friendly: A desire to be near, though sometimes through crossed fists.
  ♥ Familial: The unfamiliar warmth of a blood bond, once denied.
  ● Good: A positive impression, perhaps wise, perhaps strong.
  ● Neutral: No strong feelings in particular, or too many confused ones.
  ● Negative: A noticeable animosity, beyond the usual cold shoulder.
  ● Sworn Enemy: A desire to kill, pure and uncompromising.
  ♠ Deceased: Dead, or considered as such to her.
  ♥ Obsession: Bond that transcends love and hate.
  UNKNOWN (   ♥  ♥  ●  ●  ● ) - Sensei
A notorious manslayer from Doma, whose shadowy exploits and wanton atrocities during the country's ill-fated rebellion were innumerable. Everything Virara says about this enigma suggests a martial artist of such transcendental skill that only the term 'monster' could properly describe her. Amid monks and pugilists, she is a pariah that stands truly alone. For years Virara's only window into civilization was Master. She owes everything that she is to her. Murky, undefined feelings flow through Virara towards Master, stronger than anything she knows, but in truth they are neither friends, nor family. Since the day they met Virara has been determined to kill her, and when she thinks of Master, a horrifying blood lust overflows from within her. The backbone of Virara's world is her equal animosity and admiration for this enigmatic woman, but both sentiments are far from understanding.
  Tsuchigumo (  ●  ● ) - Enemy
An assailant wearing 'Okina' the Laughing Old Man mask in Noh theater. It is uncertain whether Tsuchigumo is male, female, or even a person rather than monster or voidsent, but its animosity and murderous lust are all too apparent. It seeks to procure 'the pig' for slaughter, but after a disastrous first encounter, Virara is determined on pain of madness to never let that happen. A master of acrobatics, it has joints that flex in ways a contortionist would cringe at and a mastery of tetsugen, metal wire. It displayed an inability to speak using its own words, "borrowing" the phrases and body language of those it observes, and an almost childish fascination with simple distractions such as bright, flashing lights. Virara's allies took its arm, but it managed to slink away, and a second confrontation is inevitable.
  Masked Man (  ●  ● ) - Enemy
One of Gogonji Gegenji's Khamja, a hired killer wearing 'Hanya,' the Horned Demon mask. He was referred to as "Kirin" by his ally, meeting Virara in battle beneath The Shroud. A young man who appears to have real horns and a thick tail, he is likely Au Ra, but other than his unmotivated disregard for his employer, nothing is known for certain. A skilled martial artist, he favors kicking heavily. He carries himself with a brash, terse demeanor, and refused to fight his utmost against Virara and a party of friends including Jancis and Jajara, instead unleashing trained war hounds upon them. He stated that for Doma, no amount of blood spilt would ever truly be wasted, but his words and actions do not seem to match up.
  Masked Woman (  ●  ● ) - Enemy
One of Gogonji Gegenji's Khamja, a hired killer wearing 'Fukai,' the Grieving Widow mask. As a last line of defense before Anunu and Gogonji, she was hired to obstruct those who would stop Khamja's attack on an Imperial Castrum, as part of a false flag operation meant to thrust the city states into open war with Garlemald. She spoke in an odd rhythm and referred to Kirin as an 'upstart,' suggesting some degree of personal animosity between them. Although claiming to be a rebel for the cause of lost Doma, she also acknowledged it as "mere pretense" upon being pressed. She fights with a poisoned metal chain whip, but the lackluster effort mirrors Kirin's. Like him she abandoned Gogonji to his fate gladly and with no sign of remorse. Neither she nor Kirin seem to have much interest in Virara personally, unlike Tsuchigumo.
  Bozu (Priest) (  ● ) - Stranger
A self-proclaimed "Emptiness Monk," this enigmatic Hellsguard, who wears a sedge basket upon his head, advised Virara on her training journey to the Sea of Clouds. He has an odd, absent-minded demeanor and a generally friendly disposition, supposedly running an orphanage for refugees in Mor Dhona. His open mind and listening ear are typical of Doman errant monks. Those scars he bears, many of them appearing to be from near-fatal injuries, are not. A practitioner of an odd faith that claims to do away with the "illusions of the world," he is by choice blind even when he removes his basket. He also seems to be an expert of an equally odd method of aetheric manipulation, utilizing a bell and a bizarre golden compass and board. Virara asked him to keep her whereabouts secret, and to perhaps teach her the methods of his art, but being a man of extremes, he honored her words so severely that he confronted several pursuers trying to abduct Virara and bring her home to the Still Shore and fell to his death as a result. Yet just as mysteriously as he appeared, Bozu returned again to meet Virara and her friends at his tiny orphanage in Mor Dhona. Who or what is this man? How did he survive the pluge at the Sea of Clouds?
  Chanu Vanu and Samo Vanu (  ● ) - The 'Tengu'
A pair of eccentric pariah Vanu who were abandoned by the Vundu tribe among the ruins of a recently vacated Garlean encampment. Iconoclasts with little respect for their tribe or any other, their hunger for knowledge drives an endless fascination with Garlean junk. On a training expedition in the Sea of Clouds, Virara discovered the odd pair rooting about in the wreckage of a Magitech Reaper. The two proved formidable martial artists and fought her to a standstill, with the lanky Chanu being a master of improvised weapons, and Samo a virtuoso of agility despite his near-spherical bulk. Although they mutually despised 'netherlings,' the two made an exception for Virara on account of her disinterest in their so-called-treasure. On the condition that they be allowed to eat her corpse if the training proved fatal, the two agreed to impart knowledge to her without technically assuming the role of Master, which Virara would not permit. Chanu and Samo observed the slaying of the sky Primal Bismarck, and the great battle between a certain mysterious figure and the Garleans near Azys Lla. They gleaned insight on fighting techniques from observing the Ishgardian dragoons, though their bootleg facsimile techniques are incomplete. Chanu is gluttonous and slothful, while Samo is pugnacious and miserly. The two bicker constantly and do not technically consider one another friends.

R E L A T I O N S (PC)
  Chachanji Gegenji (  ♥  ♥ ) - First Boy
Initially agitated by what she thought was a softhearted and weak boy, Virara's fascination with him has grown to something more. He is her first friend, the first Eorzean she knew, the first person to challenge her worldview, and the second person to withstand her strikes, after her Master. It is possible that her attachment to him is more intense than she lets on, but Virara's poor grasp of emotions ensures that what form it takes remains ambiguous. Virara seems to want to be close to him, regardless. Chachanji, for his part, appears to see her as a younger sibling, but Virara considers him too immature to take seriously in that role...
  Memeli Meli (  ♥  ♥ ) - The Other Eye
This diminutive rapscallion is Virara's first female friend close to her own age. She both admires and envies many qualities Memeli possesses, such as her bright demeanor and knowledge of aether. Their closeness is akin to sworn sisters, or something more, but as with Chachanji, Virara feels an indistinct desire to be close. She's sworn to become Memeli's "other eye," after she lost hers to a malevolent spirit, and Virara keeps her promises. However Virara is conscious of pushing forward in her training, concerned that she has left Memeli behind. Memeli wished to teach Virara to obtain the secret technique known as "cuteness." Virara solemnly swears to stand atop this new technique and become invincible to all foes!
  Jancis Milburga (  ♥ ) - Jancis Lady
Jancis seems to have a natural poise and ladylike nature that intrigues Virara, who does not possess the qualities herself. Yet at the same time, there are deeper similarities between the two that aren't immediately apparent. It seems very likely they will come to understand each other even better soon. She has the atmosphere of an 'older sister,' if Virara had any grasp of what that actually was. The sight of her ponytail for some reason makes Virara grow calm.
  Edda Eglantine (  ● ) - A Mysterious Noblewoman
The woman of noble breeding is a strange, unfamiliar existence to someone whose life has always been deprived of everything. Virara does not know how exactly to regard Edda. She is, however, a person who promises greater knowledge of a subset of society that seems as real to Virara as one of Chachanji's hero stories. She has recently aided Virara in her written communications, and some strain of Edda's civility has begun to change her; but is this what Edda herself wants?
  Leanne Delphium (  ● ) - The Hat Woman
Known for her outgoing personality and fabulous headwear, this free-spirited adventurer has a 'cordial' bond with Virara few enjoy, and often tries to encourage her to smile more and glare less. This has proven so far unsuccessful, but at least Virara is willing to lend Leanne her hands, if not always her ears. Virara is often disarmed by her openness and sense of simple warmth. Leanne is touchy with her, one of the few Virara is permissive towards. Yet for all her care, in the end it may be that Virara simply cannot understand familial love, and it may be that Leanne is not the one who is most disturbed by that disconnect.
  S'kye S'yoponi (  ● ) - Sky Lady
Virara was certain she was older, and thus resolved to show her the characteristic stifling respect she often heaps upon those of her own race who are even slightly more advanced in years. However her behavior is even more child-like and unstable than Memeli's. Virara sometimes struggles to comprehend S'kye's winding and chaotic mass of thoughts, but she's surprisingly patient with the girl, even letting S'kye hug her and being a guinea pig, er... test pilot for her strange magiteck devices...
  Eaubront Shopont (  ● ) - Bottle Man
Immediately getting off on the wrong foot with Virara, this Elezen has an uncanny condition in which his foot is magnetically attracted to his mouth. Yet for all his clumsiness, Virara shows him a hidden sort of grudging respect, though she would never admit to it. She is strangely at ease around him. Perhaps it is his constant stench of alcohol, which fills Virara with nebulous memories. Or perhaps it is because his sword arm is reliable, despite everything else. Some suspect she is deliberately even thicker and more literal around Eaubront simply to agitate him, but such rumors are unfounded...
  Anstarra Silverain (  ● ) - Star Lady
An officer in the Maelstrom, Virara has managed to find gainful work assisting her as an auxiliary aboard her ironclad, though the girl's sensitive nose can't abide the stench of oil and metal. She recognizes Anstarra has some kind of connection to a tribe of savages in the wilderness near Xephatol with unnatural abilities, but her importance to the sept is totally lost on Virara. At most she regards both An and her kinsfolk as worthy foes, or allies, depending upon the circumstances. Something like a mangy stray, Virara is willing to follow along with the curious woman because useful training always seems to emerge in her wake. However Anstarra's hobbies perplex Virara. She's resolved to simply put them out of mind.
  Flickering Ember (  ● ) - Another Wild Child
More than anything else, Virara knows the terror of living in a bestial state, half mad and concerned with only her own survival and safety. When she locks eyes with Ember and sees the raw instinct there, she feels a sense of nostalgia that epitomizes its original definition of "the pain of returning home." But as Ember grows in humanity, so too does Virara's trust in her. The fact that she fed Virara doesn't hurt. Their feral origins draw them together, but Virara's forced training sadly separates them almost as much.
  Jajara Jara (  ● ) - A Respected Elder
An associate of Memeli's through her organization. Virara knows a fist fighter when she sees one, and immediately wanted to challenge her, though she held back. She seems to respect her as the first older Lalafell she had met, but sadly, Vira's intensity and lack of social awareness made for an intimidating first impression, as she is wont to do. To Virara she is a wise, older lady, and she sometimes calls Jajara Aunt, much to her chagrin.
  Chuchukepa Hohokepa (  ● ) - Uncle Chuchippit Hepkop-Forget It.
Virara met this strange man whose name is hard to say in the Coral house. Not accustomed to meeting others of her race, let alone older ones, she reacted in a similar manner to how she regarded Jajara. Naturally she was surprised to find the two not only know each other, but are very close in a way Vira scarcely understands. She sees him as fretful and meticulous, but wise about the Aether, which Virara barely understands. 'Master' Chuchukepa trains Virara in how to cook like a more sane woman.
  Ququiki Quki (  ● ) - Cookie
An acquaintance of both Virara and Chachanji, Virara is impressed with "Cookie's" fighting spirit, despite her physical weakness and debilitating condition. Quki is a wellspring of arcane knowledge, despite being significantly younger than Virara, so often the conversations between the two boil down to Quki attempting to explain something that seems simple to her, but is far too complex for an ignorant Virara to grasp. Virara, unlike probably most people, is impressed by Quki's tendency to overdo it when training and somewhat cautiously encourages the dangerous behavior.
  Tausenadel Geispyrsyn (  ● ) - Animal Keeper
"Animal Keeper" Tau is as marvelous for his size as he is for not eating the many creatures he raises. He fascinates Virara, but she does not understand why he frowns at her whenever she suggests they eat one of his critters. Tau is also an unwitting demonstrator of the emotion of "grief," as Virara watched the trial of Sigurd Rainecourt involving the untimely death of his wife, Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn. She observes him when he's angry as well as when he is content, trying to grasp the alien feeling locked hidden away within his massive form.
  Warren Castille (  ● ) - Serwarren
Chachanji's mentor, and thus a person who Virara innately respects. But in Virara's case, respect can sometimes also mean 'wants to drub mercilessly.' Ser Castille is a prying sort who seems to be aware that Virara came from an abnormal upbringing. She respects Warren greatly for his insight into her and wants to learn from him to better understand how he and Chachanji think, and to improve herself accordingly.
  Ha'uruh Nunh (  ● ) - Howl
A friend of Warren's. Virara doesn't know him well, but was startled to know he trained under the same master as Sei. She feels some curiosity as to what caused them to become so different, and wants to know more. "Howl" was strangely protective of her when she took a contract from Surge, and Virara quickly noticed his irregular behavior..
  Valentinoix Thibault (  ● ) - The Stranger From Underground
An ally from the Coral house. A man of few words, this Duskwight proved his reliability several times over in battle alongside Virara. His difficulties in adjusting to the world above ground remind Virara she is not the only one struggling in a foreign land. Indeed, all land above ground is "foreign" to him, yet he suffers inconvenience with only mild complaint, and is a stalwart figure regardless. Conversations between the two typically involve a great deal of uncomfortable silence.
  Tiergan Vashir (  ● ) - The Silver Cat
This man's history of violence is plain as day to Virara, who watches a stranger's movements long before she even speaks to them. Virara aided him once in tracking down and attempting to subdue a rival... or friend, of his. Tiergan's profound obsession with an equally blood-drenched man, Zaius, is for once a feeling that Virara can recognize, a rarity. Much as Tau, she sees him as an interesting model of behavior; the extremes of fixation and hate she herself hasn't identified yet. His atmosphere of violence is nostalgic to her as well, and no amount of principled behavior or restraint will expunge it from her mind. Also, he kneels to talk to her, which Chuchukepa told her was rude, but she doesn't seem to care.
  Renzhen Berkuul (  ● ) - Boss
A woman of many mysteries, Virara is indebted to her for allowing the vagrant Lalafell to stay in her home. Though Virara's extreme formality with her seems to amuse the Coral Sea's leader, she also has taken a liking to Virara and encourages her to cultivate an independent spirit. Despite this, Virara has difficulty comprehending what it means to live for a goal of her own, and her sense of self is weak. She is respectful and will abide by Renzhen's orders, though she and Staelufre, whom Virara sees as her blood-oath sibling, speak in a language she struggles to comprehend. However, Virara's transparent stubbornness suggests that while she doesn't dislike 'Boss' and will fulfill her obligations out of a desire to repay the shelter and care she receives, her only true allegiance is to her Master.
  Staelufre Lysmerl (  ● ) - The Riddle Lady
On one hand her manner of speech is frustratingly obtuse for the direct girl, but on the other hand she can relate to her innate affinity for violence. Virara is honored to the point of bewilderment by receiving what perceives to be a 'style name' (Rhetidaeg) akin to those granted to warrior nobility in Doma, but at the same time a name given by someone other than Master is a blasphemy to her. It may be that Virara can communicate better with the "Pink Cat" more easily through her first language of the fist than with spoken words alone. In order for them to be closer, Virara must learn to expand beyond her rigid world view.
  Shoshopu Shopu (  ● ) - Eyebrow Lady
A neighbor of sorts, Shoshopu met Virara at the Still Shore in passing once, only later on to find themselves running across one another in the Sea of Clouds. During one of Virara's training excursions, she was waylaid by Eligor Abigor, who had once threatened Shoshopu in a similar sense before. In that regard Virara and Shoshopu have a shared interest in keeping the strange, masked Lalafell at bay. Virara does not defer to her submissively as she does most older Lalafell she respects, as she is too distracted by Shoshopu's eyebrows to really care what age she is. So she doesn't call her anything but 'eyebrow lady,' again to the recipient's displeasure. Recently she's become interested in learning the odd dance Shoshopu was taught by the Vanu tribesmen.
  Dren Ghonne (  ● ) - The Two Drens
Lonely and frail-looking, Dren met Virara in the midst of a strange engagement near the chamber of rule, beating a giant adamantoise taken in for a leve to death, hungering for tortoise soup. Dren's soup immediately got on her good side, but his past in servitude, so readily volunteered, innately struck a chord with her, being not dissimilar to her own. In an attempt to both help her new goal of using her strength for others, not merely herself, and also out of empathy for Dren, she volunteered to let him stay with her in her room at the Quicksand. Dren's strange instability puts Virara on edge, and she is becoming progressively more guarded around him.
  Liliro Liro (  ● ) - A Thief
A girl who was interested in Memeli. Wary of her at first, Virara was troubled watching them; not out of jealousy, but of an extreme desire to protect Memeli, and perhaps to remain useful. She seems to see Liliro as having enabled Memeli's deprecated self-confidence, but Virara did not blame Liliro in the slightest for Memeli's slump. Even after getting kicked out of Memeli's bed and punched in the nose a few times, Virara held not even the slightest of grudges. They sparred once, and that built some degree of connection between the violet duo. Naturally, Virara's ignorance of social mores caused tension, a fact she was utterly unaware of. However, when the two broke up, she felt her defensive attitude was vindicated, and the pair's mixed signals were an open invitation to keep Liliro away from Memeli.
  Annunu Nunu (  ● ) - That Woman
A socialite from Ul'dah and the consort of Chachanji's brother, her enemy Gogonji Gegenji. She was there when Virara fought alongside many allies to suppress the Khamja and put an end to the megalomaniac's ambitions of uninhibited revenge upon Garlemald. A killer knows her ilk from the oblivious masses; the stench of blood is unmistakable. Annunu's fighting skills provoke a grudging respect from her, while her loyalty to Gogonji and baffling behavior provoke her loathing. It may be that Virara sees something in Annunu that is entirely too familiar to her, and she does not like it.
  Dante Abigor (  ● ) - Masked Man
When first approached by this strange, masked Lalafell, Virara found his sentences disjointed and odd, his demeanor overly familiar and his pestering insistence insufferable. But deeper than that, his reluctance to share information about himself, his curiosity towards her, and most of all the enigmatic mask, immediately provoked revulsion within her. Regardless of the fact that Virara does not trust anyone who would hide their face, not easily in any case, his mask reminds her of her twisted stalker. Recent meetings in which Eligor revealed an incomprehensible monster in the form of an arcane tome and demanded she feed it her blood have only made Virara more and more wary of him.

Orphaned at sea by a typhoon, a tiny Lalafell child was cast away in a worm-eaten barrel to the shores of a coral atoll halfway between Othard and Eorzea. Murky colors and sounds, viewed through an opaque haze in her deepest memories, were all that remained of her past. Hunger agonized her and thirst drove her half mad. She forgot her name, her family's faces, even her old language. Now nearly feral, the tiny girl fought fiercely to survive at no older than six. Only through an uncanny strength and copious luck did the castaway live for more than a year. Tiny and alone, everything and later, everyone, was a potential threat.
At the same time the insignificant speck found another insignificant speck to eke out an existence upon, Garlemald solidified its powerful claim on its holdings in Othard. What once was a proud nation controlled by a warrior nobility now genuflected before a new master, and rebellion already was already seething beneath placating faces and bowed heads. Many refugees fleeing oppression retreated from their continent, particularly from Doma. What started as an unremarkable atoll visited only by the occasional smuggler gradually grew into a shanty town full of the runoff from Garlemald, and from there expanded into a series of small fishing, trade and supply communities tailored to the cultural needs primarily of those from Othard and Doma. Cities were sometimes more water than earth and stone canals rose up seemingly out of nowhere. Incredible masses of Doman refugees poured in; their numbers would nearly double years later as the rebellion began and ended almost as abruptly, and the former Garlean territory was consumed in a worldly hell.
The young Lalafell had become a stranger to civilization. Tentatively entering the territory of the intruders, she secreted herself into the remote alleys and canal ways of the settlement, soon to become a tiny, unremarkable dot named Llymlaen's Necklace on Eorzean maps. The girl stole and mugged her way into a higher calorie diet, and grew stronger. Soon she could easily beat and rob any refugee children and relieve them of what little food kept them from starvation. She had no conscience any more than a wild animal, and lacked the ability to recognize the harm she did to others, and as a result grew stronger and bolder, eventually even attacking weakened adults. Her body was laced with a wiry strength that seemed out of proportion with her tiny figure. Sometimes she beat refugees, if they resisted fiercely, until they stopped moving. On her small island, she became hated and was driven out of town whenever they caught sight of her. But neither could they capture the girl.
After a few close calls, she became semi-civilized, learning their language through observing from the shadows. She knew she needed some basic ability to communicate as the intruders became more numerous and their towns grew larger. She smuggled herself from island to island by offering food she stole, never staying in one place more than a night. Eventually, the locals grew wary of her once more at somewhere around ten or twelve years old; she'd lost count long ago. By that point in time, Virara had become a savagely clever child, as well as possessing abnormal size even compared to fully grown Lalafell, with strength and agility beyond that which her tiny frame would suggest. She was a threat even to hale adults on a good day, and was only growing stronger, and hungrier.
One day, the pickings had been slim. The children hid from her bullying, and unable to mug or steal anything from the Domans' store rooms and fish pots, she became acutely aware of her hunger and desperation set in. She set eyes on a tanned, grim woman missing an eye, sitting in a rude street front tea shop. Her build was strong, her posture confident, and she stunk of blood. The way she carried herself, and the grisly tattoos on her arm would have normally been warning enough to tell her to keep a wide berth from the stranger, but she was too famished to notice. She gambled. With an eye missing, she was doubtlessly blind on that side and pickpocketing should have been easy.
After slipping her hand into the woman's robe around her waist, where all the Domans kept their coin purses, the urchin abruptly found herself on the ground, beaten raw, her arm numb and unmoving. The woman bore down upon her. "Steal from me, would you? I've never met a child so eager to die. I shan't oblige you." Carried off to no objections by the locals, the girl found herself bound and collared in a drafty house redolent of sandalwood and incense on the biggest island in the Necklace.
The woman who held her prisoner her stated simply that since the girl conducted herself like an animal she would be treated like one, and thus was given the epithet "Wakuwa," which in the stranger's peculiar dialect from an island near Doma, meant simply "pig," in reference to her build and size.
In the hellish half-year she spent in captivity, she initially took every attempt possible to escape, but in all cases found herself thwarted and beaten horribly. Eventually her rage over boiled. She had thrashed a few refugees hard in her years, sometimes until they stopped moving, but it was the first time she wanted to do so purely out of malice. The woman seemed aware of this, and one night opened the store room door to the small, stuffy chamber "pig" was tied up in.
"You hate me, don't you?"
Though she was smaller than her, the girl's violent nature, contrasting with her inhumanly focused glare, provoked a flinch in the older woman. With every reckless blow the captive girl threw, futile as it was, her eyes took on a quality the Doman lady had seen before in shark infested waters off the coast of the Necklace. The essence of void, entered before the fatal bite, was the state of innocent brutality known only to a beast. When Virara's eyes grew wide with rage, their dark pupils seemed to eclipse everything sentient inside her. Perhaps it was this inner nature that the coldly smiling woman resonated with.
"Enough to kill me, huh?"
A few wild, reckless swings and desperate clawing at the room's dirty floor were answer enough.
The woman hunkered down, nursing a long, smoking pipe, as she was wont to do.
"You're not the first. Many men and women came before you, and all have failed. I was stronger, better than them. And you, a bloody pig, have the gall to think you've got what it takes to retire me?"
Clearly interested, the woman undid her collar... and immediately pinned the flailing child to the floor, foreseeing her obvious assault before it came.
"Only a Spoken can kill me. Spoken have names. A pig has no use for one. I'll grant you a name fit for a Lalafell."
Combining some haphazard syllables in a manner roughly resembling her race's typical rhyming name scheme, Virara was born anew as a person. The name was meaningless and odd to the ears of her kind, but her keeper didn't care. The woman, who demanded Virara merely refer to her as Sensei, underwent a dramatic metamorphosis in how she regarded the girl. What once was arbitrary, vicious behavior for no other purpose other than reprisal or amusement, focused itself into an intense reformation of her character. She took on the Doman language and lifestyle, as taught to her by Sensei in between puffs on her long pipe. Virara was no more than a servant, but she ate better than she had in years, often times several magnitudes more than Sensei herself. Though Sensei knew she was hated by literally everyone in every settlement in the Necklace, she sent her out regardless on errands, and Virara often had to find and pay merchants and traders for foodstuffs and goods as secretly as possible.
With time Virara grew hale and strong, and when obedient, Sensei didn't harm her, though she was casually dismissive and rarely spoke to her conversationally. While Spoken now, Sensei still did not regard Virara as anything approaching an equal. She demanded more from Virara, and Virara obliged, giving up her life of theft and violence for one of constant study and dutiful toil. Her personality radically changed, molded as if she were an infant again in the hands of her watchful master. There were times when Virara forgot that she had meant to kill this woman altogether, and her seething hatred slowly evaporated into a mist of forgotten grievances.
The Labyrinth Fist
Virara began to exhibit an unnatural constitution. She was constantly hungry and required more food than Sensei initially intended to give her, eventually forcing the woman to train Virara to fish for herself. Vira helped Sensei plant a small orchard in the uncleared land behind her home, and they dried apricots to save them for the spring.
In addition to this strange metabolism, Virara seemed to have no real grasp of her own strength, which was already disproportionate to her size. When chopping wood, Vira would often hew the logs straight through, and leave deep rend marks in the stone beneath. Her arms would be red and sore afterward, and sometimes even needed medical attention. Sensei believed that something in Vira's mind was shattered from since she was castaway, transcending exhaustion and pain, but her servant didn't fully understand anyway.
Vira's unnatural constitution piqued Sensei's interest once again. "You've become Spoken now, Virara. Far from the pig you once were. An animal does not kill out of hatred, nor for some flimsy concoction of 'reasoning.' You recognize a distinction between right and wrong, a quality most Spoken either possess or claim to. Which applies to you, I don't have a care for. A thinking being has the ability to weigh the life of another in her hands. Do you wish to become fully Spoken, with all that truly entails?"
From that day forward, something in the woman's eyes changed. Virara could tell, merely by looking at her, that Sensei had recognized her. No longer a servant or an animal, she was a true student.
"Watch yourself, brat," Master warned her, "For the very instant I deem you a failure is the instant I stop your heart."
Sensei was the inheritor of a style of combat from Doma, compiled from many nations' martial arts long before their nation was formed, long before Garlemald and the occupation. This style was Shichisei Meikyuuken, or the Seven Star Maze Fist. She had left for reasons she wouldn't divulge during the early years of the Rebellion. In her own words, it was a method of fighting, unarmed or armed, that would render its masters either a god or demon. This sounded like an excellent tool to kill her master with, so she agreed outright. Such was the reasoning she provided herself consciously, but Virara felt an unfamiliar, rising sensation in her chest when her Sensei gazed at her more softly than before. Her face often began making a faint expression alien to her, the corners of her lips curving upward. The feeling was good, though she scarcely understood what it meant.
The training was harsh, almost as much so as the mistreatment she endured during her early stay with Sensei. Five years were spent in enhanced study; both her civilizing and fighting training became feverishly intense. Master's method of instruction was merciless to the point of insanity, and countless times her new student courted instant death simply by sparring with her. Virara learnt of foreign languages other than Doman and how to cook for herself at the same time she was shattering iron spheres with her palms and cutting down orchard trees with her forearms. Eventually Virara was honed into a fist fighter of prodigious skill. A natural, her abnormal muscle power and hyperactive metabolism meshed keenly with the explosive, lethal blows of the style. Meikyuuken was a direct style, in comparison to its convoluted name, but perhaps its simplicity belied a more subtle insidiousness. Even the most innocent of testing blows could easily transition to a fatal hit. Its guards were deflections and strikes at the same time. A seemingly linear step in fact involved countless subtle curving movements and changes in speed. Economy of movement, a strong defense, and mythril-like core body conditioning were its areas of focus, on top of penetrating defenses and ending the fight in a single blow. With time, Virara could slay next week's dinner (The rare, expensive aldgoat not common on the Necklace) with a single blow to the forehead, the thickest part of its skull. Prodigy was a term oft used and rarely deserved, but in some sense it did apply to her.
In time Sensei also conversed more with her student. She told of Doma's history and its culture, the war with Garlemald. She mentioned in passing that she once had a family, and that she was the only student of the style left. Sensei expressed a disgruntled hatred of both Garlemald *and* Doma, and stated in vague terms that her nation "betrayed" her, but in what way she never said, and she only spoke of the matter when thoroughly drunk. Sometimes Virara could her her master praying alone outside in the grove at night. The list of names she prayed for was long. It soon became her lullaby.
The Calamity came and went for Virara. Unlike most, it was not a happening of significance in her life. As with everything, the inhabitants of the Necklace merely adapted. Their remote location helped protect them, slightly, from the wrath of the cataclysm. Though some died in the horrible storms and massive waves, both Virara and her master escaped unscathed, though they lost their home and had to live amongst the locals in their new floating raft and boat community. Much of the landmass was submerged, but the Necklace was part of the sea and its inhabitants were hardy people. Virara became accustomed to the steady rock of ships and boats beneath her feet, soon beginning to find dry land unnatural.
The two increased in strength together as summers and winters passed like migratory birds. Eventually, Sensei's past in Doma caught up to her. Often she would leave to walk along the piers and canal ways late at night to deal with 'urgent business.' On rare occasions she would leave the islands entirely for days on end. She often came back disheveled and scratched up. Sensei's excuse was that she fell down, drunk, which Virara typically believed because she was very much addicted to rice wine, but eventually the excuses stopped flowing and the injuries became more severe. It appeared not all of the past she'd left behind in occupied Doma wanted to be forgotten.
One night, a man dressed in black and wearing curious weapons greeted Virara as she rose groggily from her sleep to relieve herself. A desperate struggle ensued, in which Virara's life nearly ended, if not for Sensei's intervention. The killer was obscenely skilled, and quickly had even her Master on the defensive, but he hadn't counted on Virara breaking his knee in twain from behind. When the assassin reeled in pain, Virara simply did as she'd done with the aldgoats before. It ended quickly. A muddy, dark film seemed to cross the iris of her eyes as she locked gazes with her Sensei. Something lay there in her Master's single eye, something nostalgic and painful, a sense of agonizing recognition. That brought Vira back to reality, but before the significance of what she'd done set in:
"Virara, your training, as it has been until now, is over. You're not ready to face me and kill me yet, not until you've inherited the art from me fully."
Days later, Sensei prepared a satchel full of supplies, some rugged traveling clothes, and a pair of bone hora, meant solely to protect Vira from her own freakish strength, and told her to go to Eorzea, as a test of worthiness to begin learning the succession techniques of Shichisei Meikyuuken. Told to seek out a man that Sensei supposedly crossed paths with in an arena years ago, Virara set out on a trade vessel bound for Ul'Dah's bay of Dha'Yuz, hunting for the man known as "Holyfist" to challenge him. But Virara did not leave without a final, taxing "gift" from her exacting Sensei...
The Power to Slay
Arriving in Eorzea, Virara was immediately beset by a suffusion of sounds and sights utterly alien to her. Ul'dah was dry and teeming with people, the marketplaces overflowing with goods Virara could scarcely imagine in her time on the Necklace. Immediately she began setting out to find the Holyfist and crush him, in accordance to her Master's wishes, but her lack of physical strength after the woman's crippling acupressure technique left Virara feeling a sense of vulnerability and frailty hitherto unknown to her. Hamon did not take the Lalafell girl seriously and instead set her about the Pugilist's Guild attending to menial tasks and doing strength training. Virara assumed that Hamon was pitying her, or felt she was unworthy of a match, humiliating the girl. Hamon for his part may have felt she was pushing herself too hard, or just wanted free labor.
In any case, Virara would eventually get her wish to face Hamon in a match, but as a method of rehabilitating the aged warrior after events Virara was not privy to reignited his fighting spirit. This fulfilled Virara's obligation to her master. In her short time as a member, Virara spoke little with other pugilists and absorbed tremendous knowledge of the typical Ul'dahn hand to hand combat styles with typical ease, but the culture of the locals remained bewildering to her.
One day, in the Quicksand, Virara met a tiny boy. Having never spoken to or known another of her kind before, Virara engaged him as awkwardly as could be conceived. This was Chachanji Gegenji, a swordsman training to become a hero. Idealistic and naive in the extreme, Virara initially found "Chagenji" curious. His name was hard to say, his stature was small despite his fairly athletic frame, and he had the awkward air of a cowardly runt, the kind Virara used to pummel on the islands. But when she looked at his earnest, well-meaning gaze, something hot and fearsome boiled within her. This was a boy who endured hardship that did not even compare to her own; he knew suffering but felt it was something others could be saved from indefinitely. It was unacceptable to Virara that he could maintain such a gilded impression of the world around him, ignorant of her own limited experiences and worldview.
Though initially appreciative of Chachanji's attempts to befriend her and help her adjust to Eorzean culture, his peaceful attitude and heroic tendencies perplexed the comparatively merciless and hard-hearted Virara. Her relationship with him grew more and more tense, and with time Chachanji's presence in her mind became overwhelming. Every waking thought was of how he vowed never to take a life needlessly, and his boundless confidence in his ability to protect others close to him. Virara only understood the strength necessary to kill.
The Power to Save
This eventually culminated in a furious duel in Thanalan, in which Virara prematurely exerted her strength, despite still being crippled, against a reluctant but determined Chachanji. Meikyuuken roared loudly that day, with her forms in weakened but prominent use. Such a display could hardly go unnoticed. Though she shattered his armor and nearly killed him outright, Chachanji cemented himself as a true warrior by being the first person to stand up after one of Virara's blows, outside of her own Master. For the first time, Virara understood that the intensity of emotion she felt towards Chachanji was respect, not hate. This was the 'power to protect,' to save others, that Virara had failed to grasp. To prioritize the survival of another being was inconceivable to a girl who struggled to survive from birth. That personality, and that line of thinking, began to quickly enthrall her. A stranger to happiness, Virara felt the odd sensation again, much as she had once her Master allowed her to take up their art.
Her sense of closeness with Chachanji deepening, she allowed her first friend, and the first boy she'd ever known, to guide her to a more tame state, wherein she did not challenge anyone she found strong enough to be worthwhile to a duel, and could interact with Eorzeans more normally. She met others such as Warren and Sei Castille, who trained Chachanji and thus earned interest from Virara quickly. Ququki Quki, another Lalafell, amazed the ignorant Virara with her knowledge of aether. She met Dren Gonne, another boy with a similar background to her own, and a feral streak she understood all too well. With time, however, it was no longer sufficient for Virara to live out of the Quicksand as a boarder. While she made money from time to time working odd jobs out of the guild, and as an unnervingly destructive extra hand in Momodi's kitchen, Virara wished to see more of Eorzea, and to have a solid base from which to stage those endeavors.
A Place to Rest
Determined not to become reliant on her new acquaintances, Virara trained herself to the limit, traveling across the land from each great city to fight dangerous fauna, traverse hazardous terrain and bolster her stamina through more frequent cooking. With time her old strength returned, though her ability to perform the techniques of her art still seemed limited. But the lifestyle of drifting from inn to inn, sometimes sleeping in alleys or under the stars as she did before she met Master, was draining, not to mention lonely. It was a fact that Virara herself would never admit, but she felt keenly the distance between Eorzea and the Necklace. Sometimes she would sit for hours, watching the surf lap the shores of La Noscea in utter silence. Other times she would train, perform long and short kata, almost hoping a watchful eye over the horizon would find her, even if her islands were far from that horizon in the other direction.
On an excursion to train in Mist, Virara came across Memeli Meli and Chachanji, who had recently joined the association "Coral Sea." Over time, Virara's visits to Mist became more frequent, and her friendship with the other two deepened. Memeli in particular was a strange girl, full of good humor and warmth, whose behavior differed greatly from Virara's despite the similarity in their ages, and Virara began to consider for the first time if her own upbringing wasn't abnormal in comparison to her new Eorzean friends. Virara also noticed that the way she tended to focus on an opponent with all-encompassing attention when angry seemed to happen to her around Chachanji often, even when she was calm, but remained ignorant and thought little of the strange feeling.
Virara eventually signed on with Coral, though the loose association and lack of direction in such a free-spirited group confused the girl. She boards with Memeli and Chachanji, as she was already practically a resident before joining due to her homelessness. For the first time, Virara had found a place she could consider home outside of that waterlogged, odorous longhouse in the Necklace. Yet the image of her Master still remained forefront in her mind. Could she maintain the power she owed her benefactor? With the softness of her new lifestyle, could she slay her Master when their fated time of confrontation finally arrived? Virara seemed convinced that would be impossible, especially after a humiliating loss (By her perception) in a friendly duel against Memeli, for which she admonished herself mercilessly inside.
She resumed her training with an obsessive vigor, incorporating new knowledge of Aether and Eorzean culture into her education. When Virara focused on moving her body and training her physique, she could not think deeply. When she was free of deep, irrelevant thoughts, she didn't need to feel unease. Something about her new friendships, the triumvirate she had formed with her Coral companions, was eating away at her, but with her mind empty as it was, Virara could not perceive it even with the slightest of awareness. She understood she was frustrated with something, but what it was she could not begin to describe. Confronting her feelings, she resolved to allow herself to become closer to her "first boy" and "first girl" friends, but feared the worst; that her presence in their relationship would disrupt the accord they shared.
She also began to train to cook in a manner befitting sane people, to make herself more useful to her new home and not frighten the others with her martial culinary practices.
Bloody Roots
After a day at the Grindstone, Virara, Memeli and Chachanji returned home. Virara, more or less a vagrant with no address nor any relations outside of acquaintances and her Master, received a small package in the mail. Upon opening it, the grisly visage of a severed pig's head greeted her, along with a cryptic poem in Doman. Thus did begin a long series of harassments and a difficult investigation to find the sender. At times watching from parts unseen, Virara could feel her stalker draw near, and her highly honed instinct became a double-edged sword sharp enough to cut herself on, straining her relationships at the house and wearing her composure thin. After a traumatizing experience over dinner, where Virara quite unexpectedly found 'the eyes' upon her, she resolved to hunt down the stalker and exact retribution. The knowledge of her childhood name suggested the enemy was someone close to her, or had watched her for years.
When in groups with the rest of her free company, Virara was safe from the prowling terror, and thus was able to assist Chachanji in taking down his ambitious but highly disturbed older brother. She also assisted Memeli in seizing back her very face from a malevolent spirit, whom Virara never quite forgave even after she indicated a desire for just punishment, and demonstrated Memeli's guilt. Her closeness with Memeli, Chachanji, and others of the company and outside, such as Jancis Milburga and Flickering Ember, grew as well. It became clear that though Virara did not put much stock in what she felt, that did not mean she felt nothing. Gifted with a pair of peach blossom earrings and tortoise shell hora by her first friends, she felt a compulsion to be near them; a desire that they never stray far from her. It was unfamiliar, but pleasant.
That was why when Virara was taken by surprise, paralyzed with a neurotoxin and maimed by metal wires at the hands of her foe in Summerford at the final leg of their investigation, she came to believe that those same bonds had made her vulnerable and distracted. Faced fully with the extent of her unpreparedness, only the timely intervention of Virara's allies in Coral allowed her to make it out of her foe's clutches. The stalker, who called himself, or herself, Tsuchigumo, demonstrated that it not only had watched Virara, it has spied upon the others for some time, and clearly had some connection to her Master. A combatant of uncanny ability, it put Coral's rescue party to the test, but they ultimately triumphed, taking one of its arms. What sort of hideous truths lay behind the assailant's smiling, cordial Doman mask? Judging from the path of disappeared persons Tsuchigumo seemed to leave in its wake, it could be nothing a sane mind would willingly engage with.
Virara, however, had only one truth to glean from Tsuchigumo; that for all her strength and determination, she was wholly unprepared to face and kill her Master. Unhinged to a certain extent by her experiences in the cave behind Woad Whisper Canyon, Virara began to train like a girl possessed, straining her injured body to its limits, the phantom wires still binding her inside the mind. Only the increased pressure of her allies delivered Virara from irreparable damage, at perhaps the expense of her pride.
Tsuchigumo was not alone, however. Among Gogonji's Khamja organization, two others who seemed connected to Tsuchigumo had emerged, all wearing the Doman Noh theater masks and bearing unique and deadly skills. These disloyal subordinates seemingly abandoned Gogonji to his fate, their treachery only exceeded by the cryptic nature of their true plan. Were they acting independently? Did they value one another as close allies, or loathed one another as rivals working towards some undefined objective? Very little made sense, and each clue grew more befuddling than the last.
No sooner than Virara had almost fully recovered from her maiming, she was confronted by yet another threat; an unnatural power flowed through her friend, Memeli, threatening not only her life, but the continent itself through the machinations of a primal-like being. Her own demeanor grew darker and more unstable; a powerful compulsion took root at the back of her head, the emotions behind her friendship driving Virara to unhealthy obsession with dragging her friend back from the brink. Her desire to deliver Memeli from her predicament bordered on madness. Perhaps she had never been fully sane to begin with, given who raised her.
Though the incident was resolved, Memeli was left catatonic and drained. Virara stayed by her bedside like a loyal servant until exhaustion claimed her against her will, night after night, only stopping to train herself to up to the point of breaking. When she questioned herself, which she was loath to do, Virara had no answers for why someone other than Master mattered so deeply. When the time came for Virara to face the creature's new host, Stefan Delumiere, she held nothing back. The result was a single strike that seemed to rend reason itself asunder for a split second, a sublime art that Virara seemed unaware of even as she released it. This was the crystallization of her undiluted malevolent intent given flesh, a subconsciously concocted ars magna. Whether it was something her Master granted her, or a product of her unhealthy mind, Virara did not know and did not care. She'd "expressed her displeasure" in her original language to the false primal. If Memeli recovered or not would be a matter of time, and fate, but that moment where she struck Stefan down, Virara for the first time understood an emotion within her implicitly; a rage born of concern for a precious person, uncontrolled and dominating in its power. It was unlikely, even as Virara recovered her composure after the battle, that she would ever truly be the same.

RPG Style Stats: These are just for fun, and give a vague impression of what she is skilled at. [This FATE-14 sheet] is for use with events requiring the roll-based system.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity



C H A R A C T E R    M U S I C
Theme Song:
Itou Kanako - Reichin Rin'inshan Vocal Theme
ZIZZ - Memento Bell Main Theme
Itou Kanako - Hotarubi Master's Vocal Theme
Itou Kanako - Roar Master's Vocal Theme EX! (Can you tell I'm a fan?)
ZIZZ - Disgrace Master's Theme
ZIZZ - Vow of Sword Theme of Virara and Master
ZIZZ - Fantasy Poetry Theme of Virara's Past
ZIZZ - Demon Blade Theme of the Nameless Technique
Hosoe Shinji - Theme of Tetsuo Kato Fight 1
Ishikawa Shinji - Ryokan Tsurugiya Fight 2
SNK Sound Team - The Flowing Festival Fight 3
Vetreux - UZUKI Fight Vocal EX!
Asakura Noriyuki - Battle With Onikage Fight (Mask 1)
ZIZZ - BLADE ARTS III Fight (Mask 2)
I tried to keep it consistent in artist and theme. Obviously, I don't own any of this music and I'm linking these just for fun... Please don't judge my music choices too harshly ^_^'

O U T S I D E    L I N K S
Akesaka Satomi (KrKr, Arsene, Esdeath, Vanilla H, Eltnum
On 'Sen':
Page talking about concept of 'sen' in Japanese martial arts
On Baji Terms:
Probably not totally accurate; wiki for Kenji Baji terms.
Noh Masks:
Page with examples of Japanese Noh Drama Masks.

More butts.

O O C    N O T E S
Design and Influence Notes

She is a derivative of an old D&D character I made years ago. I have a long history in RP and pen and paper, but this is my first MMO RP. It's been tricky getting used to it, but I feel confident I can execute my story as I wish it to be.

Influences are fightan gaems, non-FF rpgs such as Suikoden and Valkyrie Profile, Wuxia such as Jin Yong works, Meiji-era anime and period drama, a few VN. Some classical influences include the legend of Shuten-Doji and Ibaraki-Doji, the kabuki play Sukeroku, noh drama, General Xiang Yu. Maybe. It's all a blur to me by now~!

I have an intense sympathy for the theme of "the losers in history," or "a class made obsolete by progress," and so a lot of the work I draw from tends to feature those themes. The guiding concept behind the character was "can a person be born evil, and what kind of world allows such a person to be born?" Also, whether or not "a good deed erases an evil one," and "who can judge, who punishes?"

My character storyline also drew a few influences from the split between the pre-WWII Japan ultranationalist Koudouha and Touseiha factions.

Shichisei Meikyuuken is based upon the legendary combination of Bajiquan and Piguaquan. As said, I'm fond of salt 'n clackity clacks. The basic forms draw heavily from Akira Yuki (VF), Lee Shuwen (Ehrgeiz), and Gato (Fatal Fury). A huge amount of inspiration is drawn from Kenji, both for Bajiquan and martial arts in general; it is also a great reference for fight scenes featuring opponents of disparate size, useful for obvious reasons. For more fantastical influences, I drew from Jin Yong's Condor Trilogy., particularly for matters concerning the deeper style and Virara's Master.

Virara's symbolic flower is the apricot blossom, and her image colors are violet, purple, pink, and red.

The Arachne Shirt's tattoo is not IC. Think of it as visual shorthand for her scarring...

Although her IC birthday is not known, her in game birthday is the same as famous martial artist Oyama Masutatsu, and her killing of animals with her bare hands is a reference to his "bull killer" claim to fame.

If my JP is bad, I'm sorry! I couldn't resist.

Virara is an "ore(俺)" girl. This would give her a very masculine sound in a JP dub, but one that clashes with her rigidity.

Her love for beetles is derived from this sport.

In order to execute the kind of story I wanted to, I needed to introduce a lot of fanon, as the nature of Doma and Othard is vague. The location Lymlaen's Necklace is completely fanon, if you weren't already aware. A lot of the background story of NPCs in my character's plot line have some amount of fanon involved as well. Please be patient with me, I do my best to keep things plausible in regards to the setting.

On that note, my philosophy is that "fullness" trumps "emptiness," and that it is better to add to the setting than take away, particularly in places where things are vague, and so doing so flesh the universe out a little more. But if things happen to contradict my writing, I'll quickly retcon to make the story still work.

Eorzea is not Westeros. There's more to fiction than Western Fantasy. I'm not interested in what fighting style is most practical in real life, or how physics apply to FFXIV. Though I'd like to think I'm pretty flexible regarding grittiness and keep things appropriate to scene tone, I'm not married to realism, and doing cool stuff is cool. For my opinion on the nature of physics in Eorzea and realistic medieval combat therein, consult this link.

Do: Walk up, tell, pretty much anything! The eyepatch is the symbol of my burning commitment to rp! Or it would be, I'm trying to get better about that... Send me a friend request if you want to play more-I am very busy with two characters and quite a bit of PVE, so forgive me if I cannot RP with you always. I am very busy early in the week, and cannot rp much Sun, Tues, Wed evenings PST, with some floating days for extra raid practice. For combat scenes, I prefer honor system, or for the result to be decided beforehand, but will do /roll, and am thinking of making a Fate-14 sheet.
Ask: Common sense, but most of this wiki is OOC. I trust most players to be responsible as it's more fun that way; however, if you're ever even slightly unsure you can use information from my wiki in RP, please ask me before doing so. I'm always open to getting involved in new events and plotlines. I'd especially be receptive to having your character involved with Virara's past or that of her enormous NPC supporting cast, if yours is Doman or from Othard. However if I am busy or there is something going on that might interfere, I would like to make sure everything is squared away, so please do ask. Basically just ask if it's something that will occupy Virara significantly for extended periods of time.
Don't: My only real limit is ERP. I will not do it under any circumstances, sorry.




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