Drilliendi Endi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Drilliendi Endi
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"If life is like assorted cookies, I will eat you."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 21
Name Day 31st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Beliefs Thaliak,the Scholar
Occupation Writer, wand-maker
Server Balmung
Sexual Orientation Straight



Name: Drilliendi Endi (Drill-e-end-e End-e)

Nickname: Many of his friends call him "Drill"

Birthplace: Gridania

Age: 21

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight, attracted to Lalafell, Miqo'te and Hyur

Class: Disciple of Magic - Thaumaturge

Beliefs: He has always believed that knowledge is power, leading him to believe in Thaliak, the Scholar


He often wears fine silk, you will often see him wearing clothes which match his eye and hair colour (Regal purple) he also likes to wear a blue robe with white trousers (magician's robe)

Height: The shortest a Lalafell can be, 86.9cm to be exact! What he lacks in height he makes up for in a bubbley and joyful personality.

Weight: 22 ponz - He is quite skinny, Not much muscle either as he is a magic user.

Complexion: Purple luminescent eyes, little button nose and fair, white complexion

Physique: He is quite skinny, not much muscle on him, his hair is always styled and his face clean.

Hair: He has regal purple hair, which is quite messy, backcombed for the 'rebellious' punk rock look!

Eye Color: Regal purple.

Distinguishing Marks: He has no tattoos or marks on his face, his most distinguishing aspect would be his hair and eye colour.


He is quite a playful character, believing that laughter can cure all sadness and defeat all evil. He is often smiling and trying to make best of situations, He wears his emotions on his sleeve, making him easy to read. You will often find him being a little menace playing practical jokes on his newly established family. He is quite the gossip, always interested in now information involving others.

He isn't the most confident of people, and can easily get embarrassed in situations he isn't familiar with. His character can have a contrast from the fun, happy Lalafell most people know when he is upset or hurt emotionally. He has quite a dirty mind when it comes to making innuendos and jokes, he can often see the dirty and humorous side of someones sentence, causing him to unexpectedly burst out laughing mid conversation.

He isn't well educated when it comes to love and romance, this causes him to fall in love quite quickly when women give him attention, Their friendly expression towards him could be mistaken for affection or attraction.



His combat skills are focused in the use of dark magic, from a young age of 11 (hyur years) He studied and played around with thaumaturgy, he was put in isolation for 10 years after an unfortunate event, leaving him plenty of time to practice and study in the art.


General Skills: -Wand-maker -Well educated in writing -Witty -use of magic

Combat Skills: -uses a wand to channel his Thaumaturgy -uses the element of fire to inflict damage

Weapons Skills: -Wand

Social Skills: -quite witty -can often make light of situations -wordsmith -understanding

Athletic Skills: - He quite likes to throw a sword around once and a while, but nothing major.



  • People that are kind to him.
  • Tasty food
  • Friends
  • Writing
  • Romantic novels
  • Company
  • His Chocobo Toby
  • Romance
  • Companionship


  • Peoples that prey on others to do their bidding.
  • People that deceive for personal gain.
  • Males mistreating females.
  • Meanies.
  • Those who are too serious
  • Fish
  • Toes... stay away!


  • Whenever he feels like laying back and do (almost) nothing, he heads to His families house. Here he has a few favorite spots where he writes or reads a book.
  • He enjoys reading romantic tales, those of quite a explicit nature!
  • He can manipulate the elements, not to a large scale however, just small things like making a little flame move around the palm of his hand, lighting candles using his finger etc.
  • Pulls quite a few practical jokes, has also written a book containing instructions on how to pull the best jokes on your friends and family!



  • Has a younger half-sister named Liliro Liro


  • He is currently single as of recently!


Babazan Papazan- "Hail, and well met! I am Babazan Papazan, at your service. My adventures have taken me far and wide across Eorzea, and through many paths I never dreamed this baker's son might tred! In my travels I have found both purpose and companionship in equal measure, as oft the two go hand in hand. Though hard times beset those I hold most dear in my heart, now we stand once more as Harmony!"

Kinono Kino- "Hello! My name is Kinono, but most people call me Kino. I'm an adventurer! I'm not sure who you are or why you're reading this, but Harmony is a great, helpful and friendly free company, and you should count yourself fortunate to have even heard of us! That's how talented we are! Also, stay away from Babazan, he's mine."

Chloe Ardarose- "Salutations! My name is Chloe Ardarose, and I'm always happy to meet new peoples. I like to think of myself as the voice of reason for our little home, and I love providing our family with whatever is needed, whether it be a comforting word and shoulder to cry on or a warm meal to fill your tummy."

Atticus Buffalobane- "Oh, er.. Hello! My name is Atticus Buffalobane..! Gods, I'm never good at these things, uh.. I grew up in the cold of Coerthas until I got old enough to adventure about. I eventually became a Sultansworn, but, er.. now I'm just a free paladin..!"

Racilian Lyenum- "Hello Everyone! I'm Raci! I was born and raised in Ul'dah. I traveled for many years by myself. I met some people who I helped for a while, but that time has passed. I went back home to help my mother when I met my new friends here! Aia and everyone have been so kind to me, they even told me I could stay with them from now on, Yay! "

Aia Nelahni- "I love going on adventures with them and exploring Eorzea! It is my hope that together we can help anyone that needs it! When I'm not dealing with meanies or caring for my family I like to fish, talk to my chocobo, Ren, relax at the springs, cook anything with apples or just eat apples! I want to have fun, help others, protect my faimly and live life to the fullest!"


  • None as of yet! Maybe in the future!


Common Rumors

  • "Did you hear that Drill has purple hair!?"
  • "Apparently he is writing a book!"
  • "He's gone and offed himself according to his sister, but I don't believe it." -Kinono Kino


He is currently in prison and presumed dead, but no one knows for certain!