Kinono Kino

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kinono Kino
Hunter Oil.png
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Mixed (physically dunesfolk)
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 30
Height 3 fulms 1.5 ilms
Weight 42 ponz
Profession Voidal hunter/researcher, Adventurer
Patron Deity Nophica
Server Balmung

Kinono Kino is a mother, adventurer and explorer, specializing in the elimination of voidsent.


Kinono is just over 3 fulms tall. Her hair is a natural shade of dark red, and always worn in a ponytail. She had light-blue eyes and long, upward-pointed ears. Kinono stands taller and wider than the average lalafell. She will typically dress in light, airy clothes, that provide a lot of coverage, and avoids dresses, skirts, and jewelry. When working or training, she will wear light armor, with pockets and a bag or two, providing ample space for storage. She is almost always seen wearing a pair of glasses. She has no visible or noticeable scars.

General History

Pre-Calamity/The Calamity

Kinono sketch.png

Kinono Kino was born in Ul'dah and grew up along the routes and within the towns and outposts within Thanalan. She is the sole daughter of two self-reliant and only modestly successful traders. Opting to never settle down, and thus never dig unnecessarily into profits or waste too much time settled, the family lived nearly always travelling, stopping for only suns or weeks at a time to unload stock and resupply before moving on.

So their daughter was brought along with them, growing up from infancy along these trade routes, outposts, and the occasional stop in Ul'dah. Her mother tried her best to school her, teaching her to read and write, as well math, geography, and a scant bit of history, all in the hopes of raising her to embrace the same travelling merchant lifestyle that they had come to call their own. Unfortunately for the young woman's parents, this would never come to be.

The young merchant-in-training made her dislike of the profession well known to the couple, so when she disappeared one night (along with a smattering of goods and supplies) while their cart had been travelling, and just as she was to come of-age in a few moons, they did not take it as much of a surprise. Instead of breaking from their schedule to look for the girl, they decided that she would return to them in time when she realized how large and dangerous the world was while she was on her own.

The young woman ran away in the dead of night, though it was not only a prescribed career she ran from. She made her way through the desert over a period of days, surviving off the small amount of supplies and valuables she had relieved her parents of and (being unable to hunt for herself) whatever floral seemed succulent enough to eat or be drunk from. Not many of these plants were actually deemed suitable for consumption. Despite the arid land, dangerous monsters, beastmen , and dream flower-fueled missteps, she was able to find passage cheaply (thanks to a not-entirely lawful crew) to Limsa Lominsa after making it to Vesper Bay.

She was discovered in a cargo crate under the inspection of the Arcanist's Guild. The captain of the ship claimed no knowledge of her presence, naming her a stowaway. Kinono Kino was offered sanctuary with the guild, on the grounds that she work enough to pay for her own inn room and food. Showing a marked knack for the keeping of inventory and numbers, she had no trouble at all earning her keep at Mealvan's Gate.It was shortly after this profession change that the Calamity occurred. This did little to change her resolve though; she had found a home and work which didn't require a lifelong investment. She had steady quarters, steady food, steady scenery, and for a time she was happy.

Ever Since

Five years pass by in this way, and world news she heard around the city begins to make her feel anxious. Tales of primals stirring and of the Empire's renewed offensive, as well as general malaise and restlessness regarding her work, fueled her desire to become an adventurer. It was a simple matter to obtain an arcamina book with which to channel aether given her profession, but a less simple matter to maintain a practice schedule. Despite the ease with which the usage came to her, she lacked the patience for study and practice. While she quit her work at Mealvan's and sought employ with the Adventurer's Guild instead, it wasn't long before she dropped the usage of arcanima almost completely in favor of more martial, and in her eyes, visceral weapons, though she enjoyed taking on more menial tasks that adventuring offered, she always sought to find something bigger to strive for.

During her work and training, she met another lalafell named Babazan Papazan, and after quite a while of platonic companionship, started dating. A few moons later resulted in a pregnancy, and saw them married on the third sun of the First Astral Moon. During her long pregnancy, she gave up the dangerous usage of martial weapons and began again training in magic, finding renewed patience and interest in the study when she was no longer able to physically exert herself as she had been. Their daughter, Kibaba Kiba, was born on the twenty-fifth Sun of the third Astral Moon.

Her husband, Babazan Papazan, passed away only a couple short moons later due to a form of Voidal-poisoning that had affected him his entire life, leaving Kinono a widow and Kibaba fatherless.

Her continued grief and regret over being unable to help her husband has inspired her to learn all she can about the dark forces of the void, and how best to repel them. Her dream is that, in time, the people of Eorzea may be able to live free from fear of these otherworldly monsters.


Welcome Kino.png

Kinono is typically cheerful in public, always willing to lend an ear or hand where applicable. She loves jokes, and her recent experiences have landed her a very warm, and nurturing nature, to peers and children alike. She is nearly always cordial and polite, typically considering her words very carefully when speaking, almost to a fault. She will often make odd pauses, and stat-and-stop a lot as she thinks on her words even while she is speaking them. Silences in conversation make her feel uneasy, and, if allowed, will sometimes continue talking on subjects long past the point that is necessary simply to fill the gaps with words.

Kino has a passion and flair for the dramatic, able to pick up and drop personas with ease. She will occasionally wear wigs, masks, fake facial hair, and strange clothing simply and will introduce herself under false names to try to mess with people she is close with. She is usually not successful in these attempts, but that has never stopped her from enjoying it anyway. Two notable examples include:

  • one instance where she attempted to convince a roegadyn friend she was a headless axe murderer with a pumpkin in place of a head. He attempted to drown her until the pumpkin broke and he saw who she really was.
  • Kikimino, an Ul'dahn noble who [i]just so happened[/i] to find Kino's daughter alone and lost while walking the streets of Ul'dah. This disguise didn't fool anyone for even a second.

She earns her gil completing leves for the various Eorzean Adventurer's Guilds. She has recently opened a personal business within the Goblet she calls "Kinono's Aetherlight Enterpises," where she welcomes clients to come to her with problems problems magical or voidal. She spends much of her free time researching the nature aether both in practice and theoretical, arcanima, and the Void. She also enjoys reading romance and adventure novels, and will spend a lot of time reading short stories to her daughter.

Her daughters, Kibaba Kiba, Roroki Roki and Panini Pani are the most important thing in her life, and she would do anything and forsake all else if it meant protecting her.

Despite her usually friendly and welcoming nature, Kinono possess a powerful disdain for the Void, and will actively deter or confront those she believes to be allied with or sympathetic to Voidkin or their cultists in any way.

Affiliations & Enmities


  • ((This section receives regular updates!))
  • Wyra Panipahr and Torora Panipahr - Kino's romantic interests and wives. Kinono is much stronger for their presence in her life. They aid in watching over and providing for Kibaba, and have offered constant emotional support for Kinono herself for several years.
  • Lolotaru Lalataru - Her long-time pen-pal. Despite having never met in-person, she considers him a very close friend. Through some long-term deductive reasoning and questioning, the two have learned that they are in fact cousins.
  • Lilala Lila - Mother of the aforementioned Lolotaru. She stayed in Lilala's inn with Kibaba at a reduced rate when she didn't have a home of her own shortly after Babazan's death.
  • Babazan Papazan - Her deceased husband, Babazan was a highly-skilled fighter, a man of honour, and a successful combatant in Ul'dahs Coliseum. They met a long time before they started seeing each other romantically, but once they began they were quickly in love. They were married on the third sun of the fifth astral moon. He had been haunted by voices and dark urges since Kino had known him, a condition they had sought to cure once they learned she was with child. The cure, they learned too late, was temporary, and Babazan succumbed to his illness later that same year.
  • Mimifa Mifa - Kinono's best friend and a trusted confidant. She trusts and admires her a great deal,particular for her kindness, warmth, and knowledge.
  • Aanzo Dinzo - husband of Mimifa. A troubled and awkward past have kept them from becoming close, but Kino still trusts him and considers him a friend.
  • "Pepper" Peppamel - A one-time friend who became Kinono's bitter romantic rival. They got into a fistfight early in Kino's pregnancy, and hasn't been spotted since.
  • The Lodestar Vandals - All current members of the Lodestar Vandals are close allies of Kinono, including Syrus sas Beleran, Jackie Virage-le'toc and Faron Helkaldurfjall.


  • Aetherlight Vanguard (defunct) - The free company she attempted to start and run. The organization fell apart for various reasons, and she blames herself. She attempts to keep its spirit and objective alive with her current business, Aetherlight Enterprises.
  • Aetherlight Enterprises - This business is a smaller-scale version run by Kinono solely. Too small to be a free company proper, she instead runs it as a service, offering investigative and elimination of small voidal or potentially-voidal threats in exchange for a small fee.
  • Haven of Haar - A hive of scum and villainy in which Kinono and the Vandals take refuge from the law.
  • The Arcanists' Guild, where she worked for five years as a cargo inspector and learned much of what she knows of arcanima.


Kino smile.JPG
  • Nicknames: Kino, Kicks, Kiks
  • Age: 26
    • Nameday: 12th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • Marital Status: Engaged
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 3 fulms, 1.5 ilms
  • Weight: 42 ponz
  • Body: Average
  • Hair: Long, deep red textured with darker strands.
  • Eyes: Pale blue
  • Skin: Pale midtone
  • Clothing: Ranging from loose and free-flowing, to light armor suitable for battle.


  • Quick learner
  • Agile
  • Literate
  • Talented and skilled in arcanima (12 years experience)
  • Passably decent with small swords, including her elemental aethersword (6 years experience)
  • All the typical advantages of being short and lightweight


  • Physically weak, unless she’s channeling aether (which tires her quickly)
  • Can be rather impatient
  • Vulnerable to the cold, and therefor, ice-aspected magicks.
  • All the typical disadvantages of being short and lightweight

Other Notes


Kinono Kino was named in plainsfolk style, despite taking on more dunesfolk traits physically. She doesn't find this particularly odd, and usually doesn't bring it up unless someone asks. She is used to having her name shortened, to the point that she will typically introduce herself as just "Kino" or offer, "most people call me Kino," especially when speaking to a non-lalafell.


Kinono adheres to the Twelve, favoring particularly Nophica, Nymeia, and Nald’thal.


  • Any time she’s apart from her daughter, she keeps a linkpearl in her ear to constantly monitor her while she sleeps. Occasionally, Kinono will trail off mid-sentence or zone out in group settings to focus on listening to her.
  • Even when she isn't listening for her daughter, she tends to stop and start her sentences a lot, pausing to reconsider her words or rambling on only tangentially related topics. She considers herself a better communicator through writing than through speech.
  • Absolutely hates the snow and being cold.
  • In addition to the above, she will often fidget with her hands or when speaking or sitting still, searching for ways to keep them busy if she can't use them to gesture.
  • She owns a harp that she practices with on occasion. Currently, her daughter is the only person alive who has heard her play it.
  • She possesses a minor fear of heights; though not debilitating she will avoid where she can, and keep her eyes shut where she cannot.
  • Since "bouncing back" from her late husband's death, Kino is typically very reluctant to talk of sadness or death. On this front, she tends to remain rather guarded, preferring to keep most conversations light, friendly and casual.
  • For two years she has refused to kill other people. She has yet to have had this belief challenged.


Common rumors

  • "The girl owns a business over in the Goblet... Somethin' about cheap services."
  • "She's always taking walks around the Lavender beds with that little girl or those"

Uncommon rumors

  • "The sign on her door says she investigates the Void? She better be careful, if she knows what's good for her. People with hobbies like that don't tend to live very long."
  • "Aye, she comes in most suns asking for leves regarding demons. If we don't have any she asks for leves with nutty animals. Tryin' to avoid the work that would have her pitted against other people, you see. Ain't my place to call her a coward or anything, but... you know. Most adventurers can't afford to be that picky."

Rare rumors

  • "...I once saw 'er sitting on tha'-... You know tha' wee deck below th' Drownin' Wench, th' one used fer storage? Piled 'igh with crates and shite? Saw 'er just sittin' down there, on th' edge of the wood, starin' out at the 'orizon and hummin' to 'erself. Didn't pay me no mind as I walked by neither."
  • "...One time she got up on my table here and started dancing. Think she was drunk. I woulda told her to take her damn boots off first, but there was an old Roegadyn at the table there with them, an' I don't mess with them."

Player Character Rumors

  • "She's completely willing to do anything for her daughter's happiness! Huh- What do you mean that tis not a rumor?" -Mimifa Mifa

Known Haunts

  • The Goblet, Ul’dah, Thanalan. Her parents are known to travel around remote locations in the arid region, so she can often be found wandering to or from such destinations. Her business "Aetherlight Enterprises" is located within the Goblet.
  • The Black Shroud, though she rarely ever enters Gridania proper. Her current residence is located within the Lavender beds.
  • Her work could potentially bring her anywhere in Eorzea.

Possible Connections

  • Extended family is never out of the question, and neither would close family for that matter, though her parents are accounted for.
  • Someone that Kinono met prior to the Calamity while she was with her parents as a travelling merchant.
  • Someone that Kinono worked or trained with at Mealvan’s Gate/the Arcanist’s Guild.
  • Any sort of adventurer Kino may have met/teamed up with/competed against while completing leves or other jobs.
  • Pretty much anything! If you’re someone who wants to RP with me, I’m sure we can work something out.

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