Dyrstswys Barazirnwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Dyrstswys Barazirnwyn
Birth Name Dyrstswys Barazirnwyn
Meaning Thirsty Sister, Daughter of Barazirn
Nickname(s)/Alias Dyrst
Age Late teens-early 20's
Born 17th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon 1559
Birthplace Limsa Lominsa
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Alignment Neutral Good
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Menphina Icon.png Menphina, the Lover
Physique Thick and curvy; chubby, but attractively so
Hair Purple-black
Eyes Dark purple
Skin Dark gray
Noteable Features Freckles on cheeks and shoulders, small scar on left jaw
Typical Garb Comfortable shirts and robes, usually purple
Occupation Cartographer, navigator
Combat Style Basic astromancy
Non-combat Healing
Skills Drawing, cartography, navigation by stars
Primary Weapon Star globe
Armor Preference Flowing purple robes
Username Shoshopu
Time Zone EST (UTC - 5)
Server Balmung
Additional Characters Shoshopu et al.
Free Companies Aetherial Warriors ⟪AW-RP⟫
Rusted Sigil ⟪RUST⟫
RP Preferences I very much like OOC discussion! Feel free to hit me up OOC if you have any ideas or things you want me to know about.
  • Light to medium
  • Adult themes are fine
  • This one's off-limits for ERP
  • No harming or mutilation unless discussed in advance either

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Basic Info

The unfortunately named Dyrstswys Barazirnwyn is a sheltered young artist, born and raised in Limsa Lominsa. She's a bit naive, but she's level-headed, and tends to go with the flow when she finds herself in strange situations... and boy, does she often. She doesn't go looking for these things, but they often find her. It's just her luck, she supposes. She is the current navigator of the Grymgohta, as well as its primary cartographer.


Dyrstswys quite introverted, generally being interpreted as a shy and quiet person. She doesn't like drawing a lot of attention to herself, which can be at odds with her eagerness to please and desire be helpful to those she cares about. She's very submissive in nature. Dyrstswys has a few skills she is very talented in, but she has a hard time actually acknowledging this, but whether or not that is due to a lack of self-esteem or a desire to not be in the limelight, one cannot be sure.


Dyrstswys was born to a couple of assessors in Mealvaan's Gate in 1559 6AE. Her father named her "Dyrstswys" as a joke, at least according to Merlgeim, her older sister. Merlgeim was deemed perfect in every way by her parents and peers: beautiful, smart, studious, and with multiple talents. As such, Dyrst's parents typically ignored her own budding interests or any achievements of her own, and she lived in her older sister's shadow. She spent her childhood interacting little with other children, keeping mostly to herself, reading and drawing.

The events of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, ironically, brought Dyrstswys out of the stacks and into the city, and occasionally out into the fields of La Noscea near Limsa Lominsa. She began taking up her drawing hobby in earnest, drawing the things she saw: the nearby landscape and flora and fauna of La Noscea, and the denizens of Limsa Lominsa... particularly the men, and especially the sailors and pirates. She became very good at keeping in the background and not being noticed as she made a habit of sitting back and drawing people, usually escaping the notice of her subjects.

It was also during these years after the Calamity that she began to branch out her skillset and try many new things, in an attempt to find her true calling in life, taking odd jobs around the city and joining Limsa's crafting guilds. Unfortunately, she failed to become good at any of the crafts Limsa Lominsa's guilds had to offer.

The Culinarian guild at the Bismarck Dyrstswys joined last, in the first year of the Seventh Astral Era, hoping to find cooking to be her true passion and future career. She truly tried her best, but failed to ever meet the Bismarck's lofty culinary standards. On a gloomy, rainy day in early 2 7AE, she was officially kicked out of the guild. This was witnessed by Eyristyrn Elileynwyn, the captain of the infamous frigate, the Grymgohta, who evidently took pity on the poor young woman and sat down to console her. It was this fateful meeting that brought Dyrstswys to join the Grymgohta's crew as its new navigator, as well as its cartographer.


  • The Grymgohta : Her current occupation-- and lifestyle. Since being brought into the Grymgohta's crew Dyrst has found herself at what is almost a secondary leadership position, an unspoken and understood one (while Ghenta and Raging Waves occupy this role, on paper). It's intimidating, but to her own surprise she has found herself able to rise to the occasion, as it were, and is slowly becoming more confident in herself.

Eyristyrn Elileynwyn : The Captain of the Grymgohta, who has brought Dyrstswys under her wing. Eyristyrn has gone to great lengths to make Dyrst feel like family in the Grymgohta's crew, as well as build upon her self-esteem and empowerment. Growing so comfortable with eachother (and herself), Dyrst started exploring her sexuality with the Captain... but it's quickly grown into something more.

Hyrteyha Usyniahctwyn : Hyrt's fascination with numbers is a bit perplexing to Dyrst- numbers are useful and all, but she'd never have considered them entertaining before. Dyrst also finds it nice to have someone closer to her age and physical capacity in the crew, someone she can relate to. To not be the only squishy on board. She hopes to become good friends.

Ghenta Hellbrand : The lewd and crude master of arms and weaponsmith of the Grymgohta crew. She's at least as friendly as any other member of the crew, but Ghenta's manner of speaking is a bit too rough for Dyrst's comfort, except in small doses.

Raging Waves : The helmswoman of the Grymgohta, and to Dyrst's pleasant surprise, a fellow artist. Though they haven't gotten to speak much, Dyrst would rarely pass up the chance to have a chat with Waves.

S'aerdha Tia : Eyristyrn warned her about him before they met, and this Miqo'te proceeded to make a pretty awful impression, being vaguely threatening and passive aggressive all around. He scares her as much as he angers her.

Senelle Silverlight : The Grymgohta's previous navigator, and more-- this woman's past relationship with the Captain and crew left an enormous impression, and cast what Dyrst feels is a large shadow to live under. Senelle herself is very kind and helpful, though, and every time Dyrst chats with her she feels less and less intimidated about filling the space Senelle made when she left.

Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn : She's only shared a few words with the man, but his face can be found in her sketchbooks more than any other one particular person (besides Eyristyrn). She finds him "aesthetically pleasing". Unfortunately, he's too big and intimidating for her to even consider approaching... and, according to Ghenta, he's called for, anyway, by a Lalafell and "some other wench", so competition seems pretty steep. Little does she know...


Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

  • "Dyrstswys? Yeah, she's cute, I guess, but have you seen her sister?" Unscrupulous Maelvaan's Gate worker
  • "I sees her in the tavern from time ta time, jus' drawin' and never sayin' a word ta anyone." Lominsan sailor

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

  • "Once I caught her drawing and asked to have a look. She was actually drawin' me! It was pretty good, too." - Lominsan Roegadyn man

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

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Other Notes

Character Music

Theme: Nostalgia of Diversion - Shinkichi Mitsumune


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