Edwyn Hooper

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Edwyn Hooper
Head of the Chimera
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A warrior with a cause is the most dangerous soldier of all.

Michael Scott
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Vital Information

NICKNAMES... Edwyn, "The Lion of the Sands"

RACE & CLAN... Hyur, Midlander

GENDER... Male

AGE... Twenty-Seven (during 1577)

NAMEDAY... 18th Sun, 5th Umbral Moon, 1550 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual


Other Statistics



FAMILY... Father and mother deceased, missing younger brother


OCCUPATION... Mercenary, sell-sword

PATRON DEITY... Nald'thal, the traders

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 2 ilms. 215 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Type 3 Lawful Neutral (Internal Moral Compass).

General Information

The head of the Chimera, The Lion's Head; an Uldahn Mercenary who once lead a band known as the Order of the Chimera; famed monster hunters and sellswords who would rise to any task. He is the only known surviving member, the rest wiped out by an ambush by the Garleans. The warrior was left with little other than a weapon from those days. His occupation has larger unchanged other than his openness to take bloodier jobs, especially if Garleans are involved.
Plenty of blood in me, it's the loyalty that dwindles.
Brown Black Light Strong, Mesomorph Dameon Clarke (Arngrim)
Confident, reserved Right-handed Too many worth counting None Unkempt
Hair & Eyes
Having little use for cosmetics, the leader of the Chimera ties his mess to keep it out of his eyes, but does little beyond than washing it. Age, battle, and a hard life has fit to grace him with more than a few strands of grey, noticable the closer one approaches. His blue eyes hold a stoic pierce that meets others directly in the eyes. There is a lack of fear or caution for social graces. His gaze has been described to look through others.
Physique & Markings
Large for a Midlander, Edwyn stands just over six feet. Though usually clad in full armor, he has been seen in the linen shirt now and again. His body is a mess of scars and healed wounds, though most merely grazes. He has not lost much functionality in his movements, in exception to his left shoulder which stiffens up at times from a terrible wound. Sight is a different matter, as the warrior had lost an eye: a reminder of his biggest failure. Broad shoulders jut out at the top of his torso while a thick waistline at the bottom. He seems more clad in muscle than wearing it; his body having earned the right to carry it from hard work.
Hygiene & Attire
Edwyn cleans himself only enough to not offend others. He has no preferred scent or perfume, leaving that for maidens and nobility. There is an exception as he keeps a small bottle of his wife's perfume on him at all times: a soft vanilla scent. He enjoys the smell and it helps him to get to sleep. This, at times, can be smelled on his person, especially by those of keener scent. His armor changes from work to work, but what he is best known for is a darkened steel fullplate suit. When outside of armor, he wears simple garments, not at all looking in style or fashionably minded; merely comfortable, light clothes.
Psychological Profile
Edwyn has little tolerance for nonsense and would-be manipulators. He is Ul'dahn in temperament and blood. "All things come at a price", for those not born on the streets of Ul'dah, this sounds like a testament to greed: anything can be bought with the right amount of gil, but "price" does not always mean the coin in your pocket. Edwyn is pragmatic and does know the power of coin, but he also understands that money will not buy one everything... sometimes sweat, blood, or flesh is the cost. Whose blood, whose sweat, whose flesh? That's the question and that's what it comes to when one speaks of prices. Edwyn is shrewd, knowing that people of Eorzea are as capable of evil as the people of Garlemald. There is no difference other than the focus and objective of the nation they stand in. Garleans are not evil, but they oppose what Edwyn holds dear and he would happily kill Garleans to ensure his city stays right where it is, exactly the way it is, though it would be a lie if he did not gain some sort of satisfaction from putting down Garlean scum; especially having lost his only family to a traitor and a squad of Garleans.

Loyalty is another matter and importance to Edwyn. Edwyn values loyalty more than gil. Gil is acquired easily and easily spotted if it is fake, loyalty differs in that regard. Edwyn does not abide liars. Trickery is a tactic that can be used and if you fool Edwyn, you might gain his respect, as long as you did not outright tell lies. Not being fully truthful is tolerable: on the contrary, Edwyn respects tight-lipped folk. Keeping information from others is a known craft in Ul'dah and using the right knowledge and words is a craft to be respected, but to lie means the words are poisoned. Edwyn can no longer respect or believe any word spoken. The warrior has respect for the Immortal Flames, having worked as one for a time. He would gladly give his blood for the Sultana, but only for the sultana; the only fluid he would give the syndicate is that of his piss. He greatly admires the general of the flames, Raubahn as he was one of the reasons he joined the flames. To this day, Edwyn volunteers for work to aid the flames in keeping Ul'dah safe.

Philosophy & Mannerisms
Edwyn is no bleeding heart. He expects others to live and die by their choices and actions as he has. He has no qualms with killing Garleans and other warriors, but is opposed to killing civilians. Those that live by the sword will die by the sword. Edwyn also has no qualms for paying for the costs of flesh, always one to seek out the red light district when he can. He enjoys ale and opiate, though the latter has become less used in the last year. Edwyn is not opposed to slavery or indentured servitude, as long as they are treated humanely. He is not fond of young slaves, as it tugs on his heart to see children in chains, but a necessary evil at times.
❂ Drinking
❂ Loyalty
● Item
● Item

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Strength, Endurance
Above Average: Intelligence, Willpower
Average: Charisma
Low: Speed
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: None
Average: Conjuration
Novice: Nearly everything else
Weapon Training
Mastery: Axe, Great Sword
Expert: Longsword, Bows
Average: Polearms, Daggers, Hand-to-hand
Novice: Staff, Guns
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Hunting
Above Average: Tactics, Leadership
Average: Riding, Siege Weaponry
OOC Note
I am not interested in combat in which it only serves to look any of the characters involved lesser unless that is the prospect of the player whose character is receiving the brunt end of it. Role-playing is a team effort. It is teamwork to tell a fun story. Collective "playing pretend". It's fun. I am not about to ruin that for someone and I want to avoid that as much as anyone. I don't mind losing or being shown up, but it needs to have a purpose other than to stroke your ego. There should be a reason we are fighting and consequences for it in our stories. I prefer open tells and for us to have discussions about what would be the best result for story. No? Too much trouble? Dice rolls will be fine, but know I do not favor dice for this medium of role-playing. I can hit you with all my reasons if you want to know, just whisper me.

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Sixth Astral Era
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Seventh Umbral Era
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In Recent Times
Moving Forward

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