Emerlain Moreau

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• NAME: Emerlain 'Emry' Moreau
• AGE: 27
• NAMEDAY: 22nd Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
• RACE: Elezen, Wildwood (Ishgardian)

• GUARDIAN: Halone, the Fury
• ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good

• WANDERING ARTIST : While wandering, Emerlain can be seen carrying a heavy pack on his back. The canvas sack is splattered with various paints, an easel is tightly secured with weathered straps, and parchments protrude from the top, haphazardly covered by a flap. Paintbrushes and personal belongings jingle as he walks, but one will never find him complaining about the weight.
• DIFFICULT TO PLACE : Emerlain carries himself as a gentleman, with a noble or confident air, yet he has no home. His accent is difficult to distinguish; the more one listens to it, the more unrecognizable it may seem. When asked about himself, he waves a dismissive hand and states there are better things to talk about.


• CALM, COOL, AND COLLECTED : Despite how dire a situation may seem, Emerlain will typically appear as if he in full control...even if he's not. With a charming smile and clever wit, he does his best to convince others that everything will swing in his favor eventually. His optimism may also indicate there that there is more to him than the humble painter he declares himself to be.
• HUBRIS : Emerlain loves a challenge, be it of the mind or body, and he will gladly participate in friendly competitions where he can show his skill (though he tends to stray away from public displays). Still, he takes great pride in who he is and what he can do, but that same pride also holds the greatest potential for his downfall.
• ROMANTICIST : Swiftly caught up in his ideals, Emerlain follows his heart and is quick to support people's dreams and causes. A romantic story is reason enough for him to help someone in need, and will even play matchmaker if given the chance. He loves life and wishes for everyone else to feel the same.


Significant Other | Romantic Attraction | Trusted | Lost contact | Positive | Neutral | Negative | ? Uncertain

Josephine Gallier : A stoic elezen sitting in a lonely corner of one of Ul'dah's taverns caught the painter's eye first, but what made him stay was an overly familiar brooch upon her blouse. Though his romantic outlook on the world was not appreciated by the woman, that just made it all more interesting for him.
Violenne Rigaud : Sometimes, you meet the most interesting people in prison. This proved no different for Violenne, an Ishgardian knight who was guarding Emerlain's cell during his untimely visit to the city-state. Through forced company, he learned more about her, and couldn't help but like her more for it.
Revero Argentes : A Midlander who Emerlain met in Gridania. The squire showed every sign of paranoia and hiding from his past, which sparked the curiosity of the painter to learn more. Through the course of a card game, he did discover a few hints. He conceded his winning hand to the stranger, feeling that he'd already won.
Symonne Villeaux : On the surface, the two share a tolerated cordiality for one another. However, knowledge of each other's secrets, due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, leave the two in a game of sorts, each playing nicely for now. The painter would not mind having her be in his debt for a change.


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• ISHGARDIAN BASTARD: Though Emerlain has not been a proper part of Ishgard for almost a decade, it is possible to have known him as a child of a minor house, a bastard of his father and an unknown maid. He spent many days escaping his house's supervision to play with the children of the Brume, and there he also discovered his penchant for thievery. Childhood friends, tutors, and family would be welcome to work into his story.
• ARTIST/PAINTER: Emerlain would be mostly known for being available for portrait commissions, as he is able to travel to the buyer's location of choice and set up his work wherever needed. As a side, he provides etchings for advertisements and books, dabbles in calligraphy, and occasionally sells sketches and paintings of famous individuals and landscapes.
• GENTLEMAN THIEF: Art provides a living (most times), but he does not survive off painting alone. He has other skills, of the thieving type, and gets quite the thrill out of a good heist. He deems violence distasteful and avoids it when necessary. Though this plays a large part in who he is, he does not willingly show this aspect of his life.
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