Enkhaltai Ejinn

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Enkhaltai Ejinn
Nophican Friar

Name: Enkhaltai Ejinn
Pronunciation: "Ankle-tie"
Nickname: Enkh
Titles: Friar, Brother
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Namesday: 28th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Race: Au Ra
Clan: Xaela
Tribe: Ejinn
Birthplace: The Azim Steppe
Allegiance: Ejinn tribe; Gridania
Residence: Lavender Beds, W7, Lily Hills #28
World: Siren
Orientation: Ace
Marital Status: Single
Deities: Nophica, the Matron
Occupations: Friar
Jobs: Samurai
Alignment: Neutral Good[1]

🍃 Distinctive Features: Lavender eyes; Pink hair.
🍃 Voice: Soft-spoken; deep voice.
🍃 Height: 81.4 inches.
🍃 Laterality: Right-handed.
🍃 Clothing: Enkh frequently wears various shades of green in keeping with his tribe's colors, his new religion, and his current home in Gridania. His favorites to wear are pastel colors. He can usually be seen in his tribal attire, though he will don Doman samurai armor when venturing into dangerous places.


  • 🍃 Devout;
  • 🍃 Introverted;
  • 🍃 Self-disciplined;
  • 🍃 Self-sacrificing;
  • 🍃 Polite


  • 🍃 Stubborn;
  • 🍃 Ascetic;
  • 🍃 Sanctimonious


  • 🍃 Nophica;
  • 🍃 The Twelve;
  • 🍃 Forest aesthetics and autumn weather;
  • 🍃 Playing music;
  • 🍃 Protecting the weak;
  • 🍃 Reading apocrypha;
  • 🍃 Gridanian culture


  • 🍃 Religious orthodoxy;
  • 🍃 Rigid, close-minded people;
  • 🍃 Imperialism


  • 🍃 A Garlean invasion;
  • 🍃 Failing his tribe and his community


  • 🍃 Yuunagi ("Evening Calm") - Enkh's weapon of choice; a katana forged from baldur steel from Valeria;
  • 🍃 Akakage ("Red Shadow") - A molybdenum steel katana with a crimson color along the edge of the blade


  • Favorite Food(s): Salmon
  • Favorite Color(s): Nophica green, shades of green, pastel colors


Basic Character History:
Enkh was born into the Ejinn tribe of the Azim Steppe, a river tribe known to swim from place to place rather than walk or travel by other means. Enkh is the son of a songstress, Orbei, renowned among the Ejinn for her sappy love ballads and rallying marches.
As a young teenager, Enkh moved to Gridania with his mother as emissaries in a cultural exchange. Enkh's mother worked in the tribe's interest to form an alliance with the hopes of dethroning the Oronir and upending their dangerous allies, the Buduga. Enkh quickly assimilated with Gridanian culture finding life in the Black Shroud more peaceful than anything the Steppe could offer. Over the years, Enkh learned the art of the blade from both Doman refugees and Gridanian knights — developing a synergy between the chivalry of the West and bushido of Othard. He found a strong sense of justice and felt inspired by the Nophican stories of Saint Meliadette to be a force of change in the world. He converted to the faith of the Twelve and vowed himself as holy friar to the Matron, Gridania's guardian deity. He maintains his own humble chapel to Nophica in the Lavender Beds at his apartment in Lily Hills. There, he hosts any who seek Nophica's blessing or Her aid.  

Character's Current Goals:

  • Maintain a chapel in Gridania;
  • Share his music with the people of Eorzea;
  • Protect those who cannot protect themselves

Personal RP Limits

I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug/alcohol use, self-harm) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter, including coarse and excessive language or temporary injury and incapacitation. Walk-up encounters and /tell's are welcome.
I won't play permanent character death, permanent injury, pregnancy, sexual violence, or rape plots.
Looking For...
■ Adventure! Mystery! Intrigue!
■ Meaningful connections for Enkh to make with fellow believers or open-minded adventurers looking to do good in a rotten world.
■ Events or venues that prefer to have live music present. I can play a variety of songs, including traditional Japanese music for Doman venues and events.
■ Characters with hobbies or interests in religion, music, adventuring, and/or general do-gooding.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion. I always want my RP partners to be comfortable!
Time Zone/Server
■ Eastern (EST)
■ Siren Server (Aether Data Center)

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