Enqu Gosaqu

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Sharlayan.jpg Enqu Gosaqu


Biographical Information
Birth Name Enqu Gosaqu
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Birthplace Old Sharlayan, Isle of Sharlayan
Born 1543
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk, Dunesfolk
Physical Attributes
Hair Oaken brown with white
Eyes Scarlet
Height 3'0"
Career Information
Occupation Cartographer, Uranographer
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Mateus
Job Astrologian
Possesses the Echo; can understand any language.


Many were not surprised when Logaga Loga, an accomplished researcher of fossil fuels in Old Sharlayan, was finally granted a seat in the Forum for her lengthy expeditions to provide education to the country's physical labourers. Few even knew of the theses she had submitted to acquire her position. She so cared for her fellow Sharlayans that she had used her uranographic knowledge and aetherial manipulation to become an astrologian, hoping to better serve her motherland and the powerful knowledge of magicks that lay behind their stone walls. Though she spent much of her life unaware, it wasn't until she encountered the Moogle alchemist Koppli Kopi that she realized her talents with the Echo. However, only a few were aware of her stepping down. Her reasons were unknown, though she had become a bookbinder for workers' manuals in her traditional field of geology. It didn't seem too odd from afar, save for the fact her efforts were to support her new little son, Enqu.

For much of his childhood, Enqu Gosaqu was watched over by Koppli Kopi, even astounding the tiny Moogle as the infant oustretched his palms to the typically invisible creature. Meanwhile, Logaga had failed to successfully track down Enqu's father, Yuyusoka Tetesoka. All she knew of him was that he was from Thavnair and a prominent author. His name, on the other hand, was a moniker. What shattered her the most was when she learned that he was already married. Judging from his political status in Radz-at-Han with Garlemald, it was most likely a ruse to get close to her as well as her academic resources. Thus, when the Forum decided to send Logaga, her son, and Koppli to their Eorzean colony an epoch later, it was far from her to refuse. There, they were offered a grace & favor home especially for Logaga to conduct her research while Enqu was transferred to a new scholasticate there. After ten summers, he managed to graduate as second in his class, pursuing a specialty in geography. He had only two moons to rejoice in his future, before it became clouded by Garlemald's advances, forcing the colonists to flee.

As Logaga opposed returning to their motherland, Koppli guided the Lalafells back to his own. There, in Moghome, Enqu would change suit to practice starmapping instead. All the while, he couldn't shake the feeling of uselessness as he knew Garlemald was spreading suffering to both Eorzeans and their own kind alike. Touched by her son's empathy and maturity, though she vouched to return it to the Forum, Logaga passed on her Soul Crystal to Enqu. One summer later, he saught to utilize it, bidding his beaming mother farewell as Koppli accompanied him beyond Sohm Al.

After a short stay in Limsa Lominsa, keeping true to his paternal heritage and appearance, Enqu went by his Thavnairian descent only, under the claim of being Eorzean-born. Logaga had provided them with funds so that they could make the trip to Radz-at-Han, where Enqu spent a majority of his time surveying the landmarks and mapping out the movements of the golems. Meanwhile, Koppli dug deeper into the city-state's governmental structure, namely to confirm Yuyusoka's stance in it all. He managed to confirm he was indeed an author, yet it didn't stop there. He hadn't lived in Radz-at-Han for nearly two decades. Odd, Koppli thought; he was formerly working as a tax collector, from what he could gather. After reporting to Enqu, they decided to part ways for the time being. Enqu would travel to southern Ilsebard whereas Koppli stayed behind to observe the Civis Fabrilis - artisans set abroad to profit the Garlean Empire - and learn what they know of foreign alchemical research.

When in Ilsebard, Enqu kept his cartographical studies private, even to allies, lest he endanger the civilians themselves. He came to befriend some of the Civis Fundamine, of whom worked the mines and helped him traverse the natural tunnels of the land. In exchange, Enqu supplied them with ingredients for dye to sell that he would uncover. Occasionally, Enqu would perform tasks on behalf of the ill or frail, expecting nothing but providing relief for the citizens. Eventually, he had attracted the attention of the supervising Censor, a supervisor of public morality. Noting the subtle advantages, he recognized the individual as a relative of the local Praefectus. Allowing himself to being granted an audience with him, Enqu felt, was one of the worst mistakes he'd ever made in his life. Though he had never encountered the Praefectus - in actuality was his father, he'd learned - he did realize that he and his wife already provided Enqu with two elder half-sisters. Their mother was a dedicated commander of foreign and local operatives, of whom idolized Yuyusoka for his persuasive demeanor and powerful thaumatergy. Their younger daughter, Yaliya cen Yala, avidly supported her mother's work, though she was intimidated by the prospect of ever working with the military. She herself knew little of the world outside of Garlemald. On the contrary, their older sister, Zonona eir Zona, knew full well of Enqu's existence. In particular, where it should have ended.

Astrological starlight and magicked fire clashed for roughly a bell and a half while Yaliya desperately tried avoid the chaos from spreading to the outside. Enivitably, it came to an end, with Enqu reigning as the victor. Still, he saw the results nearly killed Zonona, of whom was nonetheless his sister. Mustering what magick he had left to sustain, he managed to revive Zonona, yet she would be left paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. Regretfully, he left Zonona in Yaliya's care as he discreetly departed the continent to return to Koppli.

The duo compiled their findings solemnly, yet not pitifully. For a period of time, they withdrew to Thanalan where they would observe the city-state's clear skies as they trekked the desert to map out resource locations and unusual landscapes. Since the Dragonsong War, he aided the new Republic of Ishgard in navigating trade routes throughout the rest of Eorzea, via their Sharlayan embassy. His time there encouraged him to assist in promoting and especially preserving Sharlayan's culture. He agrees, applying himself to a career of uranography on behalf of an international scholasticate association that offers resources primarily to Disciples of Magic. His past leaves him reluctant to expose naïve apprentices to Sharlayan's complicated history of astrology, especially to those of whom merely seek to monetize the art of astromancy in the form of 'fortune-telling'. He would not persecute them as fiercely as the Old World does, yet hearing of fraudulent psychics of whom claim the stars whisper to them make his skin crawl. Aetherial ability means little to him; first and foremost, and good student keeps their head on the ground. They must have their fellow pupils be their priority, to have an understanding of the value of flesh and blood before stardust.



An erratic thinker whom always remains outside the box. To him, unpredictability is the essence of his discoveries. Optimistic in the face of even the most treacherous expeditions, he seldom allows this to appear as naivity. Being the son of a Praefectus, he cannot afford to tolerate impatience.


Possessing a gentle and empathetic demeanor aids him in his duties as both a cartographer as well as a scholasticate guidance counselor. He cares little for a person's origins and nationality, even if said person is quite xenophobic themselves. So long as they are able to open their minds to learning the truth, he is determined that they can get along.


Though he has struggled in his childhood with a history of facial and verbal tics when speaking, his eventual bashfulness had melted away over the past epoch, yet not without help from his avid Moogle companion. Occasionally, the "beastman" still engages in the habit of finishing the Lalafell's sentences, however he quickly dismisses his mistake. He knows that he, too, would be the same if he helped with Moogle with such.

Notes & Trivia

  • When under pressure, he stammers, much to his own annoyance. This causes much more problems for him in public than it does around patient friends, especially where in Sharlayan, knowledge surpasses appearances. Otherwise, currently healthy.
  • Logaga's favorite flower is the lily. As he's been away from his mother for so long, Enqu occasionally dons the flower in his hair when attending academic events and formal outings. In his office, he keeps a pot of brightlilies on his desk; yellow in specific, as his mother is partial to the color.
  • Notable marks include traditional Dunesfolk tattoos below each eye. The features of his desert people are further elaborated on with the darkened skin around his ear lobes and nose. However, behind each of his glossy eyes lay a narrow vertical pupil, much more typical of Plainsfolk. His ear size and even his name style reflect on the latter as well. Perhaps his most distinctive feature is the white streak running through his hair, of which he acquired during an engineering accident with aetheryte teleportation.
  • He does everything in his power to repay Koppli for his help by assisting him in achieving his life goal; to become a Moghome-renowned gardener.