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|ɪnˈreɪ | kɔːwaˈnɑːmiː|


Name: Enrei Kawanami
Nameday: 12th Sun of the Second Astral Moon
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Au Ra, Raen
Height: 4 fulms and 10 ilms
Weight: 100 ponze
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Shy and reserved to most, it takes a while to get this young Au Ra girl comfortable around people. Once she opens up to people, many find Enrei to be a kind, yet determined (or stubborn) girl. She has a strong sense of justice, and places the safety of others above all else.

It takes a very determined individual to get to know Enrei, but if your interested please continue...

  • SHY:
  • Enrei is incredibly reserved around people she's unfamiliar with. She'll look down, act timid, and speak softly, all because this is a person she's unfamiliar with. This aspect of her personality weakens as she gets closer to people, however that reserved manner of hers sticks around for the most part.
  • Enrei tends to be a little uncertain of herself as well, panicking over the smallest details of what she might do wrong. When she does do something wrong, you'll find her bowing her head and apologizing profusely.
  • Whenever something occurs where people are in danger Enrei is always the first to rush to the scene if she can. Her typical uncertainty tossed out the window, if Enrei can help, she'll be out there doing her best. This isn't to say that she's impulsive, as she does consider first whether or not its a good idea to go using all the information available to her, the decision is just made very fast...
  • Despite her shyness, Enrei is generally nice to strangers and her friends alike.


    Enrei was the only child of a prominent merchant and fishing family. Sheltered and spoiled, Enrei was treated like a princess by her mother and father, and she didn't have a problem with it either until one day the subject of marriage was brought up. Being the only child, and a daughter at that it was expected that she would marry the son of a smaller fishing business and carry on the family name. She knew this growing up, she thinks, but when her arranged marriage was brought up she was suddenly not okay with the idea and ran away from home. To this day she's not entirely sure of why she did it, but refuses to turn back anyways. To cover that up she'll sometimes claim that she was just a pawn used to further her family name, but when asked further about it she'll admit it was a bit of an exaggeration. Since leaving her family she has taken up the study of magic, and the title of adventurer.

    More info about Enrei can be found in the Stories + Gallery tab.

  • Plum Blossoms
  • Sweets
  • Light Pinks and Dark Purple colors
  • Plants
  • Fantasy Novels, especially ones about pirates.
  • High Places
  • Bitter Foods
  • Bright Harsh colors
  • People who threaten others
  • Eggs and Mushrooms
  • Fishing (although she's really good at it.)


    Since coming to Eorzea Enrei has taken up the study of the arcane arts. She wishes she could be a healer, but she is unfortunately more adept at destructive magiks. She's also recently taken up the study of Red Magik, in order to find a better balance between healing and offense. Due to her natural talents with the arcane arts she has a faster than normal spell speed. This is especially evident in her practices with red magik, where she can cast one spell immediately after another.

    Unique Skills

    Rose-Quartz Carbuncle.

    A carbuncle that Enrei managed to create during her studies. Its a soft lilac in color, and slightly smaller than either the emerald or topaz carbuncles. It's abilities include a Damage over time aoe skills, and a weak aoe healing buff.

    Petal Dance

    A skill unique to Rose-quartz Carbuncle. Winds suddenly stir up and tiny, pink, Magical petals appear out of nowhere. Each petal explodes on impact with another object, causing 50 damage to whatever nearby. This skill casts in a 3 yalm radius circle, and lasts for 15 seconds.

    Lavender Blessings

    A skill unique to Rose-quartz Carbuncle. A heal of 100 potency goes out to everyone within range. This skill only has a 3 yalm range around the carbuncle.


    A skill that shows off Enrei's speedy casting skills, borne of her natural speed and further enhanced by her studies of red magick. Allows her to rapidly cast off certain skills with little or no prep-time.

  • Between the ages of 6-12, Enrei would sneak out of her room every Friday and go fishing with her father. This was kept secret from her mother.
  • Even though cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, and plum blossoms look similar, Enrei prefers the look of plum blossoms for their cute round shape and the darker array of colors they can be found in.
  • Her hair lightens towards the ends by a shade or two, this is a trait inherited from her mother.
  • Enrei is a picky eater, disliking foods because they don't look pretty or they're too bitter. On that note, eggs are her absolute least favorite food due to their sulfur like smell and bad taste.
  • She has a love hate relationship with fish currently. On one hand, she loves it and every dish made with fish, on the other it reminds her a little too much of the home she's trying to run away from.
  • She finds the outfit that she wears (Minfilia's Antecedent's Attire) extremely embarrassing. She had bought it from a merchant who claimed it would "Boost her confidence and make her less shy." She's not so sure its really working as she's constantly worrying about how her stomach is exposed and how embarrassing that is, but she likes the colors and may have some slight hopes that it is making her more confident.
  • Enrei has not yet had her first kiss.
  • You are a merchant. Enrei's Father sells to plenty of merchants in Kugane despite their primary trade being fish. The most common buyers outside of food purposes is jewelry as pretty shells and high quality pearls are frequently sold by her families business. Enrei would frequently help her dad settle deals, so your character maybe had contact with her, or has at least seen her enough to know who she is. Enrei's dad also really liked to brag to anyone who listened about how beautiful his daughter was, so maybe that's what you know her from.
  • You studied the arcane arts at the arcanists guild in Limsa Lominsia.Limsa was the first place Enrei walked foot on in Eorzea, it wasn't long after that she started studying the arcane arts and found she was rather gifted with it. It wouldn't be uncommon for fellow students, or anyone who made frequent trips to the guild, to know of her in passing.
  • You live in the Lavender Beds.Enrei has settled down in, and bought and apartment in, the lavender beds. She's been trying to get to know people, its possible you two may have spoken before.
  • You fish at night. Enrei's secret hobby, when she sometimes needs to relax she can sometimes be seen fishing at night. If asked about it though, she will vehemently deny it, so this may be a harder thing to approach.

  • None of the above work for you? Check below for some of the starters I'm favorable towards with strangers.

  • "Hey there cutie." - Flirt
  • Watching a young girl get all confused and embarrassed your thing? Just hitting on girls in general your thing? Go ahead and flirt with Enrei. This could roll into a session of teasing the girl for her adorable actions, inviting her out for a drink, or whatever fits you. Flirting is just a casual way to get her attention and to strike up a conversation. Caution on flirting too much though, she might read a little more into it then you want her to. Note: Please feel free to flirt with Enrei if your a girl too! She'll probably just brush it off as you being friendly unless you bluntly tell her your interested in her.
  • "You, your an adventurer right?" - Ask her for assistance.
  • When it comes down to it, Enrei is an adventure and she enjoys helping people. Enrei would be willing to take on and assist on any task , be it big or small. So whether its slaying a monster, or finding your lost miqo'tem if you need help and happen to see her when shes not busy, feel free to flag her down and rope her in.

    Don't like any of this but still interested? Send me a tell or a message on discord and we'll see what we can work out together.


    The following are all things that have to do with Enrei's life and past specifically. As such, they do have requirements on what sort of character i'm looking for to fill the role.

    I'm supposed to be your Husband.

    Requirements: Male, Raen, good at fishing, lives in or around Kugane.

    Role: The partner in which Enrei's family may have arranged a marriage with. Personality wise I don't have too much preference, you could be the sweetest guy in world, or some possessive jerkwad. This role is not a guaranteed lover role however, as Enrei may have fallen in love with someone else, or just doesn't like you.

    -Lover -Family -Friend -Neutral
    [pc]-Player Character [npc]-Non-player Character

    [npc] Harue Taylor - An Unrequited Love from long ago.

    A man from Enrei's past whom she might (definitely) have had a crush on. He is currently presumed dead. You can read more about him in the story "Unrequited Love" under the stories tab.

    [npc] Rose Taylor - A sister from another Mother.

    Harue's younger sister, born in Ul'dah she carries on her families tradition of making clothes. She moved to Doma with her family when she was 3, after her brothers death though, she moved back to Ul'dah. She is a year older than Enrei, and the two are close enough that they consider each other family.

    H̢e͞ll̸o.҉ T҉his ͝iś text.̡ ̛Its̢ i̶n҉vi͝şíb͘le. ̛I͢ h́av҉e it͞ th͟at̵ w͘aý on͘ ̶pu҉rpose.̛ It̕s j͞u͘s̨t ̧h͜e͢r̕e̢ to ͠make m҉y ̀p̕u̴r͡ṕle̶ b̵o̷x̸ ͟long͏er̡ if nothings written underneath, ͟b̡ec͢au̢se I̶'̀m̵ ̀t͢oo̕ l̵azy͟ t͘o͞ d̛o it̢ ̡i͞n͜ c͢od͜e, ̡and̀ ̡be̸si҉des,͟ ̷t͠ḩis̸'̨ll̷ ̢w͘or̴k͢ ̴if̴ ͜I t̸ur͝n͏ ̛v̢i͝sibilit͢y͡ ̵of̕f. I ͞a͝lso͡ ҉hav̴e̸ ͢a̸ heád̨ache, ͝

    Unrequited Love
    For Enrei, she usually had a hard time putting her feelings to words. Whether it be deciding if she liked Rice cakes more than tofu pancakes,

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    A New Enrei, A New Dress
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    ✔ RP DO'S

    DO - Approach me, especially if I have the RP tag up. I'm a bit of an introvert, so I might have already been checking you out but was too nervous to approach.

    DO - Build a relationship with my character. Friends, lovers, enemies- I'm open to it all.

    DO - Feel Free to approach me with ERP in mind. ERP is OK with me, so long as its IC! However, Enrei IS the type to want a relationship first. So start gentle. If you wanna play around with her and then break her heart feel free to let me know before I start shipping the two. (Heck I might still ship it.)

    DO - Approach me with other mature themes in mind, however depending on the subject mater I do have a right to decline.

    DO - Use fowl language around me if it suits your or your character. Sometimes, OOC, I have the mouth of a sailor.

    DO - Let me know what your not comfortable with, and your limits. RP isn't just for me, but for you too.

    ✖ RP DONT'S

    DON'T - Force any actions onto Enrei without consulting me first. (You may be surprised with what I'm okay with)

    DON'T - Metagame. Some allowance is okay, but if this is their first real time meeting and you already know everything about her? That sets off some red flags with me.

    DON'T - Approach me with mature content of ANY sorts if either you, or your character is a minor! For this instance lets say its 17 and under.

    DON'T - Use short hand text in RP with me. The use of "u" instead of "you" is seriously one of my pet peeves, and using it in RP is a deal breaker for me. I will warn you once.

    DON'T - Interpret things done in RP as actions towards you. Just because Enrei may not like your character does not mean I have negative feelings about you.

    DON'T - Have a bad time RP'ing with me. SERIOUSLY, if you're not enjoying it TELL ME.


    Oh no, you've stumbled into a dangerous section- The section where I just ramble about myself. Uh, hello there. I guess I'll start with the basics. Most people know me as Lilly, but am also known by other names such as: Ari, Flowers, Lills, Aalvah, or Kat. I was born July 16th 1996, and sorry to disappoint some of ya'll but I'm a human. My timezone is PST, or UTC−08:00. I currently work in a western themed retail store, so if I say anything that's absurdly country sounding, blame that. Due to my job, I have a pretty hectic RP schedule as my work schedule is pretty random, and I'm also frequently often covering shifts for my coworkers. I'm pretty friendly, but also pretty awkward and weird. This right here- How I'm typing, this is how I usually talk. If theres one thing I'm confident about, its the fact that my voice is definitely in my writing, but this is off topic right now-

    I've been playing FFXIV since stage three of the 2.0 beta, but back then I had a pretty bad computer. I only got so far as to wander around Ul'dah for a bit before my computer suddenly decided to die. I never got to stage 4, R.I.P. Two years later I finally got a proper desktop... Which was still pretty bad but- FFXIV ran on it and that's all that mattered. I've been playing since, but I've now moved over to play on PS4 as again, My current computer is still pretty bad. Enrei is actually an ALT created on the balmung server, and my main is located on the Levaithan server on the primal side of things. Her name is Katria Lucendorn, feel free to wave at me if you see me! As Kat is more of a self insert I don't really RP with her, but I mean if you really want to she does have her own backstory and stuff.

    As for my RP history, I probably started when I was 11? I dunno, It was probably pretty crap RP at that age. I do remember running a forum back with a friend when I was 13, but things ended up getting out of control and I quit RP. That said, I've missed it and five years later found myselfactive here and there on certain sites. The style I'm most familiar with is Forum based RP, and I usually have an average word count of 300-500. I have a tendency to focus more so on a characters emotions, thoughts, and feelings, rather than their actions, with the exception being combat. Due to FFXIV's character limit, I'm trying to shorten and simplify my posts, but I may break replies into separate messages, usually with n/n. Same goes for discord, boy am I real good at reaching discords 2000 character limit.

    When it comes to RP, I'm pretty open to anything, but if your curious about specific things feel free to read my "Do's and Don'ts" or contact me via discord @Aalilly#8257. Just please, lemme know who you are and what you want if you send a friend request. I'm also down to RP in discord, and not just in game. Again, just lemme know. Communication is my favorite thing.

    'Bolded info is stuff that might be important.'


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