Eorla Brynn

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Gridania-transparent.png Eorla Janelle Shirica
Green Eyes
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 24
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Occupation Conjurer
Martial status Single
Nameday 6th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon



(Contains some OOC RP info) Eorla (pronounced "Yor-lah") is a traveling healer.


Eorla has jet black hair and light green eyes that reflect ambient light, giving them a soft glow. She is shorter than most Highlanders, while she used to be pale, her time spent outdoors has led to her having a gentle, natural tan. She has a round scar, five ilms in diameter, centered between and slightly above her chest, a scar from an encounter with a wyvern.


Eorla is shy, and takes great pains to ensure that she doesn't inadvertently offend anyone. She is kind, almost to a fault, and though her time in Eorzea has jaded her slightly, she still is among the first to jump up and offer assistance when it is needed. She is soft-spoken, her diction soothing and warm in tone, unless she is tending to a patient. Then she is clinical, factual, and firm. She approaches every aspect of her life with passion and zeal, standing up for those who cannot, and helping anyone she comes across.


(Unless information under "Background" was divulged to your char ICly, it is only known OOCly. This section will be updated as events unfold.)


Eorla Janelle Shirica (nee Brynn) was born in Ala Ghiri, the only child of Olaf and Atla Brynn. When she was born, her pale green eyes caused her father to think his beloved wife had been unfaithful, until it was discovered that Eorla bore a birthmark identical to one her father also had. She was a tiny child, her paleness and stature leading to her being ostracized by the other villagers. Her own parents were indifferent to their daughter, and Atla was often downright cruel, referring to Eorla as a 'Midlander changeling". The village the Brynns moved to from Ala Ghiri when Eorla was 1 was made up of a dozen or so Highlander families, and while the adults were minimally polite, Eorla's peers treated her terribly, leading to Eorla's deep-seated insecurities and low opinion of herself.

When Eorla was 12, her friend Elijah showed up in their village, having fled the invading Garlean army. In his arms, he carried an unconscious, barely alive 11-year-old Renata Lynn, Eorla's cousin. She spent nearly an entire moon trying to save the life of her orphaned cousin, who had lost her mother, father, and baby brother when their home was incinerated by a photon blast. It was during this time that Eorla discovered her knack for healing, and she began to study under a healer from a nearby town.

Six weeks before Eorla's 22nd birthday, Atla Brynn was wounded in a fight. She refused to let her daughter tend to the injury, saying she didn't trust a Midlander changeling to properly treat her. The wound became infected, and by the time Olaf grudgingly allowed his daughter to tend to his wife, it was too late, and Atla died 13 days after sustaining the wound. Olaf blamed Eorla for his wife's death, and in a grief-stricken rage, beat Eorla to within an ilm of her life. He would have killed her had Renata and Elijah not intervened. Elijah restrained Olaf while Renata scooped up her cousin and quickly took her to a Padjal in a neighboring village. Olaf Brynn died of a broken heart two weeks later. Renata stayed by Eorla's side long enough to ensure her well-being, and resumed her journey as a student of arcanima in Limsa Lominsa*.

With Elijah and Renata gone, Eorla returned to her village to find she had nothing tying her there any longer. She decided to journey to Eorzea and further her education, though she was unsure of the direction she wished to go. She was torn between studying the black or white arts but, driven by a strong desire to help anyone she meets, chose the path of the conjurer.

  • - This is not exactly how it happened, but it's the story Eorla knows.))

Life in Eorzea

A few moons after her arrival in Eorzea, Eorla was relaxing in the Quicksand when she met a man named Ezekiel, and a short time later, they became a couple. They were head over heels for one another, and where one went, the other was never far behind. After a brush with death, he distanced himself from her and broke it off. In a fury, she tracked him down, slaying entire tribes of beastmen on her way from the tundra of the Highlands to the deserts of Thanalan, where she confronted a stoic, detached Ezekiel. He coldly told her that she was too light for his darkness, and though Eorla furiously retorted that there are no shadows without the light to make them, he remained impassive. He then utterly confused her by proclaiming his love for her, stating he had done it all to keep her safe.

The losses kept coming. The death of her friend Elijah and the disappearance of another friend, Cai, drove her to spurn even her cousin Renata, whom she unfairly blamed for Elijah's death.

After a betrayal by an old, dear friend, Eorla became extremely guarded. She was very quiet and withdrawn as she moved through various places, content to simply observe life rather than actually participate in it. That all changed when she met a quiet, educated Duskwight named Scorpio Shirica. Drawn to his brilliant mind, she quickly came to consider him a good friend. Then one night, on the hill above the Harbinger estate, he confessed his feelings to her. Stunned, she was resistant at first, unwilling to risk losing a friendship over a relationship she wasn't sure she'd be able to invest her heart in. Yet the Elezen persisted, and when Eorla relented and opened herself to him, they embarked on a whirlwind courtship that led to their marriage a few short weeks later. Eorla was wholly devoted to her husband, and had found herself to be happier than she'd ever been before.

Sadly, he went missing not long after their wedding, and Eorla scoured Eorzea looking for him. Two weeks after her return home to the Harbinger estate, the Order of the Twin Adder reported to Eorla that her husband had been killed in action.

Eorla loved again, but that too ended in disaster when her lover was slain on the Azim Steppe.

Anecdotes & Quotes



Eorla is a doctor, well-versed in traditional medical practices, as well as conjury. She is a master of aether manipulation, however, while she has this strength, she cannot fight to save her life.



  • Sunsets.
  • Staring into the flames of a roaring fireplace.
  • Engaging conversation.


  • Prejudice in all forms.
  • Accidentally offending someone.
  • Her kindness being mistaken for weakness.


  • Playing the piano and the violin.
  • Attending to people who require aid.
  • Reading and drawing.

Favorite Places

  • Zelma's Run
  • The Floating City of Nym
  • The Burning Wall
  • The Rathefrost
  • Highbridge
  • Costa del Sol


Eorla is devastatingly insecure for very valid reasons, though she doesn't discuss those reasons with just anyone. She is always afraid she isn't doing/being enough, and is held back by fear that her efforts will either fail, or hinder those whom she is trying to assist. Lately she has adopted a 'fake it 'til you make it' approach, and masks her insecurity with an air of confidence, being careful to never sound egotistical.

She is prone to melancholy and too much introspection. Her shyness makes it hard for her to approach anyone, something she does only when absolutely necessary. During her time in Eorzea, her shyness has at least eased up greatly. While she has a slight natural knack for magic, she is completely useless with a physical weapon. She learned to navigate by the stars, so she gets lost rather easily in places where the heavens cannot be seen clearly.



Eorla does not talk much of her parents, as they were only loving towards each other, and not the daughter they were ashamed of.

Eorla's father, Olaf.
  • Father: Olaf Brynn, deceased. Olaf was definitely the kinder of Eorla's parents, and while he was never openly warm to his only child, he demonstrated a concern for her well-being on a few occasions. However, when Eorla was born, her pale green eyes gave Olaf cause to think Atla had been unfaithful, though the small birthmark on her lower back, identical to one Olaf had, erased any suspicion, even when it became clear that Eorla would be short and pale. Two weeks after his beloved wife died, Olaf passed away as well, and it was said he died of a broken heart.
Eorla's mother, Atla.
  • Mother: Atla Brynn, deceased. Atla was a cold, hard woman to everyone around her except for her husband, and she never cared much to be a mother to her daughter, choosing instead to focus any maternal affection on her niece, the daughter of her sister, Sif. Even then, it was sporadic, and it was Eorla who tended to her cousin's injuries and became a mother figure to her. When Atla sustained an injury in a fight, she refused to allow her daughter to tend to the wound, saying she'd not let herself be treated by a "Midlander changeling". The wound became infected, and by the time Olaf allowed his daughter to treat his wife, it was too late, and despite Eorla's best efforts to save her mother, Atla soon died from her injury.
Eorla's cousin, Renata
  • Cousin: Renata Turner, summoner. It was Eorla who saved Renata's life when Elijah brought the wounded girl to her, and Renata returned the favor, carrying Eorla to a Padjal in a nearby village when Olaf beat Eorla severely after Atla died. The cousins are extremely close, and frequently write to one another.
  • Late Husband: Scorpio Shirica, deceased - Aether scholar. Eorla's husband was intelligent and educated, especially on any topic related to aether. Her staff of choice is one he crafted for her, embedded with a focusing crystal, so that her own aether would not bleed out whenever she attempted an aetherical healing. But while he was logical and analytical to others, with Eorla, he was warm, tender, loving, and affectionate. She seems to be the exception to his clinical manner, and Eorla adored him and was devastated by his death.
  • Brother-type: Percival Turner, Renata's husband. The Midlander has only ever been kind to Eorla, and from day one seemingly simply accepted her as part of the family.


  • Elijah Levesque, deceased - While her cousin may have been convinced Elijah was in love with Eorla, Yor has always viewed the Highlander as a big brother to her.
  • Caisus Fortescue missing, presumed dead - A colleague of Elijah's and an avid researcher of Eorzea's lost civilizations, Caisus and Eorla met when Elijah asked Cai to deliver an Allagan choker to his 'little sister'.


Eorla has many acquaintances, most of whom count themselves as scoundrels, rogues, and whores, and Eorla truly believes that the roughest of exteriors often hides the kindest of hearts because of this group of people.


  • Emelc Vrand - Eorla met Em at the Quicksand in Ul'dah when she had just begun her journey. He was the first person she befriended, and was there to help her when she needed it. When Eorla's travels took her outside the walls of Ul'dah, she saw less of him, but whenever they crossed paths, they greeted as old friends and always had a kind word if needed. However, Emelc seems to have completely lost his mind and, hell bent on revenge against someone, threatened Eorla's life, saying he would have no problem cutting her down if she didn't move from between him and his target. Eorla didn't think he would...until he started counting to 10 and lifted his greatsword. His far fall from the friend she'd known devastated Eorla, and she swore to not assist him in staying hidden from the people who began to hunt him after lifting his weapon against the unarmed Eorla. He has since approached her in an attempt to apologize, and while she did not outright forgive him, she did not completely ignore his words either, choosing to leave it to time to show whether or not the knight was truly sorry.



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