Evariste Baudhuin

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Ishgard.jpg Evariste de Baudhuin
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 33
Marital Status Engaged; Open relationship.
Occupation Couture designer/proprietor.
Height/Weight 6'7ft/fit
Orientation Pansexual

Basic Info


Illustrating couture and elegant regalia
Research and studying
Assertive, intellectual personalities
Good witty people and clever sort of sassing
Healing magicks
Psychological thriller novels


Rude, hypocritical people
People with no intellectual flair or common sense
Breaking of social taboos
Overly sassy people


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Smoking, being controlling.
Favorite Food: Soups
Favorite Drink: White wine, cognacs.
Favorite Color: Black

Appearance & Personality

Evariste is a 33 year old Ishgardian socialite who holds the title of lordship in House Baudhuin. Due to being a person with albinism, he's rather self conscious of his appearance. His long ivory hair spills past his shoulders, frequently tied in a simple ponytail. His skin is pale, tinged with a healthy hue of colour, while his light pink eyes hold a sharp gaze. The very image of the noble nearly imitates a figure of a ghost from a distance.
Evariste is a man of caustic nature and cold, detached personality, due to a neglectful upbringing and pressure of his social standing. He’s self-conscious of his appearance and image, being aware of his stark contrast to the rest of his red-haired family members. Constantly overlooked by his family and peers, he finds solace in keeping a secretive disposition and withholds all thoughts and opinions to himself. However, he holds very ardent beliefs silently, such as supporting Ser Aymeric’s pursuit in joining the Eorzean Alliance and welcoming outsiders into the prohibitive nation. Ever eloquent, regal and sophisticated, Evariste is the typical image of an Ishgardian noble. In the most recent years, he has divorced from his now-former wife.

In effort to stir the stagnation of his noble upbringing, Evariste is also an individual of various hobbies and intellectual pursuits; from indulging himself in the study of foreign cultures to sketching fashionable designs for his family’s beauty product business. Educated as a white mage, he also provides succor to the wounded.
Nevertheless, Evariste is not exempt from being a flawed individual; he can be arrogant, judgemental, capricious, cruel and stubborn. His paranoia serves both as his greatest boon and gravest of bane, often bringing out the ruthless side of Evariste.


Evariste was born as the third heir to House Baudhuin, a minor Ishgardian noble house. Shoehorned as the ‘middle child’ of the family, Evariste is constantly overlooked in the house, more favourable attention has been given to his older brothers and two younger siblings. Fortunately for the young noble, he finds comfort in the companionship of his youngest brother, Gideloix.

In contrast to Gideloix’s knightly demeanor, Evariste is the graceful image of an eloquent noble, refined by Ishgardian upper-class upbringing and education. Like his brother, Evariste has also led a relatively normal and luxurious life, free from suffering and tragedies of the world. It was only once when he had a misfortune encounter with a serial killer, which befouled his memories to the present day. Furthermore, the noble had experienced a turbulent marriage borne out of loveless coupling, which led to his recent divorce.
His father’s abandonment of the family left a bitter void in the house, particularly upsetting his youngest brother Gideloix. Yet Evariste remains as Gideloix’s supportive pillar, consoling him through times in the absence of their father.
Currently, Evariste travels out of Ishgard and manages a lounge part-time in Lavender Beds. He's engaged and in several healthy open relationships with several paramours.


  • Conjury; White magick, healing, conjury, elemental spells, minor combat spells.
  • Anthropology; Specializing in study of foreign cultures and sociology
  • Illustration/art; Product and fashion design
  • Minor medical knowledge; first emergency response, minor surgical knowledge to complement his white magick knowledge.
  • Poetry/literature studies
  • Weaving; tailoring, couture alteration.
  • Culinary
Otherwise, Evariste has very little combat training and experience. Normally, he is not placed in direct combat situations.
Hobbies/Practical talents:
  • Reading, cooking, weaving.
  • Illustrating couture, sketching.
  • Travelling
  • Gambling
  • Hunting
  • Ice-skating
  • Potion brewing
  • Research and studying.
Lady Adrinette de Baudhuin (Mother), Baron Aureloux de Baudhuin (Eldest brother), Lady Rina (sister-in-law), Gysbert Baudhuin (2nd brother), Norinne Baudhuin (Younger sister), Gideloix Baudhuin (Youngest brother).


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Have you heard about that ghostly looking noble? He just stares at you like you're some sinner." -- Random passerby
"He looks albino. What's the proper term again? Person with albinism? Yeah, that's him." -- Gossiping noble
"He's House Baudhuin's clothing designer. White hair, pale skin and eyes. Can't miss him." -- Passing stall owner
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"He and his youngest brother are trouble, I heard. Always tarnishing the house's reputation with their scandals and shite." -- Ex-House Baudhuin servant
"I heard he's a rather good couture designer. His designs are always on the front windows of boutiques." -- Noble lady
"He's divorced. Heard his former wife didn't like his cold, jarring personality." -- Gossiping nobles
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Didn't you hear? House Baudhuin was under probation for awhile when their former baron went heretic. Makes you wonder if the rest of the family would be the same." -- Random socialite
"I heard his albinism makes him impotent. That's why his former wife left him. Is that right?" -- Tavern-goer
""He was involved in some scandal with another noble lord. Lords, it got out of hand when the two houses fought." -- Rumormongering noble
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love  ??? Good Standing Poor Standing
Romantic Interest Lazare : Status: Romantic Interest/Fiance
Romantic Interest Caeldrin : Status: Infatuation
Platonic Love Renaux : Status: Infatuation
Good Standing S'aerdha Tia : Status: Ally
Good Standing Ihaniel Vaucort : Status: Ally
Good Standing E'moni : Status: Friend
Good Standing Iieha Beautemps : Status: Friend
Good Standing Koh'si Jakkya : Status: Ally
Poor Standing Jihn'a Gahre : Status: Enemy


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