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A skilled combatant hailing from the wastes of Gyr Abania. Raised up in a modest home of a seeker mother and a proud Ala Mhigan father, Feu grew to know at an early age to appreciate the things life could give. Her father was a Crimson Duelist, and was a very large impact and inspiration in her life at an early age. When the Crimson Duelists were vanquished albeit one, Feu tried her best to follow in her father’s footsteps by living in the principles of the Crimson Duelists, as well as opening up a Tea House under the same name as her father’s old bar. She pursued to even join the resistance to liberate Ala Mhigo, until fate had… darker plans for her…..


Feu is very petite in height, coming to a point of five fulms, one ilm. She has an athletic, stocky build from her many years of training and travelling and keeps herself in good health at all times. Her neutral expression leads others to believe that she is analyzing them critically or harshly, though not her intention. She likes to keep her hair relatively short and choppy, since she considers hair to be a nuisance and a weakness. Her skin is freckled and tanned from her travels.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Furry Eyebrows.
Little scars all over her arms.
Long, bushy tail.


Upon becoming acquainted with someone, Feu will be very formal and polite to make sure that she leaves a good impression on the said person. She continues to keep this demeanor with business partners, accomplices, and people whom she does not know well enough or trust. When with someone whom she is close with, she is a completely different person. She can be abrasive in her approach to business and can seem quite cold hearted at times. Her many years of underground crime has lead Feu to have a hardened personality, and thus has a harder time opening up to others because of it. What you see isn’t what you get with Feu...


Learning. Whether it is about the stars, or the history of the Azim Steppes, or how to do a perfect counter-attack with a staff, Feu loves to learn new things and use them in order ot further her business and her own growth.
Gil. If you have any, she wants it, and will find any means of getting it.
Adventure. She will travel across any sea, and explore any dangerous landmark if it means to have another location under her belt.


Egotistical Folk. She does not bode well with others who think they are better, specifically aimed towards her.
Her Tail. Feu cannot stand how long and "in the way" her tail is during combat, and it drives her mad.
Burnt Food. She will eat whatever is given to her, but if given burnt food, she will make sure to let you know she detests the item.


Reading. She constantly has her nose buried in a book, and has written a fair number of books about her travels and research that she has gained over the course of her life.
Gambling. Feu secretly likes to divulge in nights at the Gold Saucer, gambling away her gil through cards and the like.


Silver Tongued. She is very smart in the way she pieces her words together, and can diffuse a poor situation with her charismatic way of speaking to others.
Adaptive. Can adjust to a situation very quickly, if need be.
Strong Survivability. Knows multiple forms of combat, as well as basic knowledge of poultices and remedies to help her fallen comrads.


Her Headstrong Personality. She can be very strong-willed and stubborn when she has her mind set on something, or a goal in mind much like her father.
Her Greed. Feu has sacrificed many things for her love of gil. Sometimes it may be something small, sometimes it involves me personal things she has given up...


Outreach' - Feu hopes to spread out the awareness of her trade business, as well as expanding her influences back to Gyr Abania and Doma once the Garleans leave the lands.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
X'yaena Izanami, Mother. ( ) - Supportive Figure.
Character's Thoughts: " Without her influence in my life, I have nothing."
X'yaena was a tribeswoman who had a taste for exploring and seeing the world. When she stumbled upon Gyr Abania, she met Feu's father Gallahan and made her home there with him. She became sick moments after Feu's departure to join the resistance, and hasn't gotten better since. Feu tries to visit her when she can, though she finds herself avoiding her mother more and more, in fear that her mother will find out the things she has done and become more sick as a result.
Gallahan Stone, Father. ( ) - Ex Crimson Duelist.
Character's Thoughts: " He was what is surname represented; A strong foundation to ground into when times are tough, much like a heavy stone."
Feu's biggest influence and most admired figure. She grew up admiring her father's devotion to protecting the land and her people, and had a strong desire to follow in his footsteps. After the Crimson Duelists were crushed in battle, Feu was quite lost without the influence of her father, though she keeps his Foil and the necklace he made her as a keepsake.
X'Rath Tia, Brother. ( Negative ) - Brutish Thug.
Character's Thoughts: " He is an ass, but I can't fault him for what he is doing."
Feu and X'rath had a very close relationship when growing up, though her brother stuck to his more tribal roots than anything. Being five suns older than Feu, X'rath joined the resistance when Feu was still quite young. He has since gained influence and rank among his superiors, granting him a very prestigious rank suns into the war. Upon hearing that his sister would be joining him, he was overjoyed... Til she was influenced to join more dark means to gain power and influence. Within a short time, the two siblings had become nearly enemies, though they both still have their love for one another deep down.
Jun Raizo, Lon-term Friend. ( ) - Business Partner.
Character's Thoughts: " She has been, without a doubt, someone I can always trust and count on to be at my side."
Feu and Jun have known each other for ten suns, the two meeting upon Feu's request to train in Doma during her interest in joining the resistance. She has taught Feu a lot of her swordplay, and keeps Feu safe on the majority of their travels, though Jun knows that Feu can handle her own in a battle if need be.
Sylvia Soren, Trusted Ally. ( ) - Head Curist of the company.
Character's Thoughts: " She is a bit too cheerful for my tastes, but she gets the job done when needed."
Feu and Sylvia have known each other for a few suns now, having struck a business deal and a friendship later down the line as their paths continued to overlap. She finds Sylvia's way of life a bit too cheery, but respects her skillset.
Altan Kogan, Business-Partner. ( $ ) - Accomplice.
Character's Thoughts: " Kogan has proven time and time again to be a trusted ally with trade. Mayhap one day I shall tell him of our more... Illicit dealings."
Feu was introduced to Kogan by the influence of Jun's connections. Having vast knowledge of Doma and her people, Feu would accept the help however she could. She views him more so as a business partner than anything else, but with time and Jun's persistence, Feu will eventually warm up to her fellow accomplice, whether she wants to or not.
Cerres Meadowlark. Potential Travelling Companion ( $ ) - New Prospect
Character's Thoughts: " She seems skilled and willing to show her aptitude. Mayhap she'll be useful in the coming suns...."
Feu has recently taken up new prospects for her company in an attempt to contnue her influence across the seas and beyond. Upon meeting Cerres, she could tell that the lass had her wits about her, and proposed that the two should explore to Doma and see the land for business adventures. Accepting, the two have plans to promote expansion, and possibly a new branch.
Aether Landon. Acquaintance ( ) - Possible business partner
Character's Thoughts: " He's... Odd in his approach."
Feu has only recently met this mysterious figure, learning that the miqo'te was stalking them prior to their rescue in the Red Keep. He offered assistance, but Feu still finds him to be a bit skeptical. She hopes that over time, he will prove to be a valuable asset in the moons to come.



"Have you heard of the Seamstress? Some say she can hear what you're thinking, judging by that critical look on her face when she looks at ye."

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I heard that there is a Tea House in the Goblet that acts as a bar. Sounds like quite an interesting place."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I heard talk that the Seamstress of the Black Garden lost her father during the attack on the Crimson Duelists. Do you think she had anything to do with her father's death? "
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Is that her? If so, stay far away; She only brings trouble to those whom come across her. She is one of the most reknowned criminals in the East. "



◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Hello! I am based out of the server of Mateus, and am constantly always looking for new people to RP with and make long-term connections! Please feel free to seek me out in the game. I run an FC called 'The Black Garden', as well as a Linkshell in order to get other RPers together and connecting! Hope to see you all in-game.
Personal RP Limits
I am okay with anything happening to my character, provided what you are doing is within logical limits and we have agreed upon such things occuring. Character death is applicable to this, though I would like Feu's death to have a substantial impact, and not to be something that was random and not well thought out. I also enjoy more crime-based things happening to my character such as stealing, bribing, torturing, etc. ERP is fine, as long as the characters that are participating have a relationship with my character. Long-term connections are more worthwhile to me. If rape, sexual harassment, etc is to occur, please ask me first and we will correspond.If you feel uncomfortable at any time during our RP session, please do not hesitate to send me a tell. Your comfort is more important than the RP.
I will play With others whom enjoy weaving long-term storylines with character progression. I also will play with others whom seek to learn more about RP, and are willing to learn how to properly RP in the world of FFXIV
I won't play With meta-gamers, god-modders, and people whom think that the lore is a vague quideline, and not as canon. People whom strictly ERP to ERP are people I do not find myself RPing with often, though they are fine to do what they want.
Little Tidbits.
Please do make sure to note that any interactions you have with my character will and always will remain in ICly. Anything taken OOCly is not my fault, and should not be taken as something OOCly. Those whom mix ICly and OOCly will probably not have a pleasant time with RP with me, considering my characters can be very rude and domineering to others. You have been warned!!!


Potential Plot Hooks
Feu is very keep on making a profit, or looking for potential criminals whom could help her spread her influence across the planet. If your character has any experience with trade, with speaking to others to get what they want, or are simply someone whom plays a good character wanting to jump into the darker waters, meeting Feu will not be a problem for you. She is very fake when meeting someone new, so being able to approach her will be of no issue, lest you have intentions of harming her.

Character Lore Adherence
I ask that you please take into consideration the lore of the FFXIV world, and adhere to it when RP with myself and my company. I have the Encyclopedia Eorzea and try my best to use it to make sure that I know what I am saying is a credible, canon source. If you feel that the lore of FFXIV is boring, dull, and pointless, I recommend you use the lore to make something interested, but nothing that can be deemed as lore-breaking or something that others would view as unpleasant to RP with.

Name - Feu Izanami
Race - Mixed; Seeker of the Sun and Highlander.
Age - 28 Suns
Name Day - 12th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Deity - Rhalgr, the Destroyer.

Alias: "The Seamstress"
Citizenship: Gyr Abania
Occupation: Leader of The Black Garden Trading co. and Tea House.
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Tanned
Piercings: Two on each ear, one higher one lower.
Marks or tattoos: Has two green marks on her cheeks, as well as a cut on the bridge of her nose. She also bears the natural markings of a seeker on her cheeks and forehead.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Key Items: Bone necklace made by her father, as well as her father's foil.
Favorite Food: Jhammel Moussaka
Favorite Drink: Windtea-Lavender Tea
Favorite Color: Green
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