Fiontan Nemas

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Fiontan Nemas

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Name... Fiontan Nemas
Alias... None
Age... 40
Gender... Female
Race... Hyur
Clan... Mixed-lander
Orientation... Straight
Marital... Engaged
Deity... Nophica
Nationality... Ala Mhigan
Occupation... Padjali Guard
Alignment... Lawful Neutral

Fiontan stands at 5 fulm 9 ilms. She tends to dress in red, black and gold. Her expression is generally rather flat, and her voice is much the same. Her hair is a very pale purple almost appearing white. Her face and body shows a mix of her midlander and highlander blood. Her eyes are green, darker then her cousin Lerrans, and she tends to wear purple eyeshadow and lipstick.

Sometimes she may be seen carrying a spear and acting as a Lancer, however her true profession is as a Red Mage and she is at her strongest when she has her rapier and focus on hand.

Scars & Markings: She has a scar of unknown origin on her left eye. On her back is a tattoo of seemingly magical origin.

Voice: Voice Claim Here

Clothing: Fiontan's clothes generally are on the practical and protective side, while still looking nice. Colours tend to be red, black and gold, but she will also wear white and browns in her casual attire.

Fointan nearly always has a neutral expression on her face. Rarely has she ever been seen smiling or frowning. She always comes off as serious and her voice is steady and rarely shows emotion. The key to knowing how she is feeling about something is in the choice of words she uses and how she is speaking. She is a kind woman but very serious.

  • Her work
  • Training
  • Fighting


  • Idiocy
  • Needless bloodshed
  • Those without morals


  • Failing at her duty
  • Losing her fiancee
  • Losing her family


  • Favorite Food: Walnut Bread
  • Favorite Drink: Black Tea
  • Favorite Color: Red

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NPC (And Alts)

Her Parents ( ) ( NPC ) - Matriarch and Patriarch
Father: Albin Nemas Mother: Gerhild Blackburn-Nemas
Sisters ( ) ( NPC ) - The Younger Siblings
Sisters: Oldest to youngest Vedis Nemas, Braya Nemas-Young, Celcilia Nemas-Browne, Hida Nemas
O-Sane-Cant ( ) ( NPC ) - Elder Padjal
While O-Sane was helping to treat Lerran's illnesses, he met Fiontan. Shortly after her special forces unit was dissolved O-Sane approached her asking her to attend to him as his personal guard. His work taking him to dangerous parts of the Shroud and sometimes outside of it despite him not supposed to be leaving. Fiontan agreed, honored that a Padjal would ask an Ala Mhigan to take such an important job.
Lerran Nemas ( ) ( ALT) - Beloved Cousin
Fiontan is very attached to Lerran. She isn't sure why, they are ten years apart in age, but she (like the rest of her family) helped take care of him when he was ill. She is incredibly happy to see him alive, enjoying his life now, and married.


Jaevyn Nemas ( ) ( PC ) - Fiancee
Though they aren't married yet, Jae has taken her last name. The two of them have an interesting relationship, Jaevyn is the lighthearted one and is one of the few capable of breaking Fiontan's stoic nature. Fiontan keeps Jaevyn on task when they have work to do.
Alexander Rendon () ( PC ) - Wayward Wolf
Shortly after the Calamity, Fiontan found herself taking on the Ward of House Rendon as a protege. While he was skilled in combat, he was ignorant of the world. Where the Rendons taught him social skills, Fiontan taught him about the world. She brought him into her task force that worked alongside the Adders but was largely independent for the sake of liability. There was an incident in the past that involved Alex that forced this task force to dissolve.
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