Raik Samil

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Raik Samil
Raik Samil.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Occupation Mercenary,Bouncer, Bodyguard, Adventurer,
Alignment Chaotic Good
Theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-M7ycIT0N8
Fighting Theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSt5f1IyaYE
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Basic Info

Raik is a mid-twenties Seeker Miqo'te with black fur/hair with blue highlights. Like most Seekers, and having originated from Thanalan, he has a bit of a tan. He's usually wearing his sunglasses, which were crafted to change how dark they are based on the lighting. Behind these glasses he has blue eyes, which due to a aetherial incident his right eye is a lighter color. He also generally has a yellow choker and earrings of Allagan design. He tends to wear a pair of dark blue fingerless gloves and a matching blue coat, which holds large pockets that he keeps most of his stuff in. He'll also occasionally wear armor if needed, but prefers not to. Due to training with various different guilds, he carries around different weapons or most of the time just goes weaponless.

Currently he is still regaining his memories from before the calamity, but he recalls being in a orphanage when he was young, where they did various types of testing on him, which lets him use some of his special abilities. He also recalls being a mercenary before the calamity and the dark, or evil things he's done, but refuses to tell people about it, chosing to instead act like he doesn't remember.

Likes: The colors Blue, and Black, Food, helping his friends, training and fighting, teasing Aaron Glacier, working for the Pumpkin Cafe,etc.

Dislike: Jerks, Intolerance and racist people, Violence around innocent people, his friends being in harm,

Other: Favorite creature:Wolf(sometimes believes he's part wolf instead of feline like most miqo'tes), Loves trenchcoats.


Raik is naturally stronger then most Miqo'te, being able to fist fight Highlanders and Roegardyn and be evenly matched in strength. He is also slightly faster then normal people, but unlike most Miqo'te, he is quite clumsy.

He is able to use his aether to "charge" his body to in a few different ways:

Speed- Advantages: Raik uses his aether to make himself move faster, causing him to be able to charge enough to outspeed even the fastest of enemies. Weaknesses: The more charging he does, the less overall aether he has until he rests. Using this type also makes him tired a lot faster. Due to his natural clumsiness, he tends to fall/miss. His resilience is also lowered, so he has to rely on dodging.

Strength- Advantages: Raik infuses the muscles in his arms and legs with his aether to bulk them up, adding muscle mass to make himself stronger. Again, depending on how much he charged, he can easily break weapons or shields or armor with a well placed hit. Weaknesses: His natural speed is lowered a bit due to the added muscle mass, and due to this he has to rely on thinking ahead of where to hit.

Raik is able to combine the two forms to a extent, but it tires him out even faster so he tends to not do this.

Fighting style/Weapons

Lancer/spear fighting- Raik originally trained with the lancer in Gridania after losing his memories, using solely a spear until it broke in a fight. He then resorted to brawling, later deciding to join the Pugilist guild because of that. He has recently obtained a new spear that he's been training with again.

Fist fighting- trained with the Ul'dah Pugilist guild and then later with various other martial arts teachers. He usually prefers more of a brawler style way of fighting. He sometimes uses a pair of blue armored gloves.

Marauder/axe fighting- started training with the Marauder guild in Limsa to build his strength more by using large axes. Due to his previous axe breaking, he currently uses a giant axe made of stone that he infuses with his aether to prevent it from breaking and to further his strength training by making it heavier. he has also obtained another large crystallized axe, which he sometimes dual wields with his rock axe.

Thaumaturgy- While working as a mercenary in Ul'dah, Raik received multiple comments about the abnormally high amount of aether he has, which caused him to go to the Thamaturge and Arcanist guilds to learn how to use their magic. Thamaturgy came as a second nature to him, to the point where he developed various tricks using it, such as heating or cooling off clothes and armor for himself and others. He generally doesn't carry around a staff, but he has a few laying around in his room with his robes.

Swordfighting- After being in Ul'dah for a while, he became interested in the way different swordsmen, including his later friend Aaron, fought. This caused him to train for a long period of time with a sword. His current sword is a relic from one of his jobs. It was a old handle that he had repaired and modified to be able to infuse his aether to create a blade,which he sometimes uses as a two handed sword. He's also shown talent in dual wielding various swords easily.

Archery- recently started learning archery and almost immediately nearly shot himself in the foot.

He is also talented in making, or learning new skills while fighting.


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  • "I'm always catchin this guy out the corner of my eye. If I didn't already know he was a good sort, I'd be worried!" Iron Sea
  • "WE ARE NOT AN ITEM...it was a tournament fight nothing sexual about I mean yes we were both shirtless and were tied together by the wrist...and our fight pretty much deteriorated into a wrestling match...BUT WE ARE NOT LOVERS!! S'imba Tia
  • "No, no, I've like, always really liked Raik! He's a fun guy. But he's like.. got horns and all now!" Aya Foxheart


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Current/Recent events

Took part in defeating the crows.

Usually attends the Grindstone, or any other tournaments he's aware of.


Raik is generally very laid back, and quick to joke or tease friends. Also willing to help just about anyone he meets,often saying "if you ever need help, just let me know," which has sometimes been used against him. Due to his helpful nature, and not being able to sit by, He's been called a Bleeding heart multiple times by people. Is often willing to rush to the aid of a friend in danger with little to no regard to his own health, or whatever building he may destory running through on the way. Also tries to prevent any harm to innocent people, going to lengths of even feeling guilt for it if he wasn't there to prevent it, or threatening people he consider friends if they go to start a fight in a place with alot of innocent people such as ul'dah.

When fighting, or even training Raik is usually alot more serious and quiet. May also sometimes go beserk or lose all reasoning if someone close to him, or innocent gets harmed. Due to knowing how strong he can be, he usually prefers the head on approach to fighting, Letting others do the thinking, while he fights. Also sometimes gets carried away and overdoes it to the point of straining his body, which results in him coughing up blood until he rests. He also has a horrible tendency to always hold back while fighting, Even when losing. When he isn't holding back his personality slowly changes sometimes to a more cynical and crazed state, Often laughing or giving off a creepy smile.

Due to remembering more about his past, and the dark moments in it, causes him to want to be alone sometimes.



The Piquant Pumpkin Café- Raik joined up as a bouncer for the cafe after being introduced to Gus by Seth, And has tried to become friends with every cafe member and helping them with any problems they may have, through the cafe, he also met Eva through a mixture of Seth and the cafe and attended her tournament alongside S'imba, which created a few rumours about the two.

The Wandering Tonberry- Raik joined this free company after having known multiple members for a long time, and helping them with various problems.


Sethaner Somerville - A hyur highlander, and one of the first people Raik became friends with, Seeing Seth as a strong and close friend, Raik was extremely shocked to hear about him getting nearly beat to death by S'imba.

Rock Shattermountain - A friendly Hyur Highlander, Raik and Rock have a friendly relationship, meeting multiple times in the quicksand having smalltalk, Raik views Rock as a extremely helpful person and sometimes asks him for advice.

Ari'za Tyanu - A feisty Miqo'te female Raik saw talking with Seth, Trying to make more friends he introduced himself, and instantly tried to help ease her worries and problems, Through interactions after their initial meetings Raik fell in love with Ari, and due to this willingly suffered alot of abuse from her when she got upset or angry.One of the few people there when she had her twin girls, Raik promised to protect her and her daughters however he could. Later on Raik became extremely depressed for a while after Ari and her daughters went into hiding due to feeling that he couldn't protect them.

Gus Pumpkinweed - a lalafell who owns the Pumpkin Cafe, Raik usually refers to him as Boss, even when not on duty with the cafe, still feels like he should be protecting Gus, and considers him a close friend for letting him become a part of the cafe.

Adokenai Kodomo - a young lalafell who Raik met through a mixture of people, Raik often tends to give Ado sugerless cookies, and doesn't mind keeping a eye on him when he's nearby.

S'imba Tia - a blonde haired miqo'te Raik met through the cafe and another mutual friend Aaron,Before finally getting to met S'imba, Raik heard about him nearly killing Seth in a sparring match which shocked and slightly enraged him. After hearing about his past and being tested on, feels a close kinship to S'imba due to going through a similiar situation. Often tries to help S'imba with his problems, or getting into into trouble with S'imba by taking part in his antics.

Aaron Glacier - A white haired Hyur who previously worked for the cafe, Raik didn't get to meet him while working for the cafe, but through multiple other friends. Often picks on and teases Aaron sometimes to the point of being stabbed. Raik was also one of the two who Aaron asked to help test out his dual weilding style. Seeing the good in Aaron, Raik fully believes Aaron would help him if he needed it.

Roger Holmes- a miqo'te with black and blue hair similiar to Raik, Raik met Roger through Ari, at first hestiant of how helpful he was being with Ari, but later became close friends with Roger, sometimes partaking in his shenegians, and even helped him join the Cafe. Raik has been trying his best to help Roger and his friends Ritsu, and Flynt with their problems while balancing S'imba's problems and a few others all at once, not seeming to mind how many there is. Raik has recently joined up with Roger's free company.

Tallera Weaver - a female hyur, Raik met her before she originally started being an adventurer, seeing her being nervous or possibily scared, he tried to comfort her, even giving her a linkpearl and promising if she called he'd come to help.

Iron Sea - Raik originally first met Sea when he saw Sea talking with Tallera, at first unsure of how to take this Roegadyn, he quickly became friends with him after a few conversations, even agreeing to help him with a few jobs he has. Raik even promised to not let Sea sacrifice himself no matter what happened.

And Plenty of others!

Other Notes

Inspiration for character personality: a mixture of myself and Goku/Vegeta from Dragonball Z