Gagacha Gacha

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Gagacha Gacha
Gender Non-Binary
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Unknown, possibly late 20s
Sexuality Whatever
Given name Gagachabi Nonochabi
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Equinox Voidologist
Server Balmung (NA Legacy)

Basic Info

Gagacha is a typical-looking Lalafell, androgynous to a certain degree and a little chubby. As an assigned-male nonbinary person, they're often confused for either a man or a woman. They don't seem to make any effort to correct this misidentification. They present themself in a somewhat neutralized way, wearing skirts and dresses exceptionally rarely.

Their behavior, however, is rather atypical. They're known to pursue dangerous situations for little to no reason than for their own personal amusement, and as such have made a sort-of career for themself as a Voidologist. Along with their assistant, Ukyo, they work under the approval of the Equinox free company. Their practicing of Thaumaturgy and study of Black Magic is a beneficial side effect of their Voidology research, and is their primary form of offense.

This sanction doesn't appear to stop them from engaging in "extra curricular" activities under the radar, such as unconventional alchemy and the hoarding of study materials from slain Voidsent specimens. They have a transient interest in Goldsmithing but cannot maintain enough focus to pursue it actively.


Gagacha is a victim of Functional Voidtouch, a condition that isn't heavily researched by any save for other Voidologists. Every once in a while, they'll speak of being haunted by a creature they know as "Sargoth", but will give almost no information about it and what it's doing to them. Issues caused by this include bouts of sickness, temporary blindness, and severe depression. However, these symptoms are beaten back by companionship to a point where they almost appear asymptomatic.

They do not appear to have a full awareness of their past, and when asked about it they try their best to change the subject. Some suspect that they may have been born in Garlean-controlled territory, however there is no evidence to support this theory.

Unbeknownst to them, Gagacha apparently lived their life as a well-mannered upper-middle class handicrafter moonlighting as a courtesan in the past, presenting themself as a refined Ul'dahn lady of the evening. They have almost no recollection of this life, and an incident related to the onset of their condition has since caused them to develop an entirely new personality. Recovery of their previous self is likely impossible.


Simply put, Gagacha is weird. Their way of speaking tends to fluctuate from sing-songy and nonsensical to a nonstop string of swearing that adds up to fairly little meaning. They also have a bad habit of encouraging others around them to participate in their mischief and japery, though they aren't completely imperceptive to the wishes of those with milder dispositions.

Their interest in Voidology comes from the somewhat selfish place of trying to treat their own condition, and some of a puritan disposition would say it has evolved into an unholy fixation bordering on fetishism. Their relationship with current research subject Alfeaux is a unique one among their study subjects, as there is a hefty duality between his states of affliction.

While they don't exactly function as a villain or public terror, they aren't exactly Good Samaritan either. Gagacha tends to do whatever will suit their purposes at any given moment, and while they haven't committed any murders directly, they'll gladly dispose of corpses using their fire spells given a little convincing. While they operate outside of the law more often than not, the ends their actions serve depend almost entirely on the moral compass of the company they keep.


Arismont Caheraux - basically, a drinking buddy. They met him one ale-hazed night in the Quicksand, leading him into the eerie depths of Haukke Manor to imbibe on experimental substances harvested from fell creatures. While they remember Arismont himself well, they struggle to process the details of some of their other encounters due to heavy intoxication.

Alfeaux Jeulerand - their current research subject, and one of their top priorities. He suffers an advanced case of Dysfunctional Voidtouch, and as such is brought to an uncontrolled state via Void Possession given certain circumstances. He also seems to have heavily enhanced abilities caused directly by this. Gagacha finds him just plain fascinating.

Ukyo Tosho - Gagacha's Voidology pupil, and second in command of the unofficially-established Equinox Voidology Suite. He is arrogant and self serving, more than a little irritated by his place as their inferior. He has a bad habit of talking just for the sake of listening to himself rather than considering the views of others, and is being humbled daily by Gagacha's position over him.

Pepecaru Memecaru - a past associate of Gagacha's, and former member of Ul'dah's Thaumaturge's Guild. They had a casual relationship that Gagacha barely seems to remember. Last he was heard of, Pepecaru was headed to New Gridania.

Other Notes

While they're more geared toward M/RP and the sordid affairs that come with it, they're willing and able to engage in G/RP and "Be Nice" to people.

E/RP is strictly exclusive to my OOC boyfriend. Sorry!

I would rather you refer to them with they/them OOC, but if your character does not understand that they are nonbinary IC it's fine if they use he or she.

I don't want to RP with anyone about trying to "convert" them or "fix" their gender in any way, shape or form.