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Dunesfolk Clans


(( This is a fan-made clan that figures largely into the background of Jajara Jara and is by no means guaranteed to be 100% accurate to what little Dunesfolk lore there is! ))

Great Berimu is one of the oldest and purportedly once one of the most influential of the nomad clans that still wander the Sagolii. Since the Calamity, its size has waned considerably but thanks to the iron will of clan matriarch Jojore Jore, few have risked challenging the power she and her kin hold. The clan calls the South Span of the Sagolii its primary home but it has been known to roam further north along the Central and Western Spans as well, emerging from the deep heart of the desert to as far as the Forgotten Springs to trade with the U Tribe once every few moons. Smaller merchant parties may depart to travel even further west to Ul'dah herself, though the overwhelming majority of clansmen have only seen the city from afar.


As far as anyone is concerned, the start of their clan began with Beberimu Jajarimu and his triumph over the great and terrible Ghugera, fabled Mother of Worms. From there, his descendants were carefully noted and mapped as his many children gave way to more children, who gave rise to new clans of their own. It is a point of pride that Great Berimu hosts the direct descendants of the ancestor for which the clan itself was named, and marriages into the clan are carefully arranged to ensure that their blood remains true to that of their honored patron.

Beberimu Jajarimu, according to the clan's scribes, lived in the earliest days of the Dunesfolk. The Sagolii Desert was still alien to them and efforts to roam deeper into the sands lead to the deaths of many, many lalafell. The clans warred and bickered, pillaging one another whenever they would meet at the edges of the desert. Worse still, the sandworms of ages past were enormous creatures, far larger than those of modern times. They roved in great swarms hidden beneath the dunes and when they came upon a clan, it was as good as lost.

Beberimu was a warrior for one such tribe which yearned for the secrets buried in the vast and deep sands. He trained ceaselessly even when his clan was on the move: matters of the body, of his mind, and of the world around him. It is said that he was unmatched with a spear, but when the spear broke in the hide of a sandworm that threatened to devour his family, he learned to strike just as hard with his fists. While other clans feared and shied away from travelling inward, he conquered his fears and instilled within the clan a sense of bravery so deep that when the swarms came, they stood and they fought and they lived. He learned to read the stars and the dunes alike, and could feel the paths and directions the worms took on their hunts.

Soon enough, it was Beberimu who was leading hunts against the worms. Where the others stole scraps of cactus and carrion flesh from one another, he and his feasted upon worm-flesh and learned to make weapons and tools of their claws and teeth. On one such hunt he happened upon the trail of a worm far larger than any he had ever sensed before, a worm so great he had mistaken its passing for that of a swarm. Yet the beasts which always seemed hungry for lalafellin flesh never arose from the dunes: it swam ever deeper into the heart of the desert, never more than a day or two ahead of the clan which decided to follow it.

They passed other clans and rather than butcher them (as they could have, being among the finest warriors of of the Sagolii), Beberimu spoke and, inspired by his courage, they followed. One clan became two, five, twenty, and as they swept through the sands, they slew the monstrous sandworms that rose to challenge them. When at last they came upon a broad and relatively flat expanse between the deep desert and the mountain ranges far south did they realize the true nature of their prey. It was there that the great worm finally revealed itself, rising from the sands to greet the sizable force of lalafell that had followed it. It is accepted that Ghugera was indeed enormous though the exact length was never accurately documented: notes throughout the South Span place her at anywhere upwards of a malm from mouth to tail down to approximately a quarter malm in length. It's smallest teeth were said to be as long as three lalafell stacked head to toe, and its maw was a great terrible vortex of them. It is said that when Ghugera roared, it summoned sandstorms and the thrashing of its body was powerful enough to summon dust devils.

When Ghugera rose, the very dunes rose with it and crashed back down against the oncoming clans as if it were an ocean and many were lost by that alone. Those that survived pressed on, the strongest of the clans on the mightiest of dunebeasts charging onward with Beberimu at the lead. Dozens upon dozens of dunesfolk warriors were at his heels, armed with wicked spears and swords, hammers and axes fashioned from the collected teeth and claws of the great mother's spawn. Lalafellin archers, skilled at shooting down the carrion birds that were just as prone to feed upon them as they were corpses, peppered the worm's gullet and underbelly with arrows drenched in poison and lalafellin mages tore away at the hard carapace with great gouts of aetheric flames. The battle itself was said to have lasted five suns, and during that time the largest swarm of titanic sandworms came to answer Ghughera's unearthly shrieking cries. Soon the desert was clogged with the corpses of worms and lalafell alike but in the end it was Beberimu who set the worm to rest. With the Worm-Mother's carapace weakened considerably, Beberimu was able to deliver a titanic final blow, his very body becoming a weapon that cracked Ghughera's skull in two and finally killed her.

The sands were said to have gone silent then, for the fury of the Mother of Worms was enough to have kept the area in what seemed to be an eternal dust storm. What remained of the greatest of her spawn were killed in time as grieving for the lost began, but even in their sorrow the dunesfolk knew that they had taken an enormous step in procuring the future of the nomad clans. Rarely again did they ever see sandworms larger than the dunebeasts, and when they did, they faced them without fear. Beberimu and the warriors who stood with him united to form the first of the major clans of the South Span.

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Social Structure

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Notable Members

Jojore profile.png
Jojore Jore - Current matriarch of the clan, mother of nine, widow of Sasayome Nanayome. Bloo blah blah.
Sasayome profile.png
Sasayone Nanayome - Deceased. Former patriarch of the clan, father of nine, husband of Jojore Jore.

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Misc Info

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