Dunesfolk Clans

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The Dunesfolk Clans of the Sagolii Desert

While Ul'Dah is home to a healthy population of Dunesfolk, the presence of clans residing within the Sagolii has gone largely unnoticed by Eorzea as a whole. This is due in part to their nomadic nature, which makes it difficult to precisely determine the exact number of clans and their total population. No two clans are the same, as they have each dealt with their own unique challenges depending which region of the Sagolii desert that they have originated from. It's even possible that some do not interact with the outside world at all, but most if not all the clans will convene at Hihiko's Wake once every few years under a flag of truce. The list below contains information regarding the various regions of the Sagolii desert, as well as known Dunesfolk clans.

Clan Information Template

=== Clan Name ===
*Known Member(s):  

Northern Sagolii

The Deep Sagolii

Western Sagolii

Eastern Sagolii

The South Span

Clan Nanadara

Great Berimu