Gugunji Nananji

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Gugunji Nananji
Gugunji Nunungi.png
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Server Mateus
Nameday 20th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 36
Orientation Heterosexual
Guardian Nald'Thal
Alias Jijo(Friends), Gugo the Black(Black Mage)
Marital Status Single
Gugunji Nananji is a Dunesfolk Lalafell hailing from Ul'Dah, more specifically from a wealthy Merchant family based out of the richest area in the city. A man nearing the end of his most youthful years, he still does his best to appear young. Not that he has much difficulty doing so, given his race. He's spent his formidable years manipulating his own family and their wealth, along with his close ties to the Thaumaturge's guild as a more senior member, to delve deep into magics long forbidden by regular society. In public life, however, he is best known for his dedication to excavating relics and donating them to historical societies across Eorzea, and his knowledgeable demeanor in all things Alchemical and Thaumaturgical.



  • Watching Gladiator fights
  • Winning bets
  • Studying Magic
  • Excavating old ruins
  • The rare times when it rains in Thanalan
  • Using his stature to get away with being slightly perverted
  • Sweet foods and well-done food.
  • Chocobo Steak
  • Being able to show off his intelligence


  • Being treated like a child
  • Conversely, being treated like he's ancient.
  • Padjals, Gridania in general.
  • People with power they didn't earn IE: People born into power who don't prove they're worth it.
  • Thrifty merchants who try to give him a raw deal on his artifacts
  • People who won't buy the potions he's selling.


Foods: Chocobo Steak, Marmot Filet, Pancakes with Syrup, Anything sweet, Pumpkins.
Drinks: Bacchus Wine, Blood Orange Juice, Fresh Water, Hard Whiskey, Ul'Dahn Ale.
Colors: Black, Gray, Red.


  • Studying both Thaumaturgy and Black Magic
  • Going on Archaeological digs and Excavations
  • People watching outside the Quicksand
  • Helping teach new Thaumaturges in regular Thaumaturgy
  • Watching dancers


Hair/Fur: Black
Skin: White
Eyes: Red
Height: 2 foot 3 inches
Weight: 100 lbs (PONZ)
Build: Light, Pudgy

The first most apparent thing about Gugunji would be his race. He's fairly short, even for a Lalafell. His black hair is fairly long and one might venture to call it slightly shaggy. He does his best to keep it out of his eyes, which are a dark red color. His skin is a fair white color and his outfits tend to vary widely depending on what he is doing and where he is at the time. He does his best to stay looking proper, regardless of his attire. Which isn't hard, he has very little keeping him from seeming so, as a Lalafell his skin is permanently soft and there's little in the way of grime that ever presents itself on his face.
He's slightly pudgy, like all Lalafell, he'll never know what it's like to have an actually completely flat body as he has a natural slight-rotundness to him. His voice is a deep baritone, unlike what his size and look would betray, it can almost come off as monotone, which might well put some people to sleep. Like some other Lalafell, he occasionally falls into rhyming during conversation. Beyond that, he has little in the way of remarkable features about his person.
The outfits he tends to wear vary widely. When person-watching in Ul'Dah he tends to wear a set of higher-class merchant attire to keep himself looking his best. Dressed in a nice, gold-woven vest and a pair of slacks, he does his best to dress to impress. When he is working with the Thaumaturges guild or on excavations, he wears a dark outfit with a wide-brimmed hat with a concealing feature that covers one of his eyes. It's exactly as imagined - Although, he will insist that what he's wearing is simply an outfit he picked up from a store one day if questioned. Not that there is anything to question, of course....



Lawful Evil


He wishes to improve upon the fortunes he's set to inherit, to raise himself to the Syndicate. Also to spread his knowledge on Black Magic


Scholarly, Upbeat, Curious.


"If you can't enforce your position through superior intelligence or strength, you don't deserve to have the position in the first place, nor the power it grants."

Positive personality traits

Articulate, Clever, Clear-Headed, Clean, Knowledgeable, Pragmatic,

Negative personality traits

Overly-Critical, Decadent, Demanding, Manipulative

Miscellaneous quirks

He tends to start pacing wildly when he thinks, which can lead to him making rounds around the entire Thaumaturges building or almost falling off the edge of a dig site. Tends to start obsessively fixing his hair when nervous


Born into a wealthy Merchant family that made its money from refurbishing and selling old relics, he was only set to inherit a small portion of the wealth, the rest going to his sister. His sister had always disliked him, for reasons that he never really understood, even later in their life. From early on, there was a great desire in his heart to establish himself, and be his own Lalafell. This gave rise to his dabbling in Alchemical and Thaumaturgical fields. He soon found himself digging deep into even the most forbidden archives that the guild held, where he learned of a lost civilization wielding untold power. The civilization of Mhach. Once he learned of the legendary power they wielded, he knew he needed to have it for himself. Thus began a plan that would consume the better part of his young life.
For years he worked, under the guise of being a simply highly-invested Thaumaturge and a very devout and slightly naive member of the family business, to attain the power he had long read about. He was aware of certain elements that claimed to have what he sought - He wanted none of it. People who claimed to wield the black, yet often times proved little more than demon worshipers. Every time, he was disappointed and every time, he got a little reward from the Immortal Flames for ousting another demon cult. It all served to further his purpose. Eventually, he found what he needed, and began the next phase of his plan, the location of a lost temple belonging to the civilization of Mhach.
The dig began in earnest, under the guise of him having discovered a sight ripe for archaeological plunder. He knew if the true nature of the temple was revealed, there would be elements watching all involved closely. So he kept it secret, claiming for the dig to be for a place of unknown origin. He found what he wanted - Dozens of ancient texts and an ancient soulstone, items he would need to train himself. From there the dig continued and finished, with a tidy profit being earned as a result. Afterwards, he spent years learning and mastering all that the texts held, as well as unlocking the secrets of the soulstone, which bequeathed to him knowledge of the Black.
It wasn't until his mid-30s that he was comfortable calling himself a true master of the Black, after a full decade of spending sleepless nights studying and learning, and his days carrying a ruse of being a simple Thaumaturge, he felt he knew enough that he might be able to discover the rest of what the soulstone had to offer through field trials. However he performed these away from prying eyes and kept it hidden. This has continued for a few years, and he now finds himself isolated. He spent nearly his entire young life gaining power - only for, at the last moment, his sister to die of an unrelated disease. He was set to inherit and he didn't need to use his power on his sister after all. This left him feeling immeasurably lost, with only the Black to comfort him. To this end he continued to expand his powers, this time with the assurance that he will have the money to continue to fund expeditions even in his later years, and have the time to look for an apprentice, all the same...


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Khara Kagon - An intelligent and strong woman. Although we have only played at each other, flirting and plan-making, she and I are of a kind. I only wonder how it will end.

Platonic Love

N/A - N/A

Good Standing

B'rhysla Vaelin - I see her reading, often, I've tried to approach her, but I can tell what she's after. She's like me. She has a fire that burns inside of her, crying out to consume a catastrophically large number of souls. I know not the nature of this fire, or to what ends she will truly go. Still, I sense a kindred spirit. I will watch her.
[N/A]] - N/A

Neutral Standing

N/A - N/A
N/A - N/A

Poor Standing

N/A - N/A


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

"I hear Gugunji occasionally looks up the skirts of women who walk past him" - One of the diggers in his families employ
"Word on the street is, Gugunji Nananji once spent half his fortune on gambling, only to rig a match to get it all back." - Gladiator Arena Speculators
"I hear Gugunji is really desperate, any woman would do, I hear!" - Ul'Dahn Citizen

Occasionally heard

"Did you know Gugunji killed his older sister to inherit his family fortune?" - Family Manservant
"I noticed Gugunji paying off a dancer from the street to spend the night with him!" - Ul'Dahn citizen
"I hear Gugunji only uses his knowledge of Alchemy to make stronger ale." - Alchemist in Ul'Dah

Rarely heard

"Gugunji dabbles in Black Magic, I'd watch out for him." - Thaumaturge Student

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