Hana Pendant

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Gridania-transparent.png Hana Pendant
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Occupation Conjurer
Age 19
Nameday 3rd Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Height 5'4" (162.6cm)
Lodestone http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/4016630/



Travelled from a lesser Gridanian settlement to study in the city proper, Hana is a Conjurer by profession and currently under the employ of the Stillglade Fane as part of her learning. She has a somewhat typically Gridanian outlook and spirituality, albeit tempered by having travelled outide the city and even the Black Shroud none too rarely.


A plainsfolk Lalafell, Hana by looks seems to be in her latening teens, albeit just a little on the short side for her age. Her rather pale complexion makes for a strong contrast with her long, dark hair, which itself frames eyes of a darker blue amid a fairly soft-featured, un-make-up'd face.

Her build is quite slender, and by way of clothing she is generally seen wearing simpler, more conservative gear; dalmatica and trousers, for instance, with a tendency toward darker colours such as browns and greys and simpler designs. More often than not a radical is about her person as well, of the simpler, nature-hewn sort preferred by Conjurers.


Hana is a fairly bright girl, with a strong sense of duty and tradition. Still, a tad on the innocent side, if only insofar as her oftentimes romantic, pious outlook is concerned. She's also somewhat wilful, and while not really abrasive, can at times be a bit childish.



Hana is not much one for combat where possible, but tends not to shy away from it when necessary. That said she isn't the most physically strong of people thanks to a combined emphasis on the magic arts and a dislike of melee, and while capable with Conjury both offensive and supportive is largely unschooled in hand-to-hand combat and has only minimal experience with a bow.



  • Children
  • Tradition / Folk-Lore
  • Sweet Foods


  • Conjury - Hana is no prodigy, but Conjury is her chosen discipline so she's quite capable, if a bit inexperienced.
  • Botany - A field of work in which Hana has shown some talent, although despite hailing from an agricultural community she has only recently begun to study.
  • Crafts - Like many adventurers, Hana has taken up a number of Disciplines of the Hand out of pragmatism if nothing else; Weaving in particular.
  • Stories/Lore - While not that great a performer, Hana is quite a good student and tends to absorb information easily, especially for subjects she's interested in. She mightn't be a talented storyteller, but she has a good memory for tales and folklore all the same.



Hana's family are apparently still around, although she does not speak of them terribly regularly. Still there seems to be no antipathy between them, simply they live a fair distance away and Hana has little cause to discuss them often.


  • S'ui'te Whynnshrae - A Miqo'te girl Hana met whilst on assignment not long after signing with the Stillglade Fane, S'ui'te is a Lancer of fair skill but, while often kind and cheery, still sometimes leaves Hana wondering after darker hints or actions given now and again.


None in particular, as yet!


  • Student of Conjury at the Stillglade Fane in Gridania.
  • In the employ of the free company The Bastion of the Twelve.


None as yet!


Originally one of the children schooled under her settlement's Hearer, Hana began to practice Conjury with an eye to following her teacher but was sadly not chosen to apprentice under him. Still, already somewhat schooled in and rather taken with Conjury, Hana resolved to set out for Gridania and the Stillglade Fane; seat of her chosen art, where she was taken on as a student adventurer and has since continued to perform assignments around the city. Since coming to Gridania she has also taken up Botany.


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