Hanako Akatsuki

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❝The Pink Bun Oracle❞

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Name... Hanako Akatsuki
Age... Late teens to early twenties.
Gender... Female
Race... Viera
Clan... Feol
Orientation... Pansexual, female leaning.
Marital... Single
Deity... .
Nationality... Doman
Occupation... An oracle that also peddles perfumes and potions, she is also a skilled dancer.
Alignment... ---
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❝Little is known about this lapin, and she is hoping to keep it that way. But wherever the may go, heavy rumors of a family curse clinging to the young bun quickly follow.❞

Hair: Thick spiral curls of pale pink-white hair cascades down to her waist, oft adorned with all manner of ribbons and shiny jewellery. The fur on her ears is soft and floofy, much like an angora rabbit.

Eye/face: Large eyes with long healthy lashes house bright blue-green irises. They seem to hold an ethereal glow to them, especially in low light. Her face is delicate and fair.

Complexion: Porcelain.

Body type: Petite hourglass.

Scars & Markings: .

Voice: .

Clothing: She is always dressed with the latest in fashions, favouring expensive silks and lace. She is also decorated with jewellery adorned with the shiniest of jewels.

Items kept on person

  • ❀ A small hand fan to keep herself cool when travelling through hotter climates, styled in a Hingan fashion.
  • ❀ A silk coin purse containing enough currency to afford her expensive tastes.
  • Misc:

    Potential plot hooks

  • ❀ Perfumist; If you are looking for the latest in fashionable scents, this little bun is a surefire first choice. Her skilled nose lends her to be one of the best in scent mixing, rumor has it that she weaves in a little magick to ensure that you attract your desired partner/s.
  • ❀ Potions; Much like her perfumes, Hana is one to seek out for all manner of brews. Be it something as innocent as a luck bringing potion, to powerful poisons and even potent love potions, the viera is more than happy to oblige as long as you pay her well!
  • Aloof, curious and excitable, this fluffy bun can also act like a spoilt princess. Sovereign and boundless. Lawful but kind.

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    • Favorite Food: -
    • Favorite Drink: -
    • Favorite Color: -


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