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Name: Haname Yumishi

Pronunciation: Ha-nah-may Yu-mee-she

Sex: Female

Race & Clan: Au'ra, Raen

Age: 21

Height 4 fulms 9 ilms

Weight: 90 ponze

Nameday: 16th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon


Birth Place: Sui-no-Sato

Occupation: Self-proclaimed adventurer, Conjury school drop-out

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual/Demiromantic

Hobbies: Attending concerts, sleeping, eating, collecting rocks, botany

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


A young Raen from Sui-no-Sato and while she might have been born under the sea, her head is in the clouds. She has a kind heart but dreams bigger than she can handle, and has an even bigger penchant for trouble.


Standing at only 4 fulms 9 ilms, she's quite petite but average in height for a female Au'ra. She has light blonde hair that she almost always keeps in long twintails and eyes so black that they reflect light in a way that make them look glassy. While she's usually seen with a jubilant expression, her smiles are so constant that it's a borderline neutral expression for her. Combined with those pitch black eyes, she frequently looks to be daydreaming or disassociating (which isn't totally wrong).
Her most noticeable feature are her freckles, which are pale gold in color and dusted across her cheeks. Growing up, her parents referred to them as her "sunspots", saying they were a gift from Azim.
Clothing: She's one to choose comfort over fashion. Most of her wardrobe consists of simple tops, mid-length skirts, leggings, and boots. She's not very picky when it comes to colors but tends to gravitate towards wearing navy blue, black, and white. While she is a big spender on other things, she's pretty frugal and practical when it comes to clothes. She also gets cold easily due to growing up in the mild climate of Sui-no-Sato so she prefers to dress warmly year round.


At very first glance, most people think that she would be demure and sweet. Upon meeting her, she comes off as bubbly and friendly. Once they really start talking to her though, it's a whole nother can of worms. She is naive to a fault with little to no filter as to what comes out of her mouth.
Haname is the type that thinks aloud, often saying things that can be downright ridiculous, embarrassing, or straight up insulting. One could call it being "brutally blunt". To make things worse, she never has any ill-intention behind her words so most have a hard time even countering the things that leave her mouth. She is excessively optimistic, loves to have fun and take it easy, and can be rather careless, with a lack of common sense. Some might even call her a dimwit.
She tends to have her head in the clouds and what goes on in her head exactly would be a mystery to all if she wasn't so painfully honest about it. Despite all of that, she does have a good heart, a free spirit, and compassion for others although sometimes, that compassion can fall short if she has other things on her mind. This can make her a bit self-absorbed and shows that she has a one-track mind.
Haname can also be extremely stubborn, although it's a trait that isn't as apparent as the others since she's very good at just tuning people out rather than argue. Once she has her mind set on something, it's hard to change it. She is easily influenced and gullible but once her opinion is set, it's set in stone. This can make her either an extremely loyal friend or an extreme pain in the ass.


+Enthusiastic, +Optimistic, +Friendly, +Loyal, -Flighty, -Irresponsible, -Eccentric, -Dense

  • Having fun
  • Taking naps
  • Eating
  • Meeting people
  • Chatting
  • Fresh laundry
  • Exploring
  • Collecting rocks
  • IDOLS!! (She's idol trash)


  • Studying
  • Reading
  • Being held to a high standard
  • Being hungry
  • Spriggans
  • Being lectured
  • Being alone
  • Not being able to do things her way

Distinctive Features

  • Being a failure or a burden
  • Being poor
  • Going her whole life without accomplishing anything


  • Favorite food: Anything edible
  • Favorite drink: Soda, fruit juices, green tea, sweet drinks
  • Favorite colour: None
  • Personality Type: ENFP


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Quotes by Haname
"If I ever leave this place, I'm never coming back..!" -About Sui-no-Sato
"Sunhi has no friends, so I took pity on her and became her frien--" -Unintentionally mean statement about Sunhi Yhunja, which Haname then got socked in the face for.
"Duke is great..! He’s always full of energy and enthusiasm, and he’s always willing to lend me a helping hand! Though, if I’m going to be completely honest… I’m still trying to decide whether he’s considered ‘cool’ or just an old guy trying to be cool…" -Her opinion on The Duke of Ishgard.
"And-- And this is why I don’t think about the consequences of my actions..! Your response is as horrible as the way you smell..! So I don’t want to hear that from you..!" -Being a booger to Tray'Ju Estinoch
Quotes about Haname
"Haname is, eh... Well I guess you could say she's my best friend!." -Sunhi Yhunja
"Do not get me wrong, she is WELL-MEANING, she is a wonderfully kind-hearted soul. Beautifully kind. O-Only she… she has a tendency to just… bring… such a specific type of energy that I can only describe as “Chaotic”. Wherever she goes, she leaves a veritable disaster in her wake. She does not intend too… it just… merely… happens." -The Duke of Ishgard
"This Haname doesn’t look like she has a brain between her ears, let alone the capacity to kill one of your Blades." -Frandrin Mandrin



RP Info
I'm pretty driven by plot-based RPs and I try to keep Haname as in character as possible. However, walk-ups and spur of the moment RPs are fine with me too! If you don't have a plot in mind, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to brainstorm with you! :) Below is what I'm okay and not okay with.
Acceptable Darker/Mature themed RPs (violence, blood, gore, swearing, drug/alcohol use, conflict, murder, etc) are fine for plot-driven encounters, temporary injury/incapacitation, humorous/quirky RPs, light-hearted RPs, and relationship building (either romantic or platonic but must make sense and develop organically. She's a flighty person so please keep that in mind).
Ask about long-term or permanent injury, scarring, long-term captivity or imprisonment, or anything that might dramatically change a character.
Unacceptable permanent character death, permanent crippling that would leave the character unable to function independently, rape, ERP, sexual forms of torture, and godmodding.
RP Hooks
Below are just some things that have involved Haname. Please feel free to use them as a RP hook either as a new encounter or something pre-established!
■ She dropped out of Conjury school on a whim. Or rather, she one day just stopped attending classes.
■ Currently, there's a bounty on her head.
■ She recently picked up the axe and wants to learn how to properly use it.
■ She looooves idols and concerts.
■ She eats frequently so it's easy to find her at restaurants, cafes, and food stalls.
■ She is an unintentional troublemaker. Need someone to stir up shit? She's your gal.

Player Information
Player Note
Thank you for reading through this! I love meeting new people and having my character meet others from all walks of life. Please note that I do try to keep Haname as IC as possible so there are things that she might say or do that I would never nor would I condone, so please do not take it personally. In the case where a RP might make you uncomfortable, please let me know.
Contact Info
Tumblr: Repose-and-Run
Server: Balmung
Timezone: US Player; CST (UTC -6)
Haname Tropes
Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés.


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