Hattori no Hachi

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Hattori no Hachi

Successor of the True Tamaya Style


Name... Hattori no Hachi
Age... Seventeen
Gender... Female
Race...  Au Ra
Clan... Raen
Orientation... Aromantic Asexual
Marital... Single and Uninterested
Deity... Azeyma, The Warden
Nationality... Hingan
Occupation... Shinobi, Pyrotechnician
Alignment... Chaotic Good

Hachi is a little tall by Raen standards, but still stands pretty short compared to most folks. She has slightly-longer-than-shoulder-length, fluffy, light pink hair that she takes good care of. She maintains an average weight, as one might expect from someone of her age with an active lifestyle. Although she couldn't hope to match her coworker Araceli's famous "Bountiful Chest", she's been blessed with some above average assets. She has a fair bit of pride in her appearance.

Scars and Markings: Hachi has a number of burns and little cuts around her fingers, and a scar from an old stab wound in the small of her back.

Voice: Hachi's voice has a sort of sleepy, lilting tone to it. However, when excited, her voice cracks a bunch.


Voice Claim: Christine Marie Cabanos


  • Fireworks




  • Favorite Food: b
  • Favorite Drink:
  • Favorite Color:

Tamaya-Style Pyrotechnical Combat <br

Illusion Magic



  • Visual Entertainment
  • Subterfuge
  • Cooking
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Knife-fighting


  • Fragile
  • Not Very Physically Strong
  • Almost Wholly Relies on Misdirection
  • Lack of Subtlety (Once Combat Begins)

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