Hayden Hiver

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Hayden Hiver
The Caretaker

Birth Name: Vydin Grimkey
Alias:Hayden,Denny, Adyn, Vyd
Nameday/Age: (3/16) & 30s
Gender: Male
Race: Midlander
Nationality: Sharlayan
Orientation: Demisexual
Relationship: Single
Deity: Thaliak
Occupation: Researcher
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Last Updated: 10/22/18

Hayden appears to be a simple man. Not much about him stands out. Height wise, he stands at about 5'11. Weight wise? Average. He's toned, but not overly muscular. Yes, his hair is naturally orange, but he highlights it with white. And yes, he does wear his hair weird. Why? Because his daughter asked him to wear his hair like hers and he's not going to upset a five year old just because he's worried about what others will say.

Scars & Markings:He has some scars, but likely won't show anyone. The whiskers on his face are re-applied as needed and serve a purpose. They are yet another thing that his daughter likes. If little things like this make her happy, he's not going to deny her. It's not hurting anyone.

Voice: Talking to him, one would find his tone to be warm. There's something almost comforting to how he regards others.

Clothing: One would assume he's either poor or Hingan by the way he dresses. He doesn't like to spend a lot on clothing. And he was gifted various Hingan outfits by a friend that felt like he needed to dress better.

Side art by: Fay

Hayden is an overall good person. He can be quite the outgoing one from time to time. Usually one to try to help others, yet he's no fool.Using him isn't going to work out too well if one were to try. He acts as a father figure quite often as well. Does he make dad jokes? Perhaps.

  • Reading
  • Watching people
  • Sweaters


  • Liars
  • Scammers
  • Seeing others suffer


  • Failure
  • Losing his family
  • Not being good enough


  • Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese
  • Favorite Drink: Wine
  • Favorite Color: Grey

Color Key
In A Relationship
Romantic Attraction
Sexual Attraction

Platonic Love/Pseudo Family Member
Former Interest
Adopted Family Member
Biological Family Member

Former Contact

Good Standing
Neutral Standing
Bad Standing

Ö Fear

? Hidden Feelings/Unknown


Vestyr Grimkey ( ) ( NPC ) - Father
His father is rarely spoken about, but they do get along despite not seeing each other often.
Vela Grimkey ( ) ( NPC ) - Mother
Vydin and his mother get along well. He visits her more than his father as she asks for his help while on trips at times.
Vollissa Grimkey ( ? ) ( Retired PC ) - Sister
Vyd and her rarely saw eye to eye, but he went out of his way to protect her a few times due to the fact that she is his little sister. However, just like Vyr, she seems to have dropped off grid and is assumed to be dead.
Vyriac Grimkey ( ? ) ( Retired PC ) - Brother
Vyr and Vyd do not always get along. Or at least, they never got along. Right now, the assumption is that Vyriac is dead as he has not been heard from in quite some time. Despite attempts to find him, nothing has come up. He is the twin to Vollissa.
Vyler Grimkey ( ? ) ( Retired PC ) - Youngest Brother
Vyler was just as odd as the twins, Vyr and Volli. He was always jealous of them and going out of his way to be like them. He locked himself away in a lab and won't come out until he's done having his fit over the twins. However, Vydin has always been supportive of him even when he's acting like a child and has no real view of him.
Vyce Grimkey ( ? ) ( NPC ) - Nephew
Vyce is Vydin's nephew. However, due to an accident, the young boy has never been quite the same. Vollissa and Vyriac went on a quest to try to find something to help Vollissa's son as a result, however they've disappeared and the son remains with Vyster and Vela.
Momo Grimkey ( ) ( NPC ) - Daughter
While on his travels with a friend, Vydin bumped into a woman that was struggling to raise her adopted sister. Their adoptive mother had just died and they didn't want to seek out the man that had once adopted them. She was in over her head and didn't know what she was doing. The woman was hardly a few suns over eighteen. After much discussion, she knew that she needed someone else to raise Momo. In the end, Vydin adopted the five year old raen girl as his own and gave the details of where he would be to Amity so that she could visit as she pleased.

Friends/ Other PC

Chiyo Niji ( ) ( PC ) - Little Candy Raen
Chi and Hayden met when they both were wandering Eorzea a few years back. They became buddies in that time despite him not fully agreeing with some of what she does. As of recently, she went shopping for him to teach him how to dress. She also encouraged him to adopt an orphan. Sadly, he found out she died a few moons ago.
Nico Cirque ( ) ( PC ) - Workaholic
Nico is someone that Vyd enjoys the company of. However, she seems busy a lot and he has his own work aside dad duty, so he doesn't go out to see her vert often.
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◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "He and his daughter match! It's so cute."
    "I don't think he's from around here."
    "He doesn't look Hingan.."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "I heard he's a doctor."
    "He reminds me of someone.."
    "I think he's shopping for another single dad."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "He's odd. I bet he's one of those Sharlayans."
    "I think he's trying to win over a Hingan Lord."
    "I heard he's wealthy."


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