Haylonos Val

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Haylonos Val
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Haylonos Val
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Nameday 18th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Age 34
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status Single
Height 6'3"
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper

(Last Update: July 9th, 2016)

With his back to you, Haylonos stands between your body and the fists, claws, blades - what have you, - of your enemy. A reassuring glance is cast in your direction, decorated with his characteristic toothy grin. "Looks bad, huh? - Stay close and we just may make it back, kid."

Theme song: Shinedown - "Cut the Cord" --- "Be a fighter. Backbone, Desire."

Theme song: Oceans Divide - "Beg for Mercy" --- "I want to watch you suffer like you watch me burn."


Haylonos Val is a paradoxal combination of professionalism and carefree swagger. His mood, appearance, and expressions seem to vary between situations, his overall persona easily desribed as "flexible." A head of dark red hair sets him apart from most of the crowd, making him easily identifiable even in a populated room or setting. Often wearing a toothy grin, he maintains an aura of confidence and yet also approachability. Intelligent, light-green eyes never seem to stop moving, always surveying his surroundings.

His usual leather coat covers most of his body, hiding the scars that he could tell stories for hours about. If his hair is shorter, it is messy, shaggy. If longer, it will be swept back into a ponytail, held together by a gold-colored hair-tie. His athletic and toned build suggest an active lifestyle, with well defined muscles creating deep ridges and slopes along his abdomen and back. Womenfolks would describe him as 'ruggedly handsome', despite the roughness to his features.

Physical features to note: -- His right eye is a paler green than his left, significant in his RP storyline -- Various scars along most of his upper body, some nastier than others. Most seem to be slashing wounds. -- Smells of copper/iron and the faintest traces of cigar smoke


On his average days, Haylonos Val is a quirky Highlander who enjoys just sitting back and relaxing. A stiff drink, a pretty face to talk to, - these are a few of his favorite things. With a friendly demeanor and even temperment - he is quick to make friends, and has found that his charms have allowed him into the hearts and minds of many. Friends are in no short supply, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He needs people to thrive, and can grow quite lonely if left to his thoughts for too long.

In combat, he is the complete opposite - a serious, focus-minded leader who will not accept anything but victory. To him, the loss of /any/ comrade is unacceptable, - and he takes such occurrences very seriously and with great self-fault. With a deep love for those close to him, - he wishes to see others grow and become strong, - even at the expense of trials and difficulty.

Romantically, he can be frustrating at times. Flirting is easy for him, though true commitment takes real patience. His romantic interests created a huge problem for him in the past, - and he also fears that those close to him could be put into danger.

Considered to be "Chaotic Good", Haylonos sees the law as something 'bendable' in order to achieve a good outcome. To him, leadership and those involved are often flawed, working in self-interest. For a long while he has worked alone, taking odd jobs offered to him by outside parties.

Combat Style

Through his years of life, Haylonos has been trained in the use of various styles of fighting, as well as the ability to use many different kinds of weapon. Originally a Sultansworn, the feeling of heavy armor and a sword in one hand, shield in the other, - is not foreign to him. Over time, however, his favored combat attire has shifted into lightweight leathers and a pair of daggers, favoring mobility and speed.

Being larger than most people, Hayl often uses his strength to his advantage in combat; overpowering enemies who simply cannot knock him over. His stature makes it a little difficult for him to sneak up on enemies, but for his size he can move about rather quietly all things considered.

Trained in Ninjutsu, Haylonos can use a variety of elemental attacks in combat - employing a well-rounded offensive and defensive set of techniques.

Occupation, Skills, and Interests

In early adulthood, Haylonos trained as a gladiator in the arena - fighting for sport and the entertainment of others. As he matured, so did his needs to benefit society, - and he was accepted into the order of the Sultansworn. After numerous unfavorable "circumstances", he left the order with no intent on returning. A free-paladin for years, Haylonos was self employed; picking up individual jobs with relative ease and contentment.

Eventually, his job-to-job lifestyle lead him to the man who resides as his previous "employer", Ventus Zeruel. To Ventus's group, he was a simple friend - a face who looms around the company building, offering help and advice when needed. To those in the know, however, he worked in secret - providing his experienced combat and intelligence gathering capabilities to Ventus and the true needs of the academy; whether they be ones of violence or not.

Even when his bonds with Ventus ended, he remained heavily interested in intelligence and subterfuge, training in the art of the Ninja to further his capabilities. Currently, he continues to walk this path - combining an assassin's work with a spy's. His current investigations consist of Gallows Glass - an alchemical form of aetheric corruption; as well as mysterious robberies of the various caravans which travel between the major city-states. (If interested in either of these plot lines, please let me know! Theres IC stuff involved :) )

Interests - Always fascinated with combat and the use of tactics, Hayl can sometimes be found reading strategy and instructional guides in his room. When feeling his usual extroverted self, however, he typically likes to loom around the local taverns, - striking up interesting conversations with whomever he chooses. Skilled with the piano, - anyone invited back to his room may be given a private demonstration of his ability to 'tickle the ivories' (get your minds out of the gutter!).


Ultimately, Haylonos is not sure where he wants his life to end up. A family is a scary thing, - though he has often daydreamed of having one of his own - wondering whether he'd be a good father or not. As his life currently stands, however, his occupation is incredibly dangerous - and he fears the fact that his potential wife and children may be confronted with the harshest of realities.

For now, he is content with aiding those he cares for - providing advice and a strong ally to anyone who would do the same for him. The world is a dangerous place - one meant for him to intervene within and protect.

Likes, Dislikes, and Fears

Strong drinks
Pretty women
Seeing others live to their full potential
Hearty stew
Knowledge of war and tactics
Making strong connections/friendships
Exploitation of the weak
Under appreciation
Dishonest intentions/leadership
Green peas
Being unable to protect someone close
Being alone
Wasting his second chance at life



Haylonos was blessed with good relations between him and his father/mother - The two are still alive, and doing well, - living within the walls of Ul'dah. He does not speak of them much, out of wanting to keep them safe, - but he does visit occasionally and is a "good, yet reckless son" in their eyes whom they wish would just settle down and produce grandchildren.

Hayl also has a sister - three years younger. A spunky, inquisitive personality, - she works as an editor in one of the circulating newspapers of Ul'dah. The two are on good terms.

Free Company

Currently, Hayl's Free Company has yet to play a role in who he is as a character.

Personal Relationships

    • To note, Haylonos has encountered many more than those listed, and you may be among them. Not being on this list does not mean I have forgotten you; it simply means that we probably have not Rp'ed enough for me to put an indepth mentioning of Hayl's true feelings of your character. Have patience and they will probably appear after more RP!!!**

Arin Tayuun - Arin is a soul very precious to Hayl. The two met by random chance and conversation at the Quicksand, quickly becoming close friends through a shared sense of humor and morals. Through a few slipped words, Arin quickly became aware of who Hayl was, - what he did, why he did it, - and she has faithfully kept all of his secrets from the ears of others. Equally, Haylonos has acted as a sort of mentor for Arin in combat, - with many hours spent attempting to hone her wild amounts of power and potential.

Ventus Zeruel - Haylonos and Ventus met with rather hostile circumstances, at some point attempting to off eachother on the dunes outside the Forgotten Springs. After a close encounter, the two became friends - realizing that their desires were rather similar. Working behind the scenes, - Haylonos trusted Ventus to guide him and his blade towards his own set of goals, - setting events into motion that would change Hayl's life forever. To Haylonos, Ventus is his ally and close friend. He feels a sort of healthy competition with Ventus, - always wishing to train against him to further his own abilities. ---- Currently, they have not spoken for a long time; but to deny Ventus's impact on Hayl as a character would be wrong.

Celandine Edelweiss - Hayl's new retainer and assistant, the narcoleptic and smart-mouthed Au Ra girl perplexes him in some ways, and amuses him in fifty more. He doesn't know much about her, yet - her hiring was done in rather a rush. He does, however, wish to get to know her better; this is bound to happen, given her new occupation.

Kailani Daito - Kailani, Kailani. Hayl met this one while investigating one of the operators of the Black Market in Ul'dah, the Au Ra having beaten him to the punch, literally. Having many questions over the overheard "Gallows Glass", he requested a business-like meeting of sorts; the two talking for hours about a new threat to the common man of Eorzea. It was...quickly obvious the two had a special sort of chemistry, events turning into something out of a steamy romance novel at a hurried pace the minute they were behind closed doors. She is a romantic interest of his, the woman's feisty personality always dragging the Highlander along like a happy puppy.

X'shah Zinbhe - One of Hayl's closest friends, he met X'shah on one of his many outings to the Quicksand - the tribal Miqo'te and he striking up a conversation with relative ease. Though their first encounter ended with a handprint across Hayl's cheek, their next would prove quite different; the two sharing common bonds of understanding and desire. Haylonos has learned much of the Miqo'te culture from her, often questioning her late into the night about all sorts of things. As it stands, Haylonos is afraid to reveal his violent side to her; feeling that there is an innocence in their conversations that would be shattered should she truly understand things about him. He wants to reveal more of himself to her, little by little - in attempts to strengthen their bonds. Romantically, she interests and confuses him; conflicting thoughts always floating about his mind when they are together.

Kahtuh Rahtuxi - A new friend of Hayl's, he has recently taken to teaching the kind healer how to fight outside of his home. He enjoys their lighthearted, friendly conversations, and has poked her brain more than once about his problems; using her as a mental lightning rod of sorts.


As mentioned before, - Haylonos Val started his professional career as a simple gladiator, - competing for fame and fortune in the arena. Upon a maturation of his life goals and abilities, - he was invited to join the Sultansworn. Remaining with them for several years, he eventually quit, choosing to instead work as a Free Paladin.

Several years later, he began work in the service of Ventus Zeruel, - remaining in his company for several months before the two parted ways. As it stands currently, he works for third parties - taking up tasks of his own interest or those deemed too dangerous for the common soldier to handle.


Common: -"Did'ja see that Highlander with red hair sitting alone at the table over there? He lifted his eyepatch and looked around just fine! Wonder why he wears it.."

-"Haylonos? Yeah, he used to be one of us, - A Sultansworn. I heard he left on good terms, but that there was more to it. I didn't really bother looking into things, though."

-"He pulled out a bag of spicy peppers and just started to eat them like candy, - right in the street! I saw him offer one to a kid and the poor child's face turned so red - the Highlander had to quickly buy 'im a pint of milk!"

Uncommon: -"Worked for Ventus, didn't he? At that academy. - Well, I heard he wasn't much of a teacher, or anything. Just sort of hung around. People thought he was sorta out of place, there, - but wouldn't question him."

-"He's not Sultansworn? I thought for sure I saw him in the armor a few days ago. Odd."

Rare: -"Those runic markings, - up and down his body and face! Did you see them?! Aether rolled off of his body like steam!"

-"I heard he /killed/ one of the Sultansworn, - beat 'im to a bloody pulp. I wonder why he just got let go like that. Strange to have a known killer walking the streets, if you ask me."


I used pieces of template from Lyuri Felnica and Brynhilde Wulf and asked for permission.