Howling Tempest

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Howling Tempest
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 38
Nameday 9th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Patron Deity Menphina, the Lover
Occupation Miner
Orientation Homosexual
Server Mateus
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Burly, massive Hellsguard. Large even for Roegadyn sizes.

Massive muscles, jutting pecs, and a whole assortment of beef adorns the large frame of the Hellsguard, all wrapped up in a mild layer of fat to smooth out the edges.

He had a gut. It wasn’t fat, rather, made up of sheer solid bulk.

His face was that of a brute, thick brows, a couple of deep creases running along his face. Masculine would be the perfect word to describe him. A solid beard wrapped around his wide jaw, the thing meeting over his jutting chin perfectly, augmenting his already high amounts of masculinity.

Howling also sported a deep scar running over his left eye, an unpleasant memento from his younger years. His other eye was covered by a jet-black eyepatch, hiding a milky-white unseeing eye underneath. As one could guess, another thing from his sordid past.

His hair was jet black as well, slicked back with a few of his bangs hanging down that he didn’t bother to keep brushed back. Speaking of hair, his body was covered with the stuff. Hirsute covering all of the relevant places with that black fuzz, especially concentrated over those bulging pectorals of his.

Howling’s voice was deeeeep. When he would speak, it would shake one to the core... Either in intimidation, or attraction - whichever applied. More than a few people had likened his conversations to that of a rumbling volcano, or the sound of a mountain attempting to move itself.


At first glance, you’d assume that Howling was a brutish, uncouth brigand, or some sort of sellsword with a gruff unlikeable personality.

Oddly enough, all of these points were quite incorrect.

Howling was kind hearted. In fact, despite all of his overwhelming strength and stature, he almost never used it in combat. Instead he prefered to channel his physical talents into mining.. A thing which he was most proficient at. Rumours about his prowess float around the mining guild even, rumblings that he could perform the job of at least four or five other men.

However, being kind does not mean that he was a quiet sort. In fact, he rather lived up to his name as a “howling tempest.” He tended to be loud with friends, his already deep booming voice reaching room-shaking levels as he would become more excited. This only amplified if he became intoxicated.

Oddly enough, despite being robust with friends, he was rather shy around groups of strangers. Howling prefered not to say much in this sort of situation, his personality oddly muted until someone were to engage him in a personal conversation.

His speech wasn’t exactly refined, the Hellsguard speaking with a rather rough vocabulary. Unfortunately that only served to further a bystander’s view of him being a hulking, intimidating brute.

As for friends… Such things were precious to Howling. He had very few true friends, and those he did acquire, he kept close to his heart. Howling would do almost anything for his friends, bending over backwards in almost any way to help them.

This could possibly be considered his one weakness. Due to his kind and trusting nature, it’d be easy to manipulate the large male if one were to worm their way into his select group of friends.

Howling had an almost love-hate relationship with his appearance. On one hand, he loved being so large. It was pleasurable to him being able to stand larger than anyone else in the crowd. He could do things that others couldn’t with that overwhelming strength and size. Being able to intimidate those who deserved it also highly amused the hulking Hellsguard.

Sadly, his bulk came at a price. People found him frightening or even detestable in public, usually giving him a large berth where ever he was. The things he’d hear after he left a room usually weighed on the poor Hellsguard. Women complaining, mentioning how unattractive he was, while merchants grunted and grumbled about how he was scaring their other customers off. Even some children burst into wailing tears whenever he would get too close.


  • Steak: Seriously, he's a sucker for a big juicy piece of meat.
  • Physical Contact: He's a big 'ol cuddle bug for his friends. Go on, give him a hug!
  • Other Roegadyn: Fascinated by other large-folk. He never got to know many through his life.
  • Mining: Obviously. Makes a lot of money, keeps him in shape!
  • Sex: He has a rather large libido. Prefers the company of male Roegadyn and Highlanders however.
  • Carbuncles: Show him one - watch him turn into a jibbering pile of squealing goo.


  • Liars: He'll hate you forever.
  • Hot Places: Big bodies generate lots of heat. Not fun.
  • Being Alone: Hates being by himself. Reminds him too much of childhood.
  • Blowhards: Good way to make him not respect you.
  • Lalafells: Bad experiences have made him apprehensive, even a bit afraid.
  • Violence: Hates it. Seen too much of it when he was young.


  • Pure Strength: He's super strong. Seriously, he can lift a fellow Roegadyn on each arm and barely break a sweat.
  • Well Read: Despite his upbringing, Howling loves a good book. He can be found reading a fantasy novel or two when left alone.
  • Earthen Knowledge: Howling has a keen eye (one eye joke) for finding rare minerals. He puts that talent to good use not only bringing in lots of product, but only the highest quality.
  • Size Augmentation: A bizarre birth trait causes Howling to be "allergic" to potions when otherwise healthy. Being splashed by or consuming one when uninjured will cause the affected area or whole of his body to attempt to regenerate - causing him to grow larger temporarily.


Father - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
Siblings - Unknown

Early History

Howling hasn’t had the best childhood. He was abandoned on Ul’dah’s streets before he even learned how to speak. He doesn’t remember his parents. Not that he would care to, anyway. Living in poverty was the constant theme of his youth. Never once did he reduce himself to stealing, though. Despite his horrible circumstances, he always held tight to a code of morals, sharing what little he had with other street orphans.

Oddly enough, how he lost his eye isn’t a very exciting tale. It actually happened while he was playing with other orphans, running along the street one day. He slipped on a loose stone and came down on the edge of a merchant’s stall. Needless to say, his eye didn’t survive the impact. The merchant didn’t care much either for the young Hellsguard’s predicament, shooing him away.

Sadly, being in such poverty, he couldn’t get his eye healed, opting to simply cover over it with a bandage rather than burden anyone else with his problems. Later in his teens he ran into debt problems. Being a foolish youth he was, he attempted local gambling, trying to win a fortune so he could move his life beyond that hellhole.

It failed.

He wracked up too much debt in those gambling circles. And in Ul’dah, money is everything. Eventually that debt caught up to him in the form of a collector, who was coincidentally a Lalafell. Once he learned the Hellsguard had practically no money to his name, he settled for attempting to take his last good eye as payment instead. He didn’t manage, however. Howling fought him off and fled the city, being left with a large gash over his face as a sickening memento of his time there.

Recent History

Having fled Ul’dah when he was younger, he took a series of odd jobs, floating between the major cities and never really living anywhere. Eventually he found his calling in the form of mining. It brought him meaning, and with that meaning, the ability to forge his own path in life. He was introduced to mining by a wandering group that was kind enough to let him have one of their used picks. They showed him the basics, and off he went to find his fortune in minerals.

Floating between city-states, he eventually found Gridania. It was unlike anything he had seen - and quite a far cry from Ul’dah. He loved it immediately, the quiet and relaxing forests, and the laid back people who almost seemed not to care for monetary wealth.

It was there he found his first partner, and the love of his life. A shorter Sea Wolf with a bold personality showed him what it meant to love, and that his attraction to other males wasn’t something to be suppressed or hidden.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. A short window of almost a year passed, Howling never being happier in his life, and with someone who loved and understood him, for the first time. However… it came to an end when his lover vanished. A trip to Limsa Lominsa, apparently gone awry. Or so he was told months later by a letter.

He was devastated.

Howling left his home, the forest, and wandered aimlessly until he eventually returned to Ul’dah. The first thing he did was pay off his debt using most of his funds he had amassed during his mining career. He kept to himself and continued taking odd jobs, or filling mining orders for Ul’dah’s wealthy.


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