I'shamti Nunh

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I'shamti Tia
Formerly I'shamti Nunh

Name... I'shamti Tia (Former Nunh)
Alias... Shamti, Sham-Sham
Age... 34
Gender... Male
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seeker of the Sun
Orientation... Pansexual
Marital... ---
Deity... ---
Nationality... ---
Occupation... Goldsmith, Raw Material Appraisals
Alignment... Chaotic Evil

Scars & Markings: All as seen in reference image.

Voice: Deep. Honeyed.

Clothing: Has a wide variety of professionally crafted and expensive clothing. None of it is very gaudy and he just seems to enjoy anything that won't become a source of discomfort. Fond of well-fitting button-ups and coats.

Well mannered and charming to those who know him on the surface whilst caring and full of concern towards those who he have gotten to know him better; although he can become too invested in certain people on occasion.

Has a tendency to tease those around him, but rarely does it cross the border into blatant provocation. He doesn't really seem to realize how much trouble it can get him into as he wholeheartedly believes that gil can help a man out of any situation. The excessive use of pet names is never far from his reach.

Conversations tend to lean towards those relating to business, but he does not mind casual conversations and enjoys meeting new people. One can never have too many connections.

I'shamti has recently become a little more reserved do to a tragic loss and the stripping of his nunh title.

  • Sweets, specifically white chocolates and pastries
  • Attention – what kind of egotistical creature isn't fond of attention?
  • The sugary promise of business
  • Rum or whiskey – although he's a terrible lightweight


  • Mint
  • People with egos on par with his own
  • Xaela, specifically a single multi-horned Buduga.
  • Loud noises


  • Abandonment
  • Tight spaces
  • Sickness
  • Rats


  • Favorite Food: White chocolate crossaint
  • Favorite Drink: Rum or whiskey
  • Favorite Color: Purple

J'serin Tia - Close friend

What started as a questionable encounter eventually evolved into an odd sort of friendship. Someone protective of the Jackal and not afraid to show it. There's something not right about this, but he doesn't see it yet.

J'ferrhin Nunh - ???

He seems to be fond of the man, but there's quite a bit of competition going on here. This can't end well.

Myen'ra Khadyo - Love interest

Lending the Keeper a hand was the best decision he's made yet. There's a strong bond between these two and he would stop at nothing to keep him safe.

Keloch Buduga - 100% enemy

This is really bad. That man makes him sick.

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