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This article is now defunct. The character in question is no longer active, and has been retired by the player.

Gridania-transparent.png Ian Carlson
Ian-Carlson Balmung.png
You can always bundle up for the cold! But you can't bundle DOWN for the warmth!
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer
Height/Weight 2 fulm 10.2 ilms / 35 ponze
Affiliations None
Guardian Menphina, The Lover

Basic Info

Ian Carlson is Caucasian or "White" in skin color. His eyes strikingly hazel while his hair is brown with a bit of orange/red. Short and stout, his personality is quite shy and tends to suffer incredible fits of swooning if approached casually by a beautiful woman. Take caution if one is female, one may end up taking home an unconscious lalafell. Minor bruising are hidden around his body, though he tends to pay no mind. Medical examinations have found that his stomach has an internal scar, possibly caused by abuse.


Motherly, Kind, Loving, Caring Personalities
Mutual Love
Snow / Winter
Big Machines (Magitek, Airships, etc.)


Elite, Stuck-Up, Entitled, Rude, Manipulative Personalities
Being the Leader
Frontlines, Wolf Arena


Alignment: Neutral/Good
Vice(s): Shyness to Females
Favorite Food: Baked/Fried Haddock or Cod
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice
Favorite Color: Purple



During the earliest of days of his childhood, he was known to be abandoned or lost from his biological parents. After growing older, at around age 3 to 4, he was adopted by new parents, since he had no name at the time of adoption, he was given the name of "Ian Carlson" rather than a traditional lalafell name. Although he does not mind the name, most names can always be changed at a later date anyway. Beyond the adoption, he was found to have aetherial abundance, magic pouring from him at times. While he was too young to go into thaumaturgy, conjuration, he was eventually admitted at a later date upon coming to Eorzea.


During his teenage years, he found himself mostly traveling with parents to their friends to see sights of many. While he took no real interest, he found fascination in the voidsent, particular those of the Succubi. After many fallouts with his family, he eventually moved on around age 18 to 20. Going on his own from there on.

A Realm Reborn

Present-Day Ian Carlson is no real mystery, as he tends to be rather... forward with his experiences. He sometimes goes on about certain experiences such as his old dungeon delving that he has done in the present-day. Sometimes, he will attempt to approach women, but ultimately, when they return the favor, he quickly scuttles off still. He often is found around the conjurer's guild, arcanist's guild and other places where he might find women of the motherly/caring traits. He has no real knack for crafting, but can craft many things of lower tier design and workmanship. He has an interest in large machines ever since seeing and using his first Magitek Armor, and eagerly awaits the day when he can try to use machinist skills.
Although he's never been past the first turn of the Coils of Bahamut, he's heard rumors and whispers of what happened. But like the others, he keeps his mouth firmly shut about the happenings. He shies away from the variations of primals that have come for a third or second round depending on the primal... and does not regret that decision.
During his time in Eorzea, he met a particularly lovely female Miqo'te, who ended up helping with his shyness to females. Ultimately though, any female who is a stranger may find he is still shy to him. Females desiring conversation with Ian shouldn't shy away due to his shyness, they should try to speak with him, even if completely random.

Story Arcs

The Final Days of "Ian Carlson"

In the present-day, Seventh Umbral Era, year 5 (or 6?) the character "Ian Carlson" met with a strange fate in the South Shroud. An object plummeted from the heavens and crashed into the marshy camp tranquil surroundings, while most dismissed it as a simple meteorite, he came up to it, and found a woman there, vivid purple hair, creamy divine perfect skin. When approached, she asked him where she was. Responding with the camp tranquil locale, and the continent/Eorzea realm, the woman looked at him strangely, not understanding those words. He asked if she had any amnesia, but instead shook her head telling him she had none. As she walked off, he looked into his scholar devices to check her aether, and to his surprise, she had none, not even a connection. He theorized, she may not from this planet at all, nor even a voidsent.
After this, several weeks had past... he mentioned the event to one named Nuzui Hojima while in the Carline Canopy. He hasn't seen the purple-haired beauty since, and he believes she is purposely avoiding him somehow. He met with others after telling his story to Nuzumi, they gave him some advice, potentially seeking out information from the ossuary in Thanalan, but knowing he wasn't exactly welcome there, he mentioned Coerthas, and suddenly found a potential lead! He rushed quickly out of the Canopy in Gridania, rain or not, and headed off to Coerthas to find out if the other researchers there saw any strange objects fall to Eorzea during that day.

Ian Carlson headed out the White Wolf Gate, so that he would not arouse suspicion, although due to his stern and collected state, he was quite different than most relaxed lalafelleans as he dashed and mounted out of Gridania. As his faithful chocobo dashed through the Central and then North Shroud, he came upon the wanted mark "Phecda", fortunately for him, it was off his path, he quickly dashed off once more toward Fallgourd Float, a short rest ensued of course. He soon found himself dashing into the Bobbing Cork to escape the rain and rest, stabling his mount nearby so he could use it after the rain had passed, he waited there, sighing in relief that he might be one step closer.
While resting in the Bobbing Cork, he met with a woman named Nalli Blythe, a kind woman, perhaps a bit energetic to a fault, but she opened up to him as they conversed. The rain had stopped while they conversed, but he was so interested in her due to her kind nature that he lost quite a bit of time.... As fate would have it, he soon explained what he was doing, as odd as it sounded to other passersby, the woman listened intently, she raised the question about it being the only time he's seen her, and he responded affirmatively. He mentioned about his affliction as well, responding with an "Oh dear" or similar, she agreed it was quite an affliction. Ian offered the woman to come with him to Coerthas if she desired.
The beautiful woman, Nalli agreed to the excursion, saying the friend she mentioned during the conversation, could wait a while longer. The rode off to Coerthas, finding snow and blizzards. Commenting on the snow positively, they soon arrived in the "First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena," where they stabled their chocobos. Ian looked a bit solemnly at the soldiers and buildings... while he had been here many times before, it all looks more... welcoming yet... a bit sad, due to what had happened when he stepped foot into the Steps of Faith and helped defend Ishgard.
After going inside the main tower of the Observatorium, the two conversed, exchanging compliments, and even offering hugs to eachother... ian explained to Nalli that she had quite the qualities he looked for in a woman... she started to think that he was quite the complimenter as such. Humbling himself to no end, rather forgetful of his current ask. The two of them blushed and embarrassingly looked at eachother like a newfound couple even. Onlookers smiled a bit warmly, sometimes whispering that they should express their emotions further. Before long though... Ian soon went into his normal trance of staring into a lovely maiden's eyes... and soon he realized that he should head off to find out information on his lead. They ran quite quickly, Ian still flustered all the while, he almost runs right off the stairs right before the first platform. Nalli gently pats him to soothe his senses as such.
They soon head up to the next platform, where many books are gathered... he soon finds a ladder that might let him reach, but the steps are too far apart for his short stature, Nalli on the other hand climbs it with ease, and soon plucks a book for him to read.... He soon finds a bit in the book, finding a table and setting it down to read from a chair. The book stated that there was indeed an object that day, and that the observers could not tell what the object was due to flame and whatnot blocking their view. The logs stated that onlookers saw Ian go to the object, but after he had, memories seem foggy, as if erased. Nothing more was pursued as the onlookers didn't give out the name of Ian, in fear that his status as a White Mage or otherwise may hinder their own lives. While it doesn't confirm anything further than what he had known, he now has physical evidence tying him to the day and time....
After putting back the book... Ian had asked Nalli if they could, after this had been resolved... get together. She soon replied that she, was taken. Ian soon went to sulking in a corner... but when Nalli went to console him... he shot a glare, unlike he normally does... his scholar device going down and activating, and the eye under it going purple. A woman's voice soon replied in a bit of a harsh tone, saying that she shouldn't tug his heart strings so. The woman was taken aback, wondering if this was Ian still. The woman responded that it was indeed not, and instead, it was the woman that Ian had been searching for, "Ryuri Akatsuki."

The woman Ryuri Akatsuki explained to this Nalli Blythe that she was definitely not of this world, while she isn't powerful or from a world similar to their own like seen in other past events, she didn't exactly say where she is from either. In fact, she didn't even have a body at present, and was currently using Ian's as a means for rest to reconfigure her own. Explaining that after she fell from the sky, her body suddenly broke down into basic components, possibly in reaction to her fall and/or other powers that be. Ryuri also told Nalli that she had subtly altered the memories of onlookers in the immediate area to not see her in the first place. While she couldn't account for everyone, she did all she could to cover up that it was a woman who fell from the sky that day. Soon after her short exchange with Nalli, she soon explained to her that Ian was not long for this world, and would perish due to his Aether violently being ripped apart ever since he turned in a soul crystal of his. Nalli was suddenly heartbroken, worried to no end. Ryuri explained to Nalli that while she was doing her best to keep the poor man alive, she could not repair the damage already done and that he would indeed die, regardless of the passage of time. While Neither Nalli, Ryuri nor Ian know what will happen after the final day of Ian's life occurs, time will still flow.
After a short while, Ryuri soon heard conversing down the tower, and soon relinquished control of Ian's body back to him. Ian did not know what happen, and merely dismissed it as him swooning to the beauty that was before him. The two of them parted ways, but not before he told Nalli that he would remain and think about what to do next, as his current lead turned up little to nothing, save for physical evidence that he was in the South Shroud at that date and time, and that an object crashed that day. Ian soon headed up the tower to mull over what may continue to bring him closer to his quarry, standing and looking out at the Coerthas landscape, admiring any snow that falls from the sky.
A day soon passed as he thought about any new leads... strangely, a memory popped into his head, about some sort of gemstone, divine in nature. Whether or not it was a memory of this world's, was unknown to him... but the name of this item was the "Goddess' Tear." It is said that the tear could help those in times of need, and may be able to help him find his quarry. He frantically looked about the tower, searching for information on this item. Searching frantically yielded no results, as such, the stout lalafell soon headed outside of the tower and ran toward Camp Dragonhead to ask around. Hoping he would find leads on the tear, or at the very least his quarry, his enthusiasm reached higher levels than previous days, he felt he could take on the world if he had to.
While asking about and showing descriptions of the divine stone, several people showed interest, one even telling them that they may have seen such a rare and strange item. Though it would likely be found either in Snowcloak, or in the confines of a rare ice sprite that sometimes appears on the snowfields of Coerthas. He fought against Lutin, a powerful Ice Sprite terrorizing the fields of Coerthas, but as he shuffled through the snow, he found a compressed bit of ice, it didn't look like the jewel he had hoped it would be, but he kept hold of it nonetheless. After returning to Camp Dragonhead for rest, he met with Nebula Stardancer, and asked her about a divine jewel, she allowed him to ride on her mount, and soon headed off to what she thought was the same jewel, alas, she led him deep into Ixal territory and showed him the Aetheryte for Garuda. While a divine jewel, it was not the one Ian desired. They soon headed back to Camp Dragonhead after, Ian thanking her for her ride and time.
Ian Carlson rested more at Camp Dragonhead, before braving the snow on Chocobo and heading to Snowcloak, where he would see if the jewel would show itself or not. After hiring some sellswords, Ian braved the depths of Snowcloak to find what he desired. However, when he arrived at the deepest depths that his party could, he found something that he did not expect at all. He dismissed his sellswords right before he arrived at this deepest portion, as he could just use aetheryte teleportation to escape if need be. He soon approached the object ahead of him that he discovered. The device was not of Allagan design, nor was it voidsent. The device was technologically advanced nonetheless, and was emitting a faint sound every now and then. Once Ian put his hand to it, he suddenly was overcome with a strange sensation and soon went unconscious.
While in his unconscious state, a woman appeared to him, the image of that purple-haired woman. The woman stated to him what would soon befall him, his own demise due to aether ripping his body apart. While she was keeping him alive as long as she could, it was inevitable that this would happen. She comforted him slightly, though did not hug or coddle him, as she deemed it not appropriate for the time. She soon told him that while he is currently unconscious, she is currently manipulating his body to return to Gridania where he may rest. He was taken aback that this woman could do such a thing, while he was able to resist the temptation of voidsent so far. She assured him that she wasn't voidsent of course, and that she was not using magic to control his body, rather machinations. The woman soon told Ian that she didn't want him to expend more aether than he should, and soon allowed his current state to fall unconscious as well, everything going dark.

Ian found himself in the Gridanian Inn a day or two later... soon exiting it, he wondered what he should do now, he's found the woman, and he knows exactly where she is. But, while this is all fascinating to him, what's even more troubling him, is that he will die soon. He sits upon the floor in the Carline Canopy, near the inn entrance, mulling over his current fate.


💑 Significant Other    💋 Sexual/Lust Interest    💘 Romantic Interest     🏠 Family
Trusted     Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Family, Enemies and Acquaintances

 ??? : Adoptive Mother, Abuser of Power and Skills.
 ??? : Adoptive Father, Drunkard and less intense than the mother.
🏠? ??? : Mother, Unknown to all.
🏠? ??? : Father, Unknown to all.
O'kovasi Maar : Met while helping out Y'dyalana Rohf. She's a bit of a mystery.
Cordelia Maren : Met while helping out Y'dyalana Rohf. She's a bit of a mystery.
Yhah Dworn : Met while helping out Y'dyalana Rohf. She's a bit of a mystery.
Kera Dalatine : Met while helping out Y'dyalana Rohf. She's a bit of a mystery.
Miko Laqi : A Miqo'te female he met in Southern Thanalan. She hails from Limsa and is quite friendly.

Friends and Allies

Nuzui Hojima : A Miqo'te female he met in Gridania, she and him quickly found friendship after talking about the past and potential future.
Melodia D'janz : A Miqo'te female he met in Lavender beds, she helped him slightly with his shyness to females; a lovely woman who can quell even the most troubled of hearts.
Y'dyalana Rohf : A Miqo'te female he met in Gridania. She is a slightly clumsy conjurer, but with the help of him, she found ways to cope and a new goal in the world.
Nebula Stardancer : A pretty Miqo'te female he met in Coerthas Central Highlands. She, along with T'caska Khevo introduced him to Melodia D'janz.
T'caska Khevo : A mysterious Miqo'te female he met in Coerthas Central Highlands. She, along with Nebula Stardancer introduced him to Melodia D'janz.
Katherine Angelsong : A female lalafell introduced to him by a female Miqo'te. She seems to boast kindness and caring personality features.
Nalli Blythe : A female Au Ra he met on his way to Coerthas in the Bobbing Cork of North Shroud. Beautiful woman, kind, loving... and very approachable, she's taken a bit of a liking to him, and he her.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Sometimes, I see him gazing lovingly at Mother Miounne. Maybe he fancies her?" -- Unknown (Carline Canopy)
"While he can cook and craft, he tends to shy away from higher tiered work in the Disciples of the Hand." -- Chocobo Stables (Bentbranch)
"After an excursion to Coerthas, the man came back troubled, he did not exactly say why, but he hinted that he may not be long for this world. I worry for him as he sits afar." -- Mother Miounne.

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"That lalafell man? Yeah, I've seen him snooping around the gates to get into Ishgard. Unfortunately, they aren't ready to open quite yet. he keeps saying that he wants to go see the machinists." -- Ishgard Guard

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"I've heard that he fancies the voidsent known as Succubi. I've seen him coddling a wind-up version every now and then, and sometimes I see him gazing out at Haukke Manor." -- Unknown (Old Gridania)
"Some say he used to be a higher tier of conjurer donning strange white clothing, though turned scholar due to certain past experiences." -- Male Miqo'te (The Black Shroud)

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)



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