Igniting Dusk

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 Igniting Dusk
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Othard-born
Citizenship Ul'dah (Currently)
Titles Red Dragon of Daitenzan
Age Seventy-Seven
Height 7'0"
Weight Heavy
Profession Hired Muscle
Patron Deity N/A

Character Information


Front & Back pose of Igni.

The tall Roegadyn that stands in front of you, still a mountain of a man in his elder years, his sharp facial features bear heavily aged and wrinkled skin, with a single small reddish/brown iride staring daggers at you from his right side, the tattered and shredded flesh around his left socket concealed behind a much needed eyepatch. A few scars cross over the width and length of his face, some leading down to his torso hidden beneath his clothing, a larger one crossing his left cheek along with many smaller ones completely covering all surface. His thick hair a pale grey shade with whiter flecks that match his beard. The colour of his skin appears slightly tanned, though lighter in patches due to age. His size contributing to the visage; an intimmidating old man.


Those that speak with Igniting Dusk claim he is well-spoken, pronouncing his words with clarity and annunciation. Not too subtle with his topics of conversation, diverting straight to the point as opposed to skirting around it with idle banter. A blunt elegance. Some would say quick to anger though most of the time he appears calm and reserved.



Stalwart Mountain three years after the Calamity.

Depending on the situation, Igniting Dusk can be seen in a number of different attires.

  • Casual Clothing: Favouring utility over comfort, Igni's casual clothing is anything but. A black-leather jacket, tattered shoulders with a finely-embroided patterned red collar protects his torso, covering a deep crimson jerkin and red undershirt. He wears thick black woolen trousers concealed behind a long leather hakama, matching the red of the undershirt. Protecting his feet are thick boots, dark in colour and reinforced with plated shinguards and toecaps. Dark crimson-plated tekko cover black gloves.
  • Smithing Attire: Igni favours even looser-fitting clothing for when he is smithing, wearing a traditional Othard hakama with the required safety clothing: hot work gloves, goggles, etc.
  • Plate Armour: Crafted by Igni himself, a set of brigandine armour with sections of heavier plating sees its use in more full-on situations. The red steel tekko and choka are forged and styled with a dragon motif in mind to fit within the aesthetics. The most eye-catching piece of his armour however is the Dragon motif kabuto helmet which sits proudly upon his crown.


Igni carries with him an array of varying weapons on different occasions, ranging from the efficient to unorthodox.

  • Daggers: Igni has a bandolier of daggers that stretch across his torso for use when disarmed or for throwing, most of the time hidden beneath his tunic.
  • Flintlock Pistol: A single flintlock pistol, one of a pair, is usually holstered the right side of his waist. The muzzle of the firearm has been crafted into the shape of a golden dragon's mouth, with the body of the creature wrapping around the barrel and down to the grip; ornate in design.
  • The Anchor: Perhaps the oddity of his arsenal is his anchor. An improvised weapon of ceremony more than use, latched to his back by a bandolier. The pommel of the anchor is attached to a long chain via hook that is wrapped around his torso and waist, the hooked end of which hangs down by his side a little. The anchor itself has been heavily modified. Most of the blunted ends have been sharpened, and the overall aesthetic design of the item has been altered with etchings and darksteel plating. A truly unique sight to behold; this 'weapon' hasn't seen the light of day in a few years.
  • Ketsueki no Tsuki (Blood Moon): Igni's self-forged katana, made of the same steel used in his previous blade Sunnfyrabyl, (with an few additional materials). The yaki-ire technique used to harden this blade have given the mune a deep black colour, leaving the ha edge a rich red colour in keeping with the original alloy; the hamon patterning barely visible in low-lighting. As standard the katana bears Igni's makers mark etched just above the habaki. The tsuba and other fittings are a polished bronze with silver detailed flames circling, finished with a knurled black leather wrap around the handle. The matching black wooden sheath homes the weapon with a bronze cap to protect the closed end and a wine red cord for attaching to his belt.


The helmet found near Igniting Dusk after the Battle of Carteneau.

Very little is known of Igniting Dusk's past exploits to others. After the Battle of Carteneau he was found unconscious, yet sat upright in the northern parts of the flatlands, not too far from the location of one of the smaller skirmishes. His ornate, red-tinted scale armour was broken beyond repair with a matching helmet in the shape of a dragon's mouth found a few feet away, dented and fractured on the left side. Igni had received multiple wounds, most notably of which were bullet wounds to his abdomen along with some bludgeoning damage to his crown. He was swiftly retrieved from the aftermath and taken to one of the many medical sites set up throughout Mor Dhona where he remained for quite some time. Upon awakening, he had no recollection of who he was or what he was doing at the battle. The medics took to calling him "Stalwart Mountain" due to the nature of how he was found, a name that stuck throughout the moons of his resting. When he was able, his carers gifted him with a set of basic provisions and sent him on his way to Ul'dah along with most of the other refugees.

He found steady, yet tedious work in Ul'dah, lending his aid to caravans and traders alike. Occasionally visiting the Gladiator's Guild to watch the spectacles and performances of the combatants, he slowly gained an interest in weaponry of all kinds. Barely a year after his arrival in Ul'dah, he was approached by a Hyur in a red overcoat; a Lominsan Captain looking for crew. He told Stalwart of his ship, the Shangri-La, and of how experience and fortune awaited him if he were to sign up. Skeptical of it all of course, he signed himself up regardless. Better to risk the chance then waste away lifting crates in Ul'dah. With that, he met with his fellow crew members: Captain Alvan Cale, First Mate I'zimzizi Xhula, The Accountant Qhas'ir Mujuuk, along with the other sign-ups and shipmates. Stalwart's role was to be the Quartermaster, a job he was more than happy to perform due to his interest in weaponry. Serving Captain Cale aboard the Shangri-La for years, he worked up his reputation along with his skills becoming a formidable combatant, picking up the fighting styles of all the various weapons with relative ease. Whilst stationed at one of the many ports throughout La Noscea, Stalwart came across a curious little creature known as Aanzo. The two became natural friends after he signed up to serve on the Shangri-La as they shared many things in common, though admittedly, Aanzo's presence on the ship was rarely seen.

After many years of service, the Shangri-La was severely wrecked during a trade-off with a pirate vessel. The ship was decommissioned along with the crew who were granted a vast payment of gil and property within the Mist, the latter of which they sold shortly after, favouring a location beneath the sun in the Goblet. This is where most of the crew remain to this day, claiming to be in retirement. The activities of Stalwart, Qhas'ir, and Aanzo however stood contradictory to this. The group were quick to sign up with a variety of recruitment agencies, most notably Crystalline, situated in Gridania. Stalwart worked for both groups for fourteen moons more until he decided that a life of constant confrontation wasn't for him anymore. After searching for work as a smith himself for two moons he applied for a position with AIM: a crafting guild local to the Goblet. Using the facilities they had he created arms and armour for a multitude of different people, eventually saving himself a small fortune with which he invested into his own establishment. He and his forge-partner, Aanzo Dinzo, founded the Goblet-based smithy The Mountainfire Forge.

Since he began settling down at the Forge, Stalwart has had much time to reflect on his past, recollecting much of it from before the Calamity. Memories of his earlier years spent in his homelands to the East, given enough time, returned to him to the point he could recall names and faces. Before long he had a clear understanding of why he came to the western continent, by order of the family he served, and from this point onward he came to the decision to reclaim his birthname: Igniting Dusk.

After returning to his homeland during the Garlean Occupation, working with a small splinter group of rebels to fight for freedom, Igni set his sights on locations closer to home. He returned to the mountains of Daitenzan where he was born, moving across to Bukyo where he reacquainted himself with old contacts. For the most part he remained isolated from the rest of Othard and Eorzea as a whole, though word of his exploits as the Red Dragon of Daitenzan have slowly began to trickle throughout Kugane and the rest of Hingashi.

Combat Skills

Igniting Dusk is the definition of a capable fighter, years of combat experience with varied weapons and styles has hewn him into a versatile combatant. Though capable as he may be, Igni isn't afraid to turn to cheap tactics and underhanded moves to end a fight as quickly as possible. He enjoys the thrill of battle, but not enough to play with his enemies when he easily outmatches them. However as he reaches his later years, his body is visibly ageing and weakening.

  • Swords: He is most experienced with swordplay, able to switch his combat style from offensive to defensive and vice-versa during a fight with great ease. His motions are fluid and his strikes precise, switching from wielding with one hand to two if more power is needed. When using only one hand, It's not uncommon for him to use his free hand to wield a pistol, or even fight bare-knuckle, sometimes grabbing his opponents. As time progresses his techniques have drifted to a more full-on offense mix of sword slashes and off-hand grabs and punches.
  • Daggers: His back-up weapons. Not too skilled with small-bladed weapons, he fights very passively with his daggers, wielding only one at a time and favouring his left arm for defensive measures or grabbing. Whilst useful when unarmed, his daggers see very little use other than to throw at the enemy when his pistols are unusable.
  • Pistol: Igni's ornate flintlock pistol is used either to start or end fights, sometimes both at once. There's only one real way to use a pistol: outstretch your arm and pull the trigger. Not weapons to be used lightly, though easily countered by some.
  • The Anchor: Igni has trained in swinging It's weight about much like you would a heavy maul or a warhammer. Gripping the anchor with both hands, each positioned at different ends of the improvised weapon. The chain attached to the "pommel" of the anchor and wrapped around his torso is occasionally used as a projectile in order to trip or catch opponents off-guard. Throwing the anchor itself into the middle of a skirmish has Its benefits also, breaking up the fight and leaving a nice little gap for him to push in to, unable to pull it back like the hooked chain of course.
  • Bare-Knuckle: Scarcely a stranger to fist-fighting, Igni will punch and grab enemies if needed.
  • Fire-Aspected Aether: Igni is able to harness the powers of the Aether to conjure fire and flames. So proficient and natural is he in such that he seems to require no focus to do so, engulfing his blade in fierce licks of bright red-orange or scorch from a distance.

Affiliations and Known Associates

  • Aanzo Dinzo: A cheeky little Lalafell Igni has known for many more years than he could recall, and a fellow sellsword working with Trident. The reason he came to Eorzea.
  • Qhas'ir Mujuuk: The Miqo'te of Trident, Qhas'ir is the well-mannered, well-groomed, and well-clothed accountaint (and occasional medic) of Trident. Stalwart has known him for several years.
  • Sami Rhoka: Another Miqo'te of Trident, newest to the group. A respectful but hot-headed individual. Stalwart trained her as his pupil for some time.
  • Crystalline: A group of sellswords and mercenaries that half of Trident are members of, the group consists of thirty or so members from a range of racial backgrounds. Members worth of mention: John Spiegel, K'hylia Fhey, Yashaix Ki'lari.
  • Artificers, Inventors, and Manufacturers (AIM): A large group of crafters and traders with a variety of differing talents & specializations.
  • Kasasagi Dojo, and the Orthardian Resistance.
  • Various warring houses and factions throughout Bukyo & Koshu.

Other Notes


Uncommon rumours

  • The Red Dragon of Daitenzan is once again active after twenty plus years of retirement. Rival trading companies and various other factions within Koshu have been hiring him to scare or sometimes even outright eliminate competitors mercilessly.
  • A tall, male Elezen known as "Matty", along with an unknown Hyur male, were looking for Stalwart Mountain and accomplices due to Piracy crimes. Rumours of such have dwindled to nothing since the disappearance of Matty a few years gone.
  • After speaking to members of Trident (or at least hearing) about the stories of how their life as Maelstrom soldiers came to an end, It's not too hard to spot that some of them don't add up.

Rare rumours

  • A few soldiers present at the Battle of Carteneau claim to have sighted Igniting Dusk during the skirmishes, striding through the battle with unknown purpose attacking only in defense, though their accounts of the situation all differ greatly in detail.
  • There has been talk overheard about the relationship between Aanzo & Igni, that perhaps the two have known each other for longer than they allude to.
  • Whispers from Eastern traders mention that Igni has made deals and carried out rituals with evil spirits.


"When the smithing mallet hits the armour just right."