Iria Sunweaver

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Iria Sunweaver
The Lone Desert Flower

I'm not just going to step aside and let you hurt who I care about. I don't give a damn about the law; I'll wring your neck.



Vital Information



RACE & CLAN... Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te

GENDER... Female

AGE... 17

NAMEDAY... 15th Sun, 4th A Moon, 1760 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Bisexual, male preference


Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Sagolii Desert

CITIZENSHIP... Limsa Lominsa



OCCUPATION... Mercenary/Hunter


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... # fulms, # ilms. ## ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good

General Information
Staring at me won't get you anywhere.
Brown Sand Blonde Pale Slight pear shape; strong legs Above average pitch, warm and welcoming
Reserved. Gives off a "don't fuck with me" vibe. Right None Facial; some freckles Soft Grunge (as much as you can in FFXIV anyways)
Hair & Eyes
Iria's hair is a sort of golden sandy color, getting a bit darker at some of the ends. It's long, to the middle of her back, with her bangs covering most of her forehead where her markings are. Her eyes are a warm and welcoming dark brown, though at first glance, they can seem as empty as the void.
Physique & Markings
Iria is pale with few facial markings and very light freckles. She's petite, but not super thin; her hips and legs especially show a bit more thickness. Her bust is small, an insecurity for the young girl. The tip of her nose is slightly darker and her eyes are calm.
Hygiene & Attire
Iria keeps herself well-bathed; no problems there. Her hair and skin even seem to be well taken care of. She tends to wear light colored, loose clothing when out of battle.
Psychological Profile
Iria's a loyal, strong-willed miqo'te, much like a lioness. She doesn't really care what the law says; though she typically abides by it due to her own morals. In this way, she's not afraid to rebel or fight a tyrannical leader. Anyone who is her friend is put under her protection; she won't let them get hurt, and if they do... whoever did it is going to have a bad time. Iria can be fiery, and is prone to lashing out when she's worried.
Her voice is warm and soft, much like the inside of a nicely roasted marshmallow. It has an above-average pitch and a breathy softness to it; her laugh is pure, unable to be faked. While she can be rough with her words, you can hear kindness seeping through it.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Iria doesn't get herself involved in things that she doesn't need to. She'll protect an innocent person, but if two idiots get in a fight at the bar? Until they annoy her, she doesn't really give a shit. She's the reserved type that only steps up in those kinds of situations. Iria doesn't typically approach people; not because she's scared of them, but because she just tends to mind her own business. IF someone approaches her, she'll welcome them as a stranger until they prove themselves to be something else. Iria doesn't trust easily, but once she does, she's incredibly loyal.
Cheese: Iria loves almost any dish with cheese involved. Especially cheese souffles.
Eggs: She also loves egg dishes, hence her favorite food being cheese souffles.
Stuffed animals: Though she'd never admit it... the girl has a soft spot for the cute things. And a lot of other cute things.
Comfy shirts: Comfort is king in all situations. She loves baggy shirts that still look fashionable.
Alcohol: Iria just can't stand the taste of it.
Men: She has... a predisposition against men. She doesn't trust them as easily.
Cumbersome jewelry: A small ring, choker, or bracelet is fine; but Iria doesn't like things that will dangle or get in the way.
Bugs: She just can't deal with 'em.
Fishing: Iria has a knack for fishing, even if it isn't her favorite food. It makes for a nice hobby.
Battleaxes: Iria's great with her axe. She can and will slice you in half.
Natural Charisma: Though she's quiet most of the time, Iria is pretty great at things involving diplomacy. Deceiving, negotiating, persuading people, or even telling if someone else is trying to deceive her... it comes naturally to her.
Acrobatics: Iria's nice legs didn't come out of nowhere; she's adept at anything acrobatic, and could probably backflip her heels into your face. Just a thought.
Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Dexterity, Will
Above Average: Charisma
Average: Strength, Constitution, Intelligence (Common)
Low: Intelligence (Book)
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: None
Average: Teleportation
Novice: Healing
Weapon Training
Mastery: None
Expert: Battleaxe
Average: Knuckles/Claws
Novice: Sword & Shield
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Acrobatics
Above Average: Wide-area swings, taunting enemies
Average: Evasion
Low: Any kind of magic
Non-Combat Abilities
Hiding: Boy can this girl hide; her size certainly helps.
Combat Abilities
Kick 'em! Instead of swinging her axe, she throws a kick at her enemy; if it hits well enough, they'll certainly have the wind knocked out of them.
OOC Note
I prefer combat to be done with rolls.

Disclaimer: Iria's history contains mentions of 'rape, abuse, etc. You have been warned; please stay safe.
Sixth Astral Era
Iria lived a simple life in her tribe within the Sagolii Desert. She was only 12 when the Calamity occurred, so there's not much of note here other than her having a brother, whom she hasn't seen since.

Seventh Umbral Era
The Calamity took a hard hit on everyone, and the tribes in the Sagolii Desert were no exception. Iria was travelling to Limsa after the Calamity occurred, alone with her brother. The two were ambushed by a crew of lost pirates; who told her brother that they'd let him keep his life and money... in return for Iria. Her brother took the offer and ran... leaving her to be a wench for the pirates. After a year of sexual abuse, she stole an axe... going on a bloody rampage and killing all the pirates who had touched her. In the end, she crawled to Limsa Lominsa, bloodied... but word of her crime never spread. The people of the Maelstrom as well as the Admiral had kept it so, and the girl was taught how to use her axe skills to protect people, to keep them from becoming like her. Unfortunately, her story doesn't end here... on her second job as a mercenary, Iria saw that her brother had become a pirate as well... Though she had clung to the hope that he felt regret for what he did, he even tried to seduce and hit on her, not even recognizing his very own younger sister. In her rage, she almost killed him- but stopped, and threw him in jail, where he still sits to this day.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
After abandoning her old name, Iria continues her mercenary work, also taking up hunting offers. She camps out in the wild rather than spending money on a place to stay; it's cheaper and more private that way. She typically stays solo, but... who knows what could happen?

Relationship Status Legend

Former Acquaintances
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