Isilrael Geissfyrwyn

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Gridania-transparent.png Isilrael Geissfyrwyn
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Gridania
Place of Birth Wineport
Guardian Byregot Icon.png Byregot, the Builder
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Occupation Consultant/Networking
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It has been suggested that Isilrael Geissfyrwyn was born with a laugh on her lips. A restless nature carried her off into the world, where she enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, and having new experiences. Her propensity to give everyone a chance has gotten her into a mess or two, but her social acumen and resilience generally allow her to make do.


Towering over most people outside of La Noscea doesn't bother Isilrael. In fact, she just adores her golden high heels. The warm browns and rich golds of her fashionable wardrobe accent the deep cool tones of her skin. Whether it's a night on the town or a slog through the moss and mud, she'll do it in style. Despite the egregious amounts of food and alcohol she consumes, Isilrael uses the only motor coordination skills she possesses to dance her way to a reasonably lean figure. What she lacks in physical prowess and coordination, she makes up for with humor and an unnerving ability to drink even the largest grown Roegadyn men under a table.
Isilrael favors wearing cute face paint which she color coordinates along with her hair.


Were Roegadyns to have middle names, Isilrael's might be something Like "Vivacious" or "Weeeeee". She is fun, spontaneous, and energetic; deriving great pleasure from everything around her: food, fashion, the outdoors, animals, and people. Warm and talkative, Isilrael loves to be in the middle of the action; using her playful, open sense of humor to connect to others.
Isilrael is pansexual/panromantic. She rarely forms deep romantic attachments, instead entertaining a number of dates and short trysts.
Though affable and kind, Isilrael has led a privileged life. Her parents, not wanting to deal with public infamy, have not told anyone of the estrangement (see history). As a result, Isilrael is able to roam from place to place and be well received as soon as she introduces herself. These connections allow her to do much of the "work" she does (consulting with groweries or wine-merchants, and using her name to make introductions for less well-connected persons). She has experienced very little hardship in her life. This makes her naive, but also sometimes insensitive to the hardships of others. It is an area where Isilrael could really use some development.



Folk Music


Too much structure


Learning new things
Spending time with friends
Gathering (which leads to travelling)


Favourite Food/Drink: Cheese Risotto[1], Bacchus Wine[2]
Favourite Place: Gridania
Favorite Color: Gold


Romantic Interest      Sexual Desire      Platonic Love      Good Standing      Neutral Standing      Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

I'rila Xanh One of Isilrael's most prolific clients, a professional relationship blossoming into a lovely friendship
Salty Lake The first member of the Artificer's, Inventors, & Manufacturer's Isilrael meets at the local Rendezvous Host Club Tea House
Tia Rie
Ihrie Desana
Akiri Cloudsong
S'hayla Riki
A'mahne Suzu
Good Victory

Enemies & Rivals

Easily Overheard Rumours
"Isn't she a rich heiress?"
"I heard her younger brother ran off with pirates!"
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"No secret the Admiral loves 'er wine, but girl was leaving aweful early. Might 'o swabbed the admiral's deck if'n ya catch me drift."
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Got a cousin as works up in Wineport, said he saw Lady Steralyr throw a linkshell out the window after talking to young Izzy. Hit Shamani Lohmani right square on the head it did."
Player Character Rumours
"A good friend is like a domesticated goobbue - reliable, kinda goofy, and most importantly, climbable. And Izzy? Well she's the friendliest, most luscious, goofiest goobbue of all, and she's never let me down. That I could climb her all day is really just a bonus. If you intend to hurt her, you'll have to go through... well, her and then me as I cower behind her. I'll come up with something though! And then you'll be sorry." - I'rila Xanh


Isilrael was born the third child of four to Geissfyr Guolarensyn who is brother to Byrglaent Guolarensyn Vineyard master of Wineport. Unlike many people in Lominsan jurisdiction, Isilrael received a privileged education from tutors. Though of she and her three brothers ( Skoaneidin(33), Roegafaeld(30), and Klinlorh(24) ), only the oldest might inherit the Vineyards, all are expected to dedicate their lives to the family business. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Isilrael would much rather sneak off into the jungle to play with the Goblins than study botany and business.
Geissfyr Guolarensyn is a laid-back man, who lets his more ambitious wife make most of the decisions. The woman, Steralyr, was betrothed to him in an arrangement made by Byrglaent. This duty, along with care of the Vinyards, fell to Byrglaent after their father died. Skoaneidin is a warm, kind, and dutiful older brother and the ideal son to both their parents. He took care of Isilrael and the younger siblings. Roegafaeld, on the other hand was a bully to Isilrael and Klinlorh, only behaving in front of adults. He was (and is still) deeply resentful of Skoaneidin. Klinlorh took Isilrael's rebelliousness to extremes. He was an adorable and energetic child, but was constantly in trouble.

At 19 Isilrael was sent to Gridania for a more formal apprenticeship in Botany. While she dearly loved (and still loves) Fufucha, she found herself inspired by all the new possibilities and people surrounding her. Soon after her first year in Gridania, the Calamity struck. Her parents insisted that a deep knowledge of Botany would be needed more than ever to help rebuild the Vinyards, and so Isilrael continued her distracted studies until 3 Umbral Era.
Edging toward the end of her 4 year apprenticeship, Isilrael's parents announced that they had arranged a betrothal. She would be wed not long after her return. Isilrael vehemently rejected this idea in an explosive argument over the family LS. Two years later, and Isilrael and her parents remain unreconciled.
After the argument and estrangement, Isilrael declared citizenship in Gridania. It wasn't long, however, before she realized she had the freedom to fulfill her childhood wishes to travel Eorzea. During her travels she reaffirmed her love of Beast Tribe folk songs and languages. Having learned Goblin growing up near the Longstop, she continued her Linguistic and Ethnomusicological pursuits with the Qiqirn, Sylphs, and Ixali. Isilrael intends to extend her collection to eventually encompass all Beast Tribes of Eorzea. Though she and those around her are clueless to the fact, Isilrael could be considered one of the leading scholars on Beast Tribe language and music. Isilrael just likes to talk.
At the behest of her long-time client, friend and secret crush I'rila Xanh, Isilrael currently resides at the Quicksand Inn in Ul'dah.


Theme Song:

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name Etymology: "Island Doe, Daughter of Geissfyr", or, literally, "Island Doe, Daughter of Ghost Fire"

Nicknames: Izzy, she loves her name Isilrael but it seems difficult for anyone outside of Lominsan territories to pronounce.